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A Collection of Essays #2020

A Collection of Essays Imagine any of today s writers of creative nonfiction dispatching a rogue elephant before an audience of several thousand Now imagine the essay that would result Can we say narcissism As part of the

  • Title: A Collection of Essays
  • Author: George Orwell
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  • Page: 492
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  • A Collection of Essays By George Orwell, Imagine any of today s writers of creative nonfiction dispatching a rogue elephant before an audience of several thousand Now, imagine the essay that would result Can we say narcissism As part of the Imperial Police in Burma, George Orwell actually found himself aiming the gun, and his record first published in 1936 comprises eight of the highest voltage pages ofImagine any of today s writers of creative nonfiction dispatching a rogue elephant before an audience of several thousand Now, imagine the essay that would result Can we say narcissism As part of the Imperial Police in Burma, George Orwell actually found himself aiming the gun, and his record first published in 1936 comprises eight of the highest voltage pages of English prose you ll ever read In Shooting an Elephant, Orwell illumines the shoddy recesses of his own character, illustrates the morally corrupting nature of imperialism, and indicts you, the reader, in the creature s death, a process so vividly reported it s likely to show up in your nightmares ever after The owner was furious, but he was only an Indian and could do nothing Among the Europeans opinion was divided The older men said I was right, the younger men said it was a damn shame to shoot an elephant for killing a coolie, because an elephant was worth much than any damn Coringhee coolie This essay alone would be worth the cover price, and the dozen other pieces collected here prove that, given the right thinker writer, today s journalism actually can become tomorrow s literature The Art of Donald McGill, ostensibly an appreciation of the jokey, vaguely obscene illustrated postcards beloved of the working classes, uses the lens of popular culture to examine the battle lines and rules of engagement in the war of the sexes, circa 1941 Politics and the English Language is a prose working out of Orwell s perceptions about the slippery relationship of word and thought that becomes a key premise of 1984 Looking Back on the Spanish War is as clear eyed a veteran s memoir of the nature of war as you re likely to find, and Orwell s long ruminations on the wildly popular good bad writers Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling showcase his singular virtues searing honesty and independent thinking From English boarding schools to Gandhi s character to an early appreciation of Henry Miller s Tropic of Cancer, these pieces give an idiosyncratic tour of the first half of the passing century in the company of an articulate and engaged guide Don t let the idea that Orwell is an important writer put you off reading him He s really too good, and too human, to miss Joyce ThompsonContents Such, Such Were the JoysCharles DickensThe Art of Donald McGillRudyard KiplingRaffles and Miss BlandishShooting an ElephantPolitics and the English LanguageReflections on GandhiMarrakechLooking Back on the Spanish WarInside the WhaleEngland Your EnglandBoys WeekliesWhy I Write

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    1. The best collection of essays that I ve read so far.14 well written essays by Eric Arthur Blair 1903 1950 also known as George Orwell It covers a wide range of topics from his childhood, Spanish Civil War, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Jewish religion, politics, etc to his shooting of an elephant while serving as a police in Burma Perfectly written in his trademark direct, clear and taut writing the style that I first encountered in his political satirical sci fi 1984 and pol [...]

    2. What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to make political writing into an art.George Orwell is one of the inescapable writers of the last century Far from becoming irrelevant, his works seem to become significant with each passing year as most recently evidenced by the present administration s strained relationship with the truth Orwell himself said that the final test of any work of art is survival, and his works seem on track to pass this final test His dystopian novel [...]

    3. Given the 70 years that have passed since the publication of most of these essays, I ve weighted my evaluation of this collection toward those essays that still retain some relevance.And granted, there is some seriously anachronistic stuff here Some real snoozers that are stuck so firmly in time and place that only the most devoted anglophiles or Orwellians would be interested The Art of Donald McGill , England Your England , Boys Weeklies.But the majority of essays are written with terrific cla [...]

    4. Selected essays I thought the essays here on Dickens and Kipling were revelations About ninety percent of the essays cited by other authors that I have read are included here I also particularly liked Inside the Whale, a paean to Henry Miller s masterpiece, Tropic of Cancer.

    5. Having discussions lately about the topic that keeps academics in business, I guess what is literature as opposed to other forms of fiction, I d like to give access to this Orwell essay as a meaningful point of departure I feel like I keep talking and arguing without any lines definitions meanings in place.Good bad books Essay by George Orwell First published 2 November 1945.Not long ago a publisher commissioned me to write an introduction for a reprint of a novel by Leonard Merrick This publish [...]

    6. Orwell writes so well you want to give him a standing ovation This collection contains several classic essays Shooting an Elephant , Politics and the English Language , Such, Such were the Joys memories of his schooldays as well as amazing pieces on Dickens, Kipling, and the state of literature in the 1930s Inside the Whale Whether writing about the English national character, analyzing the content and effect of popular comics for boys, or explaining his own compulsion to write, Orwell is always [...]

    7. Okay so, let s get one thing straight My review is not of this particular book, but I ve read a collection of Orwell s essays and didn t know how to mark them The essays I read are Politics and The English Language It was what intrigued me to read these bunch of essays in the first place I got the idea that it was what gave birth to the idea of Newspeak the language used in 1984 , but upon reading it, it was very different More like a critique of changes in writing styles Orwell was very bitter [...]

    8. I went for Orwell s six part essay on Dickens first since I am rereading Bleak House right now I ve decided to get down these thoughts, and break GR s rules, before reading the rest of the book In the first paragraph of the fifth section, Orwell s got my number He is aware, says he, that any fan of Dickens is by now angry at him I am a fan of Dickens, I was annoyed by his assessment of Dickens status as nothing but a moralist Dickens s criticism of society is almost exclusively moral Hence the u [...]

    9. An autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats .

    10. If you ask me, essays are George Orwell s true talent And I m not just saying that because I think essays are da bomb or because I think Animal Farm is an overrated piece of caca The thing that makes essays difficult to write is the ever present who cares question All an essay really is is the musings of a man or woman written down So, who cares Why do I care what this guy thinks about whatever Ahhh, but in the hands of a talented writer, who by their very nature must also be a talented and intr [...]

    11. As much as I enjoy Orwell s fiction, I also enjoyed reading this non fiction book While fiction and non fiction are entirely different genres, Orwell excels in both Actually, I noticed that some essays have ideas which Orwell developed later in his fiction.My favorite essay is Politics and the English Language It s about that meaningless pretentious language in politics and the humanities He writes about its absurdity and how some politicians use it to confuse their listeners I liked how he offe [...]

    12. Beberapa penderitan seabad yang lalu tidak jauh lebih buruk di abad ini Penyakit psikologis manusia hanya berubah pada tahapan istilah, yang mungkin sedikit lebih luas namun semakin sulit Kebanyakan perilaku dan bagaimana kita memandang dunia didasari oleh beberapa dorongan karena tidak ingin terlihat bodoh, obsesi yang berlebih, dan berbagai dorongan primitif yang bahkan tidak ingin kita sadari Meluangkan waktu untuk dunia yang dibangun oleh manusia dengan harapan pembebasan dan iming iming keb [...]

    13. Absolutely incredible Easily my favorite was Politics and the English Language Much of this essay s focus is on how to write clearly and why it is important However, the lessons of how politicians use unclear language to confuse and mislead their electorate was my most valuable take away, as it speaks directly to the political climate I find the US in today Here is one such passage The word Facism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies something not desirable The words democracy, so [...]

    14. I love Geogre Orwell as an essayist He s got a crystal clear, unadorned prose style that really lets his ideas shine through And he s got such far ranging, eclectic ideas This collection features essays about historical events and politics WWII, the Spanish Civil War, Gandhi , literature Dickens, Kipling , cultural phenomena crude postcards, the British national character and personal reflections days at boarding school, the writing life The Art of Donald McGill, the aforementioned piece about a [...]

    15. 1984 and Animal Farm are two of my all time favorites because of how can provoke so many thoughts in the mind of the reader In this collection of essays, Orwell gives his views on different topics and authors like Shakespeare, Tolstoy and even the likes of Gandhi It was great to read what he thinks about some of the most famous writers in the world and he seems to tell what he really thinks of them The same can be said about the essays containing his experience in Burma and how it affected his l [...]

    16. This anthology is a spectacular collection of Orwell s best essays and what struck me while reading it was the vast array of topics that Orwell took as his subjects In Such, Such Were the Joys, Orwell narrates his experiences often miserable as a scholarship boy at an elite prep school The essay starts with a description of humiliation Orwell began wetting his bed a few weeks after his arrival at school and continues on this theme throughout To Orwell, humiliation is not a unique emotion that he [...]

    17. George Orwell, as we all know, was one of the greatest political writers ever He tackled the social issues of the day magnificently in his works British Imperialism, WWII, and class struggles don t think any of Orwell s contemporaries could have written about those subjects hard hit tingly than him This book is a collection of his acclaimed essays on a myriad of subjects His prose is very powerful Orwell never beats around the bush The book begins with the Orwell describing his childhood at a p [...]

    18. Such Were the Joys Three and a half stars, rounded up due to the savvy Orwellian marriage of literary craft with recollected misery It truly makes the Canadian public educational system one which I experienced from the broad perspective of four different provinces appear paradisaical in comparison If I could, I d reach backwards in time to send poor Eric Blair the comforting gravelly timbre of Steve Earle.Charles Dickens Four stars, and serious impetus via a critical encomium of a true English c [...]

    19. Since this is a collection of essays, I can safely note some observations.The first essay in this collection really reminded me of how good an author Orwell was However, I was rather lost throughout the second essay since it was a review itself of Charles Dickens, who I have not read very much The next couple of essays also deal with topical issues which I had a harder time being interested in.That being said, the two essays in the middle of the book are very interesting Shooting an Elephant an [...]

    20. Orwell s essays could be word dense and tough for my ADD mind to get through now and then, but his observations are deep, interesting, and still ring true today I found myself compulsively dog earring pages with particularly compelling insights I know I will want to re examine later.Additionally, his views on books I ve already read were at times so interesting that I ended up pulling the old books down off the shelves and cycling them back into my to read pile especially ones I hated the first [...]

    21. I really liked the first essay about his experience with school as a young boy I used to wet the bed too, but I can only imagine how embarrassing that must have been at boarding school He was an excellent student, but his successes were occasioned by periods of absolute stupidness Wonderful Also, I am attracted to his moral clarity even though I do not always share his conclusions I don t particularly want to go to Spain to fight the fascists Orwell s fiction is a bit political for me, but I the [...]

    22. Home to the greatest two Orwell essays ever written Why I Write and The Politics of the English Language Every time I read Why I Write I feel I should put away the personal attraction to writing erotica and insanity, violence and soap opera drama, in exchange for a nobler purpose I would be kidding myself, though, for that is what I write, but who better than Orwell to show me who I am

    23. I ve been searching for good examples of essay writing and so included this work of George Orwell From the Spanish Civil War through the vagaries of British culture to fascist Germany, Orwell offers a sometimes scathing critique of writers and their culture In the end he even admits his own failure as a writer but wistfully adds that he always had an idea what he wanted to write Failure or not, his muse every muse worth having is political and there is no point to avoiding it.

    24. I had been wanting to read essays by Orwell for a while, and I was not disappointed On the contrary, I loved his angle on such varied subjects as Dickens, Gandhi, the war, England, colonialism, the Spanish war, society I will be searching for of him, I did skip a couple which did not interest me at all, like comic postcards, but the ones I did read made the book absolutely worthwhile.

    25. This was my first crack at Orwell I now see what all the fuss is about Superb, direct and clear style Should really be five stars, but I did find myself disengaging and losing interest in 3 or 4 of the essays.I would suggest that was the fault of my at times lax brain and not the fault of the writers skill Highly recommended Excellent stuff.

    26. Kumpulan tulisan Orwell ini layak untuk dibaca Di dalamnya ia membicarakan banyak tema yang disusun dengan dinamis Cerita yang paling kusuka dari buku ini saat Ia membahas pengalamannya sebagai aktor imperialis di India, lewat kisah pembunuhan seekor gajah.

    27. This book is obviously a collection of essay s Throughout my journey reading this book I have chronicled my thoughts on particular essays I will continue with next four essay and what I though about them Politics and the English Language This essay is so important to read and he really shows how manipulative and untruthful political language can be Orwell is so beautifully clear and concise about his thoughts He even gives rules of what Don ts in political writing Really an important essay to re [...]

    28. If one has to write , he has to be free from boundaries.As elif shafak say everything dies in circles Cricles of boundaries, creed , cast and thought Essay why i write is worth reading for every writer It streamlines the whole process of thinking.

    29. A clear voice writing on the eve of totalitarianism with insight that still sounds unfortunately relevant in parts of the world today.

    30. I read some of these essays every few years, in particular Politics and the English Language, which continually reminds me to be on guard against gibberish and propaganda whether mercantile or political The occasional hack work in this collection such as The Art of Donald McGill Raffles and Miss Blandish and Boys Weeklies takes as its subject cultural ephemera and examines it in a working man s Barthes ian fashion, to show how that ephemera are condensed expressions of the culture entire.The rev [...]

    31. George Orwell is really an amazing writer, and I really wished I could give it five stars, the writing is really spectacular most of the time, however there were a couple of things that bothered me One was in his essay about the decline of the English language back in the 40s was that while he made right points about people overusing Latin and Greek words and writing phrases instead of words and say they do this because of their pretentiousness, while right he did it from a very high horse stand [...]

    32. sungguh menarik mencermati esai esai politik george orwell dalam buku ini membahas tentang imperialisme, pandangannya tentang paham2 yang berkembang pada tahun tahun paling bergejolak di dunia pada waktu itu 1930 1950 , higga ulasan tentang konsep humanisme yang sangat kompleks.dalam Hukuman Gantung , Menembak Seekor Gajah , dan Marrakesh , misalnya, tercerminkan sikap anti imperialismenya yang kuat menurutnya seorang imperialis adalah sebuah pekerjaan yang melelahkan karena seumur hidup ia haru [...]

    33. One mark of a good writer is that his writings are interesting to read, even if you are not otherwise drawn to the subject matter I was fascinated and drawn in by each of the fourteen essays in this collection, even though the subject matter of some especially Raffles and Miss Blandish and Boy s Weeklies was remote to me I am not familiar with the young adult fiction of the early 20th century.The essay Politics and the English Language gives great advice on how to write clear, meaningful prose I [...]

    34. I always feel bad putting the same labels of really liked it on books that have totally different purposes It is particularly distasteful to think that really liked it might imply that I equate good mystery novels and good literature That distinction is particularly important here The importance of this book is much greater than any mystery novel It challenged me and gave me new ideas It fell a bit short of changing my life, is all.That said, let me describe its contents Such, Such Were the Joys [...]

    35. An excellent collection of essays, the first I have read I recommend this review for detailed descriptions of each There are 14 in all here I chose a few to match my interests, I suggest the same for those who are interested in some of the wide ranging topics than the author a celebrity in his own right.Such, Such Were the Joys 5 5 Describes George Orwell s schooling as a scholarship student Focuses on harsh and archaic practices Issues covered include corporal punishment, prescriptive teaching [...]

    36. A whole collection of essays by one of my favorite essayists which, at the moment, I can only name two , and the best I can rate it is 3 stars The same rating I gave an autobiography of actor Laurence Olivier years ago It s got nothing to do with the writing, of course It s me I could only connect with the topics which interested me, or at the very least, had prior knowledge about In this case, that s 8, maybe 9 out of 14 chapters For instance, The Art of Donald McGill and Boys Weeklies were jus [...]

    37. Dickens is one of those writers who are well worth stealing The Marxist claims him as almost a Marxist and the Catholic claims him as almost a Catholic and both claim him as a champion of the proletariat.It follows that George Orwell is one of those writers who are well worth stealing Too balanced to be a simple propagandist, too political to be a mere literary critic, and too sharp to be any sort of hack, Orwell is one of those writers that is impossible to attach a zoologist s label to and ca [...]

    38. Orwell has almost every literary asset He s observant of himself as well as his surroundings He s self critical He s politically engaged and forward thinking He s courageous He s lived a fascinating life and, therefore, has fascinating material He s technically masterful He s a fine literary and cultural critic The only thing he doesn t have is a light touch Too intense for humor, too serious for irony, his essays drive but they seldom float Which may seem like quibbling, but a little play goes [...]

    39. Pure Orwellian wisdom The essays are from particular time and place and tell you about the English civilisation in that period such as you will encounter his analysis of some of the writers of that era or the mention of USSR sympathy among the British left in that period but also the universal truths of human civilisation and politics as a whole such as freedom of press or echo chamber of Leftists The process of knowing the literal history is always spiritual Orwell does that with utter wisdom w [...]

    40. There is a groundswell, recently, from the 30s Old anti Nazi propaganda films are suddenly relevant enough to make the rounds on Facebook and maybe pro Nazi ones, too, although I m not friends with those folks Suddenly what people in the 30s had to say about fascism and democracy and hate and war seems freshly germane Or maybe it s just happenstance that this year brought me Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, Simone Weil, Ivo Andri , and now George Orwell In my mind they are all circled up in convers [...]

    41. So far su per Inside the Whale LITERALLY knocked my socks off haha Would that we were all so clear headed and unafraid of creating and sustaining gigantic, unwieldy metaphors, and smart enough to get away with it as Mr Orwell.

    42. This is one of the few books obviously not this edition I have dragged along with me all over the country for nearly 50 years, packed with Orwell s most famous pieces, from Shooting an Elephant a staple of many high school anthologies to his invaluable Politics and the English Language , which I would recommend to anyone who cares about writing or the value of words despite its yawn inducing title I find Orwell interesting even when he writes about authors I have not read In one, he compares the [...]

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