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A Taste for a Mate #2020

A Taste for a Mate Jasper Jameson has spent his life caring for others knowing that one day he might be blessed with his mate He s fought alongside his family and Pack for over a century but it isn t until he meets a h

  • Title: A Taste for a Mate
  • Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781623220013
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • A Taste for a Mate By Carrie Ann Ryan, Jasper Jameson has spent his life caring for others, knowing that one day he might be blessed with his mate He s fought alongside his family and Pack for over a century but it isn t until he meets a human who makes his wolf growl, that he knows that there s something than fate worth fighting for.When Jasper walks into Willow Delton s bakery she knows there s somethinJasper Jameson has spent his life caring for others, knowing that one day he might be blessed with his mate He s fought alongside his family and Pack for over a century but it isn t until he meets a human who makes his wolf growl, that he knows that there s something than fate worth fighting for.When Jasper walks into Willow Delton s bakery she knows there s something different about him But every time he walks back out again, she doesn t know what to think When he finally finds the strength to ask her out, a new enemy in Jasper s life has other plans.A dangerous Pack is on the prowl and they ve not only threatened the Redwood Pack but brought a demon into the fold as well Forced into a new way of life, Jasper and Willow must fight not only for their lives but their weakening mating bond Trust takes time but the two of them might not have as much as they need.

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      Carrie Ann Ryan

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    1. I really enjoyed the first story in the Redwood Pack series and I absolutely loved this latest installment First off, this story is at least twice as long as the first book I was expecting a quick romantic storyline with a small amount of conflictke An Alpha s Path, which isn t a complaint because I do love quickie romantic stories Instead A Taste for a Mate is a romance, a mystery, an action adventure, and a touch of horror all rolled into one.The author expounds on the Redwood Pack universe by [...]

    2. Audiobook provided by author for a honest review.3.5 StarJasper Jamenson and Beta to the Redwood Pack, also brother to Kade and Alpha Heir from An Alpha s Path, has found his mate in human bakery owner, Willow Denton But dark forces and betrayals are working against them and the pack and try to use Willow to break them all At the same time Willow, who had been in the foster care system for most of her life, though thrown into this world she didn t know existed, will do anything to make herself a [...]

    3. Carrie Ann Ryan steps up the anti with A Taste for a Mate With the appearance of a conjured demon, the Redwood pack could be in some serious trouble Experience Ryan s new and exciting twists in werewolf lore She takes a darker than usual approach by adding magic and demons to the mix I wasn t sure how it was all going to come together at first, but I was very pleased with the result A delightful world of magic and intrigue hidden within our own The two main characters of the book are Jasper and [...]

    4. Sinfully decadent edge of your seat heart pumping action packed paranormal romantic adventure The Redwood Pack is on the brink of war and it all begins with a turn to the dark side of magic and a deep betrayal Jasper Jamenson as the pack Beta is strong, smart and fast, but will this be enough to save his mate and the pack he has always protected Willow Delton is sweet, funny and has an inner strength that has helped her survive so much loss and sadness in her short life Will it be enough to carr [...]

    5. Tall, dark and handsome keeps showing up at Wil s bakery every morning, until one day he finally asks her out Delighted she expects a wonderful night, instead she gets kidnapped, tortured and near killed and at the very last moment saved by Jasper And let s not forget she discovers there are such creatures as werewolves, and they aren t all nice.Jasper is the Beta of the Redwood Pack, he s been dying to make a move on Willow, he knows she s his mate, but Wil s human and knows nothing about werew [...]

    6. Taste for a MateWorking and owning a bakery is all Willow wants to do Jasper, a very cute man she is attracted to has been coming in everyday for breakfast Willow has no clue the town is full of werewolves from the redwood pack Jasper s wolf wants to mark Willow as mate He is afraid of frightening her He knows she does not know of werewolves Finally he asks her out and she accepts and is excited to go with him When Willow goes to close up, several men abduct her They keep mentioning Jasper and h [...]

    7. I was lucky to get an ARC copy of A Taste for a Mate book 2 in the Redwood Pack series and let me tell you s one tasty morsel In this book we get to meet the whole Jamenson family and find out a bit about the Redwood Pack Jasper Jamenson is the Beta of the pack and is in charge of protecting it so he has no time for anything else until he comes across the yummiest scent cinnamon Mate, he goes in search of it and finds Willow Denton, a bakery shop owner and human.Jasper realizes that since she i [...]

    8. A very exciting, emotional and sensual read that keeps you on your toes at every turn.Willow has worked very hard to get where she is today Being alone and on her own from a very young age has strengthened her in some areas and softened her in others She now owns and runs her own bakery and is great at it She has no desire for her own sweet treats though But she does have a desire for a recent delicious customer that s been coming in daily to purchase her creations.Jasper is the Beta of the Redw [...]

    9. The second installment of the Redwood Pack series is Jasper and Willow s story From the beginning I couldn t wait to turn the page to find out what was going to happen, trouble was brewing right from the start I enjoyed reading the romance between the characters and boy did it flourish The story has lots of action both between the sheets and out of them Romantic paranormal lovers will find this authors take on the battle between good and evil very intriguing I cannot wait to read about the the n [...]

    10. 3.5 starsI liked the characters Willow is a much stronger female lead than Mel was in book 1 However, I feel like she just gave in a little too easily with everything She had only spoken to Jasper once before she was in love with him It just was a little too rushed for me The chemistry there and so is the romance it just needs a little extra push.I did like getting to know about the pack and the inner working of what goes on with them I think this will help set up for the other stories I really [...]

    11. Carrie Ann what a wonderful read I loved that Jasper finally got it right that Willow never gave up It was truly a pleasure to get to know the rest of Jasper s Family I am thrilled for baby Finn, heartbroken for Reed and I want to know if Adam will come back home maybe with Corbin s sister I will be getting book 3 right away 0

    12. Jasper and Willow s story is intense and makes you a fan of the Redwood Pack You have to wonder if Jasper will ever really learn not to speak his mind out loud when he is thinking The Central Pack is causing major trouble for the Redwood Pack I enjoyed this book and highly recommend.

    13. WOW I thought the taste I got from the prequel book 1 was what made me love the Redwood pack.well after reading book 2 IM IN LOVE I want a redwood alpha for myself please.I literally forgoed all my Mom and wife duties for 2 days cause of this series and I m not ashamed to say that I didn t care lolWhat I LOVED about Jasper and Willow was that all thou they had this magnetic attraction to each other from the 1st time they saw each other, Jasper wanted to take his time and let Willow get to know h [...]

    14. Review Written for books n kissesThis is the second in the Redwood Pack series Carrie Ann Ryan is really coming into her own with this series I finished the first book which was only about 50 pages and while really good it missed a lot of background but it was still 4 stars But this book is longer about 130 and delves into the background of the family, werewolves and has a storyline beyond meeting a mate.I could explain what happens but really the synopsis does pretty good already However what i [...]

    15. posted at coffeebookslifeblog.wordpress4.5 StarsDiving deeper into the Redwood Pack Jasper, Beta of the Redwood Pack, is everything I love in a wolf Strong, dominant, protective and fierce His life changed the day he walked into a bakery and smelled that cinnamony sent Just when he and his wolf have their mate, hell breaks in on Jaspers life Willow is a survivor Orphaned, she has only had herself to rely on She made a goal and built her dream Willow is strong, a bit timid but feisty when needed [...]

    16. Jasper and Willow are a unique story full of love and tragedy The story starts off with pain Willow is inflicted with by a rival pack Jasper and his faithful brothers save her life and bring her back to the Den Love is tested, love is shown and hatred for Willow doesn t go unnoticed a vengeful woman turns her back on the pack and helps aid Willows next attack Jasper, forced to turn Willow, saves her life yet again Pregnancy should be a joyous time, if only Willow wasn t in so much danger Last at [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book I thought it was going to be kind of like Kade and Mel s story but I was dead wrong when Willow got kidnapped When that happened I thought, Things just got interesting Willow and Jasper s love was pure love, and it got stronger through out the novel even when Jasper opened his big mouth.The feud between the Redwood pack and Central pack was very well done The evilness of the Central s really showed when they summoned a demon but I can t help having a feeling that the d [...]

    18. I read this book after having read the first book in this series In some ways this felt like the first book and An Alpha s Path felt like a prequel I really enjoyed this shifter book It had a lot of adventure along with the romance I liked this one better than the first for a few reasons One of those reasons is that I felt like I really got to know the Alpha s family and got to see how they all interacted with one another I also liked how we got to see about the pack as a whole and hear some of [...]

    19. A Taste For A Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann just keeps getting better This is the second book in the Redwood Pack series, and is Jasper and Willow s story Jasper is the Beta of the Redwood Pack, and is a very busy werewolf He has waited a very long time to find his true mate Willow Delton is a young woman with no family who owns a small bakery in the town near Jasper s den When Jasper walks into her bakery one day, he realizes he has found his mate Little does he know what series of dangero [...]

    20. I wasn t sure of this book in the beginning I like the first book alright So I started this one but was iffy Then I made a deal with my self finish all books I have already started before starting a new book So I finished this one and wow I am very glad I did I thought it was going to be a short one but it was longer then I expected with a lot of meat to it I am a fan of Jasper and Willow I was mad at the goof for not trusting in his mate He should know what a strong capable gal she was from the [...]

    21. This is a great series I like Jasper in the book about Kade and his mate Mel was glad he got his own story He is a hot alpha male and finds his true mate Willow in her bakery He has just gotten the nerve to ask her out when she gets kinapped by the Centrals an enemy pack Jasper and his family will do anything to bring her home a live This is filled with fights till the death, great sex sences and a good all around pack story It also tells about Jaspers family and can t wait to read the of serie [...]

    22. I loved this book just as much as I did the first one.I just loved Jasper and Willow.This book has steamy love scenes, suspense, action and romance with a sexy male beta wolf hero and a baker heroine.Met characters in this book A very good set up for future books that I can t wait to read

    23. Great second story for this series A Taste for a Mate goes deeper and reveals about the Redwood pack, the Jamenson family and those jealous of this strong family unit I really liked this couple and the story got me hooked into wanting .

    24. A lot better than the first one, this book actually had a plot It s about the beta of the Redwood Pack and he falls for a baker Unfortunately, their enemies meddle and the poor heroine gets kidnapped and beaten a couple of times throughout the book But all s well when it ends well

    25. the second book in the series was just as good as the first Each story makes me fall in love with the boys all over again How could you not love this series.

    26. I loved willow and seeing her grow in this book Jasper and Willow complimented each other I love how each book flows into the next Ready for book 3.

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