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Rusalka #2020

Rusalka The story of Eveshka a Rusalka the ghost of a murdered girl still seeking to exist by drawing the energy of life from all nearby living things and the attempt to bring her back to life by her father

  • Title: Rusalka
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
  • Rusalka By C.J. Cherryh, The story of Eveshka, a Rusalka the ghost of a murdered girl still seeking to exist by drawing the energy of life from all nearby living things, and the attempt to bring her back to life by her father Ulamets, and Pyetr, the young man who loves her.

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      389 C.J. Cherryh
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    1 thought on “Rusalka

    1. the cover makes it look so grim, yet this is a rather light and pleasant fantasy, most of the time bad things happen but overall it is an earnest and loveable novel which made it enjoyable but also unmemorable and somewhat of a disappointment i was hoping for much darker things russian mythology is scary mythology russia is scary i wanted old school russia i guess, gogol set in an enchanted forest but what i got was robin mckinley lite ah well.

    2. This is a story about a young wizard and a gambler, thrown together and sent on an adventure They encounter a dead girl and her living elderly father, a wizard in his own right Descriptions of Mythic Russia include people, places and creatures including that of the title.From the author s description, A rusalka is a Russian ghost a drowned maiden who dies for love will become a rusalka, haunting the river where she perished A few other Russian beasties appear in this story including bannik, lesh [...]

    3. Sasha orphan stableboy with some talent for magic and Pyetr young, genial ne er do well are driven from their home village of Vojvoda into the forest the creepy and largely dead forest where their path takes them to the riverside cottage of one Uulamets, a wizard, and his dead daughter Eveshka, the titular rusalka.This is really of a ghost story, almost a horror story, than anything the woods are dead drained by Eveshka over the years and inhabited only by various spirits of wood and water and [...]

    4. Ugh I love Russian folklore, so I was hopeful for a series that would share some of what has so enthralled me over the years, but this series falls sharply short The prose is muddled, the representation of pre Christian Russian beliefs oddly skewed and the plot trajectory awkward and unsatisfying I never made it past this first book of the trilogy and don t plan to.

    5. I love CJCherry Clearly she was still honing her writing chops with this book It hurts me to say it but I just didn t enjoy reading this I like Russian folktales so this should have been a winner in all ways for me Ah well The 3 stars is rounding up I couldn t bare to give any book of hers a 2.

    6. In a fantasy version of medieval Russia, Sasha is an orphaned stableboy cursed by bad luck or so he and the entire town believes Anything Sasha wishes can come true, which is actually a terrifying, unpredictable power as a young child, he wished for his father to stop beating him and his house promptly burnt down, killing both his parents Sasha tries very hard therefore not to wish for anything, never to get angry, and to want as little as possible.All of this changes when he meets Pyetr, a youn [...]

    7. Very, very far away from heroic fantasy, but not the less, one of the best fantasy s books I have read, and so one of my favorites I really liked the way Cherryh has managed to capture the essence of classical Russian fairytale, and also of Russian culture The atmosphere and the scenery is excellently built as well.What I really enjoyed it, tho, were the two leading characters The dynamic between Sasha and Peter is extremely realistic and masterly done Both of them need to get some rapid growing [...]

    8. Based on pre Christian Russian mythology, this is a surprisingly well done narrative of two young men on the run whose flight into a dead forest ensnares them in a wizard s attempt to bring back to life his dead daughter One could possibly make several criticisms of the plot and its pace or the author s perception of the Slavic mythology, but her wonderful articulation of the psychic mechanics of magic and her descriptive prose eclipses any quibbles, most of which aren t really worth mentioning [...]

    9. I never did finish this book, because it s scary in that creepy things hiding under the bed sort of way.Which will make some people like it a lot.

    10. If wishes were magic that s the premise of this novel If you re a powerful magician, your wishes become your magic spells Your wishes can come true, but there s a price, a balance that must be created and maintained.In this tale, Ilya, the old malevolent seeming wizard, is attempting to bring his ghost of a Daughter, Eveshka, back to the world of the living Sasha, the young wizard boy with incredibly powerful wishes, is caught between the old master s need to resurrect his daughter and the young [...]

    11. I enjoyed the story, but the writing style was much too awkward There are two primary characters, Pyetr and Sasha, and the point of view keeps switching between the two without warning, which made me take far too long to read it.Also, from what I know of Russian mythological creatures, Cherryh s creatures are just too nice Her rusalka, at her worst, seems like she s just a girl who made a mistake and regrets it Never mind that she s destroyed a forest the size of a mid sized country.

    12. In tsarist Russia, a kitchen boy and a playboy are forced on the run Wounded and with few resources, they escape into the surrounding woods and there encounter spirits and demons of all varieties The relationship between the two men is really sweet and contentious they each like each other a great deal but are troubled by aspects of their relationship It s pleasantly, subtextually slashy Unfortunately, the story is bogged down by endless scenes of them feeling confused I know they re over their [...]

    13. I read this book years ago and confess that I totally forgot about it, except that I must have liked it enough then to buy it and the two subsequent books in the trilogy in pretty hardcover In reality, I think I just loved the setting and Cherryh s uncomplicated style Sometimes I wanted there to be insightful motivations behind the characters, but in the end, not everyone can be overly complicated and it is, afterall, very much like a fairy tale or ghost story.

    14. One of my favorite books of all time Pyetr and Sasha must run way from their Russian village or be accused of a crime They end up in a shack in the forest owned by a strange old man whose daughter, Eveshka, is a vengeful ghost The writing is excellent and it is difficult to follow what is going on because the author doesn t just give everyone s motivations away.

    15. I don t quite know what to think of Rusalka it s not good, it s not bad it just exists.Plot Summary The plot is set in Russia, not sure when but before there were guns and it focuses on two people, Sasha and Pyotr although Sasha is 15 and Pyotr is close to upper 20s Hard to tell They live in the same town but don t really know each other until one day Pyotr is accused of murder, and Sasha gets caught up in it They both escape, but then are forced to wander the wilderness in early spring, when th [...]

    16. 2.5 starsI wish I could have liked this book, as it can be difficult to find stories that deal with fairies or other traditions outside of British, Greco Roman, or Norse mythologies From a technical standpoint, there is nothing wrong with this book The language is good, even poetic, and has some great imagery Unfortunately, it also did not hold my attention very well so it was a bit of a push to finish it I was JUST curious enough to keep going to see how things panned out, but not enough to wan [...]

    17. This is one of those times where I kind of don t like having to rate books on a 1 5 scale I definitely liked this book than I like most of the books I rate with 4 stars, but I didn t think it quite met my very strict 5 star standards 4.5 I suppose, to be fair.In most ways, I really like Cherryh s writing and I tend to love her characters , but I have to admit that sometimes it gets a little tricky figuring out what s happening She has a tendency to shift viewpoint abruptly and at times I kind o [...]

    18. This fantasy novel is based on Russian folklore two young men and an old wizard are trying to return to life wizard s daughter who suffered a violent death or a suicide and was turned into a rusalka a creature living next to water and feeding off men she could seduce The connection to the Russian folklore and or culture in general is quite feeble, i actually do not understand why it was needed at all Most of the book the characters are bickering about the most trivial things in a most irritating [...]

    19. What I love about this book and its sequels is the world The forest is so real and so appealing and mixing it with the lore of old Russia and the unpredictable, paranoid magic of the wizards really pushes you to keep reading I am also very fond of the family dynamic that develops across the books, showing real multi way relationships between different characters rather than the usual jealousies or fights.The only real critique I d have of this and the books that follow is that they rush their en [...]

    20. I very much enjoyed the Russian mythology upon which this book was based It was new to me, so the new expectations and rules were fun Most of the characters were unsympathetic, in my opinion Every single event was preceded and followed by a long mental monolog from one or characters I had trouble wading through the anguish and analysis of self serving characters I wouldn t read it again, but glad I read it once.

    21. I m not sure how to rate this book It became less enjoyable past the first half or so but striking and evocative of real world emotional challenges I m not entirely sure how I feel about its treatment or lessons in combination with book 2 it bears a lot thinking first but I am glad I read it.

    22. very slow moving very descriptive but frustratingly slow in many places interesting characters but didn t feel connected to any of them All of the characters had faults and these seemed to be overemphasized which gave to me a depressive feel overall Perhaps this was a way to evoke a Russian feel to the story, but did not add any enjoyment to the story experience to me.

    23. Loved it She gets Eastern Slavdom down pat, and it remains unclear which politiy she s writing of, or even if it is taking place in what became Russia or the Ukraine.

    24. I just couldn t decide if I liked this book or not I liked it less as it went on and skimmed the last dozen pages or so Not particularly recommendeded.

    25. Not CJ s best book, by any means It wasn t terrible, but it was pretty ordinary, which for CJ is kind of shocking Granted, this was fairly early in her career, so I ll make allowances, but for fans of hers, be warned this doesn t meet her usual writing standards.A rusalka is a ghost, from Slavic Russian folklore, of a woman who died violently in the water accidental drowning, suicide or murder This spirit haunts the woods near where she died, drawing energy by killing unsuspecting people who hap [...]

    26. Rusalka is a fantasy set in pre Christian Russia Cherryh creates plenty of atmosphere as her characters Pyetr and Sasha flee trouble in Vojvoda during the darkness of winter and find themselves at the mercy of a powerful wizard in a dead forest Pyetr, who was mortally wounded as he fled, has ironically been healed and returned to life by a magic he denies exists a skeptic Sasha believes in magic and lives at its mercy until he discovers that he is a wizard and must learn how to direct the powerf [...]

    27. I picked this up at a library book sale having read about it whilst googling fantasy novels inspired by Slavic Russian mythology.Setting Good and relevant description of surroundings without that creative writing feel to the descriptions that is, not too wordy, not too packed with adjectives that sound like they were looked up in a thesaurus and nothing irrelevant is described in too much detail The specific settings and the state of them have relevance to the story a bustling village, a dead fo [...]

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