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The Mango Bride #2020

The Mango Bride Two Women Two Cultures And The Fight To Find A New Life In America Despite The Secrets Of The PastBanished by her wealthy Filipino family in Manila Amparo Guerrero travels to Oakland California

  • Title: The Mango Bride
  • Author: Marivi Soliven Blanco
  • ISBN: 9780451239846
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mango Bride By Marivi Soliven Blanco, Two Women, Two Cultures, And The Fight To Find A New Life In America, Despite The Secrets Of The PastBanished by her wealthy Filipino family in Manila, Amparo Guerrero travels to Oakland, California, to forge a new life Although her mother labels her life in exile a diminished one, Amparo believes her struggles are a small price to pay for freedomLike Amparo, BeverlTwo Women, Two Cultures, And The Fight To Find A New Life In America, Despite The Secrets Of The PastBanished by her wealthy Filipino family in Manila, Amparo Guerrero travels to Oakland, California, to forge a new life Although her mother labels her life in exile a diminished one, Amparo believes her struggles are a small price to pay for freedomLike Amparo, Beverly Obejas an impoverished Filipina waitress forsakes Manila and comes to Oakland as a mail order bride in search of a better life Yet even in the land of plenty, Beverly fails to find the happiness and prosperity she envisioned.As Amparo works to build the immigrant s dream, she becomes entangled in the chaos of Beverly s immigrant nightmare Their unexpected collision forces them both to make terrible choices and confront a life changing secret, but through it all they hold fast to family, in all its enduring and surprising transformations.

    • [KINDLE] Â The Mango Bride | by ¸ Marivi Soliven Blanco
      281 Marivi Soliven Blanco
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    1 thought on “The Mango Bride

    1. I don t know how Filipino authors do it but my God, do they write well They give enough descriptions that the reader can picture the scene and characters but not too much that readers get lost It also takes a lot of skill to be able to weave in and out of different timelines and point of views without actually confusing the reader All of that was accomplished here Marivi Soliven, job well done, job well done I swear there are not enough Filipino novels out there in the international radar This n [...]

    2. I could not put this book down It touches on so many issues affecting Filipino Americans, like the immigrant experience, mail order brides, domestic violence, keeping up with appearances for the sake of of the family s good name, the plight of the Veteranos all wrapped up in a complex plot of heavy family drama Some scenes were very intense, especially when touching upon marital abuse and the indifference of the rich in the plight of the poor Perhaps the only thing I wasn t too keen on was the e [...]

    3. Actual Rating 3.5 starsAmparo had come away from her fortnight s visit convinced she was right to abandon Manila She had become, as her mother said, one of those people with nothing to lose The Mango Bride is a faithful and heartrending story about the many facets of Filipino diaspora The story telling timbre of The Mango Bride is something you d usually observed in a teleserye There is a heavy emphasis on familial responsibilities, our conservative and somewhat limiting values and of course, fo [...]

    4. After hearing Marivi Soliven speak at a San Diego County Library author talk, and being enthralled listening as she read from her novel and then expounded upon her personal life story and that of other Philippine American women in conjunction with Philippine American relations, immigration hurdles, mail order bride realities, assimilation into a new culture, and domestic abuse I greatly looked forward to reading The Mango Bride Several times I picked up this culture rich, multifaceted novel and [...]

    5. In THE MANGO BRIDE you will be introduced to a variety of women from different generations and divergent social classes, some who remain in their native Philippines and others who, for a variety of reasons, leave to begin new lives in the United States One of these women is Concha, the matriarch of a prominent Filipino family, is concerned with what the neighbors will think and how her family s status in the community will be negatively affected than with the protection and welfare of her famil [...]

    6. A good read I was already concocting the ending in my head, but it had a different twist Poor Beverly, but this just reflects the harsh realities of life which I hope most of us will never experience.I was having problems with the Tagalog words used, as there will often about 80% of the time be an English translation in the next sentence This just breaks the flow, seems redundant Hope this has a version with no translations Also, I think the editor failed to notice some errors on who the narrat [...]

    7. I read an uncorrected proof version so there were a few things I would change but they were very minor Most were just technical errors anyway.Besides that, I thought the book was great For me, it really picked up towards the end, but the beginning and middle kept me interested because I got to step into and learn about a world I knew nothing about I liked the language switch from English to Filipino, it made it feel very realistic and personal Once you had the whole story it really picked up and [...]

    8. Brilliantly written This Palanca grand prize novel winner 2011 is a must read for many, specially for those Filipinos who dreamt of coming to America.The American dream is not a guaranteed success As shown by the different results in the lives of Amparo, Beverly, and Aldo Hindi lahat ng napapadpad sa America ay gumaganda ang buhay.

    9. I just started reading this just for fun So far, so good I am really enjoying most of the references I can see my mom, and sisters in many of the characters my mom was also called Concha Punyetta Our favorite swear word lol Taking a little break from the book club books and reading challenges.So, I completed this book this morning and was not disappointed It took on some heavier subjects and I could totally relate to why some of the women did what they did Although I did not grow up in the Phili [...]

    10. What is it about emigration and immigration that allows one person to maintain love for one s heritage and adapt to one s new environment while another is unable to let go of the past and finds the experience of a new country to be so harsh, even abominable This is the central issue in The Mango Bride which is the story of several characters forced to leave the Philippines and live in Oakland, California in 1995 But the story is so, so much It begins with Marcela the cook maid stabbing Senora C [...]

    11. I m breaking this book through two parts plot and structureOT Beverly and Amparo meet in California under circumstances that could be considered worthy of a Filipino soap opera, minus the abortion censors Although all the convoluted relationships stayed within a circle of other relationships, such is the tight knit clan of Duarte Guerrero, it all still became quite cliche, within Filipino standards.Men in this book are sinful, and I don t mean that in the sexy kind of way Mateo, Fico, Aldo, Lyde [...]

    12. ACTUAL RATING 5 5 starsOK COVER DESIGN 8 10 stars The cover and the font used for the synopsis was elegant and nicely doneNERAL REVIEW THOUGHTS I love reading Filipino stories The well written ones, of course unlike the declasse ones written by jeje Filipino authors on Wattpad Sadly, the last Filipino story stories, rather I ve read that isn t school related is The Myths and Legends of the Philippines by Marlene Aguilar The writer, Marivi Soliven, was at UST some years ago to host a talk about h [...]

    13. Rating 4 StarsThis is the first Filipiniana book I ve ever read since I was 16 and I must say I m not disappointed Aside from the Story hey, this reminds me of the old telenovelas they have on TV when I was a kid ha and the characters, I love how the author depicted old Manila and a bit of the Filipino culture The story is all about Amparo, a girl from a wealthy family in the Philippines who was sent like, exiled by her mother tbh to California as a consequence of her actions view spoiler she g [...]

    14. I picked this up as I realized I ve been reading a lot of American fiction and it made me realize how much I seem to know about American culture and their way of life versus our own My uncle who has lived in the US for almost 30 years told me that he has read this book and asked me if I have read this sheepishly I said no and I m glad I did The book is the story of two Filipinas with two very different lives in the US but their lives are inexplicably intertwined I love Marivi Soliven s writing [...]

    15. It s very rare that I find a well written novel written by a Filipino starring Filipino characters in an American setting Mango Bride was a gem to read.This soap opera like novel eventually comes full circle, focusing on the lives of the rich Guerrero family and the Obejas women The story starts with a mystery why did the Guerrero s trusted cook Nanay Marcela stab the bitchy matriarch Senora Concha during breakfast We are then launched into the history of the clan, answering questions along the [...]

    16. Found this one just shelf surfing at the library I really liked it I ve read so much fiction about the immigrant experience set in India and China, it was really interesting to read a novel where part of the story takes place in the Philippines and the rest is about Philippine immigrants in the US.The story is about two women, seemingly unrelated although as the book continues their stories end up intertwining One is the daughter of a high class family in Manila, the other the niece of a houseke [...]

    17. I am looking for fiction that is set in California for an upcoming project, so that was my motivation for picking this book up there are a few critical scenes in Oakland But I was so happy to be surprised at the literary quality of the prose and the intrigue of the plot line This book covers so much life in the Philippines for both the wealthy and the working class, cultural values of family and honor, gender relations, women s roles, and the inaccurate assumption that everyone can be free of th [...]

    18. Starting off with an unexplained stabbing What better hook is there This book had me from the start The book brought up a lot of issues relating to mail order brides, premarital sex, shame, family and the class system The one thing that really bothered me was the man who is labeled as a Mormon who definitely does not embody Mormon beliefs Sadly though, I guess this mormon man contributed to the theme of a person putting on a show for the world while being a totally different person inside All th [...]

    19. I only loved it towards the end There are things about the book that bothered me while I was reading it The mention of a website on page 163 when the story is set in 1988, of Megamall, when the actual mall was opened in 1991 I guess that s forgivable But the Tagalog phrases used did not seem natural Awa ng Diyos, was literally translated to God s mercy when it should have been translated to God willing In my own humble opinion, the story could ve gone darker The reason behind Amparo and Aldo s b [...]

    20. I ll be very honest to say that I don t read much of Filipino novels I randomly grabbed this at National Bookstore out of curiosity oh, and my copy is in Filipino Language as well And my oh my isn t it just good Probably one of the best novel I ve ever read A Filipino life what an interesting ride

    21. I love reading good novels by authors from the Philippines they offer great insight into the country in which I m privileged to live.

    22. This novel won the Palanca Award in 2011 under the title In the Service of Secrets , and was later picked up Penguin A Filipino translation by Danton Remoto is also available which I sort of wish is the one I picked up but I ll get back to that later The Mango Bride is primarily about two women Amparo and Beverly and their different experiences leaving behind their own country and living in America It s also about families, the need to keep up appearances, and the fickleness of fate It s not bad [...]

    23. I didn t really expect much from this book at first I read it merely because it s my homework However, it turns out I enjoyed reading this book very much and it doesn t feel like a homework for me I personally think that this book is written with an extraordinary technique The writer successfully grab my attention from the way she creates the plot twist, the different povs and the character developments Moreover, I can consider this book a light reading because the story is mainly an everyday st [...]

    24. I have not been back home and 10 years and this book certainly made me long for my dear Philippines Marixi Soliven tells it like it is She was able to showcase the two strata of Filipino society the old rich and the forever poor It s like the Spaniards never left and the mestizos are still calling the natives indios Kudos to Soliven for bringing to the forefront the plight of the mail order brides.

    25. I couldn t put the book down I was wondering why this book was award winning and now I know why it is I love how the plot goes from one timeline to another without it being confusing to follow The way it was written is truly a work of art.

    26. This book does a fabulous job exploring the mail order phenomenon of Filipino brides The writing is exquisite, with a perfect blend of American perspective and Philippine sociology I love the sprinkling of Tagalog enough to add authenticity without being confusing.

    27. I think it as a good read though a little bit too melodramatic for my taste It shows the life of immigrant Fiipinas in the US, from the initial hope of what the US represents to the everyday realities and trade offs that they actually experience.Is about the trials and tribulations of OFW s in the US and trading poverty for the unknown future with a potentially violent husband The price of being a male ordered bride is that you have can get beaten up by your husband without any consequences beca [...]

    28. What a beautifully written account of life, bot the good side and the bad, for women in the Philippines Sadly, the stories are all too true, even today Almost impossible to put this book down.

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