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Wraith's Forest #2020

Wraith s Forest Fairy tales and haunted woods lead us through L J Leger s Beauty and the Beast story of one girl with the weight of a village on her shoulders and the attention of a very unlikely soul Jenna is chosen

  • Title: Wraith's Forest
  • Author: L.J. Leger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • Wraith's Forest By L.J. Leger, Fairy tales and haunted woods lead us through L.J Leger s Beauty and the Beast story of one girl with the weight of a village on her shoulders and the attention of a very unlikely soul.Jenna is chosen for the coveted task of gathering the magical fruit to preserve the peaceful balance of the secret valley where she and many others live During the harvest, one fruit is daFairy tales and haunted woods lead us through L.J Leger s Beauty and the Beast story of one girl with the weight of a village on her shoulders and the attention of a very unlikely soul.Jenna is chosen for the coveted task of gathering the magical fruit to preserve the peaceful balance of the secret valley where she and many others live During the harvest, one fruit is damaged and the task of healing the bruise falls on Jenna s shoulders She must enter the Wraith s Forest, retrieve a magical blade from the specter who lives there so the valley will remain a utopia But once she makes contact with the Wraith, her fear slowly disappears and her curiosity is aroused with questions of why the Wraith is in the Forest and the true purpose for the harvest If you love Beauty and Beast type fairy tales, Wraith s Forest is the book to read Perfect for Young Adults

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      252 L.J. Leger
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    1 thought on “Wraith's Forest

    1. I ve been waiting for you Every twenty five years, the Tree of Providence blooms, and a girl is chosen to go into the Wraith s forest to pick the harvest Jenna knows that as long as she stays on the path she is safe from the Wraith But after she finds a bruised fruit and sees the Wraith following her, she is shaken and stumbles into the forest.To atone for the bruised fruit needed to brew a magic draught to keep the valley protected Jenna is sent to find the Wraith and retrieve the magic blade B [...]

    2. I was given this book for free on a read to review basis 16 year old Jenna goes to harvest fruit from The Tree of Providence on the last day of harvest, only to find that one of the fruits has fallen onto the floor and bruised Returning to the village, she is told that to amend for the bruised fruit she must go into the forest, and ask the wraith if she may borrow his magical knife to heal the fruit.Doing as she was asked Jenna sets off into the forest Finding the wraith she tells him her reques [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book I love fairy tale re tellings especially ones about Beauty and the Beast I like this books because the beast isn t an animal but instead a wraith who did not do anything wrong in his life but was a kind of causality for the protection of his fellow townspeople To hear his story makes you sympathize with him and grow to care for him I also loved reading about how Jenna s feelings for the Wraith whose name is Seth changed and she grew to love him The ending was perfect f [...]

    4. This was a short story but one I really enjoyed It s a new twist to an old classic Beauty The Beast has always been a firm favourite of mine I think Jenna Seth s story was an interesting take on one of the best loved stories of all time What makes the heart warmer than a story of love conquering all The story was quite fast paced I would have perhaps liked a slightly longer version with some twists or at least time getting to know the two main characters but other than that the story flowed we [...]

    5. This was a whimsical book which reminded me a lot of Beauty and The Beast I liked the hero and heroine a lot One thing I didn t like about it was that it was too short I would have loved to see character development, development of the relationship between Seth and Jenna and just story I enjoyed the twist of a wraith that was forced to be so, not because of pride or arrogance I highly recommend this book The ending was also sweet.

    6. What an amazing little gem This is a short retelling of Beauty and the Beast with the Beast being a Wraith I absolutely love fairy tale retellings and this one is no exception The author creates a unique magical world with likable characters in a short amount of space.Fans of fairy tales will love this story I recommend giving it a read.

    7. Full review can be found here.The problem with novellas is that often enough it s hard for the reader to form a substantial opinion of the characters I found that to be the case here I had my opinion of Jenna but that was because the story followed her and so she was in every scene I actually liked her and how she came across as a very rounded, normal person doing her duty because she knows this is what is expected of her and not because this is what she wants to do I find that s the case with m [...]

    8. The story surrounded Jenna a young girl from a small village located in a Valley that is full of light, and prosperity But in order to ensure the Village good fortune the village has to participate in a harvest During the harvest, young women are chosen to out into the forest to pick fruit from the Tree of Providence The fruit is brought back and given to the village s wizard Master Nole who creates an elixir that keeps the village in balance.But just outside of the village, deep in the forest a [...]

    9. This is a really short and fun read I definitely could have read it in one sitting if I hadn t been so busy the past few days But instead it took me two sittings to read I had fun reading it for the short time that it lasted.The setting of the story is never really defined, so I guess that leaves you free to imagine your own There isn t really anything that happens or that is described to give any clue to what era this story takes place in either I would assume the story takes place quite a whil [...]

    10. This is a condensed version of my review The extended version can be found here My Overall Thoughts Impressions First off, I d like to thank L J for giving this to me for review.I went into this novel with absolutely no expectations I didn t know what to think I thought it would be a decent read, but nothing spectacular I was blown away with the writing, the characters, the plot, basically everything about this novella I loved the main characters Jenna and the Wraith Their interactions with one [...]

    11. If not for it being a little simplistic for most paranormal romance fans and the female lead, Jenna, being but 16, you would not know this is a Young Adult short story.A dreaded forest, a spectra, a wizard, the Tree of Providence, a magical knife, a lottery for the forced labor of young girls, a curse, a decaying mansion, a pure heart and an unlikely love found make up this paranormal romance for young adults.The Wraith, black robed creaturet human, and not fully a spiritund to the forest for et [...]

    12. Jenna a 16 year old was chosen to go to the forest where there is a tree called the tree of providence this tree is said to be magical it ripes magical fruits that are prepared by the wizard of the valley, his purpose with that is to keep the balance in the valley but no one knows the real reason why he needs part of the fruits for and the real reason why he send Jenna to go in the forest to ask the wraith for the magical blade to supposedly fix the fruit that was damaged A very interesting stor [...]

    13. I would like to thank the author for the chance to read such an entertaining novel L J Leger has a wonderful talent for grabbing the reader s attention from the first page, and never letting go At the end, when one finally closes this book, there is no confussion about what the story was about, and a hunger to read is present Of all creatures, wraiths are wonderful things In the power of make believe the author invites you into a fantastic world of thrills and adventure that beg for a finishing [...]

    14. 3.5 5 stars A magical tale, beautifully written.Wraith s Forest is a dark fairy tale novella filled with deceit, compassion and magic I was pleasantly surprised by this short story An intriguing re telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast fairytale, Leger perfectly produces an original and exciting tale that magically draws you into the story.In my opinion the story was beautifully well written The author s use of description and syntax just completed the story and added that extra layer to t [...]

    15. First, let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed reading this story I got an email requesting a review and, after reading the blurb, I knew I had to read Wraith s Forest Ah, the power of a good blurb To read it for yourself, click here It intrigued me, and I had to know how Jenna s story would turn out to be a rendition of the classic beauty and beast fairytale.Recently, the hottest new fads for YA books are either dystopian stories thanks to The Hunger Games or classic fairytales told wi [...]

    16. Wraith s Forest shows much promise L.J Leger has a budding grasp on her use of prose, parts of the story read beautifully and were extremely enjoyable The story is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale with a few minor changes Jenna is a sixteen year old girl who is appointed with the job of harvesting fruit from a magical tree so the local Wizard can make an elixer that would help keep the balance of the valley One of the fruits is bruised, with the weight of her failure on her sho [...]

    17. Wraith s Forest By L.J LegerEvery twenty five years a group of young women are chosen to harvest the Tree of Providence, this time as a young woman, Jenna, is harvesting she holds resentment in her heart for having been selected in doing so she has condemned the harvest which in turn can cause famine and death to the rest of the villagers There is only one way to heal the fruit, she must appeal to the Wraith who stalks the forest around the village if she can persuade him to let her have his mag [...]

    18. First of all I would like to thank Judith Leger the author for giving me a free e copy for review I really appreciate it.This story was definetly a short read The story was according to me too short I started and then like just a little while later I am done Which is a pity since the story getting somewhere but then there was the climax and it was over Which is why I gave this novella only four stars.The story I think follows a fairytale, honestly I don t know which one, probably since I wasn t [...]

    19. Wraith s Forest is a short story about a young girl, Jenna, who has been chosen to gather magical fruit that is used by her village to protect them and keep them at peace One fruit is bruised and it is Jenna who must fix the problem to protect her village She is sent to the forest to find the Wraith and bring back his magical blade to fix the bruised fruit and save the village.Let me start off by saying I love fairy tales They were my favorite thing to read when I was little and I still enjoy th [...]

    20. When I first saw that this story was offered, I said why not its short I was not expecting much from what I consider a novella, they are not long enough to really get into the story, but this one was different Even though you know what is going to happened, because you realize that it s a tail spin from Beauty and the Beast with a twist, you really don t know the how until the end It was beautifully written everything fit and moved along smoothly no hang ups, and no boring sections that left you [...]

    21. I wasn t sure how I would settle with this as I don t normally read short stories but honestly I thoroughly enjoyed it.There are strong similarities between the story and the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast that is not to say it is derivative at all, that it taps into that fairy tale vibe very successfully It took me back to being a child reading fairy story after fairy story and that is no bad thing.The descriptions are beautifully drawn and I could see the places and people mentioned as thou [...]

    22. This is a lovely little retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story that I found engaging and fun At 60 pages, it is a short read, but the characters and the situation came across well and, even though I knew roughly what to expect, I was still drawn in to the tale.This book should appeal to the YA audience and also to adults who are looking for a pleasant, quick read in the paranormal genre Worth checking out.

    23. This was such a new and wonderful take on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast.Everything flowed so nicely and was full of rick detail I felt like I was in that time and place and experiencing everything with them.I really enjoyed this sweet story about seeing what true beauty really is and not ever judging a book by its cover alone.Beautifully done

    24. I was a little weary of this story at first given the horrible cover, but it was actually pretty good I liked the Wraith versus beast idea, but I would have preferred a shOrter intro and meat in the middle and end The beginning definitely reminded me of that movie The Village.

    25. A whimsical tale enchanting the reader from word one.A girl, a boy and magic create the setting for this fast paced tale that leaves you feeling young at heart and glad you discovered this Happily Ever After story.The classic beauty meets beast with some nifty new twists.D Dye

    26. So I m a bit late on my review for this book It s short, sweet, and wonderful I ve always loved Beauty and the Beast and variations of the tale This book is one of my favorite versions I kind of wish it had been longer just because I loved the story so much.

    27. I loved this story Beauty and the beast is one of my all time favorite fairy tales and this is a very good adaptation of it It was alittle short for me but it was beyond good 4.5 out of 5 stars for me

    28. Reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, this short read is sure to add new life to a classic tale Short and sweet would describe this fairy tale and will be reading it again.

    29. Wraith s Forest was awesome A great read, its a short one but you will not get board It made my day

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