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Never Tell #2020

Never Tell Detective Ellie Hatcher will be forced to uncover the truth behind the apparent suicide of a teenaged girl with intriguing connections to both New York s wealthiest and its most dispossessed This addi

  • Title: Never Tell
  • Author: Alafair Burke
  • ISBN: 9780061999161
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Tell By Alafair Burke, Detective Ellie Hatcher will be forced to uncover the truth behind the apparent suicide of a teenaged girl with intriguing connections to both New York s wealthiest and its most dispossessed.This addictive thriller from acclaimed suspense writer Alafair Burke draws its details from the author s own experiences as a criminal law professor and deputy district attorney, creatDetective Ellie Hatcher will be forced to uncover the truth behind the apparent suicide of a teenaged girl with intriguing connections to both New York s wealthiest and its most dispossessed.This addictive thriller from acclaimed suspense writer Alafair Burke draws its details from the author s own experiences as a criminal law professor and deputy district attorney, creating an exhilarating, true to life tale of crime and its consequences that is perfect for fans of Laura Lippman, Harlan Coben, and Burke s breakout standalone thriller Long Gone.

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      440 Alafair Burke
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    1. NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is called to a death scene at a plush Manhattan town house The body is that of a sixteen year old girl, Julia Whitmire Julia was a student at an exclusive prep school, the daughter of influential parents, and a girl with perhaps too much independence Julia is found in the tub with alcohol and drugs in her system her wrist has been slit, and she has written an apparent suicide note.All of the first responders, Ellie included, are ready to sign off on the death as a su [...]

    2. Finding a new author that has given me a whodunit mystery that is so complex and interwoven that I m still stumped until the very end, is a rare gift I knew as soon as I started never tell that the author had that undefinable edgy feel to her writing that makes me tense, excited, knowing that I ve picked a suspenseful winner to read Before I begin about the story, I want to highlight that there are a number of important issues about teens, drugs, sexuality, parenting, and schools that are at the [...]

    3. 4 in the Ellie Hatcher series This book was almost impossible to get into If I had not read, and enjoyed, Burkes 7 previous books, including the first three of this series, I would have given up within the first 200 pages For the first 200 pages, the only spark of life is the dialogue between Ellie and her musician brother The final 150 pages bring some life to the story line and salvage the books rating Ellie Hatcher series Julia Whitmire appeared to have everything a famous father, a luxurious [...]

    4. It s been a long while since I read a book in this genre, but I decided to give it a try because the ebook was reasonably priced, at 1.99, the author is female, is the daughter of the great James Lee Burke author of Heaven s Prisoners and the other Dave Robicheaux novels , and writes with a backdrop of a city NYC that I love But once I started reading, I found there was so much The main protagonist in this series of novels is police detective Ellie Hatcher Ellie is somewhat of a bombshell a ver [...]

    5. Another good entry in this series.The investigation of a teen girl s apparent suicide leads Hatcher into an investigation into threats against a blogger chronicling her childhood abuse Burke does a good job of tying if only faintly both investigations together but the young woman s death fades into the background as the threat investigation takes over I think she could have done much with the teen s death storyline it was strong enough to stand on its own.Burke keeps the reader guessing the gui [...]

    6. Fun and interesting I always appreciate it when crime fiction authors incorporate real world issues and Alafair Burke has done a really nice job of weaving in prescription drug abuse, corruption, and the unique problems faced by today s teens in an organic, informative way Protagonist Ellie Hatcher is realistically drawn It was such a nice change of pace to finally see a detective who occasionally jumps to the wrong conclusion and makes mistakes along the way It happens, and that realism added a [...]

    7. I thought it started out OK, but then had too many streams of disjointed storylines running through it Although some of the characterizations were pretty good, I struggled to finish it and found it a tedious read overall.

    8. Good read Characters appear real, believable, and I liked them Female detective closes a case too soon, and is put back on it only to dig her teeth in and keep digging until she has solved the case, well almost.

    9. Good whodunit, with many interesting characters and plot twists The author did a great job of keeping my interest right up to the end of the book Nice job This book was received for free from First Reads.

    10. Called to look into the death of sixteen year old Julie Whitmire, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is quick to dismiss the death as a suicide But after political pressure is placed on the department by Julie s high profile, wealthy and politically connected parents, Hatcher and her partner are forced to dig a bit deeper and quickly discover that things aren t necessarily as black and white as they originally assumed.The theme of never assume is prevalent in Alafair Burke s newest installment in the [...]

    11. Never TellByAlafair BurkeMy Speedy SummaryPrivate school disturbed student commits suicidebut is it really suicide My ThoughtsThis book pretty much has it all including a reasonably dysfunctional detective who doesn t really believe a crime has been committed Julia is found not alive in her bathtub with a suicide note nearby It appears to be a suicide and everyone involved wants to sign it off as oneexcept for Julia s parents who don t believe she would have done such a thing.The problem is that [...]

    12. N.Y.P.D detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner, J.J Rogan are summoned to the scene of an apparent suicide The victim, age sixteen, is from a wealthy and influential family.Alafair Burke uses her knowledge of the streets of New York to create action that rolls out as if the reader was a pedestrian in the street or in Washington Square Park, listening to the sounds and watching the antics of the cast of characters.Ellie not only investigates the questionable suicide but has flashbacks to the dea [...]

    13. Absolute drivel I am flabbergasted and a little frightened by the multitude of of high ratings given to this dreadful, poorly written, lowest common denominator, I Can Read novel I ll come back, and detail my disgust for this book by example but first It isn t a beach book it isn t trashy fun it s a cobbled together, poorly researched, cliche ridden, brain cell sucking, misguided, if only the pages were softer I d use it for toilet paper, misinformed, Fox news meets US Weekly, stack of paper, bo [...]

    14. 3.5 stars pretty good crime mystery novel I wasn t overly enad by the way the ends were wrapped up, but overall a quick read.

    15. 3.5 stars This novel was kind of slow starting and took a good while to become engrossing But, glad I hung with it as it eventually starting twisting and turning like a corkscrew.

    16. We ve been enjoying Burke s NYC based Ellie Hatcher series, having now completed the first four of what stands at a 5 book set at the moment Indeed we have found Ellie a likable leading lady than her Portland based predecessor, ADA Samantha Kincaid With that former set, we were often not that happy with the plotting skills on display.Unfortunately, we had much that same reaction to Never Tell Ellie and her detective partner catch an apparent suicide at a wealthy person s fancy digs but due to p [...]

    17. While I did like this one, it felt just a bit too contrived Some things were too coincidental which made it less than real life But the story was well written, the plot was good, and the narration was excellent.

    18. Ehhhhhht words but that sound pretty much sums up my feelings for this novel.The plot was interesting Interesting enough I read the book in one sitting But it wasn t very memorable or surprising The characters were pretty stereotypical and the plot really played that up That word stereotypical takes on a whole new meaning with this book I guess the author tried to go for some sort of ironic joke played on stereotypical characters Ellie, a pretty but dresses like a boy hardass cop, who eats like [...]

    19. NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher has been called to the scene of a murder at a luxurious Manhattan townhouse When she arrives, she finds the grieving mother who is both distraught and angry Her daughter, Julie Whit, only sixteen years old is dead in the bathroom upstairs She has a right to be upset but angry Ellie learns that the EMT s that have arrived on the scene before her, claim that this is nothing than a suicide but her mother doesn t believe that is what happened She believes her daughter h [...]

    20. 4.5 Stars Never Tell is the fourth installment in the Ellie Hatcher series, but can be read as a standalone novel It tells the story of Julia Whitmire, a popular rich girl from NYC who has apparently committed suicide Ellie and her partner are assigned to the case when Julia s parents insist that their daughter was murdered Soon the both Ellie and the reader are caught in a tangle of lies, deceipt, secrets, and teenage pressure Ellie must put aside her own personal demons in order to get Julia t [...]

    21. I only discovered Alafair Burke a couple of years ago when I picked up 212 the third in a series featuring NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher I remember thinking at that time why is this author not already on my must read list She was promptly added Never Tell is the fourth book in the Hatcher series Burke piques our interest with the opening prologue an entry from a blog Second Acts Confessions of a Former Victim and Current Survivor Cut to Ellie and her partner Rogan they ve been called out to what [...]

    22. Never Tell is a complicated and intriguing tale where nothing is as it seems Detective Ellie Hatcher is called to the scene of an apparent suicide The victim is sixteen year old Julia Whit, daughter of a Rock Star and a student at an exclusive prep school Julia s parents are convinced that she would never attempt suicide, while Ellie all to familiar with the denial of a family in pain prepares to move on She s soon called back in when one detail stands out, requiring closure What Ellie assumes w [...]

    23. NEVER TELL, by Alafair Burke, is a twist filled police procedural that proves you can never judge a person at face value, because they all have secrets that they will kill to keep Ellie Hatcher and her partner Rogan are called to the apparent suicide of 16 year old Julia Whitmire The Whitmires ooze money, and Julia s mom Catherine insists her daughter was murdered When Hatcher and Rogan write off the death as a suicide, the Whitmires raise heck at the mayor s office and soon Hatcher and Rogan ar [...]

    24. I really liked this book I can see why it is always in the Kindle charts from A great story with lots of twists and turns I thought I d guessed who was the baddie but no, I got it wrong I liked the author s dedication to her mother in law at the beginning and all the readers she named at the end left me breathless There were a few tiny mistakes but ones I overlooked since it was a tale so well told that kept me interested enough to not mind.I was a little disappointed by Ellie, the police detect [...]

    25. I m not very free with five star reviews though I love getting them as an author because I believe books that receive five stars should be amazing, as suggested here on To amaze, a book has to have either an original plot, beautiful writing and use of language or a combination of the two Alafair Burke has done something a little different in NEVER TELL In a solidly told, intricately plotted tale, Burke has done a masterful job of capturing the essence of her characters through their actions and [...]

    26. Never TellBy Alafair BurkePublished by Harper, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishersNever Tell, the latest novel in Alafair Burke s Ellie Hatcher Series, is another winning crime thriller Filled with suspense and an overwhelming number of clues, twists, and turns, Never Tell will keep you guessing until the last page.An alleged teenage suicide and grieving parents who insist their daughter was murdered, bring things close to home for Ellie Hatcher Though the case seems like a slam dunk, Ellie kn [...]

    27. I haven t received my copy yet, just received notice I had won 5 21 12Received my copy and can t wait to start I have 9 others plus my current read in front 5 31 12Going on vacation and taking with me Hopefully will start sometime this week 6 29 7 5Started and finished sometime before 7 8 12When a privileged young lady is found dead in her bathtub with her wrists slashed and a hand written suicide note, everyone automatically assumes she killed herself Everyone but her mother, and when you have [...]

    28. Read my full review at bit Ng0dFHEach Alafair Burke book I read, I like this author a little bit Ms Burke, as usual, has done a wonderful job at keeping readers guessing as to cause of fate for the young woman Finally, she is wonderful at weaving twists in her books which seems to be a standard comment in other reviews written for her books This book was no different This was a book that I, literally, had to go back and reread the ending a couple of times because I truly didn t see the end comi [...]

    29. This is the continuing story of Ellie Hatcher, NYPD Homicide Detective and her partner, Detective Rogan.This time around, the detectives are called to the home of a very wealthy resident, who states she found her daughter dead in the bathtub The first responders, the Medical Examiner all say the teenager committed suicide as there is also a handwritten note next to her Ellie also agrees nothing looks out of place and decides there is no reason homicide should get involved Except the girl s mothe [...]

    30. This is a complex smart and intelligent thriller It begins with an apparent suicide of a young Julia Whitmire which Ellie Hatcher hastily accepts as suicide until she and JJ Rogan, her partner start to investigate further The girl s rock legend father offers a reward and hires investigators, this manages to sabotage the police investigation for a few days Two homeless characters attempt to implicate a friend for murder so that they can claim the reward.This is a complicated investigation as tha [...]

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