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The Absent One #2020

The Absent One In The Keeper of Lost Causes Jussi Adler Olsen introduced Detective Carl M rck a deeply flawed brilliant detective newly assigned to run Department Q the home of Copenhagen s coldest cases The res

  • Title: The Absent One
  • Author: Jussi Adler-Olsen K.E. Semmel
  • ISBN: 9780525952893
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Absent One By Jussi Adler-Olsen K.E. Semmel, In The Keeper of Lost Causes, Jussi Adler Olsen introduced Detective Carl M rck, a deeply flawed, brilliant detective newly assigned to run Department Q, the home of Copenhagen s coldest cases The result wasn t what M rck or readers expected, but by the opening of Adler Olsen s shocking, fast paced follow up, M rck is satisfied with the notion of picking up long cold leadIn The Keeper of Lost Causes, Jussi Adler Olsen introduced Detective Carl M rck, a deeply flawed, brilliant detective newly assigned to run Department Q, the home of Copenhagen s coldest cases The result wasn t what M rck or readers expected, but by the opening of Adler Olsen s shocking, fast paced follow up, M rck is satisfied with the notion of picking up long cold leads So he s naturally intrigued when a closed case lands on his desk A brother and sister were brutally murdered two decades earlier, and one of the suspects part of a group of privileged boarding school students confessed and was convicted But once M rck reopens the files, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems Looking into the supposedly solved case leads him to Kimmie, a woman living on the streets, stealing to survive Kimmie has mastered evading the police, but now they aren t the only ones looking for her Because Kimmie has secrets that certain influential individuals would kill to keep buried as well as one of her own that could turn everything on its head.

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      489 Jussi Adler-Olsen K.E. Semmel
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    1 thought on “The Absent One

    1. Another really good book in what I can see is going to be an excellent series.Maybe The Absent One was not quite as good as The Keeper of Lost Causes but it was still an exciting and entertaining read Carl was as snarky as ever and Assad was just as strange and mysterious Something big must be going to happen with him in a future book.The plot was maybe just a little over the top but it was still gripping and at times I could not imagine how it was going to end The answer was very satisfactory i [...]

    2. Me gust mucho y, obviamente mucho m s que el primer libro de la serie, sobre todo porque me reconcili con el subcomisario Carl M rck En esta entrega se empodera de su cargo y toma las riendas de su nuevo caso con su habitual estilo mordaz y poco apegado a las normas, pero que ahora se percibe muy encantador, en vez de despreocupado y autocomplaciente como lo sent en el primer libro Por lo mismo Assad y Rose, la nueva y genial integrante del Departamento Q, pasan a tener un rol m s bien secundari [...]

    3. I can t tell you how much I was looking forward to the second offering by this author Sadly, Disgrace was a major disappointment and I couldn t even finish it In fact, I was so disappointed that I did something I ve never done before and asked for a refund.I had three problems with the book 1 There wasn t enough of Assad, the brilliantly drawn assistant of Carl Morck For me, it was Assad who was the stand out character in the first book In this book, he wasn t used enough 2 The characterisation [...]

    4. Re visit Winter 2015 Film OnlyTranslated by K E SemmelDedicated to the three Graces and iron ladies Anne, Lene and Charlotte.Opening When she ventured down the pedestrian street called Str get, she was poised as if on the edge of a knife With her face half covered by a dirty shawl, she slipped passed well lit shop windows, alert eyes scanning the street.M has just cracked open 3 in this series as swedish audio file FYI have discovered this is not a series where you can jump in at any point, they [...]

    5. Book Review Note this is not a who dun it we know the Who of it from the get go So, if the lack of this doesn t hit your sweet spot, it might not appeal.The Absent Oneis Adler Olsen s nod towards psychiatry sociopathy , youth gangs, and his ever present criticism of just about everything a judgment that comes across as a razor blade deftly plunged into the soft flesh of Danish politics and wealth In tiny Denmark the system was so ingenious that if you knew dirt about somebody, they also knew som [...]

    6. Dieser Teil war wirklich eine Entt uschung f r mich Alles sehr vorhersehbar dann ging es auch noch viel um Tierqu lerei, was ich berhaupt nicht vertragen kann Sowas zu lesen tut mir in der Seele weh hat mir das Buch total verdorben Ich hab das Buch locker einige Wochen nicht anger hrt, was auch viel dar ber aussagt Schade Ich hoffe sehr, dass mich Band 3, genauso wie Band 1, wieder so richtig fesseln kann

    7. Ai a Vingan a aquela Pedra no sapato dos bons sentimentos que nos tortura a Alma aquela bebida AgriDoce que j todos prov mos H aqueles que a emborcam dum trago.H ainda os que enojados ou enjoados a cospem.Mas h tamb m os que a sorvem lentamente saboreando cada gole.Enfim S o vingan as e Vingan as

    8. Jussi i dalje jako dobar.Ovaj puta se odlu io za temu koju ja ne volim divljanje fine dje ice superbogatih i njihovu nedodirljivost pa sam nekako skoro pola knjige bio na distanci no onda ih je odveo u te ku psihopatiju koja je podigla napetost.Vjerujem da su ljubitelji krimi a svikli na kojekave psihopate i njihove okrutnosti, ako niste moglo bi vam biti neugodno.Carl je i dalje simpati an lik, odli an kao policajac i nespretan i nesretan van toga, recimo jedva iskam i ve eru sa enom koja ga si [...]

    9. Excellent second book in this series by Danish writer Jussi Adler Olsen.When Detective Carl M rck is assigned to head Department Q in charge of cold cases it s seen as a way to keep him out of the way and keep him busy, maybe The fact that Carl takes the job seriously is surprising to his superiors, but his successful first case Book 1, the Keeper of Lost Causes establishes Carl s reputation Almost to his own surprise In this second book, Carl does an even better job, determined to find the real [...]

    10. When I finally gave in to the Dragon Tattoo Nordic wave and no, I still haven t read that series , I started with Adler Olsen s chilling The Keeper of Lost Causes It was diabolically excellent, and although it didn t launch me into Nordic Frenzy, I couldn t wait for the next Department Q installment.This is the second in what I feel certain is going to be a long relationship The Absent One was diabolical in a whole nother way As concentrated as the evil was in The Keeper of Lost Causes which cre [...]

    11. A disappointment I liked Jussi Adler Olsen s Keeper of the Lost Causes quite a lot The Absent One is definitely not in the same class Carl Morcks s character is still interesting, but the characterizations of two other protagonists, Assad and Rosa, are just caricatures The Absent One could have been a great revenge story, yet it veered into a totally unbelievable territory Would you believe rich industrialists and fashion celebrities to be mass murderers No, I guess not But the book asks us to A [...]

    12. I really like the story line a lot I could see this happening Jussi made Assad seem real in this story, giving people a hard time and then in the end he was so human It s a good story for you to sink your teeth into Not for the lite hearted.

    13. Violence in the book isn t graphic which is as well as some of the scenes are indeed brutal others would be quite disturbing if played out blow by blow I think There is indeed a noir theme throughout the book with respect to all the perpetrators who are right nasty pieces of work You find out early on who has done what so its a case of will they get caught Or will something else befall them its a very good story really enjoyed it.

    14. I m finding myself in the most peculiar situation Just a few days ago I complained about authors who assign rapist to their bad guy and don t bother developing them further So what do I do when I run across a very good book where rape is not only a critical part of the story but the rapists involved have complex, well developed characters of which rapist is only one part Apparently I give it four stars I would honestly prefer to always read books that don t feature rape, sexual abuse, or cruelty [...]

    15. Unfortunately, I didn t find this one nearly as engrossing as the first book in this series As a matter of preference, I tend to prefer books where the culprit isn t revealed until the very end as opposed to ones where the reader knows from the start who the villain is, and the story is all about the detective finding the proof so that was one disappointment with this book A worse disappointment was the story of the crimes bored, sadistic rich people hurting people just for the rush which is a s [...]

    16. 3.5 stars Detective Carl Morck s Department Q in Copenhagen, Denmark which investigates cold cases has a new task Two boarding school students, a brother and sister, were killed twenty years ago and a clique of unruly fellow students were suspects Evidence was lacking, however, and the students weren t charged Then, almost a decade later, one of the students confessed and went to prison The others went on their way, the men becoming rich, successful businessmen and the lone woman in the group be [...]

    17. The Danes and Swedes and Finns and Norwegians write great detective novels The detectives are always intense, conflicted, troubled, real In this case, the detective Carl Morck and his Dept Q are also quite humorous Assistants Assad and Rose are complements to Morck s darkness Morck himself is a one man Greek Chorus whose comments, both internal and explicitly verbal, made me laugh out loud than once.But the mystery itself is gruesome It s one of those where the guilty parties are known to us al [...]

    18. This second book in the series held my interest, but I don t think it was as good as the first Typical There was a higher level of cruelty and depravity in this book I like Carl, Assad, and the addition of Rose I had hoped to learn about Assad, but not from this book I m curious to see where the next books go with these characters.

    19. Almost 5 stars I enjoyed this audiobook very much, and liked the narrator much better than the first one of the series.This series is a pretty dark police mystery, starting off with a person being hunted by a group of people with various deadly weapons Like the first one, we don t really know who it is, or the context until late in the book, but I guess it s done that way to let you know right away that there will be violence And there is Along with a large number of psychotics from all walks of [...]

    20. The first book in the Station Q mysteries, set in Denmark, was a pleasant surprise last year I was worried about the sopho jinx with this second book, but I needn t have been The story was different and excellent Detective Inspector Morck is such an interesting character, intelligent, troubled, thoughtful and funny His assistant, Assad, is a wily, hard working character and I still want to find out about him Added to the mix in this second story is Rose, an unwanted assistant thrust upon Morck [...]

    21. What could be worse than a murder club of rich adult psychopaths Answer a murder gang of 14 year old psychopaths Department Q, the department of cold cases, is semi famous now because of the publicity around junior Superintendent Carl M rck s previous case, The Keeper of Lost Causes However, the positive press has not sweetened Carl s morose personality or expectations He is well aware the brass are supportive only as long he doesn t make them look bad, even if corruption must be swept under the [...]

    22. Disgrace is a fairly straightforward police procedural thriller that slowly builds to a suspenseful climax The strengths of the book are the characterisation, pacing, and page turning prose Carl Morck, Assad his Syrian colleague, and Rose his new administrator, are all well constructed characters whose prejudices and personalities lead to some entertaining exchanges Where the book has some serious problems, depending on how much you want to suspend your sense of realism, is the plot I m willing [...]

    23. I came across this in the airport It was advertised as something for fans of The Killing and the cover portrays a Sarah Lund lookalike I thought some crime detective thriller along the lines of the Millennium series was just what I needed non demanding yet engrossing I didn t realize it was the 2nd book in a series until it was too late, so admittedly, perhaps I missed some crucial character development that would make Disgrace enjoyable I disliked the cartoony, manichean villains and the fact [...]

    24. 2,5 5Dieser Teil hat mich berhaupt nicht berzeugt Die Handlung an sich fand ich langweilig Nach dem Anfang hatte ich eher eine Art Schnitzeljagd erwartet view spoiler solange Assad und Carl nicht wussten, woher die Akte kam und wer ihnen Hinweise hab hide spoiler Das w re aus meiner Sicht interessanter gewesen, in dieser Art weiterzumachen Ich fand Carl eher schwach, Assad weniger interesant und lustig als in Erbarmen, Rose hat mich sehr genervt Ich habe aber den Eindruck, dass Rose mehr Potenzi [...]

    25. This was quite a disappointment after the first book The writing translating was clunky, and there was no mystery to solve The bad guys were really, really bad, and the good guy girl wasn t very good Assad wasn t funny, and neither was Carl So much of the plot was so absurdly unbelievable, and a lot of the cruelty felt gratuitous and repetitive There were also too many extra characters, and I refused to believe that someone like Rose could work in a professional setting don t you at least have t [...]

    26. A very dark Scandinavian thriller, 2 in the Department Q series Carl Morck is asked to investigate the cold case murder of a brother and sister, even though a confession was obtained The supposed killer attended a prestigious school and was close with some of Denmark s wealthiest citizens A homeless women, Kimmie, also ran with this crowd and possesses deep dark secrets that are a large threat Both Morck and Kimmie become targets, but eventually, Morck s dogged pursuit bring them all together fo [...]

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