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Nur ein Leben #2020

Nur ein Leben Ana ist das M dchen mit der reinen neuen Seele Und das macht sie zur Au enseiterin Denn jeder in ihrer Welt wurde mehrmals wiedergeboren und kann sich an seine vorherigen Leben erinnern Doch als Ana

  • Title: Nur ein Leben
  • Author: Jodi Meadows
  • ISBN: 9783442476015
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nur ein Leben By Jodi Meadows, Ana ist das M dchen mit der reinen, neuen Seele Und das macht sie zur Au enseiterin Denn jeder in ihrer Welt wurde mehrmals wiedergeboren und kann sich an seine vorherigen Leben erinnern Doch als Ana geboren wurde, passierte etwas Ungew hnliches Eine Seele musste f r sie sterben Weil jeder dies als schlechtes Omen deutet, will niemand etwas mit ihr zu tun haben, niemaAna ist das M dchen mit der reinen, neuen Seele Und das macht sie zur Au enseiterin Denn jeder in ihrer Welt wurde mehrmals wiedergeboren und kann sich an seine vorherigen Leben erinnern Doch als Ana geboren wurde, passierte etwas Ungew hnliches Eine Seele musste f r sie sterben Weil jeder dies als schlechtes Omen deutet, will niemand etwas mit ihr zu tun haben, niemand au er Sam Doch pl tzlich greifen schreckliche Wesen an Tr gt Ana tats chlich die Schuld daran Sie wird es herausfinden m ssen, wenn sie in dieser Welt berleben will

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    1. You should have left me there Everyone would have been happier to forget about me I collapsed over myself and wept I hate you I hate everyone Good lord, would you like some cheese with your whine My quest to read all the popular books in the past few years continues And I got yet another dud.To be honest, I didn t have great expectations for this book I was prejudiced against it from the beginning, why 1 The cover is damned pretty A pretty cover comes with a roughly 77.2% probability of it major [...]

    2. I am extremely disappointed with this book It held so much promise with the story of souls being reincarnated, dragons, sylphs, and a utopian society Doesn t that sound awesome And that cover It s simply gorgeous Well, you know that age old rule, Don t judge a book by its cover I should have listened to it _ Ana, our protagonist, lives in a world where once you die you come back reincarnated in another body Everyone always comes back, except on one night when the Temple flashes black and the sou [...]

    3. A gorgeous YA utopian tale Nope, not dystopian Do you know the difference This book blew me away with a Masquerade Ball, reincarnation, slyph, dragons, music, souls, butterfly, slow burn romance, tension, laser pistols, massive library, war stories, dragon battles Need I go on I mean Wow.I read this in a flurry of addiction I just couldn t get enough of the world and it s goings ons Completely entrancing.The RundownAna was born into a society of a million souls A million souls who have known eac [...]

    4. Incarnate had such an interesting premise that I rushed to request the ARC The concept of a society of people constantly reincarnating and being reborn to each other was too good to pass up Blue Bloods had a poor crack at it and I hoped Incarnate would fare better Alas, no What Incarnate had the opportunity of doing was taking philosophy by the horns and riding that bull like a cowboy at a rodeo Instead, incarnate chose Philosophy Bull s friend, Philosophy Show Pony and skipped along very slowly [...]

    5. With a cover as pretty as that you d think this book would be dramatic, but unfortunately very little seems to happen for the majority of the novel The story consists of Ana attempting to discover why she is a Newsoul and managing to fall in love along the way You see, in this utopian world every soul is reincarnated into a new body once they die, this has continued on and on for thousands of years Each time a baby is born, they search for a match in the soul database to find out which individu [...]

    6. I m lowering my rating down to 3 1 4This book is so bad it s good Didn t make any sense right My brain works in a weird way If it was so horrible, THEN WHY DID I LIKE IT I liked it because the writing pulled me in It s just a way Jodi Meadows wrote that sucked me in and made me forget how terrible everything else was Everything else was shitty AND I LIKED IT God damn it, I m going to try to explain my weird ass thinking This book is about a world where, when someone dies their souls are reincarn [...]

    7. Can you say disappointment I haven t been this bummed by a book in ages The cover was just too beautiful to resist and the premise was one of the most intriguing things I ve seen all year But, nope It was all aesthetics and nothing else On an aside note The cover totally reminds me of this And this ANYWAY Let s get on with the real review shall we By gods, this book was such a slow torturous read I wanted some awesome worldbuilding with an astounding fresh twist on reincarnation and what not bec [...]

    8. Gah No no no no no NO What was this mess So there s this city, right Every person in that city is a reincarnated soul, right Except for this one girl, let s call her Bessie I forget her name , who is a new soul she was born in place of a to be reincarnated soul So everybody hates her, including her own mother So, the girl leaves home on her birthday to find out the truth behind her birth and what went wrong with the other soul, then runs into some shadow monster, then falls into a lake and gets [...]

    9. Since I wrote this book, I admit my love of it is not an objective and unbiased love I would feel weird giving it stars.Since I did NOT make the cover, I have no qualms about telling you how much I adore it touches face looks dramatic People seem to really love the cover Yay If you were curious, I answered a few cover questions in an interview here.

    10. Incarnate deserves to be placed alongside His Dark Materials and The Lord of the Rings as one of the most inventive examples of world building ever set to paper Not only has Meadows created a rich and detailed world for her characters to inhabit, she s brave enough to let them ask difficult questions of themselves, their world, and what it would really mean to live in a perpetual cycle of birth and rebirth.Very rarely, five stars doesn t seem to go far enough This is one of those times.

    11. Oh, premise of Incarnate, you seemed a bit promising You were tolerable What happened I ll tell you what happened.Ana, the protagonist, is seriously one of the most naive, childish, and annoying girls I ve ever read about I don t care what she s gone through I don t care how she was brought up I don t care that I am insensitive Sam is so utterly boring I don t know how he attracts Ana The whole time he was with Ana, I felt like he was an old man explaining his stupid daughter about life and how [...]

    12. You know what I really hate about jokes with a story to them They can be very hit or miss like Family Guy except McFarlane has way misses than hits IMO There is so much buildup to some of the storyline jokes, that the punch line has to be pretty damn brilliant to make up for all the time spent by the receiver of said joke I hate when they flop so hard that I regret ever listening in the first place My dad has some pretty fantastic story jokes, and some that miss completely, but to my main point [...]

    13. Actual Rating 3.5 stars In the growing world of young adult dystopian literature, Incarnate is an odd beast, blending elements of dystopia, utopia, fantasy, and even science fiction Instead of reading like a seamless story, however, Jodi Meadows s debut novel sends many mixed vibes, to the point that the whole package feels like a mish mash of concepts where some could have been cut as excess The novel actually reminded me of The Host by Stephenie Meyer I mean that in both good and bad ways sinc [...]

    14. Overall, I have mixed feelings about Incarnate by Jodi Meadows There were definitely aspects of the story I found creative and the narrative flowed quite well, but I think Meadows s take on reincarnation was difficult for me to embrace Putting it frankly, it goes against my belief system and at times I did feel Meadows was pushing some sort of agenda that I wasn t quite willing to accept.Now, I don t know if I would classify this story asYA Utopian To me, there were elements of the story that ma [...]

    15. NEWSOULIncarnate gives us a fresh, new soul in YA Originality at its core, Jodi Meadows has written an incredible world with dragons, sylphs, laser pistols, temple with heartbeats really how much imaginative can it get I was blown away with the imagery that formed in my mind while reading this book It s a gorgeous, but notably frightening world I did have a bit of difficulty swallowing the fact that, since everyone is always being reincarnated, they give birth to people they already know It cou [...]

    16. I don t know what it is, you guys, but I just can t explain how much I click with this book I love the concept, I love the world and how aesthetically pleasing it is for me personally, with its mix of fantasy and sci fi I love how the writing feels so yummy to me and only amps up the overall visualization of Range Heck, I even have an intense love for not only the covers of this series but the overall design aesthetic It s just So Me I don t know how else to explain it xD I ve read this book thr [...]

    17. 3.5 stars really but i m feeling generous this book was so absorbing for me despite the synopsis, this book is mainly a romance between the main characters, ana and sam, and i was 100% okay with that because i loved the pair together they had great chemistry their relationship developed slowly from a nice friendship with mutual offers of comfort ana was frustrating in the beginning she lashed out so gratuitously, and although i admit it aligns with her childhood, it was still uncalled for in mos [...]

    18. As beautiful as the cover If I only get one life, I don t want to waste it by hesitating These days I m a bit out of sync when it comes to the books I read I like some books that others don t, and I don t like the books the others love, I feel like I m missing something.This books is one of the books I loved, while some of my book fellows didn t I don t know what s the element that really made me like it so much, but I know that from the very beginning I was hooked and couldn t put it down.The w [...]

    19. With a spectacular concept and a beautiful cover, Incarnate fell short for my taste and interest In my opinion, the story became less and less interesting as story progresses since the main plot or goal became blurry along the way Yes, there are revelations and sometimes twists in the plot but they didn t help to redeem the lost attention The story was too focused on building the romance and friendship between the two main characters, Ana and Sam, that events about incarnation and finding out ab [...]

    20. Music overwhelmed me, soaked into my skin like water I didn t have words for the squiggles and dashes across the pages, or the way his fingers stretched across the keys to make my heart race If I could hear only one thing for the rest of my life, this was what I wanted You know, I read Incarnate by Jodi Meadows three years go And to this day I still have no idea how I should rate this book I keep on bouncing between two stars to four Why Because there are some things that I really don t like, so [...]

    21. This cover is freaking amazing I read this book so freaking quickly that I really want to get the next book from my library, right now Even though it isn t even open until 10am tomorrow I want to go all mission impossible on my library and find all of the books within this series and walk out of there like a boss Yup, that s what I really want to do right now Or just call out of work sick tomorrow and spend my day at the library or at barnes and noble and just READ All day In my happy place.Inca [...]

    22. For all the hype and publicity that publishers and bloggers have thrown behind the dystopian YA craze that I m convinced never really happened, few books released during this period exceeded expectations, or even met them Many had strong initial premises that quickly fell apart or began to rely on well worn tropes to keep momentum With Jodi Meadows s debut, the first in a planned trilogy, we are given a glimpse into a slightly different world, a utopia, with another promising premise Does she be [...]

    23. There s always the option of deciding for yourself who you are and what you ll become Do you believe in Reincarnation I do This is the first reason why I chose this book Of course the cover is Epic, most beautiful cover I have ever seen The complete theme of reincarnation of souls was innovative and refreshing This book is definitely a page turner.A Vague IndicationThe story was set in a dystopian world where souls reincarnate million times, each time in a new body The body may change but the so [...]

    24. Jodi Meadows has created a fascinating and rich world that I loved reading about After reading some mixed reviews, I was unsure about this book but decided to give it a go Needless to say, I am glad I did because I LOVED IT Ana does not seem like she is going to be a very strong protagonist at the beginning of the novel This, however, is not the case She is strong and brave despite growing up with a mother like Li There was a vulnerability to Ana which made me fall in love with her character One [...]

    25. Updated review based on my April 2015 re read I STILL LOVE IT PEOPLE LOVE IT INTERVIEW WITH JODY MEADOW HERE December 25, 2011 review Incarnate blew me away Seriously my favorite book in its genre so far It was that good And the cover is amazing Now onto to the review I m usually not a big fan of fantasy, since often times they tend to lack lack in depth, so the fact that Incarnate has the best female character I have read ever is astonishing From the summary you know that Anna is different She [...]

    26. An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.Range is full of souls being re incarnated over and over and over again How many souls are being re incarnated About a million These souls live their lives as a man or even a woman Imagine having the ability to learn all that you can again The people write journals to document their life which is set in the library to keep safe where anyone can read it.In comes Ana, a [...]

    27. Incarnate is chilling, exciting and full of deeply original fantasy elements It s a book that could easily appeal to any reader, with elements of light and darkness that make it incredibly riveting and unforgettable.

    28. MORE MORE P.S I love that book THE WORLD Okay so the world in this series in unique Basically you have souls who have been around since day one and they just incarnate with every birth Therefore, people are intelligent and have hundreds of years worth of memories But one day one of these souls dies and does not incarnate any Instead a new soul is born And here the story takes offCHARACTERS So the new soul is called Ana A girl raised by one of old souls in isolation because of the shame being the [...]

    29. It s rare for me to become sucked into a book immediately Typically I need time to feel comfortable with the narrator s voice and get my bearings within the story s world but not so with Incarnate I was immersed from the very first page, intrigued with a storyline I d only glimpsed on the very surface, and immediately sympathetic to Ana.In a world populated only by Reincarnates those who have died and been reborn since the beginning of time Ana is a nosoul A newsoul From birth she has been shunn [...]

    30. Why I gave Incarnate five stars 1 Unique premise, deftly executed There s no other story quite like this out there, at least none that I ve found.2 A heroine that actually has a character arc and a spine Not only does she have to learn to trust and love others and herself , but she has to find a way to forgive the very society who spurns her.3 A sweet, realistic romance that blossoms and grows and takes a little work along the way.

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