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Social Suicide #2020

Social Suicide Twittercide the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweeting Call me crazy but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage would be a pretty sweet gig P

  • Title: Social Suicide
  • Author: Gemma Halliday
  • ISBN: 9780062003324
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Social Suicide By Gemma Halliday, Twittercide the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweeting.Call me crazy, but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage would be a pretty sweet gig Pad the resume for college applications, get a first look at the gossip column, spend some time ogling the paper s brooding bad boy editor, Chase Erikson But on my first bigTwittercide the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweeting.Call me crazy, but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage would be a pretty sweet gig Pad the resume for college applications, get a first look at the gossip column, spend some time ogling the paper s brooding bad boy editor, Chase Erikson But on my first big story, things went a little south What should have been a normal interview with Sydney Sanders turned into me discovering the homecoming queen hopeful dead in her pool Electrocuted while Tweeting Now, in addition to developing a reputation as HHH s resident body finder, I m stuck trying to prove that Sydney s death wasn t suicide.I m starting to long for the days when my biggest worry was whether the cafeteria was serving pizza sticks or Tuesday Tacos

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      442 Gemma Halliday
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    1. Think you ve heard it all Think again Twittercide Death by Twitter Not the worst way to go I suppose Eyes her Twitter suspiciously Yep, she is at it again finding dead bodies is basically a regular pastime for our dear old Hartley I adored her in Deadly Cool she s still a fantastic protagonist in this sequel and I continue to love her attitude Regardless of her wit, though, we clearly see some maturity in her character She is clever in her cunning ways, and knows when to stand her ground withou [...]

    2. Oh, fantastic amounts of fluffin fudge This book is hilarious In fact there are no words to describe how much I enjoyed this book and how my face hurt from so much laughing I don t think there is one page in the whole book without a tiny little joke.So, before starting to learn how to say hilarious in at least 7 different languages, I will tell you what I liked about this book and then, maybe you ll tell the word for hilarious in your language, and I ll get to skip using google translate, LOL.1 [...]

    3. Social Suicidewas as predictable asDeadly Cool , from the first page itself we had an idea who the killer was in the mystery department this book deserves maximum 3 stars But I ll give it 4 for the narration, its just so hilarious.I love lovelovethe characters Hartley, Sam and Chase have to be one of the coolest trio All of them are so funny, sensible and stupid at the same time And holy fluffin fluff Chase is H O T, I totally have a crush on that guy, plus Hartley and his developing love story [...]

    4. 2.5 starsEhhhhhhhh.The GoodHartley and Chase have super cute chemistry And some of Hartley s inner monologue is funny Usually the stuff involving Chasewhich brings us back to the super cute chemistry thing The Not So GoodI get that for this to be a murder mystery, someone has to die I also get that our intrepid heroine needs to be involved in the resolution of said murder What I don t get is why the author couldn t come up with some reason for Hartley to be on the case that was within the realm [...]

    5. In the sequel to Deadly Cool we have a murder mystery, laugh out loud moments, Twittercide, crazy antics, and even some romance Hartley is now a member of the school newspaper On her way to an interview with homecoming Queen hopeful she discovers Sydney Sander s dead body in a pool, and it looks as if she s been electrocuted while tweetingTwittercide Once again, Hartley finds herself in the midst of a murder investigationI love Hartley, she is, in my opinion one the funniest YA heroines out ther [...]

    6. Anything by Gemma Halliday s always ridiculous fun, I ve read a couple of her High Heels books and the first installment in this series, Deadly Cool, but Social Suicide is just on another level There are plenty of sassy girl detectives, I mean there s an entire genre around them, reporters, interior decorators, dogwalkers, plus sized innkeepers, confectionary shop owners, White House chefs, well, you get the picture, but Hartley Featherstone has them all beat in terms of sassy fun.Seriously, whe [...]

    7. The second book in the Deadly Cool series features all of the fun humor and mystery I enjoyed in the first installment And by all, I mean freaking ALL of the same things I enjoyed before This story followed a very, VERY close formula to the first LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Girl is found dead Hartley takes it upon herself to prove girl was murdered Hartley comes up with lots of bad ideas and lies to adults AND authorities Inconsequential flirting with Chase More people get hurt Hartley continues to be [...]

    8. This is a rant.Warning Spoilers AheadI can t believe Chase didn t make a move till the end of the book, I mean he was constantly hinting that he liked Hartley, but he just kept on making her appear all awkward by hinting a date that actually wasn t I mean that scene was like, really awkward And he didn t even apologize for misleading her I know I won t ever forgive him for that if I was Hartley Plus, why did he think Hartley would blame him for the whole thing, and what the hell is So we re cool [...]

    9. The plot didn t feel as exciting for me but it took me a bit longer to figure out who did it Really loved the plot and the character and the hints towards romance between some characters I need

    10. One of the best things about this series is the friendship between Hartley and Sam It s consistent and isn t one of those annoying plot devices to add drama to the story This is just, plain and simple, a murder mystery with a hilarious cast of characters with perfect comedic timing It s too bad there s just these two books, since the story felt like there definitely should be a third book Happy reading

    11. This ll eventually be posted on my blog image error So I ll admit it, I ve waited a few days okay ten, happy now to write this review Why I hear you ask Because it was sofreakingepicandididn twanttosoundlikesomementalpersonwhoisobsessedwiththisbookeventhoughireallyreallyambyrantingaboutitforhoursonendwithoutbreathingandendingupfaintingorsomthingequallyweird And breathe clears throat awkwardly Let me rephrase that This book In one word Supercalifragilisicexpialidocious yep, casually quoting Mary [...]

    12. See full review here 3.5 starsThis is a hilarious murder mystery YA novel The sequel to Deadly Cool, Social Suicide is funny, smart, and slightly irresistible Hartley is crime solving, super reporting, downright hysterical main character filled to the brim with quips and curiosity She s always in the middle of trouble, whether by accident or on purpose Can she get to the bottom of a cheating scheme at her high school that leads to murder Read on, readers Hartley has a lot to deal with in her lif [...]

    13. I ll admit, I enjoyed the previous book than I enjoyed this one but I still loved Social Suicide It was witty, cleverly written and kept me guessing until the last second.So Hartley is on the school paper with her yummy crush Chase Erikson She s assigned to write a story about Sydney Sander s cheating scandal But just before they meet for the interview Hartley finds Sydney s eletrocuted body in the pool It looked like an accident but Hartley knows there is always to the story than meets the ey [...]

    14. view spoiler Conclusions drawn Hartley has zero self preservation instincts.Her mother is a ditz Despite all of the bodies her daughter is finding, she just hugs her when she s escorted home by the police and does virtually nothing Over and over again.Either Sam and Hartley are both overweight or Sam has an eating disorder She s always trying to lose weight, then bingeing, and yet at some point in the book it is stated that she and Hartley share clothing because they re the same size.Everyone in [...]

    15. I recommend Social Suicide Well, i didn t laugh my pants off while reading Social Suicide However, the fun was constant throughout the book I chuckled time after time I didn t even try to guess who the culprit was because i d rather enjoy Hartley s wacky investigation on the murder and I did Sam s a standout in this sequel I lover her deadpans and Chase Ha Even i will be as clumsy and assuming as Hartley was when it came to him C mon, Gemma Halliday, give me Chase swoon moments but i already lo [...]

    16. I ve gotta stop reading these run of the mill melodramatic HarperTeen novels Social Suicide was in my opinion frankly very pointless The plot was a mess, the Twitter thing was typical and confusing, the characters were shallow cardboard cut outs with their entire minds on social media, and I couldn t have cared less what happened to any of them Now, to be fair, this is a YA novel and most young adults in this day and age are wrapped up in their stupid little electronic toys Therefore, if schools [...]

    17. When I want a fluffy, fun little read I know which author to turn to Gemma Halliday s writing style can never fail to make me laugh even in the most inappropriate situations This book could have been better on so many levels It was like any other chic flick with no real twist It couldn t have been predictable From the moment the book started with Sydney, I knew who was gonna die, or when Hartley was going to be attacked or how she was going to figure things out or who the real murderer was It w [...]

    18. I bought Deadly Cool and Social Suicide at the same time, because I wanted to marathon the first two books in a funny YA mystery series I did not buy them so I could read the same book twice, which is obviously what ended up happening Social Suicide is essentially Deadly Cool without as much snark and far teen drama then necessary.This book picks up after an undetermined amount of time after the first one Alarm bells immediately started ringing when the first chapter is essentially Hartley info [...]

    19. Is there a next book after this Because I m really, really afraid that it ll become repetitive And I m scared that I might get tired of the same routine And not even the humor will save it.Tweeting while swimming Deadly.Thank goodness for the humor and the characters because if weren t for these two I ll find Social Suicide completely the same as Deadly Cool So like the last time, there s another dead student Official news was that Sydney committed suicide But Hartley knew better, she knew there [...]

    20. After reading Deadly Cool the first book in the series I was convinced I would never be able to read about anything but Hartley and her great, funny, dangerous wellnd of mystery stories I was so into her world and her character and her voice it was amazing So amazing that I had to preorder Social Suicide immediately, couldn t wait to start it and didn t want it to end.Honestly, Deadly Cool and Social Suicide are amazing novels that make me laugh and forget reality The perfect mix of fluent sarca [...]

    21. Me gusto, pero creo que le falto mas salseo entre los protagonistas No vimos mucha relaci n entre ello y me hubiera gustado eso, pens que como en el primero no pas , se iban a enfocar un poco mas aqu , pero no paso Pero, en fin, son historias muy entretenidas, y aunque me gust mas el primero este tambi n estuvo muy bien

    22. 3.5 5 So here s to sopho installments that to meet the the standard the first one s set Social Suicide is just as funny as the first It s a very good mix of high school high jinks, crossed signals, as well as murder and mayhem One need not be surprised by how funny things could get with Hart on the case Minus the distraction that Josh offered, Hart still made some funny calls, normally with BFF Sam at her side But I still enjoyed the fluff this one offered It was her over the top reactions, her [...]

    23. If you ve read Deadly Cool and liked it, then you might just like this too If you ve read Deadly Cool and wasn t exactly gobsmacked by it, I doubt this book will interest you The thing is, Deadly Cool and Social Suicide are alike in so many ways.In this book, Hartley continues her Nancy Drew escapades She hears of the death of a popular cheerleader in school via electrocution Everybody thinks it s suicide, but Hartley doesn t think so Her detective instincts lead her to the belief that it was ac [...]

    24. Just as hilarious as the first one, Social Suicide doesn t fail to deliver an exciting, hilarious plot, wonderful characters, and a little, little bite of the romance we all know we re waiting to explode view spoiler WHERE IS THE KISSING HALLIDAY I DEMAND MORE SEXY CHASE MOMENTS hide spoiler I m not a big fan of delving into long winded reviews for sequels, especially if I honestly don t have much to say besides fangirling it was pretty awesome So yeah This book I lurves it I also lurve Chase An [...]

    25. After reading two emotional heavy books in a row, a nice light fluffy read was seriously in need and who is better than Gemma Halliday and her Deadly Cool series to lighten the mood What I first noticed and mostly liked about the book was Sam s attempt which rubbed off on Hartley to censor using alternate words like fluffing, and fudge, which reminded me a lot of Hartley Featherstone is still one of my most favorite female characters she s smart, funny, sarcastic, headstrong, and has that Veroni [...]

    26. Another brilliant addition to this series.Enjoyed it as much as the first even though I will always prefer te first since it was the start up and it s where we all got introduced to the charachters Unlike the first I was able to guess the killer correctly around half way through But it still was good enough to keep me guessing up until then.The ending was also very satisfying Chase finally manned up and asked Hartley out which just made me roll my eyes and and shout FINALLY it was long overdue a [...]

    27. Some spoilers to book 1 and maybe a little 2Okay so I love this book but the stars are really about a 3.5 only because I just read book 1 and this felt like the same book to me just different crime and suspect but everything else was about the same Examples below A crime takes place and Hartley finds the body Cop on the seen is Riley She decided to find the killer with the help of Sam Kyle Sam s boyfriend helped a little too and Chase She looks and gets tips and that person ends up hurt She then [...]

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