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Crepuscule Monstrum #2020

Crepuscule Monstrum The nightmare from an old painting Crepuscule Monstrum requires sacrifice Merrick has been chosen For what he knows not but he s terrified until the monster laughs Is he Merrick or Michael Is Jake

  • Title: Crepuscule Monstrum
  • Author: Carole Cummings P.D. Singer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook
  • Crepuscule Monstrum By Carole Cummings P.D. Singer, The nightmare from an old painting, Crepuscule Monstrum, requires sacrifice Merrick has been chosen For what, he knows not, but he s terrified until the monster laughs.Is he Merrick or Michael Is Jake really Jake, or is he Crepuscule Monstrum And is it really so awful to touch this horrible creature Contains Crepuscule Monstrum Part 1 and Crepuscule Monstrum Part 2.

    • [☆ Crepuscule Monstrum || ☆ PDF Read by ñ Carole Cummings P.D. Singer]
      Carole Cummings P.D. Singer

    1 thought on “Crepuscule Monstrum

    1. Fun little story The imagery was fantastic and I thought it was a really fun idea, a couple attempting to recreate the scene from the painting on the cover of the book.The first part is just setting the scene of the painting and then breaking it Visually beautiful, but barely sexual, except for speculation about the future The second part is just a short little sex scene, stemming from the first.I thought the authors did a wonderful job of blending their styles and I really enjoyed this short bo [...]

    2. I highly recommended this little story So, here s the thing I am calling this tiny short story a Recommended Book, although it barely qualifies as a book, and I can t tell you one single thing about it beyond what is in the blurb without risking multiple spoilers Go to Ms Singer s website and follow her instructions to obtain a free copy of this fantastic little story But be warned have a dictionary at hand, either in your eReader or otherwise Ms Cummings and Ms Singer are wordsmiths with mad ob [...]

    3. To read of my reviews, please visit onsilverwingz This a short story of fantasy and ambiguous identities with a classic trope I enjoy reading it and it is cute The story is predictable after the first realization into the characters lives, but that doesn t mean the rest of the book is not well written It s sad that the story is so short, otherwise I m sure the authors can expand on it and make it unique.I love the epic fantasy quality of the story The imagery in the book is wonderful, especiall [...]

    4. 3.5 stars This is such a short story that I can t even describe it because any description would be a spoiler So to speak in very generic terms, this is about Jack and Michael and some sexy events on Halloween What makes this story really enjoyable is that it s told from Michael s POV and Crepuscule Monstrom II, written by PD Singer, is the same story from Jack s POV I thought that was very clever.

    5. Carole Cummings has such a way with words, and an unique sense of fun Go to Dreamspinner Press and find her author page Click on the gargoyle and enjoy this little gem of a story Once finished and still in the mood for , check out the sequel, written by P.S Singer Both are free reads at Dreamspinner s site, so hurry on over and enjoy I highly recommend both stories.

    6. Beautifully written, with dark, scary imagery that put me right there with the MC, but it was all ruined by a temper tantrum Break character, yes Shatter the setting in a horror scene, sure But that final reaction from the MC was very disappointing Regardless, I truly enjoyed the flow of this story until that point, and will be checking out by this author.

    7. Very imaginative and, in the end, funny The imagery of men s fantasy is vivid, scary and exciting all rolled into one I ve read it before and, on the second reading, the story didn t lose a thing Excellent.

    8. Oooh, this was good Well, actually, I ve only read the first part, but couldn t find it on to rate I didn t think I was going to like this story at first when I began to read, but when it twisted into something I didn t expect it was excellent And it was HOT Still picturing it.

    9. Funny, short I can imagine poor Mickey s frustration with Jake This is the first part of a 2 part story PD Singer wrote part 2

    10. This is a brief but entertaining short story told from two different points of view the sacrificial victim and the monster he is being sacrificed to Or maybe not.

    11. This was a wonderful little short story Very imaginative and fun I really enjoyed the fact that you got to hear both POV s, each from a different author

    12. It was interesting, kinda kooky I rather liked it.The two parts built off each other nicely, although The blurb is awful It s stupid and kitschy and completely unnecessary.

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