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Meeting Evil #2020

Meeting Evil When John answers a knock at his front door he thinks nothing of giving the man outside a hand in starting his car John s charitable impulses then lead him to offer to guide the man as far as a nearb

  • Title: Meeting Evil
  • Author: Thomas Berger Jonathan Lethem
  • ISBN: 9780743247030
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meeting Evil By Thomas Berger Jonathan Lethem, When John answers a knock at his front door, he thinks nothing of giving the man outside a hand in starting his car John s charitable impulses then lead him to offer to guide the man as far as a nearby petrol station but then begins an extraordinary journey into darkness.

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      233 Thomas Berger Jonathan Lethem
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    1 thought on “Meeting Evil

    1. Sometimes I m baffled by the average scores on this is one of those times I only finished this awful book just to unleash a rare one star review This was just terrible, from start to finish, which was kind of a surprise because I ve read a few other Berger books Being Invisible, Neighbors, Little Big Man and enjoyed those a lot Same direct Berger style but the story of a man who is accidentally drawn into a hellish day of crime he can t get out of absolutely drove me crazy Frankly, the lead char [...]

    2. A freaky, disturbing thriller about an everyday man who is kidnapped by a seemingly cold blooded and thoughtless maniac who eventually reveals his intellectual stance on his behavior This book, which takes place over the course of a single evening, is gut wrenching, unbearable to read in places, but nonetheless captivating and thoroughly engrossing Berger is an author of almost unequal intelligence gifted with a supreme high brow humor which he often employs to skewer middle class values It s a [...]

    3. I read this in one sitting or lying which is pretty unprecedented for me these days.Berger has a knack for creating ambiguous characters and scenes and for pulling you into the action.The story is about the worst day of one man s life and it takes place in real time that is there s no time lapses, just a steady, relentless journey down the rabbit hole of misfortune.The title is a bit misleading or histrionic it s not so much about meeting evil as it is about making a series of serious misjudgmen [...]

    4. This is part 2 of my descent into literary psychopath stories Berger is a top notch writer I plowed through the book in a day It s also darkly funny, in a way that surprises At first I thought the main character was idiotic in an extreme way that I found unbelievable But as the novel progressed, he started reminding me of a few people I have know Idiotic and believable.

    5. John the protagonist is spineless and does everything that the stupid people in horror movies do to allow the horror to continue Richie the psychopath is much interesting This one kept me interested and kept up the suspense but was a bit too much I ll try some subdued Berger some other time.

    6. It was just okay Like many other reviews I found myself angry and frustrated with the main character who never seemed to gain the courage to take out the bad guy until the very end.

    7. 2.5 starskind of unsettling for the first 70 or so pages, then a little bit bit boring some weird macho cliches.ultimately just OK.

    8. According to Jonathan Lethem, Thomas Berger is one of America s three or four greatest living novelists I d never heard of him when I added Meeting Evil to my tbr list, then shelf where it languished for several years before I finally got around to reading it Meeting Evil is the story of John Felton, a young real estate agent suffering through the downturn in the American economy He s married to Joanie, father to Melanie and Philip and his life is about to get very complicated It s Monday mornin [...]

    9. It s a normal morning when John Felton answers a knock at the door of his family s home Standing on the doorstep is a stranger who claims that he s having car trouble and would like help pushing his car down the road towards the nearest service station John, a middle class Real Estate agent with a wife and 2 children likes to think that he is a nice, helpful, and polite guy so he agrees to help the stranger This decision is the first of many that make John s day go totally off track into dangero [...]

    10. This was an OK read to me My 8 y.o daughter bought a copy of this for me at the local dollar store and kept asking if I d read her book yet so I finally read it I ve never read anything by Thomas Berger before He clearly has a good grasp of storytelling and plotting While this story takes place mostly over the course of a single day, he does a good job of continuing to keep the plot moving forward This book reminded my of Kafka In reading it, written 3rd person voice that follows one main charac [...]

    11. Meeting Evil is a breathless, suburban horror story, in which husband, father, and Real Estate salesman, John Felton finds himself suddenly the best friend of Richie, a man with a decidedly bent sense of the way the world should be In one very long day from hell, John goes from feeding his children and folding laundry to making life or death decisions, all the while contemplating his motivations for his life Presented in what amounts to acts, Meeting Evil is a thrill ride The white knuckle kinet [...]

    12. Mild mannered realtor and family man John Felton makes the mistake of opening the front door and agreeing to a stranger with car trouble Unbeknownst to John, the stranger Richie is a total sociopath and John will spend the rest of the worst day of his life being dragged, sort of, along on Richie s crime spree Berger effectively builds the novel s momentum and the relentless dream nightmare logic upon which the action is premised However, you will best be able to appreciate Meeting Evil if you ca [...]

    13. It took me such a long time to read this book I read it in spurts It was disturbing in the sense that you re annoyed at everything that the main character does, doesn t do, says, doesn t sayeverything snowballs and you re watching reading it all happen and want to say I told you so, stupid I thought this book would be a little creepier than it was, and I would say that it was not a page turner.

    14. I don t think I ve ever read a painful book It s not just boring and I despise the character, John He s worse than Richie because he was willing to turn the other cheek while Richie was going to rape the boy and when the female character was trying to fight him off His personality is nauseating Etc Richie is the truest form of a hole though I m actually only half way through and want to, not just quit but, throw it into traffic so it gets run over.

    15. Just like that annoying song on the radio that you can t help singing along to, this novel is truy infuriating yet totally compelling I wanted to reach into the pages and wring the neck of the main character who stumbled from one bad decision to another Berger did somehow catch the flawed thinking, vulnerability, and self doubt that we all experience at times quite masterfully You will have to judge this one for yourself

    16. Una novela de Berger llena de una tensi n que no termina hasta la ltima p gina Rivalidad, brochazos de emociones encontradas, frialdad y calidez, deseo incontenible y miedo de actuar Una narraci n que contiene lo necesario para tener al lector en una monta a de expectativas, ilusiones y desilusiones Mayo 2013

    17. Disturbing yet compelling The only problem for me was that once the protagonist s day of tragic misfortune began is was pretty clear that it would snowball in predictable ways until the last few pages The only mystery was how it would be resolved Still, four stars.I hadn t realized that the author, Thomas Berger, Little Big Man, et al , died just a little over a month ago.

    18. I went to bed with about 40 pages to go and had to get up and finish this dark tale Unnerving book that can make you uncomfortable, but will you ever turn the pages Berger is a master Addendum They turned this into a dreadful movie that massively rewrote the original It was as if Richie went at Thomas Berger s manuscript with a meat cleaver.

    19. What a sweeping and riveting tale that makes a reader feel every minute of this day from hell, and makes you feel a little mad from hearing such good sense coming from a killer for so long.Also, really good if you read all of Richie s dialogue in Samuel L Jackson s voice but what can t you say that about

    20. Approaching Jim Thompson s masterpiece Pop 1280 for its horrifying look at the evil that lurks around us, but not quite as pulpy Sometimes looking at ourselves with a true objective eye reveals truths we don t want to see It seems realtors make quite a suitable protaganist in todays fiction see Richard Ford Wonder why that is soI m a realtor.

    21. From the very beginning my basic reaction was just, really ally REALLY I haven t read a book that I have disliked in a long long time and regret even spending 2.99 on it at a used book store If this review was too vague to deter you from wanting to read Meeting Evil then refer to the first review on the page.

    22. I m excited to read something else by the author, but I just couldn t commit 100% to Meeting Evil It s like the movie Very Bad Things, except not quite as believable Maybe I needed to read it differently, but I didn t buy all the motivations Even still, it was entertaining and a fast read.

    23. Berger s story of an ordinary man pulled into a series of criminal misadventures by a rogue he tries to help is generally involving and entertaining It s nothing extraordinary it s no Little Big Man, to be sure but I was not disappointed.

    24. This book was awful The premise was beyond ridiculous and the writing was terrible I read it because I heard it was made into a Sam Jackson movie and I m a fan Sam should ve passed on this stinker.

    25. rese a completa mentelectora 2Es un libro que me ha gustado mucho y me ha tenido enganchada de principio a final Cierto es que el protagonista, en ocasiones, da mucha rabia por como act a.

    26. This is not one of Berger s best, the main character is just a little too feckless for the book to be compelling Also, the relationship between the wife and husband seems way off to the way normal couples interact.

    27. The book is a comedy of errors It shows how a good albeit weak person can be twisted by evil Sometimes extremely aggravating, but worth reading to the end.

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