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Fire Down Below #2020

Fire Down Below The final part of Golding s Sea Trilogy A decrepit man of war is on the last stretch of its voyage to Sydney blown off course and battered by wind storm and ice After a risky operation to reset its

  • Title: Fire Down Below
  • Author: William Golding
  • ISBN: 9780571191468
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fire Down Below By William Golding, The final part of Golding s Sea Trilogy A decrepit man of war is on the last stretch of its voyage to Sydney, blown off course and battered by wind, storm and ice After a risky operation to reset its foremast with red hot metal, an unseen fire is smouldering below decks.

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      147 William Golding
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    1 thought on “Fire Down Below

    1. The third volume of To the Ends of the Earth which should actually all be read as a single long book This is the book in which Edmund Talbot s long voyage to Australia finally reaches its culmination While the first volume served primarily as an introduction and a way to establish Talbot s initial character, the second volume presented him with several episodes which challenged his preconceptions of both himself and the world This final volume gives Talbot the opportunity to take what he has lea [...]

    2. Great adventure story set in the claustrophobic space of a ship in the early 1800 s as it travels through the sea to Sydney cove The third in a trilogy of books as told by Edmund Talbot, it s entertaining with conflicts on board between various characters As well as dangers facing the ship and the threat of a fire smouldering down below.

    3. I actually read all three books in one volume, but since they won t be added separately to my 2017 Reading Challenge, I am adding them each manually, solely for that purpose My actual review of the series is under the single volume, To the Ends of the Earth.

    4. I never really got a firm grasp on this story Though Edmund Talbot became less unlikable as I read the books, I never managed to care about him This last book had a few interesting and even exiting pages, but the way it was told sometimes made it hard to follow.

    5. Fire Down below is the final part of William Golding s trilogy set at sea in the early nineteenth century Edmund Talbot is aboard He is a passenger amongst others, on his way to Australia, a journey which was, at the time of the book s setting, about the most dangerous activity, save fighting in the ongoing Napoleonic Wars, that an individual might contemplate Talbot, however, is no mere human He s decidedly British upper crust, at least a cut above the riffraff one might meet in a public place [...]

    6. At the end of the long voyage, the narrator Talbot starts to miss his fellow passengers and ship s crew His sadness disappears when his love of his life arrives in Sydney and a happy ending occurs.The three books made for a long read but one that bought realism to the longer sea journey, the dangers experienced, the reliance on the skill of the Captain and his officers and the changes in the relationships between passengers The British class system is well entrenched, the poor emigrants are neve [...]

    7. I absolutely loved the reading of the journey of Edmund Talbot in the To The Ends Of The Earth trilogy by William Golding As I learned a new adventure to a different place, can bring us to our coming of age moment Now Edmund is wondering will I be happy or sad post after I make my destination That is a mystery for the reader to solve I loved how Golding took us along for the ride on the ship with Edmund as he went through tests and hardships not only as a government official but as a man Definat [...]

    8. I have really enjoyed the trilogy These books take a lot of reading and feel that you have to really commit to fully understand the story I invested in the the characters and love the way the author makes them change and develop over the three books making them feel totally credible A wonderful ending One recommendation would be to read each book one after the other as it would be really easy to lose track of the numerous storylines.

    9. This is the enthralling finale to Golding s magnificent trilogy Talbot, the narrator, makes an amazing journey, both literally and figuratively, and across these three books Golding captures his growing self awareness with brilliant subtlety The incidents in each novel, the stuff of thrilling great writing in themselves, also serve to expose the human condition This last book is probably the most exciting But the trilogy as a whole leaves me awestruck Read these books

    10. This is the 3rd book of a trilogy and the gloss wore off a long time ago.It s okay, well written, occasionally very well written but, on the whole, it just fails to hold your attention as a novel should do and that holds true for the second volume too leading me to conclude that one volume was enough for this trilogy.

    11. Wow I m not sure what I was expecting from this series but an Austen esque indictment of British class politics in the garb of a tragi comic, age of sail, post modernist odyssey was not it Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised.

    12. The last part of the trilogy deals finally with the two ignored characters,the ship and the sea Can taste the salt in this one Very enjoyable conclusion.

    13. Much better worth reading through the other two to get to this enthralling finish Really cared about the characters by the finish

    14. Yes The perfect ending to the trilogy Who now writes like Golding The satire, the social commentary, the perfect observations Wonderful.

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