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Bigfoot Hunters #2020

Bigfoot Hunters Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet An ancient terror has descended upon a remote Colorado town The legendary beasts known as Sasquatch have emerged from the woods he

  • Title: Bigfoot Hunters
  • Author: Rick Gualtieri Thea Isis Gregory
  • ISBN: 9781468177053
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bigfoot Hunters By Rick Gualtieri Thea Isis Gregory, Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet An ancient terror has descended upon a remote Colorado town The legendary beasts known as Sasquatch have emerged from the woods, hell bent on killing everything in their path.The only thing standing in their way are a group of wayward campers, a few scared survivors, and the crew of a cable TV showbuEvolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet An ancient terror has descended upon a remote Colorado town The legendary beasts known as Sasquatch have emerged from the woods, hell bent on killing everything in their path.The only thing standing in their way are a group of wayward campers, a few scared survivors, and the crew of a cable TV showbut it might just be enough.It s muscle and fury versus a whole lot of bullets in a battle to determine once and for all Who is the hunter and who is the hunted Bigfoot Hunters is 90,000 words of bone cracking, guns a blazing Horror Adventure by Rick Gualtieri, author of Bill The Vampire and Scary Dead Things.Includes the bonus short story, Zombie Pride, part of the Zombie Bedtime Stories by author, Thea Isis Gregory.

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      Rick Gualtieri Thea Isis Gregory

    1 thought on “Bigfoot Hunters

    1. I will be honest I did not read the description of this book before I dove in It was by Gualtieri, who I had previously reviewed with Bill the Vampire, which was hilarious I probably was expecting similar hilarity in this novel, and while a few good parts did make me laugh anything involving Paula this book was not meant for hilarity It is first, and foremost, a horror I hate the horror genre Why am I reading this novel Besides the aforementioned, it was by Rick Gualtieri Well then Plot Six teen [...]

    2. Don t take this book on a camping trip Take it to the beach You ll thank me later In the beginning of Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri, I was thinking another typical Tuesday night made for TV movie book Which kids get whacked by doing something stupid But the action and stakes kept rising until it is outright carnage and full scale war between Bigfoot and man I was in it for the full ride Though I think Rick gave away too much with continual what he she it didn t know lines, it was done well H [...]

    3. Bigfoot is REAL Or at least in theory according to Rick Gualtieri s latest horror book Bigfoot Hunters is written in 3rd person POV and is very reminiscent of Mary Shelly s Frankenstein He get s you inside the mind of the Alpha Bigfoot via italicized excerpts It s truly fascinating Being a girl, horror isn t generally something I read not that they re aren t girls who LOVE this stuff, but I m sure the majority of horror fans are male Anyhow, this was actually my first go at it and I m so happy I [...]

    4. While some think werewolves or mummies may be the next it monster in horror fiction, there seems to be a steady flow of Bigfoot novels short stories being released lately, and while BIGFOOT HUNTERS may not be as memorable as Eric S Brown s BIGFOOT WAR series, there s lots of fun to be had with this all out monster romp.Gualtieri s story is simple a group of teenagers go camping in the Colorado woods and discover a bigfoot who is much violent than those of legend Before long they re involved in [...]

    5. First book I ve read by Rick Gualtieri, but it is a corker The story starts out fairly tamely with some college friends deciding to go camping Most of them know each other, but some are new to the group A few are experienced campers and are willing to set the pace They top up their supplies in the teeny tiny town of Bonanza Creek, where we meet, or just miss meeting, some of the townies All of the townies are annoyed with the increasing amount of tourists who manage to go missing in the woods No [...]

    6. While I was impressed with the premise of Rick Gualtieri s Bigfoot Hunters, I wasn t as equally impressed with the characters The story overall was good and I could visualize the scenes pretty well It certainly had it s good moments and I found the subject matter to be well thought out and researched however, the character interactions were too spoofed and cliche for my tastes Given other aspects of the novel, I can only expect bigger, and better future work from Gualtieri, who is I think on to [...]

    7. I love Mr Gualtieri s books and Bigfoot Hunters is no exception His characters are very natural and real His laid back writing style make his stories come to life He is an extremely talented writer Totally Awesome again.

    8. I found it to be light reading and lots of fun if you enjoy camping, survivor stories and of course bigfoot.

    9. Not sure when I finished this kindle book, but it was SO good Harrison and his friends are going backpacking camping in the woods when they are attacked by bigfoot With the help of the Crypto Hunters Think Dog the Bounty Hunter mixed with Steve Irwin they survive, but that s not the end of the adventure The battle at the end of the book devastates the town, and the horrors oh boy SO GOOD I am pretty sure that this is just the beginning of this series as the end left it open for If so, I can t w [...]

    10. Wow If the author of this could make dozens of those that d be great Seriously, I love these kinds of books and there are far too few quality authors indulging the subject on the ficiton side Sure you got loads of 20 pages books but nothing like this So please, Mr Gualtieri, there are many cryptids out there and a lot stories I would read them all in a heartbeat

    11. I saw this and thought it would be an offshoot if the Bill the Vampire series It s not The story is probably good just not good for me No humor No link to the story I enjoy Overall disappointing Wish it had been made clear that this story was a completely different genre.

    12. Bigfoot HuntersWow book, strong characters, especially Danni.Lots of edge of your seat action and horror.Loved this book about what happens when a Bigfoot Clan gets rabiesNo one is safe

    13. Nothing but excitementWhat to say about this book READ IT If you love non stop excitement with a tribe of Bigfoot on a rampage, then read it This is one of my new favorites.

    14. Rick Gaultier is good fun.Great read Thought it might be an off shoot of Bill the vampire but is a stand alone novel Highly recommended Can t wait for Bill.

    15. I really love reading books about Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch or Skunk Ape Part of it stems from wondering if they could or do exist Wouldn t it be cool if they did I ll tell you this much, I wouldn t want to run across a Sasquatch like the ones you ll meet when you read Bigfoot Hunters These creaures are not the shy, elusive ones They are driven by rage and hunger.This book has all the elements of a great horror novel Crazed Sasquatch s bring their murderous rage down upon a small isolated [...]

    16. Having read the Tome of Bill series, I was hoping the Sasquatches in this book would be the same species as the Feet in the Tome of Bill they re not It doesn t deter from the story at all, but it would be nice if all his books existed in the same sci fi universe Now on to the review Not as good as the Tome of Bill books, but OK overall Some of it was a bit predictable and drawn out, but the storyline was good, and there was some decent character development The plotline DID jump around a bit, du [...]

    17. Bigfoot Hunters by Author Rick Gualtieri is a crypto horror novel that follows a group of young adults that run into a clan of animals thought only to be legend Bigfoot is real, and it s pissed off The set up to the story is an age old concept a group of college kids, nothing on their minds than getting laid and having fun, set out for a week long camping trip Unfortunately though, things turn sour quickly as a rabid Bigfoot comes crashing into them literally The only reason they survive their [...]

    18. A departure from the supernatural compared to his Tome of Bill series, Rick Gualtieri takes an interesting species from his other books and looks for a crossover hit perhaps a TV series It would certainly make a great starting point for one It s a wild ride through the great outdoors, and the characters are interesting and surprisingly mortal Be prepared to be a little less annoyed by your tax bill once you are introduced to another essential government agency you have never heard of.It has the [...]

    19. Great BookThis book caught off guard I have read other Books about Bigfoot, but none grabbed my attention as quickly as this one From early on in the book I wanted or rather needed to read what happened next Definitely a page turner For those who like stories involving Bigfoot, or for those who like big creature type books this Is must I am sure even everyone else who is not into big creatures or Bigfoot, will enjoy this book as well I highly recommend this novel to everyone.

    20. I suppose I should disclose that I did receive a copy of this in audio book format for free I won it from a contest the author did on his page.I wasn t as enthralled with this book as much as I am Gualtieri s Bill the Vampire series.It was still an interesting book I like the unique take it took on Bigfeet Bigfoots ahem Sasquatches The book jumped around from character to character and sometimes it got a little hard to follow, but that may be because I was listening to the audio version.All in a [...]

    21. One if the best fiction books I ve read in quite some time, particularly if you are a fan of horror suspense and of course the big hairy guy himself It was very good with strong character development and some good twists along the way The author ties the story together masterfully and the book is very much a page turner.

    22. You guys, the title is it s like what if WE aren t hunting the bigfoots but THEY RE hunting US Trashy Goofy Zany Horror movie schlock mixed with a lurid romance novel It s exactly what you re expecting and you already know if this is the type of book for you.1 star out of 5 Guilty pleasure reading at best Capably written bullshit, but bullshit all the same.

    23. Quality fantasy action.If there is one thing about Ricks story telling, it s never going to be a dull read Fast paced fantasy action told with humour and surprises aplenty.Can t wait for the next instalment.

    24. Damn What a wild ride Absolutely wonderful book I literally couldn t put it down EXCELLENT characters, storyline and great monsters If you enjoy action horror, you can t miss this one.

    25. Total guys book Started out good then turned into a sci fi made for TV movie full of destruction and cheesy death scenes.

    26. It was goodIt was my type of a good Bigfoot horror story and was surprised so many main characters were killed in it

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