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The Mule Tamer #2020

The Mule Tamer A mighty fine meandering Western Kirkus ReviewsPatrick Smithwick Author of Flying Change A Year of Racing and Family and Steeplechasing and Racing My Father Growing Up with a Riding Legend Reading T

  • Title: The Mule Tamer
  • Author: John C. Horst
  • ISBN: 9781470132439
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mule Tamer By John C. Horst, A mighty fine, meandering Western Kirkus ReviewsPatrick Smithwick, Author of Flying Change A Year of Racing and Family and Steeplechasing and Racing My Father Growing Up with a Riding Legend Reading The Mule Tamer reminded me of the same adrenalin pumping experience I had when watching the TV mini series Lonesome Dove Every night after dinner, I looked forward to t A mighty fine, meandering Western Kirkus ReviewsPatrick Smithwick, Author of Flying Change A Year of Racing and Family and Steeplechasing and Racing My Father Growing Up with a Riding Legend Reading The Mule Tamer reminded me of the same adrenalin pumping experience I had when watching the TV mini series Lonesome Dove Every night after dinner, I looked forward to the next episode of Larry McMurtry s novel, and every night I did not want it to end Indeed, I can see The Mule Tamer s Arvel Walsh being played by Robert Duvall and Dick Welles being played by Tommy Lee Jones On the other hand, many of the sharply, crisply written scenes whether of shoot outs, killings, drug induced deliriums, or lust brought back memories from Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy which began with All the Pretty Horses.Being a painstakingly researched novel, some of its most graphically etched scenes taken right out of the pages of 1890 s newspapers, The Mule Tamer will interest readers of historical novels as well as of American history Also, all of us who love classic Western movies will be drawn to the challenges facing Walsh and Welles Yet, author John Horst has set his sights higher than the creating of a stereotypical and rehashed Western plot Walsh not only embodies the classic traits of a Western hero he s stoic, laconic, an excellent marksman, has a mysterious and tragic past, and is desirable by a young, sexy, fast shooting, hard riding, free spirited woman Walsh is also introspective, a character who changes and develops as he searches for answers to the questions in his life.In a tight situation, Chica a wonderfully drawn female gunslinger based on a true figure of the West does not think twice before pulling the trigger, and you shouldn t either click instantly on the link to The Mule Tamer and buy this book Arvel Walsh can tame mules, but can he tame the wild Arizona frontier, and the Mexican girl known as Chica, as wild and unpredictable as the land she roams Arizona in 1892 is the last of the untamed country in America Laws are hard to enforce and bad hombres know it Texas pushed them out of their land with the famous Texas Rangers, can Arizona do the same Challenged by savage bandits, psychotic serial killers, and anarchists, Arvel Walsh and Dick Welles will have to summon all their knowledge, and all their guts as veterans of the Civil War to make the fledgling Arizona Rangers a force to be reckoned with Follow the men as they ride across the deserts and through the arroyos of southern Arizona, encountering dangers, a mystical aborigine, a severed head in a bottle, and side show freaks while discovering that heroes may be found in the most unlikely places, and that a certain beautiful and unpredictable woman may very well be the key to their success and their salvation, in ways than one.

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      288 John C. Horst
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    1 thought on “The Mule Tamer

    1. Received this book through First Reads and really enjoyed it The lead character, Arvel, is well written, the kind of person who prefers using his intelligence to solve problems, but willing to resort to stronger methods if the situation calls for it Reminded me of the two leads in Lonesome Dove, Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call The other characters, especiallly Chica, are well conceived and creative A great read that I really enjoyed I look forward to the author s next book.

    2. Won a copy through First Reads program.What s going to happen next I had to find out and couldn t put the book down The story kept me on the edge of my seat.

    3. I won a copy on Firstreads.I don t read westerns usually, so when I do read one, it is a nice change.Especially if it is a good one This is a good one.Arvel and Chica are great characters.Arvel is not your typical shoot em up cowboy.He prefers to be around the mules he trains than people most of the time.He seldoms carries a gun but is than willing to use one when he thinks it is necessary.Unlike most people of the time, he is tolerant of people despite their race, nationality, or religious be [...]

    4. First, I really love the cover art, it was very pretty I highly enjoyed this book I really liked the main character, Arvel, and his entertaining relationship with Chica I liked how Arvel s character contrasted with the wild lands he lived on He is honest and gentle, but not to be messed with view spoiler I m glad that Chica got to speak in her own voice towards the end Instead of just being shown as a wild and crazy sex object, we got to see that she had a good heart and tried to help others in [...]

    5. I won this book from a giveaway This book has some great characters that come in and out of the story I felt like there is so much to Chica than we were given She is just a whirlwind of a character and would like to know about her How did she become what she is The writing of this book was done very well It was fun to read about a mule tamer and how he founds the Arizona Rangers and is able to accomplish what he does through thinking things through to the end I liked the fact that this book was [...]

    6. I want to start by saying thank you for this first reads giveaway I just love a good western.I really liked the characters in this book They were easy for me to understand and I agreed with them mostly Chica was a bit much for me as I saw her just as a spoiled child The romance was cute though and I liked seeing his side of things I also liked the young man who got his toe shot off I m glad there was such a variety of people It made me think of what it would really have been like to live back th [...]

    7. I was lucky enough to win this book from Good Reads and thoroughly enjoyed reading it This book brought back memories of the great Western shows we used to have on television and that are missed today Arvel and his friend Dick were selected to start up the Arizona Rangers to stop the criminal elements that were forming in the territory after being run out of Texas Some of their adventures were downright funny such as the time they robbed the robbers by building a huge bonfire in the middle of th [...]

    8. I won this book in a give away and have in no way been compensated for the review I am about to give.I truly enjoyed this book It is hard to find a western that seems to capture the heart of the west without being over the top gunfights and indian raids I put this up there with the best westerns El Leonard has written, as I feel he is in tune with the west than the over hyped and equally over wordy Louis L amour, which I don t care for This is a great collection of small asides and stories anch [...]

    9. Ah, the wilds of Arizona during the latter half of the nineteenth century Where else would you rather be The Mule Tamer builds off of a strong and quirky protagonist who is simply fun to read about The Arizona Mex flavor of this book strikes a bold note like fresh pico de gallo on a summer day.Alas, at times the prose of this book can be a bit tricky to navigate, bordering on convoluted It took me a bit to get used to.But if you enjoy a good posse every now and then, The Mule Tamer has what you [...]

    10. GREAT book, really enjoyed it It has all the features needed if you want to relax and enjoy a fun book Not too serious with humer And just plain good It s got hreos, villians and a girl I highly recomend this to every one, even if your not usually into westerns This one will change your mind My eyes aren t what they use to be,so figured it would take me a bit to read But I couldn t put it down after I started,lololol Hope there are where this one came from Thanks again for the oportunity to rea [...]

    11. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book I love the west and especially Arizona The lead character was fascinating and very likable The era was intriguing, a time we have no personal knowledge of Each incident kept the book moving I couldn t put it down till I was finished Great job Hopefully there is a follow up book on Arvel and his family.I forgot to mention that I got this as a Firstreads.

    12. I received this book through a giveaway and really didn t know what to expect However, it wasn t long into it that I knew this was going to be a great book The plot is engaging and the overall flow of the book makes for a very enjoyable read The histories of the main characters are intriguing and leave you wanting for Needless to say, I gladly recommend this book and eagerly await its sequel.

    13. A western with true character The story is told with a beautiful form The character development is exquisite and both the heros and villans seem like actual figures from the era In addition to the wonderful old timey prose in English, Spanish is used smoothly making this book quite enjoyable I urge readers of all ages to take the time to read The Mule Tamer Chica is one woman you definately want to know

    14. A thoroughly enjoyable read Multiple story arcs and interesting charachters added several layers to this satisfying read Not only do I hope there s a sequel in the works, I am also looking forwards to reading additional works by Mr Horst as they come along Highly recommended to those who like the genre.

    15. Interesting and engaging Interesting read The characters are engaging and the dialog and situations are entertaing Kind of Lonesome Dove meets Quigley Down Under Worth your time

    16. The Mule TamerI really loved this story I recommend everyone to read this book I look forward to reading of his books Kattie 12 20 17.

    17. A Rollicking Tale.Arvel Walsh, the main character, is the type of man a gal wants to fall in love with kind, intelligent, playful and good looking Armchair cowgirls will adore the spirited Chica got to love a girl with attitude who s handy with guns and answers to no one, but herself This story is packed with colourful characters and their adventures in an untamed Arizona The west was a melting pot of cultures and this story reflects many different aspects of their interactions A rollicking tale [...]

    18. The Mule Tamer by John Horst is a pretty good book It starts with a posse chasing after the banditos who butchered a family and kidnapped one of the daughters From this humble beginning rises the tale of the start up of the Arizona Rangers Formed by Avrel Walsh and Dick Welles, the cocaptains, they hired the rangers Avrel meets up with a wild Mexican lass, Chica AKA as Maria, who stirs up feelings in Avrel feelings intense than he experienced with his deceased wife, Rebecca The story details so [...]

    19. I had read the last book of the trilogy and because I liked it very much decided to read the whole series I am glad that I did.The characters were well developed and very likeable Chica was magnificent The story was all about action from the very start, packed with twists and turns and was much wilder which I liked as well I thoroughly enjoyed it.The author tipped me that the second installment in series is a violent one Although I usually am a no violent stuff type of a reader I cannot wait to [...]

    20. Arvel Walsh is not your typical western hero He is a mule tamer and a man that stands tall and doesn t take any guff from anyonetill he meets Chica a wild Mexican beauty Horst s characters are very real and quite memorable The plot weaves the complexities of both the era, characters and story twists into a great read I can t wait to read the rest of Horst s collection of the Mule Tamer and the West

    21. It was free I read this because it was free If I had to pay for it I most likely would have given it two stars It seamed to be written in a very disjointed style To many characters without background info I will read the next book to see if it gets better If you have to pay than a dollar, skip this one.

    22. I liked it Will get the rest of them in the seriesI liked the characters This author has a different perspective on the normal western He stopped where now you want to read the rest of the series Good book.

    23. Mule tamer book 1 is a follow up of Maria s Trail Mr Horst does a fine job of telling us the story of banditos, and other mexican people.

    24. Great book I don t usually read westerns I loved this one and can t wait to read the next two in the series.

    25. at times trite with dialog and far fetched with characters but I actually got into it and will read book 2 soon

    26. Unique well written story that bogged down occasionally with sideline tales But still a good read with good dialogue between well developed characters.

    27. Not my type of book at alljust needed a change of scenery This book is well written and probably an excellent book for someone who enjoys westerns.

    28. Really enjoyed it, both Arvel and Chica are excellent characters well fleshed out.Will definitely read the sequels.Love a good western

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