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The Lily Brand #2020

The Lily Brand When she releases an imprisoned Englishman purchased by her stepmother to be a pleasure slave a young French beauty has little idea that they will meet again in the crush of Regency England Original

  • Title: The Lily Brand
  • Author: Sandra Schwab
  • ISBN: 9780843955521
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lily Brand By Sandra Schwab, When she releases an imprisoned Englishman purchased by her stepmother to be a pleasure slave, a young French beauty has little idea that they will meet again in the crush of Regency England Original.

    • [PDF] ☆ The Lily Brand | by ☆ Sandra Schwab
      432 Sandra Schwab
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      Posted by:Sandra Schwab
      Published :2020-05-22T11:57:08+00:00

    1 thought on “The Lily Brand

    1. Ahhhhh what a storyWhen I read the synopsis I was already hooked.Then I read the genres I saw the word DARK.I said damn, whatever I gonna read it.Part IOk, It was really good but 20 pages narrating the journey really Unnecessary IMOPart IIPart IIIC mon the slow pace is killing me Part IVThis is the shortest and most beautiful part Part VThat ending so rushed UGH.I was expecting to be honest Sex scene or an epilogue, at least I d like to rate it higher It could have been so much better but 3.5It [...]

    2. Forever Marked Troy Sacheverell, fifth earl of Ravenhurst, was captured in France He d gone to fight Napoleon, but what he found was much sinister Dragged from prison to an old French manor on the outskirts of civilization, he was purchased by a rich and twisted beauty And dangerous still was the stepdaughter who claimed him.Lillian had not chosen to live with Camille, her stepmother, but none escaped the Black Widow s web And on her nineteenth birthday, Lillian became Camille s heir Her gift [...]

    3. 4.5This is not your average romance book No tingling skins, smoldering touches, flirty conversations of wit, sweet kisses This is dark With hatred, coldness and pain on so many different levels What happens when humanity, pride and self worth are ripped from the core of a person, leaving fragments of hate and vengeance behind Troy happens Despite all what he does, all the hatred simmering inside of him, I couldn t bring myself to hate him Because he too was grotesquely wronged.But Lillian, my Go [...]

    4. The beginning of this book has a fairy tale or fairy tale retelling feel about it At about 20% in, the story becomes a somewhat dark regency story.The story is good and the author has talent I agree with some other reviewers that I might like this better on a second reading This one drew me in, it is compelling and a little different So, why a 3 star The captivity and torture that Troy endures is mostly told not shown, hinted at but not enough detail, and seems of such short duration for a harde [...]

    5. The Lily Brand by Sandra Schwab is a book I d enjoy much upon a second reading I think I hated it at first, because my pet peeve is injustice When someone helps someone else at his or her own risk, one expects gratitude rather than abuse I can, in retrospect, make a case for PTSD, however, and find forgiveness through that In the end, however, this was NOT a true romance in my opinion The last few chapters were, but the rest was emotional torture after an opening helping of depravity The couple [...]

    6. The first chapter started off erotic Two women go to a prison, feel up a man and take him off to serve as a sex slave It went downhill from there One place this story didn t go was in the bedroom Great pains were taken to show cruelty and perversity, but no sex The man was beaten into submission and forced to lick cream off the woman, but she was fully clothed.There is finally an escape and then a rather traditional historical The woman is a total wimp Did not finish.

    7. There s something about this book I ve read it so many times and yet every year or so it pops into my head and won t leave me alone until I read it again.

    8. This is a hard book to rate.while I was glued to the pages and riveted to the story, it was a disturbing and twisted tale The characters reactions and emotions felt very real The scenes were intense Be prepared for degradation, torture and domination Things get dark very quickly Fortunately it doesn t last that long and while I had hoped for a bit light to balance the darkness, at least I wasn t squirming through the entire novel I understood the charactersTroy s hatred and vengeance made sense [...]

    9. My my This is really embarrasing, I read this book in 2009 maybe, it was during my historic romance harlequin phase, I don t even remember how it ended in my hands, my virtual hands my hard drive actually.Anyway, I wrote an stupid and huge review on my LJ I was kinda stupid five years ago and Sandra Schwab just commented my entry DUDE It was like the first important thing that had happened in my life E V E R It was amazing cause my maternal tongue it s not English ha it s pretty obvious and she [...]

    10. Ich fands toll, dass es ein echter TH war Sein kompletter Hass auf Lilian war gut nachvollziehbar Genauso war es gut gemacht, dass es langsam v.a durch die schwulen Freunde erkennt, dass Lilian ein guter Mensch ist Sein Groveling ist dementsprchend ebenfalls heftig Allein das Happy End ist ein wenig zu kurz Nur ganz zum Schluss sind sie gl cklich zusammen, irgendwie reichen die 10 Seiten nicht, um die gesamte stressige Zeit des Anfangs aufzuwiegen Auch einen Epilog gibt es nicht Trotzdem alle me [...]

    11. The ending kind of fell flat for me but other than that I thought this was such a gorgeous story Very intense and dark.

    12. Apart from that rushed ending sudden realizations of love, killing of the villains, truth freeing deathbed confessions everything else was lovely.

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