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Adrian's War #2020

Adrian s War Three years after a solar storm wiped out the power grid Adrian Hunter embarks on a journey to the mountains determined to live and survive by utilizing his knowledge of stone age techniques He encou

  • Title: Adrian's War
  • Author: Lloyd Tackitt
  • ISBN: 9781478297703
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adrian's War By Lloyd Tackitt, Three years after a solar storm wiped out the power grid Adrian Hunter embarks on a journey to the mountains, determined to live and survive by utilizing his knowledge of stone age techniques He encounters a band of raiders who attempt to take him prisoner and Adrian s War begins.

    • [PDF] È Adrian's War | By Á Lloyd Tackitt
      269 Lloyd Tackitt
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] È Adrian's War | By Á Lloyd Tackitt
      Posted by:Lloyd Tackitt
      Published :2020-02-05T22:15:28+00:00

    1 thought on “Adrian's War

    1. To start off if you haven t read the first novel in the series you should read it first A Distant EdenFor the past year, I have been on an apocalyptic reading binge, and some have been better than others this is a good series but this second book is a little divergent in that this is a micro level look at one of the characters from book one of the series as he battles the bad guys and rescues a small community Consistent with book one, there is a lot of violence in this novel and some of the mom [...]

    2. I couldn t put this down Lee Child ruined almost every hero in every book when they aren t as tough or smart or strong as Reacher But now, at last, Adrian Hunter comes on the scene to save the day I have read the first 2 books in a day and a half and must stay up late to read book 3 until my eyes refuse Thank you Lloyd for a great story I especially enjoy the tips on living off the land.

    3. Author Lloyd Tackitt takes the most dynamic character from his first novel in his Distant Eden series and places him in the starring role in this second installment Adrian Hunter is a special forces soldier who was set adrift with his fellow soldiers after a solar storm ruined most of the globes electronics and sent society into a downward spiral Tackitt doesn t spend much time on the details His thing is survival When everything goes to hell, what do you do One thing he makes certain, you don t [...]

    4. Normally I don t review than one book at a time in one review, but A Distant Eden and Adrian s War meld together well enough that I can cover them both in one review As others have already mentioned, there is a lot of how to kind of stuff in both books but I personally felt this added to the overall quality of the storyline I actually learned some things from them What I especially liked about these two books was that there were no zombies or vampires in them, just lots of very bad people which [...]

    5. This book and was not really written to entertain Rather, it was the author s intention to get readers interested in disaster preparedness and primitive skills This book is survivalist propaganda While it worked, to a certain degree I ve found myself practicing making cordage from yucca fibers , it suffers from a major literary problem The main character, Adrian, has been written as too good in hopes of inspiring readers He is tall, good looking, and strong He exudes natural leadership and has c [...]

    6. I was excited about this book because I so enjoyed A Distant Eden This book is definitely not as good as the first in the series It took me a while to get through Adrian s War because there was so much down time of Adrian talking to himself about various informative survival details which I found to be very boring I like learning about those things, but such details were much better laid out and woven into the story in the first book which was not the case here Overall, I did like the book and h [...]

    7. I found Adrian s War by Lloyd Tackitt, the second book in the Distant Eden Series an enjoyable read The opening pace was slow and the action delayed, yet well worth the wait.Packed full of small typos and common grammar errors, a tightening of the text and better proofreading would have garnered a better rating from this reader Yet, I fell in love with his characters in A Distant Eden and felt determined to read to the end.Without subplots, the tale centers around Adrian s travels, which was a l [...]

    8. This was not what I expected it was so much Well written A definite page turner When I read the preamble I thought the author was trying to prepare the reader for a book designed to teach survival techniques by wrapping the subject matter around a story My mistake From page one, I was hooked Totally entertaining story Adrian might not have been looking for a war, but he was in no mood to back down from one either A genuine hero for all time Great read

    9. This was such a good book I had a hard time putting it down Adrian is a warrior The things he goes through, and how he fights for others, even when he wants to be alone He was just a really interesting character to read I ve been checking the author s pages website, Facebook almost daily waiting for book 3 If you are at all interested in survivalist stories, start with A Distant Eden, and then read this book I don t think you ll regret it.

    10. Adrian s War distant Eden 2 Although not nearly as good as the first book, it still has plenty to offer in the manner of survival tips, and most definitely in using wilderness guerrilla tactics Some minor editing errors can cause mild confusion in the second half off the book I am hoping the third installment brings story line and less hero worship.

    11. Adrian s War A Distant Eden Book 2 Really liked this book violence but justified This is about America losing all electric and the issues that follow this About pockets of people that are trying to survive as best the can and the outlaws who take advantage of them A really 5 star book kept my interest all the way through Interested in getting the next in the series

    12. This is a story wrapped around a survival guide Based on a post apocalypse world where a huge sunburst has destroyed all things electric, people find themselves unable to survive without electricity It is a good read, marred only by the 14 errors I found.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Part survival training and part good story, it was a fast, easy read that held my attention and made me keep wanting to read just one chapter before closing the Kindle I have no doubt I ll read by this author.

    14. Much interesting than the first book, especially when it comes to Adrian s guerilla warfare tactics Enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed the new concepts of survival I m guessing with this cliffhanger of an ending there is supposed to be a third one I ll probably keep my eye out for it.

    15. Adrian s warexcellent book parts of it were far fetched, but entertaining I haven t tested the survival elements out, but they seem to be possible less sleeping in the hole under the log I am looking for adventures of Adrian Hunter.

    16. Out of the series this has got to be my favorite, loved how he incorporates how legends, and story are made I got a kick out of it Yes loved the male character he was my hero Which reminds me I would love to read this over again Recommend WP

    17. I enjoy survival books of all sorts, that is why I finished this book Skimmed until the end This was far to violent for me The first book in this series was not like this one I will read the third and decide if I will finish the series.

    18. I m hooked This second book of this series is even better than the first one Mr Tackitt writes so believably and with such knowledge that I was sucked into the story and lived it along with the characters.

    19. 4 I enjoyed the idea of starting over Of Course it takes a special type personally and skills and training to be the hero.My favorite genera 4 stars looking forward to the next story.

    20. A quick read I did not read the first book and it was easy to pick up A lot of survival and warfare tactics I would read the third book if it came out since the cliffhanger at the end.

    21. Just keeps getting better.I love this series Lloyd Tackitt has some great idea s about surviving, well, anything Great sense of honour.Keep um coming.

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