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Maigret and the Fortuneteller #2020

Maigret and the Fortuneteller Guided by his intuition and his special talent for putting himself in other people s shoes Inspector Maigret plows through a frustrating maze of seemingly unconnected suspects and only the most fragm

  • Title: Maigret and the Fortuneteller
  • Author: Georges Simenon
  • ISBN: 9780156551632
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maigret and the Fortuneteller By Georges Simenon, Guided by his intuition and his special talent for putting himself in other people s shoes, Inspector Maigret plows through a frustrating maze of seemingly unconnected suspects and only the most fragmentary clues to find the murderer of fortuneteller Mademoiselle Jeanne.

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      295 Georges Simenon
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    1 thought on “Maigret and the Fortuneteller

    1. French police are informed that someone s going to kill a clairvoyant at 5 o clock on a certain day Despite the best precautions, one Madame Jeanne is stabbed to death at that precise moment Locked in Madame Jeanne s kitchen is a doddering old man, one Octave Le Cloaguen What s his real connection to the young fortuneteller And who killed her Detective Chief Inspector Maigret is frustrated both by the many pieces of this puzzle that don t fit and by an ignoramus of an examining magistrate who tr [...]

    2. Georges Simenon was one of a kind Not that there aren t mystery writers under practically every bush, but Simenon brought something unique to the genre something I have not seen copied satisfactorily by any of the hordes that tried to follow in his footsteps.Especially in his Inspector Maigret novels, there is a uniquely French characteristic, which is closely related to the French verb d brouiller, which means to untangle or sort out, to defog as it were About forty pages into Maigret and the F [...]

    3. Another perfect miniature filled with telling little observations, economical yet vivid characterisation and a lot of beer down the hatch as Maigret deals with a murder that was predicted before it happened the murder of a fortuneteller.

    4. For once, too much complicated puzzle, and not enough local colour and depth of characters So, only 4 A small, thin man, rather dull to look at, neither young nor old, exuding the stale smell of a bachelor who does not look after himself He pulls his fingers and cracks his knuckles and tells his tale the way a schoolboy recites his lesson.A mysterious note predicting the murder of a fortune teller a confused old man locked in a Paris apartment a financier who goes fishing a South American heires [...]

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    6. Sometimes reading can be like dining out on a heavy many coursed banquet short novels or classics like a Maigret story can be as refreshing as a citrus sorbet To cleanse your reading palate ready for the next novel that otherwise could cause you intergestion.Maigret is a wonderful constant He is a fine judge of people and a keen observer of social interaction and mannerisms With a novel like this you know you are going to get a mystery that perhaps only the Chief Inspector will solve and along t [...]

    7. There are generally three categories of Maigret book good, very good and classic This book falls into the latter category Murder, blackmail and fraud in the sweltering Parisian August heat Maigret smokes his pipe and drinks his beer and sees all Read it

    8. Maigret is given a tip off that a Fortune Teller will be murdered at 5pm He arranges for all the known clairvoyants in Paris to be watched, but the murder occurs on a woman not known to the police He investigates the crime in his own inimitable style, but with many and various complex emotions around the leading characters He is annoyed, impatient, exasperated, and elated in equal measure As usual he is terribly rude and keeps people waiting for hours at various points of the investigation, with [...]

    9. A nervous man comes to Maigret with a blotter which shows a letter has been written predicting the murder of a fortuneteller at 5 PM on a certain day Police efforts to thwart the killing are unsuccessful and Mademoiselle Jeanne is found stabbed in her apartment More interestingly, an old man, Octave Le Cloag, wearing an old overcoat and seemingly daft, is locked in the kitchen What is going on here The chief inspector s search leads him to a fishing resort on the Seine, a bridge club in Paris an [...]

    10. Have been gradually reading re reading the Inspector Maigret series in their original order of publication I must have jumped ahead of the order because in this novel Simenon altered his usual narrative style He included paragraphs that expose of Maigret s thoughts than has been the norm in earlier novels There are also references as to how this particular investigation is viewed, upon reflection, at an unspecified time in the future Quite a change It must have been very liberating for him.

    11. L indovina stata trovata morta alle 17, come Picpus aveva predetto.Questo giallo di Simenon parte da questo omicidio da cui si snoda una storia piuttosto contorta.Ho trovato troppi personaggi in poco tempo e alcuni improbabili connessioni tra le vicende della storia Un giallo forse troppo denso e frenetico per il solito Maigret e meno avvincente degli altri

    12. I read a mystery for mystery week I found the ending to be somewhat unsatisfying, although I did enjoy trying to follow the clues.

    13. I would dearly love to know how Simenon imagined and constructed his incredibly convoluted plots The masterful Signed, Picpus features one of the most tangled ones I have encountered yet, and it quickly becomes very confusing, with a cast of characters even sordid than in most of the Maigret novels I read this over a period of three days, yet I constantly had to go back to previous chapters to sort out connections, recall the specific activities of particular people, and try to figure out what [...]

    14. A murder is announced the murder of a fortuneteller, announced by a nervous little nebbish who claims to have picked up the knowledge by chance on a piece of blotting paper in a bar My first question was, how did he know that piece of blotting paper hadn t been sitting around for a week or But in those days, a surprising number of people handled their correspondence and recieved their mail in Paris bistros.Halfway through the book, which I read in a couple of hours on a sleepless night, I reali [...]

    15. Simenon, Georges MAIGRET AND THE FORTUNETELLER 1944 Mademoiselle Jeanne, the fortuneteller, is found murdered in her apartment The police find, locked in her kitchen, an old man wearing an overcoat, even though it is a boiling August day in Paris The crime was predicted in a note found reversed on a blotter at a restaurant, signed by an unknown person, Picpus The man who discovered the note while writing one of his own, brought the information to the police, but later tries to commit suicide A [...]

    16. I m not sure about this A man reports that a fortuneteller will be murdered on a specific day time When the book opens, Maigret is waiting or this to happen Thinking how foolish he will seem if his pronouncement from another source is incorrectThe fortuneteller is indeed murdered, but she is one who is not known to the French constabulary, as she was not registered as such When Maigret and the Police arrive, they find a simple man locked in her kitchen and as the story unwinds Maigret looks to f [...]

    17. A note is found that states a fortune teller will be killed on a specific date and signed by Picpus This lands on the desk of Inspector Maigret who is responsible for, much to the amusement of the rest of the police department, taking steps are taken to watch local fortune tellers without success A fortune teller is killed The investigation pulls together a seemingly disparate group of suspects, the investigation is successful, but the outcome leaves Maigret far from satisfied and heading home t [...]

    18. This is an excellent mystery The characters in this book come alive as you read the novel Simenon is such a skilled writer, that some development occurs only as he wants it to occur to best unfold the story This is also, for me, one of the few recent mysteries in the past decade or so, that I didn t know who did it before the end of the book.This is also a book that is concise, in today s terms It s a little too easy for one s mind to meander away during most over written books today A reader ha [...]

    19. This book presents one of the baffling cases to confront Maigret that I have yet read Although I don t read Maigret novels for the plot but for the atmosphere, the plot of this one is compelling It was written in the 1940s and like all the Maigret novels from that decade seems to be a little darker than those that came before and after In fact Maigret doesn t at all get his own way in the end The quality of the writing, as always, is excellent.This is the 25th Maigret novel I have read so far T [...]

    20. Another of the short but neat little tales of Inspector Maigret of the Paris Police In this outing, a fortuneteller is murdered and Maigret finds an befuddled old man locked in the kitchen of the murder apartment He doesn t seem to know anything and appears to be a trampbut it is discovered that he is a retired doctor which doesn t quite fit the image he presents Is he the murderer or just someone who came to have their future told There are many twists and turns before the solution is reached a [...]

    21. Maigret is the type of detective who notices all things, even when he doesn t know what he s noticing He has a dour, un readable face, and then sometimes he has a thought and his face reflect that He tells people what to do but not what he s thinking or what any of it means Pros short, French, good settings and interesting thought possibly superficial mood.Cons not much to dig into.I imagine I will read of these But not in any hurry.

    22. a.k.a To Any Lengths This is a very clever story Rather strange but I found it hard to put down and sat up very late to finish it Difficult to add anything to other reviews without giving the away the plot.Simenon is s genius at character description and atmospheric build up.Very good indeed Thoroughly recommended.

    23. A bit frenetic in its pace than I would like I prefer when Simenon evokes the busy streets of the metropolis and the colorful characters who frequent its cafes and wharves In this one, the sense of the oppressive end of summer heat was a mark of the author s skill but there were too many interconnected storylines and not enough about the clairvoyant.

    24. If you like mystery novels, you can never go wrong with Simenon Simenon pulls you in and does not let you go till that last word, leaving you to want to read of his books And there are many, and not only mysteries He was one of the favorite authors of many of the intellectual set in early 20th Century, France.

    25. Delighting to find myself in the company of my friend, Maigret, we once again take up the task of solving a complex murder by placing one s self in another s shoes The psychology employed is fascinating and instructive My desire is that I could actually learn the techniques and employ them in real life I think the trick there is to be intelligent on a higher plane than exists for me.

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