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By Force of Instinct: A Pride & Prejudice Variation #2020

By Force of Instinct A Pride Prejudice Variation Elizabeth Bennet never expects to see Mr Darcy again after his disastrous proposal in Hunsford But what if family business required him to stay at Rosings after giving her his letter Coming face to fa

  • Title: By Force of Instinct: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780615540382
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • By Force of Instinct: A Pride & Prejudice Variation By Abigail Reynolds, Elizabeth Bennet never expects to see Mr Darcy again after his disastrous proposal in Hunsford But what if family business required him to stay at Rosings after giving her his letter Coming face to face with Mr Darcy only days later could give Elizabeth a new chance to understand him or chance for even misunderstandings

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    1 thought on “By Force of Instinct: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

    1. I bought this paperback book when it was first published and now, also, own it on my kindle I have read it at least three times, the most recent, very carefully, not skimming, so as to have it fresh in my mind in order to post this review I also read all the other reviews, some twice, in order to digest their input.I have this to say First, it is a variation don t complain how the characters or their actions change from the canon Second, yes, there is sex But in thinking about why the author put [...]

    2. Well this is a what if version of PP What if, after Darcy s proposal and Elizabeth s stormy refusal at Hunsford Parsonage, he unexpectedly has to stay in Kent rather than go away the next day They both have to face each other, both are mortified, him at the refusal and all the accusations flung at him, and her at the realisation that she has been far too hasty in her impressions of both Darcy and Wickham, and the realisation of what her family s behaviour has cost Jane The times they have to mee [...]

    3. This is the second PP variation I have read from Abigail Reynolds and they seem to follow a formula Of course the whole point is that Elizabeth and Darcy come to a better understanding of one another, but so far both of the variations I have read have been very similar in outline Basically some detail changes, ED go back and forth on whether they should be together get engaged, premarital sex ensues, overwhelming passion blah blah, hurried wedding, happily ever after.I think I would find these v [...]

    4. The first half if great, the second half is terrible The characters do not act how they should would have in that era.

    5. This is my least favorite of the PP variations The others made me want to run out and pick up After I finished this one I just took a nap.

    6. Very similar to other Reynolds novels well written, but way too preoccupied with sex, so much so that it twists the characters into versions of these characters that I really did not recognise I understand that Darcy is passionate but his sole thought and aim in this seems to be sex, which leads him to be out of character for most of the novel After a while it gets pretty tedious I started skim reading at 60% when it descended into full on sex scenes without plot.

    7. This book wasn t awful, but I couldn t give it 3 stars simply because I consider 3 star books to be good enough to recommend to someone who likes the genre, and this isn t one I d particularly recommend That said, I wouldn t warn someone away, either It s a benign 2.5 stars for me I skimmed a lot of it and rolled my eyes through other bits, but I did finish it, and at least 50% of it was fine, if nothing special.Hiding the rest of this review, as I m not going to hold back on spoilers I had a wh [...]

    8. And another variation bites the dust I haven t really loved this series by Mrs Reynolds as much as I had wanted when I first discovered her, so I haven t a clue what compelled me once again to choose this book among many others Quite frankly, I think there s no other reason that I should start seeking therapy as far as the PP s fandom is concerned I am such a Lizzie and Darcy wh , it consumes me in my sleep even Pride and Prejudice s retellings are my ultimate favorite guilty pleasures and I can [...]

    9. This is the worst of Abigail Reynolds s Pemberley Variations I ve read so far Just like in the previous books Reynolds is much better at starting the story than in continuing and finishing it I wonder why the editor didn t mention to the writer that there was no point in first presenting Lady Catherine de Burg s letter and than making her arrive at Longbourne and giving the same lines that were included in the letter It didn t bring anything new to the storyline, it s just a needless repetition [...]

    10. Regency romance with sex This is one of the many PP variations AR has done This is a reread for me, but I ve only read it once I really didn t care for it much This variation asks, what would have happened if Darcy didn t leave after Elizabeth refuses his hand Actually, there s a LOT of angst For 6 chapters its, he loves me He loves me not She loves me, she loves me not Oh no she won t make eye contact, she must hate me He s acting cold again, he hates me Arghh There s a BIG PROBLEM every chapte [...]

    11. I ve always wondered what would have happened had Darcy not fled from Rosings after his disastrous proposal, and Abigail Reynolds attempts to answer that question in By Force of Instinct This what if novel is packed with misunderstandings, pride, and prejudice.While I would consider this one Abigail Reynolds best Pride and Prejudice variations, I really did not like her portrayal of Georgiana or Mr Bennet Thankfully, Mr Bennet isn t in the story enough to really detract, but Georgiana is a maj [...]

    12. I am devouring these, one after another, so I am becoming a bit of an expert on Reynolds.So this one lots of Elizabeth and Darcy misunderstandings Yowza I prefer it when she gets them together early, and then we spend the rest of the book watching them fight off the rest of the world together The Mr Bennett stuff and Georgiana stuff are bold moves Why not I do really dig the psychological investigation into Lizzy s relationships with her parents and what those relationships have done to affect h [...]

    13. This was the first one I enjoyed it but some the behavior of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth was just too unbelievable I don t mind sex scenes if a logical part of the story but I did not see how the characters as written would engage in that behavior at that time in the story I don t want to spoil anything so I am being deliberately vague.Story highlight for me was Bingley.Reread Still think Bingley was the best thing and that E acted way out of character and not in the best way.

    14. I liked this book, because it showed a different evolution of Darcy Elizabeth But I didn t like a petty petulant Georgiana.Warning it is a even racier than your typical Abigail Reynolds and in my opinion the Romance scenes are completely unnecessary It is not much worse than a mid 1970 s bodice ripper but it may offend some.

    15. One of my least favourite variations this Darcy, although fine in his own right just isn t Darcy enough to make it memorable Also, reading this one so soon after reading another in the series, it s all just a bit samey.

    16. This is the third book I ve read of this authors and I love her A lot of people have commented on the saucy content of the book but if you are going to read this kind of book then surely that s what your looking for It makes it pretty clear on her kindle blurb that it is sexy She also does clean PP but this isn t one of them You want clean and to era standards then read Jane Austen You want a sexy romp read this I prefer the sexy books.Don t like it don t read it So the plots good, writing excel [...]

    17. UndecidedI went from three stars to five back to three so decided on four still not sure stars.I liked Elizabeth and that we got to see how her parents behaviour really impacted her.I wasn t so enamoured with the petulant sullen Georgiana but this was a variation and differences are to be expected.The sex didn t bother me and though in some ways people could say their behaviour didn t fit with the time,but then again how many babies were born 7 or 8 months after the we d engaged couples did give [...]

    18. Ooooookay so didn t quite like it Seems like the same issues were regurgitated over and over Elizabeth was too different this story didn t fit the personalities from the original story And Georgiana and her father Really Just too far just plain ol too far I just finished reading one of her books where Darcy was a spy and England in under French rule And it was pretty darn good I could see Elizabeth doing that behaving that way under the circumstances But this book No just don t see her behaving [...]

    19. Instead of leaving after giving Elizabeth that letter at Rosings, Darcy stays and is joined by other members of his family Can he start to make amends to Elizabeth Can her feelings start to change.I enjoyed the first half of the story 3 stars for that part After Lydia s elopement I rapidly read through the romance of Darcy and Elizabeth interactions which is why I gave it the two star rating.

    20. Force of Instinct is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice I really liked it I REALLY liked it Force of Instinct was very interesting, not just the same story retold from a different point of view, but it was basically a what if type of story What if Darcy hadn t left and went to Rosings after his disaster of a proposal It was really really good I felt like this story was done right.

    21. A bit tedious but cleverWhat if Georgiana was less biddable and angry at Darcy for sabotaging her marriage to Wickham In this story, she manages to wreak some havoc on the Darcy Elizabeth courtship I liked the examination of their parents and their effects on Elizabeth and Darcy s confidence, but I felt it dragged on a bit Too much navel gazing

    22. Made it half way Just couldn t deal with Elizabeth s constantly cycling emotions She s angry, then she s sad, then she s remorseful, then she s bitter, then she s angry again al in a page or two Life s too short.

    23. Always a favorite JAFFLove Abigail Reynolds stories Read this one many times online before published It s still one of my all time favorites.

    24. Giocando a rimpiattino con Orgoglio e PregiudizioImmaginate se, dopo aver scritto la lettera esplicativa ad Elizabeth, Darcy fosse stato trattenuto a Rosings dall arrivo improvviso degli zii Fitzwilliam, accompagnati da Georgiana Sia lui che Elizabeth avrebbero dovuto sopportare la presenza l uno dell altra senza tradire i loro sentimenti Lizzy avrebbe conosciuto prima Georgiana e fra loro sarebbe nato un certo affetto e un ammirazione della pi giovane delle due nei confronti dell altra.Darcy av [...]

    25. Liked it, didn t like it Well, I liked it for most of the time Maybe not because it s a brilliant work of litterature, but because I really like Pride and Prejudice, and I was very interested to see some of it But this wasn t a very well written book, in my opinion.What I disliked the most, in addition to the weak plot from my point of view , was some of the character traits Mr Bennet was too harsh on Lizzie, something he d never be in the original book, but that is well enough as this is a var [...]

    26. While I do enjoy to see a passionate couple this book by AR is not my favorite The main reason being Mr Bennet I read anothers comment on about how sometimes he can be written to appear obsessed with Lizzy rather than thinking in her best interest Let me say that there were times in this book he was quite the creeper Not that he spied on her but that she was a prized posession rather than a daughter We all know she was his favorite and that they had a special bond but for this reader there are [...]

    27. As a Pride and Prejudice variation, this works to a degree All the major plot points of the second half of the original are covered, alongside Darcy s extended time in Rosings after his first proposal He and Elizabeth seem to get their misunderstandings fixed relatively quickly, but Lydia s elopement comes up to separate them The characters are close to the original novel as well, though Elizabeth is a bit too naive here She seems to comprehend how her introduction as Darcy s future bride could [...]

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