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In High Places #2020

In High Places Teenager Annette Klein and her family are secret agents of Crosstime Traffic sending commodities of the future back to their own timeline During an attack she is separated from her parents taken as

  • Title: In High Places
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780765306968
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In High Places By Harry Turtledove, Teenager Annette Klein and her family are secret agents of Crosstime Traffic, sending commodities of the future back to their own timeline During an attack she is separated from her parents, taken as a slave, and then the really scary thing happens her purchasers take her to an unofficial crosstime portal.

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      438 Harry Turtledove
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    1 thought on “In High Places

    1. I very much enjoyed this novel set in southern France northern Spain in an alternate Middle Ages world where Crosstime travelers from our modern era travel covertly to other Earths to trade for resources that are running out at home The lead characters are Annette, a 17 year old Jewish girl who plays the role of the daughter of a Muslim merchant, and Jacques, a young man in the army of the Duke of Paris in the Kingdom of Versailles Turtledove is a professional historian well known in scifi and f [...]

    2. Best so far of the cross time series An easy read, probably is understated on the interpretation of slavery e.g prospective young reader, try reading Alex Halley s ROOTS, or Octavia Butler s Kindred But Turtledove has dealt nicely with several themes in history, e.g the eventual removal of slavery from both an ethics and economic perspective and concurrently the ongoing pervasiveness of slavery in modern culture Hint, Mr Turtledove, you might consider a brief afterword essay for this novel, wher [...]

    3. Aside from being just plain dumb and loaded with inconsistencies the chief problem was that the story was over the top preachy Entirely too much pretentious high mindedness Crosstime Traffic are heroic legitimate interlopers and exploiters but those bad apple users of the pirated Transposition Chamber are e v i l Really Come on Harry, you can do better than this At least you USED to be able to write better Okay, I get it Harry, slavery is a bad thing even when African Moors are practicing it aga [...]

    4. In High Places, the third in Turtledove s YA Crosstime Traffic series, begins with an unexpected conceit in a parallel universe where 4 5ths of Europe is killed by the Black Plague rather than 1 3rd , coincidental timing led a French preacher to become an enduring prophet, Henri, known to Christians as the Second Son Hundreds of years later, Henri is worshipped by many Christians alongside God and Jesus, and society has hardly crawled past the Dark Ages The wealthy Muslims of North Africa and th [...]

    5. Each volume of the Crosstime Traffic series gets a little better in terms of bringing characters and alternate timelines to life As with the first book in the series, this one tends to over explain comparisons between timelines, which seems to be a short coming that is blatantly obvious when the alternate timeline diverges from the series home timeline.Like the second book, Curious Notions, this one has stronger characters from the alternate timeline s , which seems to help bring the setting t [...]

    6. The blurb on the back says Readers nostalgic for the juvenile SF novels of Robert A Heinlein and Andre Norton will find much to enjoy, and I agree that the style is similar Apparently Turtledove writes alternative history again, according to the blurb , though I hadn t come across him before So many authors So many books to read My father found this book and recommended it.Annette is 17 and has been with her parents in the Kingdom of Versailles, in character as Moorish merchants They re on the l [...]

    7. I previewed this book for my school s library In general, I liked the alternate history concept and the notion of travel to other alternate versions of our world as a form of commerce, as the main character does I enjoyed the way these alternates FEEL like different times, but really aren t A Paris alternate that still feels Medieval is not that way because you have jumped in time, but because in that alternate, the Black Plague was widespread, the Crusades were not as successful for the Europe [...]

    8. In High Places is a novel of Crosstime Traffic by Harry Turtledove While this author writes fantasy I know him mainly from his alternate history novels His educational background includes a PhD in Byzantine history.He has 6 novels in his young adult Crosstime Traffic series and this one is the 3rd Each novel is a standalone but set in the same universe where the people of a future earth have discovered how to travel to alternate worlds where history unfolded differently than our time line But ea [...]

    9. This is the third book in Turtledove s Crosstime Traffic series, which I think is aimed at a younger audience I thought the first two books were okay, but not up to his other alternate history tales, mainly because the plots weren t all that complex.In this book, though, Turtledove adds a little bit of flavor that made it interesting In this one, a family are working for Crosstime Traffic in an alternate late twenty first century France where the country is just starting to recover from a great [...]

    10. In the 3rd Crosstime Traffic book, Harry Turtledove starts playing with the conventions of the series that were established in the first two books This time around, Annette is in an early gunpowder technology world where the Black Death killed 90% of the population of Europe instead of 1 3 On her trip home, she s ambushed by bandits and sold into slavery So far, the plot follows the formula of having to deal with trouble with the dangerous natives of the alternate world, while keeping the secret [...]

    11. This was my first introduction to Harry Turtledove Coming in on the middle of the Crosstime Traffic series this was book 3 didn t seem to hurt me much at all The writing itself was nothing spectacular it was so easy I finished it in one day , but the research and thought put into his alternate world the deviation point was a deadly European Black Plague that Islam as the major religion was thought provoking I would gladly read another of Turtledove s books any day.

    12. The Crosstime Traffic series is one that isn t very coherent Not all of the books are excellent in terms of their plots and the only common thread is the background, not what s going on in each novel I ve been reading my way through, partly out of order and I m finding that I can t predict what I will or won t like.This is certainly one of the better Crosstime Traffic books that I ve read.

    13. Not a bad young adult sci fi book Likable characters and good plot.But it isn t one of those young adult books that tickles the adult fancy because although the science travel between alternate histories aspect was very intriguing but it raised a ton of issues that distracted me from the actual plot.

    14. Best of the Crosstime novels so far the characters are stronger, the plot is interesting unpredictable, and there are some very interesting philosophical spiritual questions raised I don t agree with all his conclusions, but I m glad someone is using young adult fiction to bring up important issues.

    15. A surprisingly good read The plot is actually credible and the main characters are interesting and easy to sympathoze with This is my first alternate history novel, though, so I m not that familiar with the genre.

    16. Great concept and had I been in the 5th grade I no doubt would have loved this book It s not advanced enough to be considered Young Adult It s somewhere between Dr Suess and YA.

    17. Good story The ethics of crosstime travel and what to do with people from other time lines who learn the secret is very complex.

    18. Very good book I liked the idea that people took advantage of other alternates and it was interesting to see a little of Crosstime Traffics besides just what the characters mention about them

    19. Interesting idea of alternate timelines and travel between them, but a bit boring in the execution of it.

    20. Really great I can t tell you with how much eagerness I finished the book I haven t been so drawn in in a while.

    21. An enjoyable time travel adventure, with a surprising discussion of religious values worked into the ending

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