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I Think I'm OK #2020

I Think I m OK In I volunteered to leave my family home and enter William Henry Smith School an institution for maladjusted children near Brighouse in West Yorkshire I was years old After almost two years

  • Title: I Think I'm OK
  • Author: C.S. Kenny
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I Think I'm OK By C.S. Kenny, In 1970 I volunteered to leave my family home and enter William Henry Smith School, an institution for maladjusted children near Brighouse in West Yorkshire, I was 11 years old After almost two years it became apparent that I had exasperated all efforts to control my behaviour and was no longer welcome at the school This was a pattern which continued for the next few yeaIn 1970 I volunteered to leave my family home and enter William Henry Smith School, an institution for maladjusted children near Brighouse in West Yorkshire, I was 11 years old After almost two years it became apparent that I had exasperated all efforts to control my behaviour and was no longer welcome at the school This was a pattern which continued for the next few years of my life I was moved from a children s home in Bradford to a secure unit in York from which I managed to escape on two occasions I was then sent to an Approved School in County Durham As incredulous as it may seem, at the age of 14 I was expelled from the Approved School and returned to another children s home back in my home town of Bradford True to form I was kicked out of this home too The above is pretty much the sum of my family and friends knowledge of my childhood, and to be fair, it s hardly surprising that I was judged, frowned upon and quite often avoided like a crusty pair of Y fronts I am now 53 years old and have managed, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, to obtain official records held about me from those early days I have also managed to acquire the cojones to let all and sundry know the truth As I have used my real name, I felt it was only right that I use the real names of other guilty parties, the ones who should have known better If you are interested in reading a true, openly honest, occasionally sad yet often humorous memoir, please do buy my book, I Think I m OK I assure you it s far from a misery memoir Oh, I guess I should point out that there are a few of them there naughty sweary words included sorry about that.

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    1 thought on “I Think I'm OK

    1. Honest and heartfelt reflection and biography of a young boy man deemed a troublemaker by society I can t say what I liked , the candid approach the author took to writing his own story, the under emphasis of heartbreaking events or the take it on the chin attitude he displayed during that time At first I thought alright a divorce and step dad, that can t be enough for him to just start acting completely off the rails Then he just slams the reader with it No detailed graphic visual images just h [...]

    2. Chris Kenny has written a courageous and honest memoir of his troubled youth, which, as other reviewers have said , should become required reading for social workers and those who are paid to care The book is a timely warning to parents and carers everywhere that most young offenders are lonely, troubled and are often running away from something they cannot properly understand or fight If a young person does not want to go back home it should surely be obvious to all that there is a serious prob [...]

    3. Delightful I ve never read such a funny, upbeat memoir about such a horrible childhood I was rooting for the little thug all along No matter how many adults betray him and how many petty crimes he commits as a juvenile, he s deep down a good guy and turns out OK.

    4. I chose to read this book for two reasons The first, it is set near my hometown of Leeds in West Yorkshire The second, it was free for kindle and had fairly good reviews I m so glad that I did decide to read it.The story is if course a very sad story, a story of a misunderstood child, brought up in children s homes However, the author has clearly dealt with his past issues, his demons and his anger He tells his story, in his own words, in such a way that I was chuckling out loud on several occas [...]

    5. This book should be required reading for everyone involved in Children s Services This very bright kid was so let down initially by his own family but shockingly by a succession of Professionals that were supposed to be there to protect, help and support him All this makes it sound like a Misery Memoir which it isn t, suffused as it is with the author s great humour throughout I suspect this has got him through it all over the years.Mr Kenny, I want to say that what you saw in that shopkeepers [...]

    6. the story gave an insight into care homes that i never knew about the author is slightly older than i and therefore,i frequently made comparions to our ages throughout the book as to what my life was like at similar times parts of his story is so sad, that any child is going through those experiences these crimes should never be allowed to happen or swept under the carpet im glad the author seems to have come through his life and is able to enjoy his middle age and the rest of his life.

    7. i got this book as it mentioned a place in newton aycliffe where i used t live as i was interested , instead i forgot all about it and really enjoyed how this young fellow got himself into soo much trouble yet even though he got older i still found myself thinkin of him as a child , a very brave lad with strength yet a heart of gold but was portrayed as a pain not the child who needed help and understanding

    8. I gave this book 5 stars even though it broke my heart If you have a true burden for the innocentad this book Don t just automatically assume kids are bad, 9 times out of 10 like Kenny said, it could be bad parents What a burden for a child to carry but happy to see that he faced his giants and took back his life Should be required reading for Sociology 101.

    9. It is a true descriptive biography of a bloke that came out of a not so loving family home to a care home after care home, what he went through, the amount of times he strayed form the home and experienced life on the outside of the care homes If you dont like true stories about real people this wont be for you, but please give it a chance.

    10. Really enjoyed this book and the way it was written A truely thought provoking true story about the care system in the 70 s.

    11. A good dose of humor in this childhood memoir The author clearly doesn t want a pity party thrown in honor of his unfortunate past By his own admission, a lot of the trouble he got into was his own doing Having said that, he wasn t responsible for the evil abuse brought on by Derek Kudos to the author for not protecting the guilty and using real names in the book I m sure you don t need the validation, but you are indeed OK.

    12. This is a must for anyone who works with young people either in the care system or showing some kind of behaviour issues.It has certainly reinforced my values in the job I do.To the author Yes Chris I think you are OK, only wish you had received the support to see this much sooner

    13. Thanks Jessica Wilhelhelmsson, from Jessica Wilhelmssonon June 23, 2017 The title says what I feel after reading this book I really don t know what to say then read it and be sure you are going to a roller caster.On one page you giggle to this little boys mischevious boy and on the next you want to kill the adults around him I m happy that he survived and with his mind intact.

    14. I actually quite liked this book and the perspective that it was written from The man had an awful unbringing, but didn t blame that for his own bad decisions in life Any analyst would no doubt say that the things that happened to him played a part Sobering, true story, written by what might be described as a thug.

    15. BrilliantThis book hit home and n so Meany levels I to grow up in care mother and father didn t want to no so I can relate to this man god bless you I wish you all the happiness in the world god knows you deserve it This book is brilliant very well written it made me cry laugh and in the end he gets his happy ever after.Another thing the bastered I hope your suffering

    16. Page turnerCouldn t put it down finished reading it in one session a real heart felt story Bravery, fear and determination , brilliant

    17. Very goodReally funny and down to earth writing about his past, I was in tears about some of the situations he found himself in

    18. I enjoyed this book immensely The author has a narrative style that s easy to read and natural, he could be talking to you over a beer in the pub His style of writing is self deprecating but he can always find the humour in the situations he finds himself in, even when those situations are often of his own making or critical indictments of a flawed system that failed this child over and over again I learnt a lot about the child care system and attitudes of that time, though I suspect that fundam [...]

    19. This is than OK Another great find in the 100 free bestsellers when it was on promotion Another example of a book you might not come across in other circumstances It was of interest to me because all these things happened so close to where I live And not so many years ago either The author has a good style of putting it over or putting it into words He seems a very likeable person who s turned his life around and things are now working out for him and I m glad Writing this book has been a journ [...]

    20. This was, at times, a humorous account of a childhood in which the author was constantly let down by adults who should have been there for him It highlights the terrible things that went on behind the closed doors of various children s homes the very places that should have made it their mission to look after the children in their care Clearly the homes mentioned here are not the only ones who have failed their children in the past We can only hope that this pattern of neglect stops now so that [...]

    21. Given the subject matter growing up in care in the 70s , I was expecting this to be a fairly grim read, but it isn t Many of the events are grim, but they re related with a wry sense of humour that removes some of the sting Some of the non grim events had me almost crying with laughter This was self published, I think, and while it could probably have benefited from some editing in a couple of places, I like that the author s voice is able to shine through This was free from , but I would happil [...]

    22. An honest, down to earth story a tough life unfolds in a way that makes you feel for the young lad but you do not get bogged down with sympathy The story moves on and you ride and highs and lows with the author It s a truthful account told in a natural style without blame, with good use of sad emotions that are blended with wit The swearing fits the book, I don t enjoy cursing in all books, but here it fits Looking forward to CS Kenny I read this one in two sittings.

    23. What a readLove reading biographies like this, one that is very well written and precise account of a terrible life that Chris had experienced as a child I find it unbelievable and unforgivable that those entrusted with the care and well being of a child are,as always, not often held to account I hope Chris s story will help others that find themselves experiencing the same, that they aren t alone and that there are people they can trust and talk too.

    24. How does an abused child survive Sometimes he becomes angry and disobedient The society tries to mold him the he feels he must be free I hoped every time he ran he would not be caught I so wished someone would try to find out why he had to escape This book is so worth your time to read You won t ever forget it.

    25. I thought this was going to be good and I wanted to like it I liked how the author wrote but it needs a proper edit really badly Fourth was spelt as forth, misused apostrophes, honestly instead of honesty Then the word I was missed out and I packed it in It made it too hard going for me I ve no patience with so many mistakes.

    26. I found myself really admiring CS Kenny He has been through terrible things, got himself into terrible scrapes and done things that are far from legal never mind moral However he has come through these events and managed to find happiness and contentment He tells his story with honesty, without bitterness and with a large helping of humour This book is well worth reading.

    27. Heart wrenching warmingReads well, naturally and believably, thus the wrenching quality, that childhood innocence can be lost and no one notices And yes, eight year olds have a wherewithal that escapes adults Remember that the next time you encounter a child.

    28. Great book Thoroughly enjoyable book very sad at times I couldn t put it down well written and honest account of his life.

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