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O crime de Paragon Walk #2020

O crime de Paragon Walk Perry has the great gift of making it all seem immediate and very much alive THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERIn the posh London street of Paragon Walk a young woman is brutally raped and murdered Once again

  • Title: O crime de Paragon Walk
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9789727921041
  • Page: 410
  • Format: None
  • O crime de Paragon Walk By Anne Perry, Perry has the great gift of making it all seem immediate and very much alive THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERIn the posh London street of Paragon Walk, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered Once again the incomparable team of sleuths, Inspector Thomas Pitt and his young wife, Charlotte, peer beneath the elegant masks of the well born suspects and reveal that something u Perry has the great gift of making it all seem immediate and very much alive THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERIn the posh London street of Paragon Walk, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered Once again the incomparable team of sleuths, Inspector Thomas Pitt and his young wife, Charlotte, peer beneath the elegant masks of the well born suspects and reveal that something ugly lurks behind the handsome facades of Paragon Walk something that could lead to scandal, and murder.

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    1. People do such strange things to cover their guilt The wealthy upper crust of Paragon Walk squeezed the mind dulling monotony of friendships and marriage into embarrassments and silence Trivialities and flaws were hidden behind a polished front As much as propriety would permit, men were allowed to play their games That is, until it lead to murder A darker conflict drove this story The he said, she said camaraderie that I was hoping to occur between Thomas and his wife, Charlotte, was seriously [...]

    2. This was another good historical mystery from Anne Perry There was plenty of dirt to uncover in the lives of all the characters, and it kept me guessing all the way through I was convinced I had it right up until the very end, and I didn t But everything fit once I knew all the pieces The ending was just a little abrupt I could have done with even just a paragraph or two to wind it down view spoiler And I still want to know who Alaric is hide spoiler

    3. I hope this series improves soon so far I don t like it as well as the author s William Monk mysteries, which were written later in her career This book is very weak, and I m not in the least impressed with Thomas Pitt s sleuthing skills.The mystery concerns a young woman who has been raped and murdered The Victorian social ill in the spotlight is the blame assigned to rape victims such things do not happen to virtuous women.There is still very little here about Thomas and Charlotte s life toget [...]

    4. Third in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Victorian mystery series revolving around Inspector Thomas Pitt and his very curious wife Charlotte My Take While a young girl is murdered, the emphasis is on how it will affect everyone else socially with a number of the neighbors putting all the blame on the girl Well, obviously she must have had low morals to have invited rape How do people actually twist their minds to believe something like this They are like a snarling pack of dogs Ooh, that s rather [...]

    5. Perry writes the most amazing conversation among women It is hard to imagine the stress of having to manage one s words, as these Victorian age characters did in conversations requiring multiple levels of meaning Successful wives managed their husbands through clever and hidden strategies Perry s books show tremendous insensitivity among the classes and even between station levels within classes There seemed to be far less value in competence than in income regardless of how it was acquired Rent [...]

    6. This book was a really good mystery, but I found myself a little confused by everything going on in it and all of the possible suspects I think there were probably 20 or characters in the book, by my count, most of whom were possible suspects I just had trouble keeping track of them all, let alone trying to suss out who the murderer was Moreover, though Pitt is the lead investigator, the whole novel focused on Charlotte and Emily, which I found kind of irritating I think I d like of a balance [...]

    7. We are conceived in sin, and some of us never rise above it I ve read some reviews about this book and seen than many people complaint about Pitt not being a very good detective and so on But don t you realize that, from the very first book, Pitt is not like others, for example, Poirot The real investigators in these series are Charlotte and Emily Always was a bit too clever Trouble is, he wasn t clever enough to pretend to be a little less clever Success without envy was like snails without sau [...]

    8. I started reading Anne Perry s mystery novels when I was in college My older sister discovered them first and had purchased the entire Thomas Charlotte Pitt series to date from Half I stayed with her for a month one summer during break and devoured almost all that she had on her shelves.I stopped keeping up with the series at one point and have recently picked up where I left off and have also gone back to re read the early books in the series.Paragon Walk is the 3rd book in this Victorian Era m [...]

    9. If you like Victorian cozies and lovable characters, this book is for you.With the third in the Pitt series, the author, Anne Perry hits her stride The story begins with a body in the morgue The victim is slight, delicately featured, beautifully dressed, her arms bruised, her face barely touched by life Fanny Nash is seventeen when she is stabbed and raped in Paragon Walk, a London neighborhood of impeccable pedigree, and the neighborhood, as luck would have it, of Charlotte s sister, Emily, and [...]

    10. This is book 3 in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, I m slowly going through this series and I really enjoyed the first 2 books I had a bit of problem with this one and for me it didn t work as well as the other.In the posh London street of Paragon Walk, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered Once again the incomparable team of sleuths, Inspector Thomas Pitt and his young wife, Charlotte, peer beneath the elegant masks of the well born suspects and reveal that something ugly lurks behi [...]

    11. Estoy conociendo a Anne Perry con su saga del inspector Thomas Pitt y la verdad es que me est encantando Thomas y Charlotte Pitt son geniales Est claro que esa genial ambientaci n me puede Es una saga que disfruto muy f cilmente.

    12. Finished reading June 3rd 2013 view spoiler Paragon Walk is apparently the third book in the Charlotte Thomas Pitt series set in Victorian London I couldn t say I enjoyed this novel by Anne Perry, and I don t think it s because I haven t read the first two books in the series For me the plot and the murder mystery itself lacked attention It seemed like there were too many characters involved, and too much focus on the norms of high class society I understand Perry wanted to show how life was in [...]

    13. Book three in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series finds Charlotte s sister, Emily, in the middle of yet another murder The haughty aristocrats find themselves ashamed to be caught in the middle of a murder and afraid that there is a murderer among them Thomas works diligently as an investigator to get to the bottom of this mystery Charlotte has one foot in the door of aristocrat world as she was born into it and one foot outside of the world since she married outside of it She finds tha [...]

    14. This, the third in Perry s late Victorian Thomas and Charlotte Pitt murder mysteries, find our heroes investigating a rape and murder right on Charlotte s sister s doorstep The affluent Paragon Walk, with it s high fashions and decent manners, clearly has a seedy underbelly No one wants to admit it, and Detective Thomas Pitt, aided by his devoted and tenacious wife, are well suited to scratch away at the facade to find the truth.There are a couple of things I enjoy about this series I like way s [...]

    15. Genre mystery I really like Anne Perry s writing style This is a solid mystery, well written, engaging characters, and once again, I didn t know the killer s identity until the very end That said, though, I think I am going to take a break from reading her for a while I need something happy right now The focus on the darker underside to the Victorian upper class is getting on my nerves probably because the moral hypocrisy is so disturbing to me and volume 3 was particularly bad, as it dealt wit [...]

    16. Reading this series reminds me of how I like someone and as I get to know them better I really liked Charlotte and Thomas in the first book but they grow on me and with each book Thomas wasn t in this book as much which is surprising since he s the lead detective on the case As far as the mysteries go they are believable than some mystery novels There aren t as many obvious clues and there isn t one or two suspects that draws the readers attention from what is really going on Nothing really [...]

    17. I like this series and usually listen to one when taking a break from meatier works My chief complaint with this one centers on the way Charlotte s social standing is handled On the one hand, there is much discussion about class difference and Charlotte is critical of upperclass snobbery Yet when she gets invited to her wealthy sister s social functions she quickly accepts a borrowed dress, finds a sitter, and off she goes Her detective husband doesn t seem to mind or doesn t know and is never i [...]

    18. London Inspector Thomas Pitt s father was employed in service and he had the good fortune to have a gentleman s education, as he went to school with the master s son.In this, the third mystery in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, we see Pitt s wife, Charlotte, settling into her new and very different life as a wife and mother, a life without servants, where she must cook her own meals and take care of her own children She gets some respite when she visits her younger and privileged sister, [...]

    19. I can t believe I have just discovered this series I have randomly listened to some, then I had to find the 1st, which I discovered in a used book store I think they get better with each book though I would have liked to see the marriage and also the pregnancy and birth of Jemima Perry seems to skip 2 years at a time I like the time period, and I also like how she shoots down anti semitism when it come us and it does Charlotte is just a terrific character The murders are not solved until the ver [...]

    20. This series is completely enjoyable I initially imagined these prim Victorian mysteries spearheaded by Detective Pitt but that s not the case at all He takes a total backseat to his wife and sister s aggressive sleuthing I probably read way too much into Anne Perry s words, given her murderous past, but I m blown away by the descriptions in her death discovery scenes I m always startled to read them because they are unexpected, nestled between society teas and dining room decorum and yet they ar [...]

    21. This is an earlier book Her habit of switching point of view is evident than in her later work This and her tendency to reveal rather than solve the mystery are my prime complaints.Something that I like that I had not noticed before is her knack for putting little pearls of wisdom into the mouths or minds of her characters The one I remember from this book is one should not do something solely to meet the expectations of others There were other little pearls as well I will watch for them As usu [...]

    22. Thomas Charlotte Pitt must tiptoe through the realm of the rich and well known as they try to find the rapist and murderer of a young woman who was to be married soon It appears that the culprit is known and could be a family member or neighbor But because they live on Paragon Walk they would not be suspected until all others are cast out thus leaving only those close to the murdered woman.Though a bit slow to start it became interesting and then hard to put down.

    23. These are pretty good mysteries but after reading the first three I may or may not continue with this series I do enjoy reading about the Victorian period in England but these appear to be somewhat repetitious and really rather slow moving.

    24. I really like this one, even if it s evident having read most of hers that she has this fixation on secrets hidden behind normal facades, especially sexual ones.

    25. Another entertaining read in this series I m sure I will return again and again until I ve read all 31 of these amusing 1880 s English who done it novels but am taking a break for now.

    26. Charlotte does it again Book 3 in a long series of Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries I read the first three right in a row and I think it is time to take a break Paragon Walk did not hold my attention quite as well as the first two books However, that could be some burn out on my part as these books certainly have a formula Inspector Pitt tries to solve the murder and warns his wife to not get involved She gets involved, is in danger, but also solves the murder Not a bad formula as far as thos [...]

    27. The characters in this series seem to be much memorable than the mystery When innocent Fanny Nash of exclusive Paragon Walk dies in the arms of her exquisite sister in law, Jessamyn, Inspector Pitt is assigned to investigate her rape and murder Every man of Paragon Walk is under suspicion, even Pitt s brother in law, Lord George Ashworth, who was the last to have seen her Could it be the charming, enigmatic Frenchman Fanny s cruel brother Wealthy Dilbridge, who hosts wild, decadent parties As P [...]

    28. One of the better ones in this series A young, innocent girl of 17 is raped and murdered in the height of The Season in a well to do neighborhood What mysteries lurk behind those expensive doors Charlotte gets invited through those doors accompanying her sister Emily Charlotte meets Emily s Aunt Vespacia, who is of an age where she can say just about anything she wants and get away with it She and Charlotte are cut from the same cloth Charlotte and Thomas solve the mystery of course, but not wit [...]

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