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This Is How #2020

This Is How When his fianc e breaks off their engagement Patrick Oxtoby leaves home and moves to a boarding house in a seaside town But in spite of his hopes and determination to build a better life nothing goe

  • Title: This Is How
  • Author: M.J. Hyland
  • ISBN: 9781921656484
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Is How By M.J. Hyland, When his fianc e breaks off their engagement, Patrick Oxtoby leaves home and moves to a boarding house in a seaside town But in spite of his hopes and determination to build a better life, nothing goes to plan He can t shake the feeling that his new friends are conspiring against him, further fracturing his already fragile personality and prompting him to take a course oWhen his fianc e breaks off their engagement, Patrick Oxtoby leaves home and moves to a boarding house in a seaside town But in spite of his hopes and determination to build a better life, nothing goes to plan He can t shake the feeling that his new friends are conspiring against him, further fracturing his already fragile personality and prompting him to take a course of action that permanently alters the course of his life.

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    1 thought on “This Is How

    1. I often like the beginning of a book but hate the ending Here, I liked the beginning and the end but hated the middle That s a new one The story started off with such promise I love her writing style She doesn t beat you over the head with tedious descriptions of every little thing, but when she does describe something, it s perfect She looks at me and I look at her and she takes a step back as though she blames the place where she s standing for the silence I have a soft spot for sociopathic, l [...]

    2. The first half of the novel didn t grip me at all, and I just felt annoyed about having to read about such a pathetic person and his pathetic life I know these weak, sad people exist, but I certainly don t want to waste time reading about them, however cynical that sounds Halfway through the book this odd, odd man suddenly goes even loopy than he has been so far in the book, but the result is that the second half of the book is a lot interesting I couldn t relate to the first half at all, and [...]

    3. lotta hype surrounding this one and look, deservedy so despite being a little bit camus the outsider THIS IS HOW presents an agonzing portrait of awkwardness with its main man Patrick Oxtoby every page is tragic in this page turning tale of queit alienation and it finishes so uniquely beautifully i went back and re read the last 50 right away just to experience it again its what we do in this world with the things we are given, if we re lucky enough to see we have such things simple as that THIS [...]

    4. This is How is not the sort of book I usually read But it was longlisted for the Orange Prize, it was highly lauded, and my library had a copy It seemed to be time to step of my comfort zone And I m very glad that I did.The story opens with Patrick Oxtoby in his early 20s He dropped out of university to become a mechanic, a disappointment to his family.And then his fianc e deserted him He decided to make a change He found a new job in a seaside town and lodgings in a boarding house owned by a yo [...]

    5. It s hard to say much about this book without giving away the sharp turn it takes about a third of the way through and trust me, it s just so strangely, subtly heartbreaking when you re not expecting it At first, I couldn t stand Patrick Oxtoby, the rather selfish and annoying narrator Oddly, it was only when the narrative reached its turning point, where I should really have disliked him even , that I started to really, deeply care for him.It s mesmerising, watching the complete change in his l [...]

    6. I finished This Is How today and found myself attached to the writing style of M.J Hyland so than any other author of recent Her first person style of writing concerning the life of Patrick Oxtoby engulfs you in the first few pages and soon after you forget that you are reading a work of fiction This Is How is definately a journey through the mind of a psychopath, told by the psychopath and we are able to sit on the sidelines and watch everything take place sometimes with reluctance This book s [...]

    7. Some books are deceptively simple, but this one really is simple The protagonist, painfully awkward and overwhelmed by choice in the world outside, finds out he can get on quite well in prison As Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, A lot of good people can t make it on the outside I didn t get much out of Hyland s book that I hadn t already gotten out of that one sentence However, it s extremely well realized, with masterful control in the use of precise detail or complete vagueness, depending on what the [...]

    8. This book was also recommended by Evelyn Chapman This is a dark and sad novel about how one mistake, one turn of events can change the course of your life alter it forever This story is centred around Patrick a young, sensitive and intelligent man in his early 20 s who following the break up with a girl loses his way, though there are warning signs that he has been struggling through life for a long time He moves to a new town for a fresh start but finds he is burdened by the same demons Late on [...]

    9. Aangrijpende roman over een jongeman die zich heeft teruggetrokken in een pension in een Engels kustplaatsje om zijn leven weer op de rit te krijgen Alles lijkt goed te gaan, totdat er iets gebeurt wat zijn leven compleet op zijn kop zet Hyland heeft me met haar vorige twee boeken, Waar je valt en Zoals het licht binnenvalt enorm weten te raken Ook dit keer is het haar gelukt mij te ontroeren Ze schrijft zo invoelend, menselijk en integer, zonder dat het sentimenteel of al te beladen wordt Prach [...]

    10. I can t tell you how many times I ve reached for M.J Hyland s This is How from my bedside TBR stack before finally deciding it was silly to keep putting off starting a book that I so obviously have wanted to read I bought it last year when it was longlisted for the Orange Prize I was particularly drawn to last year s list most of the titles appealed to me , though this is the first book that I ve managed to read from it I really liked it, but in a very strange, uncomfortable sort of way, which I [...]

    11. The young man who struggles through this tale as the main character is in dire need of love His fiance has broken up with him and he takes his huge toolbox with him to a small island in Great Britain to work as a mechanic at a garage He has arranged for a bed and breakfast accommodation and he is ready to start life all over again He meets his fellow lodgers and his young landlady Before he can even get to his first day at work, his mother shows up, uninvited and unwelcome She doesn t seem to un [...]

    12. In the first instance let me be clear I agree with virtually everything the reviewers are quoted as saying about this book the exception being Helen Garner s comment about your heart breaking for the character, and I didn t find it thrilling Yes it is a masterful study in claustrophobia and loneliness, yes it got under my skin, and it was merciless stunning psychological portrayal The book is in two parts, the first leading up to and including the crime, the second in gaol It is written in first [...]

    13. We read this book and came together for our monthly book discussion with me wondering very much where this session was going to go.For a start I absolutely loved THIS IS HOW, and seeing as I seem to spend an awful lot of our bookclub meetings in the Grumpy Corner I was wondering how many of the others would have loved hated it.In short, about 50 50 With a few people rethinking their approach once those of us who had loved this book explained the why and where that the story really worked.Aside f [...]

    14. This is How quickly and craftily establishes an insidious grip on the reader Once begun, it s hard to stop reading One senses that something is going to happen, but it s hard to know what, or when It is set in a drab, seaside town There s a bed and breakfast, a cafe, a couple of pubsl ordinary and very familiar, but described in a subtle style and language that skews and infects, leaving the reader unsettled everything is as it should be, but something is very different and very wrong The same i [...]

    15. This is How does exactly what it says on the tin, it tells you how but not why It tells you how Patrick Oxtoby arrives at a seaside resort, how he meets his mother, how he gets on with the people in the guesthouse, at his new job and with the nice girl from the caf , it tells us how he gets himself into trouble and what happens but it doesn t tell us why This is essentially a reworking of Camus The Outsider.This is How has not received universal praise I can see why It s an uncomfortable read, n [...]

    16. 3.5 stars.Hyland s prose is so spare and unflinching it makes me really tense I spent the entirety of this book waiting for the worst possible things to happen I don t understand how she manages to write like that zero embellishment everything what it is and not have it be a bore This reminded me of The Treatment and the Cure view spoiler since they re both about young men who ve committed a crime and are incarcerated circa 1970s, hide spoiler even though that s written in second person and this [...]

    17. Dark and depressing Had thoughts on just abandoning the book so many times, but I wanted to know how it ends Hopeful that there s something good would come But it didn t.What I like about the book is the protagonist, Patrick Oxtenby How Hyland successfully got her readers to feel like they were actually there in Patrick s head It was so intimate And heart breaking too to see how a good manered but socially akward young man could get so deep into trouble just by doing a stupid thing What ever he [...]

    18. The second half of this book so vastly outranks the first in characterisation, prose, narrative drive and so on that it s almost bizarre I suppose knowing we re in the hands of a very good writer it s possible to believe this disjunction is intended, but I would not have persevered beyond the fiftieth page had it not been that I admire the writer Also, I m always a little irritated by books which are very patently setting out to do Something In Particular in this case, the whole disaffected narr [...]

    19. This is the saddest book I think I have ever had the pleasure of reading Quietly galloping into Oxtoby s demise along with him was bittersweet but impossible to turn back from From his hot flushes and moments of inexplicable anger to his incredibly observant and detail oriented narrative, this whole experience is just heartbreaking really I couldn t leave the house for 2 days until I d finished it.

    20. Very hated this book and we usually agree on stuff but I really liked M.J s other book so surely at my own peril I m totally going to read this There s a fair chance the subsequent review will all be whining about how I should have listened to Very.

    21. Utterly gorgeous The narrowing of Patrick s charmed, middle class life is so subtle and natural even though there s a murder and complete loss of everything once held dear that it seems undeniable, inevitable I was engrossed from the first page and surprised at every turn Hyland s prose is stripped and careful, never bossy I m looking forward to finding her other books.

    22. Mostly all dialog, which made it interesting, but there is no story here, no character development I kept waiting for something to happen, but it never came The characters are fairly plastic, flat I don t get their motivations for anything they do This slice of life story is very real but like real life, it s boring.

    23. A wonderful book but pretty dark stuff so I recommend being in a good mood before you start A spot on portrayal of a fairly ordinary guy who commits an extraordinary act and f s his whole life up Gripping and beautifully written, a la Ian McEwan if you like that sort of thing.

    24. In M.J Hyland s multi award nominated third novel, Patrick Oxtoby s girlfriend Sarah has broken off their relationship Feeling betrayed and humiliated, Patrick takes a drastic course of action he leaves his home along with the interference of his mother and his father s silent disapproval and settles in a distant seaside town, where he intends to shrug off his emotional baggage and history of failure and start a new life A university dropout who found a niche as a car mechanic, Patrick is not ex [...]

    25. I thought this book was heartbreaking The writing was masterful, sparse and powerful She did so much with simple, to the point sentences and phrases She drops you straight into the narrators head, and immediately you know he is both unreliable and painfully off I cringed for Patrick even when he did not have the sense to And he never did This character changes through the course of the story, and because the writing is so skilled I could feel with Patrick throughout It almost felt a little bit l [...]

    26. Though for much of the book I wondered why I was in the presence of a character who was a nobody who really didn t interest me I felt compelled to read to the end and for that I must assume I was positive about this I am not sure the style makes for easy or enjoyable reading though.

    27. M J Hyland is a good writer and the book really drew me in However I just couldn t seem to get the point of the story and it was hard to maintain an interest in Ox or any of the characters So thumbs up for the writing but thumbs down for plot.

    28. I really enjoyed this book Even though the main character is clearly delusional and is totally nuts, you feel sorry for him as she has written this so well Given it is mostly set in a prison which could be depressing, you dont feel that at all, I couldnt stop reading to see what happens

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