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Twist #2020

Twist USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIESPARANORMAL ROMANCE book Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws She is forc

  • Title: Twist
  • Author: Dannika Dark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twist By Dannika Dark, USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIESPARANORMAL ROMANCE book 2Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life .Until Logan Cross walks into it.Their chance meetingUSA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIESPARANORMAL ROMANCE book 2Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life .Until Logan Cross walks into it.Their chance meeting leads her close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling the search to find out who he is before he finds her.Lives are at stake Truths are revealed And an unexpected passion ignites An outspoken woman makes the world a livable place You have fire in you, and I would never put that out SEVEN SERIES READING ORDER Book 1 Seven Years Seven Series 1 Book 2 Six Months Seven Series 2 Book 3 Five Weeks Seven Series 3 Book 4 Four Days Seven Series 4 Book 5 Three Hours Seven Series 5 Book 6 Two Minutes Seven Series 6 Book 7 One Second TBA SEVEN WORLDCharming TBA MAGERI SERIES READING ORDER Book 1 Sterling Mageri Series Book 1 Book 2 Twist Mageri Series Book 2 Book 3 Impulse Mageri Series Book 3 Book 4 Gravity Mageri Series Book 4 Book 5 Shine Mageri Series Book 5 Final Installment OTHER BOOKS Closer A Novella

    • [E-Book] ☆ Twist | BY ☆ Dannika Dark
      Dannika Dark

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    1. Twist is the second installment in Dannika Dark s urban fantasy series titled Mageri Ms Dark is an amazing writer of paranormal urban fantasy and I adore her Seven series Mageri has been a difficult storyline for me to invest in though After finishing the first book Sterling with three stars, I was pretty hopeful that Twist would be the one to win me over but it was a struggle Based on my personal reading experience, Sterling warranted those three stars and I detailed why in my review, but for T [...]

    2. The heroine in this book is one of the most annoying and stupid characters I ve ever read about She has no clue, is dumb and still never listens to other people Then she gets in trouble and the guys have to rescue her When she gets scolded for it she even wonders why people are pissed Seriosuly did she lose her brain when she was turned into a Marge But still the author writes about how others are in awe of her and of course several men want her Why they would want someone like her I have no clu [...]

    3. I m in love, officially, with Logan Cross This book is awesome Its rating is actually closer to 5 stars, like 4 3 4 Our Silver is struggling to accept her new life as a Mage and to be a good learner But, trouble just seems to find her no matter what The benefactor wants her back and he will do whatever it takes to get her Enter into the picture, Logan Cross Logan is not a Mage, he is a Chitah He is sent to kidnap Silver but things take a different path Justus, Simon, Adam, and Knox are working t [...]

    4. 2.5 frustrated stars I loved Sterling Despite some of Zoe s questionable stupid behaviour and reactions, I liked her And I loved every single one of the strong personalities of Justus, Simon and Adam So how did this go from 4 stars to a cringe worthy 2.5 Well For starters, Dannika Dark introduced a fourth love interest Third if you don t count Justus as a love interest Apparently none of them were good enough for Zoe Zoe agrees so she brings in Logan.Me I was rooting for Justus I LOVE a mentor f [...]

    5. Second Review Re read for Dannika Dark Buddy Read in Gotta Have Romance with a Kick group.This one really picks things up Now that some of the perimeters of the world are established we spend less time on those issues and time spending time in the Breed world, and learning customs Naturally Silver believes this means don t tell Justus things, and to go gallivanting around sans support body guard etc Silver is still living with Justus and hasn t really seen Adam since the last book She s full o [...]

    6. I am loving the Mageri series and Twist, book 2, does not disappoint Book 1, Sterling, set up a complicated world with great characters and introduced the Mageri It ended with a twist and left me wondering how Ms Dark would juggle a wealth of hot men connected with Silver Amazingly enough, we get even hotter men as Logan, a Chitah, is introduced into the mix, along with a variety of interesting peripheral characters who I suspect will be developed in future books.The plot revolves around the con [...]

    7. Silver is continuing her training as a learner but isn t quite ready to give up her past life Justus and Simon continue their search for the mysterious mage known as the benefactor In TWIST we get to know new characters, but importantly, we learn about the characters we have previously met I am enjoying the balance of suspense, comradery, and romance that Dark delivers.Dark introduces two new types of Breed A Chitah and a Wolf Shifter Logan Cross is the Chitah who has cat like abilities wth sp [...]

    8. Twist by Dannika Dark was an exciting, glorious ride It took everything I love about urban fantasy and it DELIVERED The evolution of the protagonist makes me so happy So often we read about super confident, sassy, strong, ultra independent heroines, or perhaps delicate hothouse flowers that need an alpha male to keep them, with no BALANCE between the two archetypes I love reading about a character who is discovering who she is, outside of being defined by a relationship, race, power, or Breed Si [...]

    9. Dear Ms Dannika Dark, You have just earned a fan Twist, I must say, you did it again I loved this book Loved a few new characters Loved that you incorporated the old characters On my way to Book 3 Do me a favor, I need you to finish Book Number 4 like right now I am immersed in this world of Mageri I can t get enough Silver is awesome Didn t think I would like Logan, but he is a Knock your Socks off bad boy He can sit on me anytime Simon and Silver keep me laughing Love the new character Finn I [...]

    10. Struggled a bit to finish this one I gave three stars to the first book, even though there were a few things I didn t like First books can often be a little bit hit and miss, so I was willing to be generous Unfortunately the problems continue into this book too I just don t like the heroine, Silver She is contradictory and inconsistent and I was reaching the point where, not only did I not care what she did next, I actually hoped she d be killed and one of the other characters would take over as [...]

    11. OOOH Logan Yup, that s mainly what I have to say Great alpha males, super independent heroin with heart All around fantastic read and did I mention there s a new guy on the block named LOGAN

    12. I was Sucked in by STERLING and now I m Tortured by TWIST These are the best to date reads for 2012 I average about three books per week so that puts these at the head of an approximate seventy six book pack, not bad This is dark urban fantasy at its best and it reminds me of those terrific Stacia Kane books Unholy Ghost Series but without the high price tag STERLING is only a buck and TWIST is 3 That s a heck of a lot of entertainment for the cost I was on board when I stumbled across book one [...]

    13. Sooooo good Oh, Ms Dark How I love your stories Twist is such an amazing blend of action, suspense, an introduction to different Breed, and sigh romance, that I had to force myself to put the book down and do things that needed doing Silver s life has settled down a bit now that the threat Samil posed has been neutralized But Justus and Simon are still on the trail of the benefactor , and when Silver decides to help, things don t stay calm for long Then there is the appearance of Logan Cross and [...]

    14. I LOVED the first book, loved the attitude and snark Book 2 seems to have been toned down a little, and I missed that, BUT, the Alpha maleness went up about 10 points with the addition of another guy looking out for Silver, talk about romantic tension Thankfully, it did not go the way of Anita Blake, who I do love, too Instead, Silver is surrounded by those who are looking out for her best interest, whether they win her affections, or not, awesome Silver is coming into her own, opening up to acc [...]

    15. I liked this book better than the first one I considered it took direction and fleshed out the characters a bit Although the main character comes across as often careless, and doesn t seem to experience any real trauma or damage from here encounters which frankly is pretty damn amazing , it does establish her as having strength of character as well as impulsive rather than being as stupid as a whale omelette.I liked the story and will be steaming ahead to the next one pretty soon, although I w [...]

    16. Well, that escalated quickly From kidnapper to lover in 0.6 seconds Don t worry Dark pulls it off This book and series are great I can now see why two of my closest book pals are Dark fans DD4Life and all that jazz.

    17. Dannika Dark does it again TWIST was just as good as STERLING Mageri Series Book 1 , with a new hero and love interest, ramped up action, and great plot advancement for the series arc WARNING SOME MINOR SPOILERS THEY WON T RUIN THE STORY, BUT YOU LL GET SOME INSIDE INFORMATION ALL THE SAMECharacters 5 StarsOnce again, I fell in love with Silver and her entourage of protectors, but the new addition of Logan Cross was brilliant First of all, he s a Breed called a Chitah, and as you can imagine, he [...]

    18. So this review is really going to test my unbiased opinion Was this book amazing Yes Was it the same incredible story from Sterling Yes Am I absolutely beside myself and ecstatic to start book three HECK YEAH Did the story play out just like I wanted NO I am going to jump right out there on that limb and tell you my opinion then we will get the facts, and how great this author and her books really are I am a Justus lover There it is my big secret, and my major disappointment for book two I was c [...]

    19. I m very, very, very smitten with the world Dannika Dark has created here It s a world that fits the story perfectly It s dark and brutal and yet it has this core of beauty in it all at the same time Silver has the potential to do such good and there s so much for her to experience in this new life, yet this ugly underbelly keeps busting in and sticking their dirty fingers where they aren t wanted.I was iffy on another man being introduced into Silver s story I liked the ones already there and I [...]

    20. Quite disappointed New guy, Logan comes along, most of us would swoon but honestly, he annoyed the crap of me The main character Silver had also began to irritate me This book had made me have not care for whatever happens to Silver The romance between Logan and Silver didn t seem realistic I just don t get what Logan sees in Silver and what Silver sees in Logan As much as i try, i can t seem to figure out why they love each other From what i see, it isn t love, it s like well it seems false Bo [...]

    21. Amazing storyline Twist turns and rolls so quickly that you don t have time to catch your breath I was a little disappointed that Justus didn t play a bigger part I have a thing for this guy and I missed the training sessions with Silver BUT oh my Logan is a great character to introduce to Silver s life I can t say much without giving away the story, but there are new characters, characters that we met in the first book come back, and all kinds of delicious scenarios OH And someone from Silver s [...]

    22. If Sterling was good, Twist was AWESOME I couldn t put this one down The title aptly describes the book as there are lots of twists in this one, including the introduction of Logan and ladies, look out for him He will leave you panting for Ms Dark continues to build on her Mageri world in Twist, with mystery, thrills and hot romance I only have one question when is Impulse being released because this reader cannot wait Now go and read this series if you haven t already You will NOT be sorry

    23. This series is like a walk in the park for me It s simply refreshing I enjoy this series because the characters are so likeable This book introduced a few new people and I was just as interested in them.Another thing that I love about this series is the style of writing Silver is the main character and most of the book is from her point of view, but you do get to read some story lines that she is not a part of I like this because it keeps me from getting tired of the one person s point of view.G [...]

    24. Me est gustando esta saga, aunque la protagonista act e de vez en cuando como si tuviese 20 en vez de 29 ____D A n as , es una lectura que engancha y el mundillo que ha creado la autora est muy currado.

    25. Loved itI loved this story I was not expecting Logan Cross to have such an impact on Silver I couldn t stop reading this Silver continues to put on herself than she should but its her tenacity that gets the job done She is a great strong female character and I love her banter with the men The side relationship of her friend and Knox was done very well and they are adorable I really hope Adam finds someone too I don t think he was ever invested in them which is good because I doubt he could comp [...]

    26. Dannika Dark Buddy Read in Gotta Have Romance with a Kick group.Really love Logan and Riley Cross in this book Hopefully we may get on Sunny s life.

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