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Malled to Death #2020

Malled to Death Get ready for a second take With a famous action star for a father mall cop EJ Ferris is used to the Hollywood hullabaloo But when her mall becomes his movie set the cameramen aren t the only ones w

  • Title: Malled to Death
  • Author: Laura DiSilverio
  • ISBN: 9780425251911
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Malled to Death By Laura DiSilverio, Get ready for a second take With a famous action star for a father, mall cop EJ Ferris is used to the Hollywood hullabaloo But when her mall becomes his movie set, the cameramen aren t the only ones who start shooting Protecting the shoppers at the Fernglen Galleria may not be EJ s dream job, but neither is working for her father s film production company That s why EGet ready for a second take With a famous action star for a father, mall cop EJ Ferris is used to the Hollywood hullabaloo But when her mall becomes his movie set, the cameramen aren t the only ones who start shooting Protecting the shoppers at the Fernglen Galleria may not be EJ s dream job, but neither is working for her father s film production company That s why EJ is less than thrilled when her dad arranges to shoot his upcoming film, Mafia Mistress, in her mall With the arrival of the movie entourage, EJ suddenly has than shoplifting teens to worry about Bombarded by overeager assistants and fan mail, EJ s famous father makes for an easy target especially after a scare involving a gun loaded with blanks Zoe, the prop master, blames herself for the mistake But when a real bullet is fired and Zoe is killed, Fernglen Galleria is shaken by than just Hollywood drama Cut the cameras there s a real gunman on the loose

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      500 Laura DiSilverio
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    1 thought on “Malled to Death

    1. DNF ed at 30%It s sad for me to say that I have to give up another series sigh But I just can t continue a series, with 1st person perspective, when I dislike the MC that much My issue is E.J the narrator, annoys me to the end of the earth with her attitude She NEVER appreciates her job, always think that it s beneath her that her main goal is to become a cop I mention this on my review for book 2 Then here, it just elevates even , because she TOTALLY disrespects her father s job as an actor Yea [...]

    2. This isn t a flashy series, but it s intelligent and well plotted I like E.J who s still coming to terms with the end of her military career due to injuries She s disillusioned than bitter that she can t get a job as a cop, and is instead working temporarily, she hopes as a mall security officer She doesn t like her job but she does it to the best of her abilities.In this book, we finally learn a bit about the mysterious Jay, but he s not the center of the story E.J s father, a famous actor, is [...]

    3. 3 in the Mall Cop series This is a gem of a little series EJ Ferris, an Air Force cop injured in Afghanistan, has been discharged on disability Unable to get employed by a police department so far, she has taken a security officer position with a VA mall mall cop.Seriously overqualified for her position, she winds up getting into murder investigations and irritating a homicide detective Her ex CIA, octogenarian grandfather and her six foot tall, black, roller derby queen, best friend add support [...]

    4. This third novel in the series finds EJ Ferris, mall cop still trying to find a job with a real police department Having been seriously injured by an IED in Afganistan while in the Air Force, EJ is finding herself becoming emotionally invested in the Fernglen Galleria and it s occupants The harmony is disrupted when EJ s father, Movie Actor and Producer, Ethan Jarrett manages to convince the mall owners to allow him to film his latest action movie, Mafia Mistress in the mall EJ, not only has to [...]

    5. I wasn t sure if I d like this book in the beginning, but the characters quickly grew on me An unusual setting with quirky but believable characters All it would need to be perfect is a dog sidekick

    6. Who would have thought being a security guard at a mall would be so exciting A big budget movie is being shot at a local mall, a movie superstar something like Harrison Ford has the lead role with a beautiful sexy co star, and one of the movie production staff is murdered during a bathroom break Most of the build up is interesting along with the requisite cast of characters and suspects, but I found this to be a book I could easily put down I could only get through a few pages before I fell asle [...]

    7. It is a travesty that this series didn t continue Great plots, writing and characters Loved, loved, loved this series

    8. This is the first I have read of the series and I liked it enough that I want to read the others It was a quick read and entertaining.

    9. EJ, the main character isn t the most likeable, but the mystery is good A film is being made in the Mall where EJ works and one of the crew is found dead in the toilets EJ wants to find the killer.

    10. Great story I enjoyed all three and I wish there were The current end of the series seems incomplete.

    11. This is book 3 in the series and I enjoyed it quite a bit EJ is a likable character and her family is a total hoot Grandpa is back in this one and up to his usual mysterious shenanigans He is helping EJ solve yet another Fernglen Galleria murder this has to be the worst place to shop ever Also on scene is EJ s movie star dad, filming an action movie in the mall When the props master is found murdered, EJ must figure out who wanted her dead and why before her family become the next targets The my [...]

    12. This series keeps getting better If you haven t read the first two Mall Cop books, do so Malled to Death can be read and enjoyed without reading the previous two, but why deprive yourself EJ is a wounded warrior a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who must give up her military career due to a leg injury When police departments do not offer her a job, she resorts to security work at a suburban mall This setting presents plenty of entertaining situations and characters EJ must operate as an amateu [...]

    13. For EJ Ferris, security expert and recent veteran of the war in Afghanistan, becoming part of the security team at Fernglen Galleria is not her dream civilian job But unfortunately, due to a knee injury suffered during her military service, it seems to be the only one she can get And at least it s preferable to working for her father s film production company.So it s understandable that EJ is less than thrilled when her dad, movie heartthrob Ethan Jarrett, arranges to shoot his latest film, Mafi [...]

    14. I m usually good about not doing this, but I managed to come in on the third book of a series It was still an enjoyable read.This is a series about EJ, a woman who served as an Air Force police officer, was seriously wounded in Afghanistan, and is trying and failing to get a police job due to her injuries The concept of PTSD soldiers is very topical, and it s handled well here While I feel bad for the character, it s nice for lack of a better word to see a soldier who is neither a homicidal ragi [...]

    15. Book 3 of this series finds E.J Ferris, former military police officer turned mall cop, on duty while her action star father films a movie at the Fernglen Galleria, E.J s stomping grounds E.J suddenly has than shoplifting teens to worry about E.J has a new boss, whose passion in life is designing better uniforms for the security staff E.J is still striving to get a real job with a police force, but her injuries received in her military career continue to hold her back She s still trying to keep [...]

    16. excellent, action packed third installment of the mall cop series EJ is still a regular security guard at Fernglen, after the board hired a board member s fashion designer niece as Security Director It grates, especially since EJ still pretty much has to run things for Coco, who spends most of her time designing new uniforms for them that everyone hates There s a lot to handle too, because EJ s famous actor Dad has persuaded a film crew to make a movie using EJ s mall, at least in part so he can [...]

    17. This as the last book in this three book series, I would have liked to see a fourth book to close out the series and give a little resolution to EJ s person and professional life.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any fro [...]

    18. This book in the Mall Cop series is better than the previous ones which I liked EJ, the main character, is torn between her desire to be on a police force or be content in the security field Due to a war injury, it seems unlikely that she will make it on a police force but she misses the work as she was in police work in the service When her dad, a famous movie star comes to the Fernglen Galleria Mall to shoot his latest picture After a scare involving a gun with blanks, nasty notes trying to di [...]

    19. In the third book by Laura Disilverio starring mall cop EJ Ferris, EJ s father, action movie actor Ethan Jarrett, has convinced producers of his latest film, Mafia Mistress, to film some scenes in the Fernglen Galleria where EJ works This gives the author some Hollywood types to mix in with EJ s usual supporting cast Nothing ground breaking here but this book is as entertaining and breezy as the two previous novels in the series Book number three has taken a turn towards mystery sitcom with the [...]

    20. This is one of those series where I didn t really care much for the first book Didn t intend to read any in the series, but am so glad I decided to pick up the 2nd one for whatever reason I really enjoy the series now EJ grew on me and I love her grandpad her movie star dad That type of character could be so overbearing, but Ms DiSilverio does a good job of humanizing him This one had a great story, with EJ s dad s new movie shooting on location at the Fernglen Mall, when a member of the movie c [...]

    21. I really like this series and the characters It is obvious that the author knows what it is like to be afflicted with PTSD and how to deal with injuries from war.In this installment, Emma Joy s parents are in Mount Vernon where her famous father is shooting a blockbuster movie in the mall Someone is sending threatening letters and someone is sending love letters to her father EJ is still trying to get a job as a real cop but her injuries are too severe for her to even get her foot in the door Ro [...]

    22. EJ Ferris doesn t have her dream job, but protecting the people in Fernglen Galleria is important to her Dealing with a new boss, who keeps trying to design new uniforms, each one worse than the other, and trying to keep security sane doesn t help when her father comes to town with his film production company to film in the mall Things go from bad to worse when a gun loaded with blanks discharges on the set, then the prop master, Zoe is found dead on mall property.This series is not only an enjo [...]

    23. The third book in the series, and Laura DiSilverio does not disappoint EJ is still working security at the mall, with a new very unqualified boss Her bad knee is really acting up, I wonder if she will find a different dream besides police work Her father is staring in a movie shooting at the mall, and when someone is murdered, EJ is determined to find out who the culprit is Love the characters, in this one we find out a bit about the mysterious Jay You don t have to have read the first two book [...]

    24. This is a Cozy type Mystery Fast easy read, that I enjoyed Characters are real people you will want to know what happens next This is a 3 book series Each is a stand alone mystery BUT there is that bit of unfinished business that you need to read the next book to find out what happens Mystery is resolved in the book, reading the next book in the series is not required to know who did it.

    25. This series continues to be a delight Joel s continual jumping to conclusion is still tiring and as a character he could be fleshed out , but otherwise the supporting characters are as interesting as EJ is Speaking of EJ, I found the presence of her parents to be a nice change here Also, I like that her injury and job situation, while important ongoing parts of the plot, don t weigh it down Can t wait of the next one

    26. I generally like this series and EJ, but she needs to be realistic about her knee and becoming a police officer EJ s knee seems to hurt and give out quite easily She ll never pass the physical exam at this point in her recuperation.

    27. This series is very enjoyable My kind of cozy mystery where solving the mystery is the main story line I hate it when the authors prefer to describes the surrounding area, the history and the characters lives in detail I mean get a move on with the plot already

    28. great series Love the characters in this book and the plot kept me guessing until the very end Strongly recommend this book to those who enjoy mysteries and the ongoing thread of romance

    29. I enjoyed the first in this series, DIE BUYING, and knew I d get the second book, ALL SALES FATAL I had even fun with that book, and have been waiting for MALLED TO DEATH Loved it, too This series is on my auto buy list now

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