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Amar Significa... No Avergonzarse #2020

Amar Significa No Avergonzarse Geoff vive en la ciudad aprovechando la marcha gay al m ximo cuando la muerte de su padre le obliga a volver a la granja familiar All conocer a un joven Amish dormido en el establo y Geoff averiguar

  • Title: Amar Significa... No Avergonzarse
  • Author: AndrewGrey Saura García Mara McKennen
  • ISBN: 9781613728246
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • Amar Significa... No Avergonzarse By AndrewGrey Saura García Mara McKennen, Geoff vive en la ciudad, aprovechando la marcha gay al m ximo, cuando la muerte de su padre le obliga a volver a la granja familiar All conocer a un joven Amish dormido en el establo y Geoff averiguar que el muchacho est en su Rumspringa, el a o que los j venes Amish pasan fuera de la Comunidad antes de aceptar su bautismo en la Iglesia A pesar de su mutua atracci n,Geoff vive en la ciudad, aprovechando la marcha gay al m ximo, cuando la muerte de su padre le obliga a volver a la granja familiar All conocer a un joven Amish dormido en el establo y Geoff averiguar que el muchacho est en su Rumspringa, el a o que los j venes Amish pasan fuera de la Comunidad antes de aceptar su bautismo en la Iglesia A pesar de su mutua atracci n, Geoff est empe ado en no liarse con l Sin embargo Eli se ha dado cuenta que Geoff comparte sus sentimientos y comienza a cortejarle, capturando la atenci n de Geoff y, por supuesto, sus sentimientos.Su relaci n se ver amenazada por familiares de mente estrecha y los chismorreos de la sociedad en general Un nuevo mundo se abre para Eli, que tendr que decidir si quiere volver a la Comunidad con su familia, al mundo en el que sabe c mo ser su futuro, o se quedar con Geoff y tendr fe en el poder del amor.Amar significa una historia.

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      442 AndrewGrey Saura García Mara McKennen
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      Posted by:AndrewGrey Saura García Mara McKennen
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    1 thought on “Amar Significa... No Avergonzarse

    1. This book started out bad The MC I already forgot his name is an Uber Slut I think that means like extremely promiscuous, whorey, tramp, skank, no standards his man hole is so loose it s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway and to top that off he is an Uber Drunk Driving Slut or UDDS for short please note MC will now be called UDDS from now on in this review It starts off with UDDS waking up with a stranger after drinking too much and driving to stranger s house where he had sex, probably prote [...]

    2. 4.75 StarsGeoff is living the life of a young man with few responsibility and full of hormones and with all the tail he can get in the city, he s living the life of riley.The bubble burst on Geoff life of burning the candle at both ends when his dad dies Coming home to the ranch is alot of things now for Geoff but most importantly it s the fact that his dad is no longer there that is, one of his dad s He has two and with a few carefully placed words and some home truth he soon agrees to stay and [...]

    3. I think this is a wonderful book I love the message I love the characters And I love Andrew s style of writing I read it a few years ago and since then several times I own it in paperback I think Eli s character is my favorite I loved his tenderness I think everyone who deals with predudice and fear should read this book I think Andrew spells out LOVE in a poignant way It was a book that meant a lot to me the first time I read it The theme of no shame stupid out in a personal way I am truely gr [...]

    4. This was a sweet but also very sad read I read this after Love Means Courage the story of Geoff s dads Cliff and Len , that s why the death of Cliff at the beginning of this book had me especially sad.So, here we got the story of Geoff and Eli Geoff, who came back from Chicago where he had worked as an accountant during the day, while he had spent his nights with meaningless one night stands to take over the farm when his father died and Eli, a sweet, young and innocent Amish man Two very differ [...]

    5. I loved this book and the whole time I was reading it, I was patting myself on the back for buying 3 others of his at the same time Really good book, y all Really.

    6. Aww man this readI just did not understand Geoff s treatment shown to Len I did not understand the why s of the slut ness of Geoff s persona And, I do not recall the use of condum s And, why is this book so poorly edited, from DSP, where I pay top dollar for my books The Book What I Loved and Took With Me The letter from Cliff sniffle The adorable hospital scene.The courting and Len s comment about the courting.The cuddling The warmpt of the farm home Len s strengthGeoff and Eli s sweetness Eli [...]

    7. Overall book rating 4 sweet stars Audio book Narrator R Kirstein 4stars Book cover 3.5 StarsThis book is about little Geoff all grown up This book started out sad but it just shows you to waist no time and to love to the fullest every minute of every day.Little Geoff finds the love of his life I truly loved this story.

    8. After his father passes away Geoff goes back to take over the running of the family farm.One morning he finds a toung Amsih man sleeping in the barn, Eli Eli is on his rumspringa and Geoff offers him a job and a home Over time the two fall in love.I liked seeing Eli leaarning about the English and trying new things.Geoff and Eli were good together and apart from some angst towards the end it was a good story.

    9. Parts of this book are interesting with a deep emotional connection but unfortunately the very uneven pacing drags the action and length of the book out Also most of the conflict is resolved and told off page so the reader is unable to experience some of the problems and emotions as the characters do Mostly this is a sweet, easy romance that throws a little texture in by way of bigoted attitudes but really those attitudes impact very little in the main relationship The writing is average with so [...]

    10. For all those who ve not seen Weird Al s Amish Paradise enjoy youtube watch v lOfZL3.5 stars here A somewhat bland but likeable m m romance Geoff leaves Chicago to return to the family farm upon the death of his gay father He falls for Elijah, a 20 year old Amish boy who is spending a year away from his community If he were honest with himself, he really did like Eli a lot The way he looked in the saddle, the way he smiled, the way those eyes danced when he was happy Fuck, I ve got it bad Now if [...]

    11. Estoy pasando por una etapa en donde se me meti en la cabeza que quiero leer novelas de tem tica lgbt La verdad que me estoy sorprendiendo muy gratamente Los libros que le ltimamente son sencillos, cortos pr cticamente los leo en una sentada y tan adictivos que no puedo soltarlos Obviamente no son GRANDES HISTORIAS, con ense anzas trascendentales, pero son bonitas y me hacen pasar un muy buen rato Andrew Grey hizo que me enamorara profundamente de Elijha y le voy a agradecer siempre el haber cre [...]

    12. This is a review where I get to eat my words I ve read several Andrew Grey books and stories in the past and had pretty much come to conclusion that whilst I appreciate that he s a well loved author with a large, loyal fan base, his writing just doesn t appeal to me and I wasn t going to read his books any Then someone suggested that I read Love MeansNo Shame, and so I decided to give the author one chance I m glad I did because I really liked this book.The story begins with our hero, Geoff, w [...]

    13. Love Means No Shame by Andrew Grey is a touching story of loss and love, family and belonging It is very well written with strong characters and fluid narration that pulls the reader completely in from the start.The central focus of the story is the relationship between Geoff and Eli who come from two very different worlds and cultures Grey takes his time in growing their relationship by exploring many of their differences in a thoughtful and respectful manner As Geoff gets to know Eli he realiz [...]

    14. This is a well written story that is populated with characters you can t help but fall in love with and just like in real life with a couple you d be thankful not to know It s an emotional story that grabbed my attention right away and kept me interested all the way to the end The main protagonists at first appear to be an unlikely match but as the story progresses the development of their relationship shows that indeed they are well suited to each other.At the start of the book Geoff is happy w [...]

    15. This story was cute and sweet and touching Geoff and Eli couldn t be different at the beginning of the story, because Geoff comes back from Chicago to the farm he inherited from his father In Chicago he was cruising bars for sex and working as an accountant Eli is Amish and he is spending the traditional time away from his community to see the world of the English.What they have in common is their caring attitude Geoff is much experienced, but Eli s enthusiasm makes up for his lack of experien [...]

    16. I got the Love means books as a bundle and got a little confused reading it, until I found out thanks to Sarah that one part was missing After reading this one I finally know what happened, although I found it a little strange that in the bundle suddenly there was a gap of several years Actually the story how Geoff and Eli found each other was probably the best in the series so far, for me Geoff is coming home to the farm after his father died and has to decide whether he wants to stay and run t [...]

    17. Not really my type of story The story was very simple and predictable It had a very unfinished and immature feel as if the main characters were teenagers.The characters remained shallow and cliched the most beautiful , the most caring , the kindest , the sweetest you get the idea In my opinion it is good writing when the author can make you see that this character is sweet through narration, dialogue and action, and not shout it in your face explicitly Also it was insta love big no no for me and [...]

    18. I am torn between calling this story poorly written or poorly edited So, I think I will go with both The entire book seems to be missing so much There is little to no real descriptive narratives There are no segues between scenes There is very little continuity to the outline And, there is zero ingenuity This one seemed like it was thrown together, haphazardly, without a lot of thought or reworking It almost comes across like a rough draft.I hate giving reviews like this I don t want to demean t [...]

    19. I have enjoyed some of Andrew Grey s other books The Good Fight was very interesting in view of it s subject matter , but I m afraid that this book was just a step too far The previous story in the series Love meansCourage was a decent read, but this book, well let s just say that I feel calling your loved one Stallion and Tiger is a little bit far fetched, and put me off reading any further I returned the book I m afraid.

    20. A lovely sweet love story with some very well written emotional parts Tissues were certainly needed at times lol.I m looking forward to re reading the next book and seeing Geoff as a little boy again lol My one niggle was Frank and the way he believed the lies without hesitation but then back tracked imediately That scene just never flowed as smoothly as the rest.

    21. wow, I m must be in the minority because I had to dnf this book, which I rarely do The writing was so stilted and boring I just couldn t get into it Interesting premise but I guess this author s writing style just doesn t do it for me.

    22. I thought this book was rather boring and the character pretty flat I just read the book a couple of days ago and I can t remember the name of the main character.

    23. Hmm I m sick of sleeping around and that guy looks cute, so I think I ll just check and see if he s gay, and then we ll live happily ever after Too simple, too easy Boring.

    24. OverallI think this is my favorite of the series, and conveniently the first although I read it second Order isn t vital to the stories, unless you want to be surprised by happy endings So Geoff comes home after the death of his father and decides to stay and take over the family farm Shortly after his arrival, Eli appears, 100% Amish and straight from the community He s taking a year break to diminish his rebel spirit Geoff and Eli have a very nice dynamic and are both sweet as sugar They strug [...]

    25. I ve read a lot of gay cowboy romances, but this one stands out for being , well, romantic Usually, it s lust at first sight, hot sex and finally the requisite I love you whether believable or not This book surprised me by going nearly halfway through before the characters become lovers It was actually refreshing Geoff returns to his family farm after his father dies and realizes this is where he always wanted to be So, he sets about taking over the business One day, he finds a man sleeping in h [...]

    26. I was conflicted on how to review this one In general, I found many passages where not much happened, horses were ridden out and ridden back, meals were made, eaten and cleared, etc I also thought a lot of smiling went on though there was certainly some large conflicts, much of the day to day of the novel went on a bit too smoothly for me The big exception was Aunt Janelle, the primo bitch, whom I also wanted to see some depth from Finally, the major life changes for Geoff and Eli from two extr [...]

    27. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book especially being a newbie to this genre I was not expecting to find such an intriguing,beautifully written love story with such loving,well developed,likeable characters Andrew Grey has a way of drawing the reader in,pulling on the heart strings while tap dancing on the emotions of one s soul He does a fantastic job of delivering a great story while teaching some very important life lessons about learning to love yourself, as well as those who love yo [...]

    28. The first 50% of the book had promise and I was steadily reading along Then after Geoff and Eli hooked up, the book went downhill and fast I got bored Not sure how old Geoff is but I didn t like that he was able to solve everyone s problems so easily The sex was not hot at all And I hope that s not really how the Amish treat their people when they take a break sabbatical How the hell was Eli expected to thrive in the English world with no money or place to live It would have been nice if we lear [...]

    29. Ah young love A virgin Amish boy meets a seasoned city boy on the farm and they fall in love When the Amish boy discovers the city fellow was very sexually active he sadly pouts and the city fellow tells him it was just sex but with him it s love making.City boy then proceeds to have the Amish boy fuck him bareback.Naively pre barebacking I was thinking what a great book for young gay kids to read Color me stupid.Ah young love, may it survive

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