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Kiss and Makeup #2020

Kiss and Makeup Dear Author Ted is a special effects make up artist who hopes to win an Oscar for his work on a big budget sci fi movie He spends four hours each morning transforming action hero superstar Lenny Golde

  • Title: Kiss and Makeup
  • Author: Shira Anthony
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Kiss and Makeup By Shira Anthony, Dear Author,Ted is a special effects make up artist who hopes to win an Oscar for his work on a big budget sci fi movie He spends four hours each morning transforming action hero superstar Lenny Golden into an alien warlord His greatest achievement would be to transform Lenny into his lover before filming ends.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Dear Author,Ted is a special effects make up artist who hopes to win an Oscar for his work on a big budget sci fi movie He spends four hours each morning transforming action hero superstar Lenny Golden into an alien warlord His greatest achievement would be to transform Lenny into his lover before filming ends.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is Always Write event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Download the story, read it online or find it in Love Is Always Write Volume 5.

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    1 thought on “Kiss and Makeup

    1. Posted at Hearts on Fire ReviewsLen Golden is a famous actor Ted Aaronson is a make up artist His latest job is to get Len ready for an upcoming sci fi movie Ted knew Len from 10 years before when he was still Lenny Goldberger and only acted in high school plays Ted was a geek who was positive no one noticed him.As the two men fall in love with each other, old doubts and insecurities resurface and Ted soon realizes that even famous actors are not always as sure of themselves as they appear to be [...]

    2. Ted is a special effects make up artist, now the proud recipient of an Oscar nomination His current work is with the superhot movie star, Lenny Golden Ted and Lenny first met ten years ago, and though Ted has had a crush on Lenny since then, he would have never expected it to be returned A little misunderstanding at the beginning, but otherwise an uncomplicated story It was okay.

    3. Rating 3.9 of fiveThe Book Report A novella of love found, opportunity grabbed, and cute nebbish nabs heartthrob for a happily ever after.Ted is the makeup artist you want for your f x heavy film He s 27, he s gay, he s peakingd he s alone in life.Len is the actor you want for your action flick He s 29, he s a wall of muscle, and mirabile dictu he can actn oh man can he act, as Ted s about to find out.These boys met cute 10 years before, in regional theatre, and being clueless teens never figure [...]

    4. I can t tell you what a blast I had writing this story I spent some time researching Hollywood makeup techniques before I started writing So cool I watched a bunch of episodes of Face Off, a ton of YouTube vids, and read lots of articles about making prosthetics and even using a straight razor Yes, a straight edge razor can be DAMN sexy The character of Ted is loosely based on a contestant on Face Off, I ll let you guess which one.Who d have thought slathering blue silicone goo over a gorgeous, [...]

    5. image error Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group, Love Is Always Write Volume Five.This was a really a sweet and simple short story The author did a great job of incorporating the picture and it was enjoyable to read, had me smiling with Ted s little nerdy insecurities even though we could tell Len was really into him The only complaint is that there was a HUGE time jump that distances you a little from the characters since there s such a big growth and change in their relationship that y [...]

    6. Simple Cute Short Free It s a simple feel good story with some nice characters I probably would have liked it of it was longer I m not a fan of Long time jumps view spoiler it skips 13 months at the end hide spoiler

    7. This was such a sweet story and the sex scenes were real hot Lenny is a big star, Ted is the makeup guy for a sci fi movie They meet when Ted is doing Len s makeup and, well, I can t say without spoiling it But Ted thinks Len s straight, so he doesn t expect anything to happen It s an easy read and of course I wish there were It has a sweet ending, too.

    8. This was adorable and sweet and I really liked it and it was great and stuff.There was one part that seemed really oddly phrased, though When Ted was stripping, there was all thisspense y ominous y stuff built up, for some reason, and when he dropped trou, I kind of scrolled back and reread and reread trying to figure out what the big deal was I had some pretty weird thoughts running through my head, like OMG IS HE A EUNUCH Not that there s anything wrong with eunuchs Wait, it might just be he s [...]

    9. A sweet short read about Ted a make up artist for movie productions and Lenny a famous actor Ted and Lenny have met several years ago, when Ted was still a shy and withdrawn emo kid The young make up artist is sure that Lenny can t remember him, but the moment he sees Lenny again he realizes that he still has the hots for the beautiful actor Working on his very extravagant make up, Ted is constantly touching Lenny and he is desperatly trying to hide his attraction Contrary to Ted s believes, Len [...]

    10. Amusing short story about a Hollywood makeup artist and movie star It was a pretty hot pairing.I just found it a bit weird to have Len be possibly up for an Oscar for what sounds like a sci fi movie.

    11. This was sweet and yummy I really liked how Lenny remained so boyish and unspoiled despite his huge success.

    12. Absolutely wonderful, and the plot was new and refreshing I ll definitely be checking out other books by the author.

    13. Kiss and Makeup well, since this book centers around Ted, a makeup artist in Hollywood, and Len, an A List actor, I was sure there was going to be some fisticuffs involved in this story Not huge damaging limbs or anything, but a definite argument or two I mean, what happens in a fight with your lover, you kiss and makeup with really hot sex, right Well, this story isn t really like that at all Ted is the best makeup man in Hollywood and is increasingly distracted with the current A list er on hi [...]

    14. Now this is a sweet story It s a cute guy coming out of the closet in a big way The sex between the two men were smexy and easy to read Lenny falling for Ted was expected and the way he came out was not all too surprising, but gutsy.I m still from a personal perspective confused why it is such a big to do about a person s sexual preference I don t think it makes them any less or of a person Even if I guy is gay, I can still appreciate his sexy body and his abilities It s sad to see that in the [...]

    15. Of the Love is Always Write stories I have read so far, this is one of my faves I only had one issue with it and it s the same issue that others had as well view spoiler the 13 month jump hide spoiler It didn t hurt the story as a whole but it did make me drop my rating from 5 stars to 4 as I would have loved to have seen a bit in regards to the main characters during that time.Overall an excellent, quick read.

    16. I liked this short story by Shira Anthony A good thing since I entered a few of her books into challenges before I was even familiarized with her writing style Hot sex scenes Len and Ted were fun and charming Len was a surprise and very likeable Ted was cute, relatively in awe of the gorgeous superstar from the beginning By the way, both Ted and Lenny were right about the bagels Cream cheese, lox, capers and onions, the only way to go Bring some breath mints though

    17. Alors que dire sur cette nouvelle Elle est bien crite, tr s courte normal c est une nouvelle et surtout qu elle est mignonne comme tout.En cinq chapitre, on apprends sur les deux protagonistes, leur relation, et le comment ils finissent ensemble Simple, rapide et efficace Vraiment j ai ador la tournure de l histoire et le final Un moment j ai m me pens que Len l acteur m ga c l bre tendais un pi ge Ted le maquilleur mais finalement non J ai bien t surprise par cela.

    18. The author did a wonderful job with this story with only 9,000 words The characters came alive, the chemistry was there and storyline was believable and different Add in a HEA and what s not to like Thank you Shira Anthony for doing this story for us for the LIAW event I highly recommend it to my friends.

    19. Really enjoyed this story about being re introduced, growing close thought we only get a peek at this , then view spoiler coming out hide spoiler Wouldn t mind seeing about them either between the beginning and the end of this story or after the end.Edited for autotypos TM Apple

    20. I liked this story It was cute and enjoyable I have always been fascinated with the sci fi make up done for films, so having characters on both sides of it was just amazing I would have loved to see of these two, and I can t wait to read of Shira s work.

    21. This is a very sweet story I m docking it down from 4 stars only because the story is too short to allow for much character or plot development IMHO the basic setup and the scenes that could be included in the space allowed were very nice.

    22. A short story about Ted, a special effects makeup artist, and Lenny, an actor Great short story, flowed smoothly and left me really wanting .

    23. Reviewed by Nancy Genre M M ContemporaryRated 4 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

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