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Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen #2020

Letters to Alice On First Reading Jane Austen Inspired by a series of instructive letters written by Austen to a novel writing niece Letters to Alice is an epistolary novel in which an important modern writer responds to her niece s complaint th

  • Title: Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen
  • Author: Fay Weldon
  • ISBN: 9780786706884
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen By Fay Weldon, Inspired by a series of instructive letters written by Austen to a novel writing niece, Letters to Alice is an epistolary novel in which an important modern writer responds to her niece s complaint that Jane Austen is boring and irrelevant By turns passionate and ironic, Aunt Fay makes Alice think not only about books and literature, but also life and culture.

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      Fay Weldon

    1 thought on “Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen

    1. Ah Compulsory school reading Isn t it delightful I think it a slight flaw of the school system to make books that are as boring as hell compulsory actually Hell would probably be a bit exciting, all fiery and whatnot Why Do these people like torturing kids Do they get a perverse pleasure out of turning our brains to goo Answer yes Yes they do This book can be summed up as so Coconuts fall from trees Jane Austen is cool but radical Midwifery is a hazardous occupation Crocodiles put a stopper on [...]

    2. One of my favorite books about writers and writing In the form of letters from an aunt, who is published literary novelist, to her niece who is in college and such that Jane Austen has nothing to say to her Of course, Weldon explains exactly how much Jane Austen has to say I have always loved the extended metaphor of novelist as builders in the city of literature, with different neighborhoods, and the English language side of town presided over by the great Castle Shakespeare.

    3. Alice is a fictional character, the author, Fay Weldon, signs her letters to this nonexistent niece your aunt Fay and most of the book reads like essays than a novel Sounds ghastly, right It probably is if you read it at the wrong moment.Like many people who loved this book, I received it as a gift, put it aside, and then started reading one day when I was in the right mood And BAM I was hooked and read this short piece in an afternoon 127 pages in this edition It definitely helps to like Jane [...]

    4. What a fun read for fans of Fay Weldon It is a real treat for her fans to peek over her shoulder while she pens her epistolary experiment One need not be a fan of Jane Austen, but if one is, well, all the better Alas, one need be a fan of Weldon, and I had not read her, so all the worse She seems to have been quite prolific, but this is not the Weldon novel to begin with, I suspect, as it seems of a playful, self indulgent, but ultimately failed experiment, a sort of romp through an essay on wh [...]

    5. A friend thank you Dee once sent me this book after a conversation about Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice She mentioned it as a sort of introduction to Jane Austen and her world Last month I finally decided to pick it up.The book is comprised of a number of letters that an aunt, who happens to be a published writer, sends to her niece, who is doing an English major at the University but doesn t want to read Jane Austen So the letters starts by addressing Austen, her world, beliefs and social ru [...]

    6. La ni ce imaginaire de l auteur lui fait part de sa difficult lire et aimer Jane Austen et en m me temps de son envie d crire elle m me un roman Sa tante lui r pond sur ses sujets mais disserte galement sur la litt rature en g n ral et la vie des auteurs et c est ces lettres qui sont regroup s dans cet ouvrage Fay Weldon est une sommit dans la monde austenien et j avais donc tr s envie de d couvrir ce qu elle avait dire sur Jane Austen De plus, nous les jan ites, avons souvent taient confront es [...]

    7. What a curious little book I ve never read Fay Weldon before, although I was familiar with her name I found this book at Amber Unicorn Used Books in the Jane Austen section a section I always check in used bookstores as one can never have too many copies of Austen s novels and the title caught my fancy But what is this book Fiction or non fiction One sided epistolary novel or lit crit A defense of Jane Austen or advice on becoming a writer Obviously, I enjoyed the Jane parts of this the best Ms [...]

    8. I had to read this for Advanced EnglishLook, I found Weldon s persona enjoyable at times but other times hard to engage with Only 2 stars from me I m just glad I finished it

    9. 3.5 STARS I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review With the dire warning, You must read, Alice, before it s too late, Fay Weldon, or Aunt Fay, implores her niece to immerse herself in the works of enduring authors Alternating between passages from Jane Austen s novels and accounts of her own career, Weldon reveals the connections between art and life, and charts Alice s trajectory from unpublished writer to celebrated author, her success ultimately outstripping that of h [...]

    10. Fay Weldon s use of an invented niece is flimsy at best, and this combined with several oddities immediately set this book to the side When one then considers that this is pretty clearly an excuse on Weldon s part to ramble about her opinions on writing and Jane Austen some of her writing theory is very sound, some of her Austen theory is utterly bizarre , this novel becomes incredibly tedious There are no spoilers to be had with this book, unless you deign to mention that this is barely prose m [...]

    11. Geweldig boek Niet alleen als je van Jane Austen houdt, maar ook als je van boeken en schrijven in het algemeen houdt.

    12. This epistolary novel is made up of sixteen letters from our narrator Fay who, yes, apparently shares some similarities with the book s author to her niece, Alice, who is eighteen and studying literature and feeling grumpy about having to read Jane Austen Fay s letters endeavor to explain why Austen is still relevant, and to give Alice some context about Austen s life and times, but end up being wide ranging than that they contain a lot of advice about reading and writing Fay is a novelist, and [...]

    13. I picked this book because I haven t read and had no intention of reading anything by Jane Austen as with Agatha Christie, Dickens and Doyle s Sherlock Holmes I ve seen enough dramatizations so as to feel as if I ve read the entire canon That said I m well aware that even the best intentioned adaptation will still miss much, so maybe there was a case for Austen and I was willing to be persuaded I wasn t sure what to expect of these letters but they turned out to be what they couldn t avoid being [...]

    14. I appreciated her blend of history, feminism, writing tips, and especially the information about the life of Jane Austen Sometimes went on a bit and was a tad snarky, but overall I enjoyed this book This was an accidental read as I mistook a recommendation about letters, an aunt, and feminism to be this instead of what was actually recommended Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions which I highly recommend.A Happy accident and now I know and appreciate about Ms Austen.

    15. What should a feminist aunt, who is a novelist, say to her college aged niece, who wants to be a novelist Does every woman need to read Jane Austen to understand how to write Can a young adult make sense of the complicated sister to sister relationship that has kept this aunt estranged from her Find out My long dormant English major self jumped for joy reading this book.

    16. I loved this book Engaging, well written, and at times laugh out loud humorous, this book of letters from the writer to her niece is full of insight and wisdom I believe anyone who has ever read Austen s work will appreciate the wittiness in Weldon s defense of reading, writing, and Jane This is one that I wanted to reread as soon as I had finished.

    17. I really enjoyed this book, even though it uses the device of a series of letters As a fan of Jane Austen s novels I liked the notes on her writing, and the letter writer s opinions too.

    18. This is the third time I attempted to read this book I was sure it would be good, but the first couple of times, I just wasn t in the right frame of mind for something which made me think, as this did Books written as fictional letters or diaries are very often humorous, in my experience 84, Charing Cross Road, Bridget Jones s Diary, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3 4, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, to name but a few Fay Weldon s letters are to a fictional niece who [...]

    19. for me this was exactly the right book at the right time Every student of literature or any aspiring author should read this Especially when a fan of Austens work.

    20. This didn t get five stars from me Even though on some levels it deserved it So lets get it the stumbling block out of the way before I start praising the book up And here it is Despite being really interested in the ideas in this book, I found myself labouring at times through dense passages and complex sentences with little of the relief that is usually provided by action, drama and or dialogue I had to discipline myself to keep going.But I m so glad I did I loved the story being told in lette [...]

    21. first of all id like to say that i have not long read this for english to analyse, write about etc, and english honestly can ruin alot of books so i dont think my judgement is entirely fair as i wasnt reading for enjoyment so i dont mean to offend those who like this book, as did find aspects i liked about it such as the relatedness of it to today society and the letters are personal and feel as though they are connecting with me aswell, possibly because i am still in school and can relate to A [...]

    22. More about love of literature than AustenI stumbled across Fay Weldon in researching the 1980 BBC miniseries adaptation of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice starring Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul Weldon wrote the screenplay for the adaptation so I had high expectations for her book, Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen I was expecting something witty, eloquent, and thoughtful And I got that However, I felt that the book was an interesting exposition on the importance and relevance [...]

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