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Runaway Ralph #2020

Runaway Ralph Since Ralph received a mouse sized motorcycle over the Fourth of July weekend nothing much exciting has happened Hoping to find adventure Ralph hops on his motorcycle and zooms away to the summer ca

  • Title: Runaway Ralph
  • Author: Beverly Cleary
  • ISBN: 9780440801344
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Runaway Ralph By Beverly Cleary, Since Ralph received a mouse sized motorcycle over the Fourth of July weekend, nothing much exciting has happened Hoping to find adventure, Ralph hops on his motorcycle and zooms away to the summer camp down the road There he envisions fun, freedom, and delicious crumbs from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Instead he runs headlong into a strict camp watchdog, a mouseSince Ralph received a mouse sized motorcycle over the Fourth of July weekend, nothing much exciting has happened Hoping to find adventure, Ralph hops on his motorcycle and zooms away to the summer camp down the road There he envisions fun, freedom, and delicious crumbs from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Instead he runs headlong into a strict camp watchdog, a mouse hungry cat, and even fur raising escapades Suddenly home doesn t seem like such a bad place to be Librarian s note the reverse of the title page shows ISBN 0440775198 This is an invalid ISBN.

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      188 Beverly Cleary
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    1. Runaway Ralph Ralph S Mouse, 2 , Beverly ClearyRunaway Ralph is the second in a children s novel trilogy written by Beverly Cleary, first published in 1970 2002 1379 116 9646910041 20

    2. Because schools so often assign them, over the last few years I ve read and reread Cleary s Dear Mr Henshaw and Strider countless times, but never went any farther into her catalog That wasn t due to my opinion of these books they are both very good but because I was too old to be aware of Ms Cleary as a child, so really wasn t familiar with the breadth of her work It s a little disconcerting to realize that a 90 year old author wrote her books too late for you to read in childhood, but then Bev [...]

    3. I probably would have given this three stars had it come to a satisfying conclusion Instead, it just sort of ends with the promise that everything is going to turn out all right Aside from that, it s a rather dragging story, with small bursts of action between long sections of basically nothing The character development, Ralph learning to appreciate his home life, doesn t seem genuine because of this Still, I think children would enjoy it and obviously do , so I couldn t give it one star.

    4. Cute little story I especially liked all of the kid songs Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts , etc I d forgotten about most of those

    5. We are huge fans of Ralph the Mouse in this household This wonderful series of books is charming for all ages and can be read and re read over and over again, without becoming boring or out of date All readers will love Ralph s adventures and giggle at his overwhelming love and obsession with the motorcycle This is an excellent read aloud for young kids, even in first grade You can continue reading the Ralph books with your child, as he she gets older or they may find the motivation to just read [...]

    6. I would just like to point out that this book is outdated in terms of animal care, such as cedar wood being used for hamsters and mice bedding Cedar and pine are bad for small animals birds, too respiratory systems Use Aspen or a paper bedding Just had to say that, because it was bothering me Also, just FYI, they need bigger cages than you might think Do your research The story itself, I still really enjoyed.

    7. Runaway Ralph, by Beverly Cleary Published by Harper Collins in 1970 175 pages This can be used in 3rd 5th grade Guided Reading 0 Lexile 890L Summary This is the second in a series about Ralph, the mouse, by Beverly Cleary This story is about Ralph, the mouse, after he has received his motorcycle It begins with him being teased by his family because all he wants to do is ride his motorcycle and they don t think it s safe Feeling unappreciated, he decides to escape the hotel he lives in and hits [...]

    8. Personal Response I liked the book Runaway Ralph I liked how Ralph had a want for a dangerous life The things that made me connect to the story is that I didn t like to share with my brother, and speed is one of my favorite things I always liked pushing the limits seeing how fast or far I can go before I get hurt.Plot In the beginning of the book Ralph has a miniature motorcycle His parents are yelling at him, because it s dangerous to ride it Ralph doesn t care so he rides it anyway Ralph rides [...]

    9. I enjoyed Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary, and thought it was quite the book This book was really easy to read and made me want to keep reading Beverly Cleary used great details writing this book I almost felt like I was in the book experiencing what Ralph experienced I enjoyed the humor in it as well.Ralph was not just an ordinary mouse He wanted to leave his family and live where he could eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Ralph was given a motorcycle from a kid at the hotel in which he li [...]

    10. This story takes place in Nevada It is about a mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel His most prized possession is a motorcycle that a boy had while he was staying at the hotel had given to him Ralph can only ride his motorcycle at night because that is when no one in the hotel is awake and he can ride anywhere without getting in trouble When Ralph gets in a fight with his family, he decides that he wants to leave the hotel and runaway to a summer camp kids go He takes his motorcycle and drives [...]

    11. Ralph is a mouse who lives in a small town hotel with his family Ralph likes to ride around the hallways at night on his motorcycle His little cousins annoy him because they always want to ride, and his parents won t stop bothering him about the motorcycle not being safe Ralph decides he is too fed up with his family, and runs away He ends up at a summer camp for kids He enjoys the change of scenery, until one day a boy named Garf captures Ralph to use as the new class pet Ralph now has to adjus [...]

    12. Ralph is enjoying his new lifestyle, hanging out in the lobby of the hotel, riding his motorcycle at night, but he starts to get a bit fed up with kids pesky siblings and cousins haranguing him for a ride or calling him selfish just because Keith decided to leave him the motorcycle He decides to take matters into his own paws and ride to the nearby Happy Acres summer camp, where he has to contend with dogs, cats, kids and worn down motorcycle tires.I read the first Ralph book as a kid, but I m p [...]

    13. I read the book Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary This has been my favorite book of the year so far I really enjoyed this book It showed a lot of good detail and characterization It was very easy to follow and had some humor in it also My favorite part of the book is when Ralph escapes from the hotel.This book is about a mouse that does not want to be a part of the regular mouse group Ralph has a motorcycle that he drives around Ralph adventures away from home and gets into some difficult situatio [...]

    14. This book is about a mouse named ralph when he s with his family he lives at the bottom of a grandfather clock however he longs for something , an adventure with his motorcycle at hand, he sets off into the world, learns new things, and meets some new friends on his journey i can relate to the books main character ralph because ive learned that we two are very alike LIKe me ralph loongs to go on an adventure of some kind, also he likes meeting new people and learning new things i can also connec [...]

    15. Year 1970Reading Level IntermediateGenre Real world fantasySeries Mouse and the MotorcyclePlot Summary Fed up with living with his pesky younger cousins and nagging relatives, Ralph leaves the rustic inn that is his home and strikes out for freedom on the open road After a long journey on his trusty motorcycle, Ralph finds himself at the Happy Acres summer camp His freedom is short lived, however, as he soon finds himself shut in a wire cage with only a cynical hamster for company In a bid for h [...]

    16. I liked the series and loved reading it go my two daughters They also enjoyed this story about a mouse who can talk and Understand certain children This was a trait learned by watching television in hotel lobby Ralph the mouse was given a toy motorcycle which would come to life when Ralph would make an engine revving up sound pbbbbbaa since all the other mice in the hotel were related To Ralph they all demanded to ride the motorcycle as well It got so bad that he never got to ride it himself So [...]

    17. I thought that Runaway Ralph but Beverly Cleary was a great book At the beginning it seemed difficult to get into, but as I kept reading it started to get interesting The book is about a mouse named Ralph who is very greedy and does not like to share his things One day his brothers and sisters want to use his motorcycle, but Ralph throws a fit and ends up leaving He plans on living at a summer camp a mile away, and thinks it s going to be all fun and games when he arrives When he gets there thi [...]

    18. I enjoyed reading this book by Beverly Cleary This is the second book to the three book series Ralph is sick of living at the hotel and having to share his motorcycle with his family What does Ralph do He decides to run away on his motorcycle to where ever it takes him Ralph ends up at a summer camp a few miles away from the hotel He has all sorts of troubles and conflicts, like losing his motorcycle and getting trapped by a human He becomes friends with the human and asks him if he can take Ral [...]

    19. I remember reading Ralph S Mouse years ago in elementary school, so it was interesting to pick this one up so many years later and be able to jump right in Ralph goes on an adventure to camp this time because he is bores of his life in the hotel He heads out on his trusty motorcycle and ends up running into a nosy dog and a sneaky cat He joins forces with a grumpy hamster and learns that sometimes home is better than the new adventures.

    20. As my librarian said it would be, this one is not as good as the first one I enjoyed reading it out loud to William at bed times, but I didn t enjoy it as much at the first one in most ways The plot wasn t as interesting to me, Ralph s character didn t seem as strong or to grow, the other characters weren t as interesting It is still worth the time to read, but not if you are only going to read one from the series.

    21. The very first book I checked out from my elementary school library media center We own most of the Ralph S Mouse series and they ve been read many dozens of times to and by my kids They re feeling a bit abandoned now, I think it s time to see if my local library or Riley Hospital for Children would like them.

    22. I did not really like this book It is about a mouse who runs away on his motorcycle to a nearby summer camp At the camp he is put through many difficult tasks that he has to endure in order to survive I recommend this book to children in middle schol, because it is easy to read and to understand.

    23. I also didn t read this one during my childhood It was an enjoyable, fast read The mouse on the motorcycle was surprisingly easy to identify with His terrors, joys, hopes, dreams, problem solving skills, and empathy all seemed natural and of the right intensity to make the plot roll along.

    24. Continuing with the mouse series This was fun for me Reminded me of camp as a child the crafts, counselors, and desire to escape I do believe I ve been a home body for a long, long time.

    25. Who cannot like a little mouse running around on his motorcycle But, there is still one part that I do not like about this book Ralph stays in a cage the entire book.

    26. I read this as a kid but I was out walking about the neighborhood with the dog and had this audiobook queued up on Overdrive It s read by BD Wong and he s got such a nice voice that it made sense.In this sequel, Ralph S Mouse who lived at the hotel and got himself a motorcycle from a small boy has run away because he s being taken advantage of by his cousins He makes his way to a summer camp and becomes the friend and pet of a boy he is worried about being a sociopath There s a funny moment here [...]

    27. In the book RUNAWAY RALPH, a mouse named Ralph still adored his motorcycle, but he noticed several problems with it For example, it was he who found the motorcycle, it was he who took the risk of retrieving the motorcycle down from the table, and it was he who even fell into a trash can just to bring the motorcycle down, but his family also got to use it too He was very disturbed with this schedule until he thought up of a plan If he were to run away, no one in his family would even find him Aft [...]

    28. Synopsis Ralph, the adventurous mouse, sets out for a children s summer camp on his motorcycle after being teased and chided by his family My Review Even though Ralph is a mouse, I think the young readers will really be able to relate to him I think everyone about the age of the target audience has thought about running away like Ralph did and hopefully before they actually do it they will learn from Ralph s adventures Ralph finds out that the world really is as scary and danger filled as his mo [...]

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