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Comfort Object #2020

Comfort Object Nell an out of work professional submissive is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works He says he needs a personal assistant but the

  • Title: Comfort Object
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Comfort Object By Annabel Joseph, Nell, an out of work professional submissive, is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works He says he needs a personal assistant, but the work contract he shows her details not organizational duties, but sexual ones Jobless and homeless, Nell agrees to work for him anyway, on the promise that he will pay for hNell, an out of work professional submissive, is desperate to find a job when she meets handsome film star Jeremy Gray at the restaurant where she works He says he needs a personal assistant, but the work contract he shows her details not organizational duties, but sexual ones Jobless and homeless, Nell agrees to work for him anyway, on the promise that he will pay for her to finish her college degree when her stint as his assistant is complete The start of their formal Dom sub relationship is rocky, but they soon fall into a mutually satisfying, highly sexual routine They play vanilla boyfriend and girlfriend in public, while Jeremy uses Nell as his kinky comfort object behind the scenes Then a stalker threatens their secret lifestyle, and their contract may not be strong enough to hold them together This novel contains sensual content Anal play intercourse, strong BDSM themes and content including spanking, bondage, exhibitionism, m nage m f m , group sex.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Comfort Object | by ä Annabel Joseph
      451 Annabel Joseph
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    1. He was beautiful No, beautiful was not the word for it He was godlike, breathtaking, astounding, life changing I had never seen a male specimen like this come through the door He was golden taut, muscular ass a sculpted torso and he was tall, with wavy dark hair that framed a classically handsome face Prominent jaw, and the kind of full, sensuous lips that made me think naughty thoughts His eyes were set deep and communicated animal sexuality Even the way he moved reeked of sex Mind you, the her [...]

    2. I just want to make you happy.Can BDSM be romantic I suppose it can be.Sadist Jeremy and submissive Nell will have to fall in love because deep down what they are experiencing is their twisted fairytale.Jeremy is a famous actor, Nell used to work at a BDSM club until she got fired.Jeremy will make her his personal assistant, his sex toy, his vanilla girlfriend for the outsiders, his comfort object.The writing is awesome, but you may not like the characters I am not sure I liked them, but I under [...]

    3. Not a long review as there are so many here already I very much enjoyed this one it s definitely not for everyone but I, for one, couldn t put it down.Nell is a professional sub working in a BDSM club Jeremy Gray, Hollywood movie star, decides he wants to employ her to pose as his vanilla girlfriend in public and be his submissive to play with in private He goes about destroying her life, getting her sacked, getting her evicted to put her in a position where she has virtually no choices but to s [...]

    4. This is another one of those books that pushes the limits of what is believable when it comes to BDSM physical abuse and that is my biggest issue with this book I just don t see the human body withstanding that kind of repeated, severe abuse without there being a lasting consequence Nell works as a professional sub at BDSM club She gets a bizarre proposition from a stranger one night for 2000, she accepts The next day Nell is fired for fraternizing outside of the club and her life spirals down f [...]

    5. I m in love with Jeremy Gray, the unlovable, kinky, unapologetic pervert There is plenty of psychological plot to reassure you that you aren t reading out and out porn, but let this be a warning This erotica novel holds nothing back Lots of paddled flesh, biting clamps, humiliation, swinging friends, and stretched orifices And wholelotta tears Normally, a sobbing heroine chases me far far away, but the story and the writing are Bea U tiful Nell might cry a lot but her inner strength and heroic d [...]

    6. My dear friend Alma hated Jeremy Grey, before she fell in love with him I didn t fall in love with him He s a stalking psycho What he did to Nell was totally reprehensible Yet another anti hero Ms Joseph creates whom we are supposed to love and forgive his numerous flaws I lost count of how many f ed up things he did to Nell I think it would have been justice for Nell to die due to his selfish and stupid actions.It s not that I hated Jeremy, it s that I couldn t love him His brand of pain he do [...]

    7. This was my first Annabel Joseph novel and I thought it was fantastic I thought the way their relationship began was most unique great ramp up to a wonderful story I loved the relationship that developed between Nell and Jeremy I loved the stumbles they experienced along the way as many couples experience, theirs just wasn t the traditional kind of stumbles.I will definitely be reading by this author I just hope they are as intriguing and hot Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews_________________ [...]

    8. Overall by the end I liked the story, butme of the plot and characters made me fume Jeremy has seen and taken a fancy to Nell, so with and through his PA, Kyle, research BDSM club professional submissive, Nell, then put her in impossible situations to destroy her job, tenancy and hopes for her future This is Jeremy Gray, famous actor, insecure person, louse, spoiled brat, scared to commit to any but himselfoh I disliked him and also Kyle to start Then they offer Nell a closely worded and binding [...]

    9. 4.5 4.75 Stars Go on, Jeremy breathed.I shrugged Well it was work, you know Ultimately the scene was between her and her dom I was kind of beside the point Just the facilitator No, not at all He was the facilitator I was only the prop I was always the prop, the thing people used to get off HOLY FUCK I missed my kinky stories I never realized how much I missed them until I picked this up I was scrolling through all my Kindle books and saw this I ve had my eye on this book for ages, but for some r [...]

    10. A bdsm contractual and complicated relationship between Jeremy Gray Sir and Nell Sub.I really struggled with rating this one was like I had a balance sheet and I wud say Oh yes, I really liked this, and that and when they did that onebut then he did this and that.d oh no THAT And what about when he And so on So yes, people, I settled on a 3 That s right, I m on the fence with this one, straddling the middle I REALLY wanted it to be romantic than it was, but I must be a masochist for this book s [...]

    11. One of my favorite erotic books of the year This book took me by storm If you look for a theme in my reviews, you will recognize I am all about well developed, interesting characters and Comfort Object has that in spades Jeremy is dark and jaded by his Hollywood experiences He is used to buying himself some modicum of happiness, all the while steeling his heart for the inevitable disappointment that invariably rules his so called picture perfect life An innate Dominant, he uses his BDSM lifestyl [...]

    12. 4 stars This is a BDSM, erotic romance This is my first book of Ms Joseph but it definitely won t be the last.On the positive side is almost everything about this book The heroes are powerful and unique The plot is surprising The intimate moments among the heroes are fantastic There is a bit of mystery in the story that keeps everything intense I really enjoyed this book On the negative side it s this particular scene that for me crossed the line between fun and disrespect That s also the reason [...]

    13. I ve read a lot of BDSM books, but rarely have I read a book where I wanted the male protagonist to just up and die And I ve rarely read a weaker or sniveling female protagonist.Sure, there are all kinds of D s relationships, but never have a read one this messy or this out of control Never have I been so pissed off with the heroine like I was with Nell Never have I wanted a hero to go kill himself like I did Jeremy.First of all, I rarely flounce when it comes to books, I always have this naggi [...]

    14. Jeremy Gray I hated you I hated your guts I hated you until until you got a voice and you told us your version of the story And I saw it from your POV And I was hurting for you And I loved you I craved you I forgave you that you were a Sadist, a f SOB that I wanted to use the very same cane on, a prick who reminded Nell she was just a commodity you paid for and what a Jeremy Gray pays for he owns and he can bloody do what he pleases And I admired Nell, because there s no money on Earth that woul [...]

    15. I m still somewhat conflicted about Comfort Object, and my 3 star rating reflects that On one hand, I really enjoyed the quality of the writing, the character development, and the tight pacing I was really impressed with Nell s strength and character There were a couple of times when I thought she should leave Jeremy, but Nell stuck to her guns On the other hand, I disliked Jeremy and his methods to get what he wanted I think the businesslike relationship was probably the source of most of my di [...]

    16. I tried this cuz someone thought that people who liked Fifty Shades of Grey would like this but I didn t end up liking it It wasnt the kinkiness that turned me off, it was the degree to which the guy wanted did cause the girl pain Both in and out of the bedroom He was a true sadist And I m not judging that lifestyle, it s just not something I can appreciate in books I mean, he really did fall in love with her and all, but he still beat her a soundly too much for my comfort level I didn t like ho [...]

    17. 3 UGH NOT FSOG stars After read some review that claimed somehow Comfort Object like FSOG, I don t think so Maybe the last name is very common Like others said this was 2 years before FSOG Comfort Object is my 2nd read and not my favorite so far.Nell is a professional and experience submissive before she kicked out from the club where she has worked for five years In the needs of money, she works as a waitress in a restaurant when the famous actor, Jeremy Gray offer her a job To be his assistant [...]

    18. This was a book that once I started I couldn t seem to put it down It had my emotions going all over the place which in my opinion is a darn good book It begins with Nell working at a BDSM club and then gets an offer from a man that she doesn t refuse It is against club rules to meet anyone outside of the club but Nell does it anyways as she is offered a lot of cash and the man that is asking is very easy on the eyes Circumstances take place that night and reality kicks in the next day when she [...]

    19. Jae s Dark Divas Review of this title I ve had a really difficult time trying to figure out what I want to say in this review You can see from the rating that I thought this book was excellent Every Annabel Joseph s book I have read has been so well written and engaging The character development is outstanding I can see some readers would think Nell is a weak heroine with regard to some of her choices, but they aren t really looking at her They are looking at themselves and imagining what they d [...]

    20. Review contains spoilers.I was his comfort object, and what he asked for, I did This is my first Annabel Joseph book And I must say it sure in the hell will not be the last I can not wait to devour all of her books.Nell is working at club Eden as a professional submissive She finds her self in a position that cost her, her job Struggling to make ends met, losing everything around her finds her self homeless because of Mr Gorgeous movie star Jeremy Gray Jeremy wants Nell to be his fake girlfriend [...]

    21. Be prepared for extreme arousal As far as sex scenes go, this book seems to cover them all with taste I love the way the author actually spells out the entire sex scenes with great detail You can actually feel the anticipation, fear, arousal so much I know some people can t handle reading with the characters using the word or whore, but call me dirty, I didn t mind it one bit as long as it stays in the bedroom I m also one for dirty talk during sex I got plenty of that from Jeremy Jeremy hires [...]

    22. So, this book got a ton of positive responses which drew me in to give it a try I was excited to begin this read and I will admit that in the beginning was a bit of a roller coaster Early on I was intrigued, then a little out of sorts with the Kyle character and his purpose, but then when Jeremy arrives on the scene was captured into this premise once again.Unfortunately, it didn t do much for me after that Stop Now If You Don t Want Too Much Detail Jeremy was WAY to mean for my liking, not a do [...]

    23. Buddy read with Aly This book is AH FUCKING MAZINGGG I read it in one sit, couldn t put it downr in my faves listPick it up peeps, you won t regret it

    24. Well, that was definitely a dark and dirty read Put me down into the I really don t like Jeremy column He really was an ass, and mean, and I never quite made it to the swooning over the jerk Don t get me wrong, I love a big, bad, brooding, dominating assholebut he REALLY REALLY REALLY yep, three Reallys liked inflicting pain, all while claiming he d never hurt her Ummmmmm, I beg to differ, Jeremy The story itself was well writtend I m heading right into the next book, which is Kyle s story I thi [...]

    25. Let me start by saying that when I review books I always try to keep in mind the hours and hours of effort that it takes to write them Because of this, I do my best to be constructive in my criticism and praise an author s skill where it is due It s a very rare thing for me to come across a book that I feel has no redeeming qualities at all Sadly, Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph is that rare example.The central female character in the book I can t even bring myself to use the term heroine in re [...]

    26. You can read this and my other reviews at Pages ProseThis book moved me The characters and the growth they each showed was obvious and well written Since its an erotic novel, explicit language peppered the dialogue and graphic sex scenes happened throughout the story, but, in all honesty I almost skipped over the sex to see what was happening to the characters emotionally.Comfort Object is the story of Nell, a submissive who does not enjoy pain, but enjoys submitting, and Jeremy, a bonafide domi [...]

    27. This novel is an abuse apologist narrative It depicts an abusive D s relationship as both hot and romantic The following discusses some of the details of that, and therefore needs both a trigger warning and a spoiler warning.The relationship is overtly coercive from the start she does not want to enter into it, but is coerced into it by him getting her fired and evicted The dominant s carelessness about the submissive s safety and well being is a constant aspect of the story The scene where he b [...]

    28. If you are looking for a romantic DOM SUB relationship forget it, Grey is not a very nice character, in fact he is a control freak, obsessive and possessive with a sadistic streak and a need to push the boundaries to keep his toy and to push the toy away, he is nothing but innovative and creative in his punishments, and much to my own morbid curiosity I could not put this book down, I both loved and detested the characters in the same breath, Grey for his manipulative and selfish traits but at t [...]

    29. Professional submissive, Nell finds herself out of work when an impulsive moment violates her contract with the fetish club she works at Finding out that moment was a round a bout audition for actor Jeremy Gray has Nell feeling shame and anger Jeremy wants Nell as his personal assistant, although her assistance is needed as his sex slave he is intrigued by the woman who is refusing the job offer After much interference on his part, Nell agrees and although his every needs are met, he finds hims [...]

    30. It was good I read this book after having read several D s books before, since this is not the typical D s story but a relationship between a true sadist and a professional submissive, hardcore all the way The 4 stars are just for the quality of the writing and the provocative way the author develops the plot and the characters But it leaves a disturbing taste about it, not a good romantic feeling at all.HERO is a Performer but his type is not as relevant as his inner need to cause pain as outle [...]

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