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Give Your Child a Superior Mind: A Program for the Preschool Child #2020

Give Your Child a Superior Mind A Program for the Preschool Child None

  • Title: Give Your Child a Superior Mind: A Program for the Preschool Child
  • Author: Siegfried Engelmann
  • ISBN: 9780346125322
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Give Your Child a Superior Mind: A Program for the Preschool Child By Siegfried Engelmann, None

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      Siegfried Engelmann

    1 thought on “Give Your Child a Superior Mind: A Program for the Preschool Child

    1. By the same author as teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.I need to change my review At first I was a little disappointed with this book, but I have found myself thinking about his methods a lot, and now I think I m going to use his math program, probably a lot The book just needed time to sink in The first part is full of these highly motivating stories about famous people who received early instruction, like John Stuart Mill and Lord Kelvin to name a few The teaching style for these y [...]

    2. This book talks about ways to teach children to read and math concepts before age 6 the time when their brains are moving the fastest and thus the easiest time to add to them I believe in this concept I used the Teach Your Baby to Read series with several of my children and it is amazing and wonderful to see them read early and have it feel effortless, compared to sweating through letter by letter teaching when they re older which I m doing with one son who didn t get taught early because I didn [...]

    3. The first few chapters are a defense of teaching preschoolers reading and arithmetic at all They aren t very credible Engelmann claims that IQ is not heritable when by now an abundance of evidence has proved that it is, and he cherry picks historical examples of geniuses as evidence that early childhood education is useful, rather than actual empirical studies The child development theory is stated confidently and almost completely without justification.The rest of the book is a program of study [...]

    4. I studied artificial intelligence in college and Engelmann s ideas, though old by today s standards, are dead on in my opinion You ll want to use his Teach your Child to read in 100 easy lessons for teaching reading, and Singapore math books are better than his detailed math activities, but the underlying philosophy the mind maps to its environment is difficult to disagree with A fabulous book.

    5. I was voraciously reading books on childcare after my first child was born, and this was one of them I m not sure if I put many of the ideas into practice, but I recall thinking it was interesting.

    6. I came across this book on my dad s shelf, and read it because I was curious to compare the current educational philosophy with that of a generation ago It s interesting to me that the book begins with the arguments the educators have against parents teaching or helping their children learn before school age, and how to refute them Today s educators definitely encourage parents to work with their kids, enriching their environments, and so forth One interesting difference in current philosophy is [...]

    7. I bought this book with two things in mind being a current educator and a future mom I found it FASCINATING that many of the methods he teaches for math ELA goes hand in hand with the best teaching practices of today and this book was written in 1966 Granted, many of the models shown for math, such as he area model for multiplication is typically used for older children and not five year olds.I really liked the balance between formal education and letting the child have free play He consistently [...]

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