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Darkness Before Dawn #2020

Darkness Before Dawn The first book in a romantic and drama packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent Julie Kagawa and Alyson Noel At seventeen Dawn Montgomery knows that monsters really do come out at night af

  • Title: Darkness Before Dawn
  • Author: J.A. London
  • ISBN: 9780062020659
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darkness Before Dawn By J.A. London, The first book in a romantic and drama packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, and Alyson Noel.At seventeen, Dawn Montgomery knows that monsters really do come out at night after all, they are her job It s just after the thirty years war between vampires and humans, and as an ambassador between the two sides a role she inherited when her parentsThe first book in a romantic and drama packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, and Alyson Noel.At seventeen, Dawn Montgomery knows that monsters really do come out at night after all, they are her job It s just after the thirty years war between vampires and humans, and as an ambassador between the two sides a role she inherited when her parents were killed , Dawn quickly learns that balancing schoolwork, teen life, and the requests of Lord Valentine, the most frightening vampire in the region, isn t easy.And it only gets complicated when she forms a tentative friendship with Victor, the mysterious stranger who rescued her from a hoard of vampires only to discover that not only is Victor a vampire, but that he is Lord Valentine s son.Soon Dawn is struggling to remember that with everything on the line, she can t afford to fall for the enemy Lusciously romantic and full of action packed drama, readers will be swept away by this thrilling novel, the first in a trilogy.

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    1 thought on “Darkness Before Dawn

    1. Okay, why do you have to essentially copy the cover of the Fallen series When I look at this book I can only think The Fallen Series and that ain t a compliment Originality is also highly valued by customersSO HOLD YOUR HORSES, is this summary strangely alike Julie Kagawa s new vampire series, The Immortal Rules Dystopian world where vampires have control over the humans and humans have to give them their blood to survive I AM WATCHING YOU And I m not amused.

    2. Not quite a five star book but pretty dang close Short story but it was epic nonetheless The plot, characterization, writing, love interests and the amazing feels I got from this book were unreal.Really glad I listened to my bro and actually picked up this book, although it took a few months because it was read in no time Loved all the characters in this story, hero, heroine, evil villain vampire lords who still think the Victorian era is the way to go , best friends, evil vampire day walkers an [...]

    3. It s rather unfair, really Any post apocalyptic vampire fiction I read these days pales next to Julie Kagawa s series Dawn get it Sunlight Vampires Ok, I m done is a likeable character She has had to grow up pretty quickly, becoming the delegation to the city s vampire leader, Lord Valentine, at the very young and unrealistic age of 17 Her parents were killed in an ambush towards the beginning of the book, and it is hinted that Dawn is SPESHUL.She s not.I ve finished the book and I don t know wh [...]

    4. The premise is very interesting Humans started a war with vampires and lost Now, they are confined in cities behind walls, while the vampires control everything else If they leave the wall, they are fair game They are also expected but not forced to provide blood for the vampires living outside the walls If there isn t enough blood provided, the elite born vampires who control the lessers turned vampires get angry There is a delegate who works with the House vampire to reach agreements and work [...]

    5. Is dissapointing to see many readers judging the books because its cover is similar to the Fallen series I really hope this book is better than Fallen series I m not a fan of Lauren Kate, I was very frustrated to have spent my money in a book so bad written I do not expect so much from this one, even if is by another writer Actually, I never expect anything from american literature , but I hope it changes my POV Reading finished on June 1st.Review upcoming.

    6. So I m just going to come out and say it I loved this book I loved everything about it the characters, the plot, the dangerous worldeverything Let me start with the world building I would consider DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN to be a post apocalyptic dystopian crossover, heavier on the post apocalyptic.Many of the post apocalyptic books that I ve read have been vague in that respect In DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN, you learn exactly what happened to bring about the bleak existence humans endure I don t want to [...]

    7. 1.5 stars spoilersSeventeen year old Dawn Montgomery lives in the city of Denver surrounded by walls The walls were built to keep vampires out after a 30 year war between humans and vampires devastated both sides A treaty was forged between the two in exchange for vampires not attacking the human, humans donated blood After her parents death, Dawn is chosen to be the delegate between the city of Denver and the vampire, Lord Valentine Hijinks ensues I found most of the book to be largely unorigin [...]

    8. Darkness Before Dawn.Haha, the title is a pun on the heroine s name How not cute.The book started off with an ice monster prologue that did relatively nothing to entice me and made me realize that the next 350 pages were going to be loooooooooooooong.Let s start off with our main character, conveniently named Dawn Dawn is the second most boring female protagonist I ve ever read, only behind Lucinda Price The best internal line she had in the book was He was a damn vampire Seriously.That s it.Her [...]

    9. Today started out as a really good day.I didn t have any morning classes so I could sleep in late I got some good news on the writing front and found out that a contest I entered had very few entrants, so chances to win Yay So I was feeling pretty pumped by the time I got to class and relayed my good news to a guy friend of mine Somehow, we got on the topic of his opinion on my writing, which I had let him read a while back He frankly advised me to stop writing because of spiritual warfare reas [...]

    10. Just another typical paranormal romance OH human and vampire relationships never end well damn I know The protagonist Dawn annoys the hell out of me, meanwhile I do like victor I just wanna punch Michael in the face AND YEAH ITS A LOVE TRIANGLE DEAL WITH IT XDOh the romance is so forced Victor goes like i Always wanna see the sun and once I though I saw the sun but it was a girl Dawn blushes Insta love alert INSTA LOVE ALERT YEAH YEAH Overall this book doesn t make sense and the plot is not rich [...]

    11. Eh Sorry to say I didn t really love Darkness Before Dawn I thought as I was reading it that the reason I wasn t into it might be because I recently read, and adored, The Immortal Rules which is extremely similar Its hard not to make comparisons between the two dystopian vampire books, and in the end The Immortal Rules wins hands down.But my lack of enjoyment wasn t just because of the comparison I just didn t like the story I had very high expectations and am disappointed that this one fell so [...]

    12. With all the overused, over done tropes and cliches in this genre, not to mention I was over vampires about two years ago, I wasn t going to pick this series up but, it s been on my kindle for a really long time and it s been awhile since I have read about vamps in the YA setting so I thought, why not Kind of glad that I did actually This was surprisingly entertaining and while maybe not completely original, it was good and pretty page turning worthy Definitely worth the time it takes to read it [...]

    13. I was really looking forward to reading Darkness Before Dawn so when I sat down on a Sunday afternoon to start this book it was with excitement and anticipation But unfortunately, it couldn t hold my attention and the slightest little thing was distracting me Thankfully, about a third of the way in, things really kicked up a notch and I was fully engrossed in the remainder of the book Dawn Montgomery is only 17 years old, when her parents are assassinated following a meeting with the head vampir [...]

    14. Darkness Before Dawn introduces us to Dawn Nine years after the end of a thirty year war between humans and vampires, the death of Dawn s parents leads to her becoming the youngest Agency delegate As a delegate she is responsible for meeting with one of the most powerful vampires in the world Lord Valentine to discuss, well, blood As a part of the VampHu Treaty that ended the war, humans in the cities supply blood to the vampires on the outside In return the vampires don t attack the cities Dona [...]

    15. An ARC was provided by Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review When I first started this book I loved it It had huge potential, was fast paced, and kick butt And then it wasn t.This book had everything going for it plot, idea, setting, everything And then, it kind of ruined it The writing was never amazing, but I was willing to overlook that if the other aspects of the book lived up to their full potential They didn t The idea was amazing I loved the setting, a dystopian world where vamp [...]

    16. Similar Books The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, The Hunt by Andrew FukudaThis was an interesting read for me There were bits that I liked a lot, then some that didn t really impress me Maybe I m sick of vampires Or dystopians Or both But I was a little disappointed with this one.First things that I did like the setting and worldbuilding Honestly, that was my favorite part of the book I liked the world that the J.A London crafted here, with vampires pretty much ruling the world and humans tryin [...]

    17. When I first started this I wasn t sure if I was going to like it or not Dawn was a bit annoying with her not trusting issues No matter how many times Victor proved himself to her she wouldn t trust him However, as the book went along she got better Ever since Sin showed up I just had this feeling that he would be trouble and the ending proved me right Speaking of the ending I will tell you that it was full of surprises and left me wanting to read the next book.

    18. I m going to start right off with the world building because it was very well done and important to all other aspects of the story There was a huge war with humans and vampires which left the world devastated Vampires won as I guess would be expected so the VampHu treaty was put in place The cities are all surrounded by huge walls Vamps on the outside, humans on the inside Technology has been destroyed Little communication and travel between the cities There is one train that goes through and it [...]

    19. I ve got myself a new favorite read everybody I couldn t turn the pages fast enough in this one I can t say that I found this to be a surprise, but I was really excited to learn that despite all the hype that I was experiencing before getting my hands on a copy of this to read, I discovered that it wasn t in vain This new title lived up to the jazz and then some.J.A London makes up the mother son writing team of Jan and Alex Nowasky Jan also writes under the name of Rachel Hawthorne and is widel [...]

    20. Thank you Harper Collins for sending me this book.If I were a different person I probably would have enjoyed this book, but unfortunately this book did not fit my tastes in any way In this futuristic dystopian society in which humanity is reeling from a past war with Vampires that humans lost As a result, a treaty was brokered between Lord Valentine, an Old Family vampire, and the humans Walls were built in order to keep vampires out of cities, but in return humans were required to donate blood [...]

    21. This book really had me hooked Written beautifully, I am able to step into a world of darkness and full of blood driven vampires.I have to say that the new books that are coming out with vampires are certainly coming out fresh and new I loved that this book contains elements of dystopia as well as paranormal Nothing is old Everything is fresh and totally addicting The plot is the best part of the book We have delegate who meets with the vampire lord and negotiates I love this idea right here Daw [...]

    22. Actual rating 1.5 starsI finished this book within a few hours after borrowing it from the library It was probably a bad idea to read this after The Coldest Girl in Coldtown as both have pretty similar flaws, only they are even emphasised here.I could not care less for the plot and characters, and I felt nothing for Dawn as the main character I had to look her name up because I had already forgotten it The descriptions writing made me roll my eyes so many times and there was nothing that stood [...]

    23. When Vampires revealed themselves to humans it started a 30 year war for supremacy The war ended and the VampHu treaty was signed Humans have to donate blood to Vampires and Vampires will stay out of the cities The Humans built a wall and nobody except the delegate is allowed outside Dawn is only young when her parents are killed They were the Vampire delegates to Lord Valentine Now the job falls to Dawn to become the new delegate Tegan, Dawns best friend, decides one night to go to a party near [...]

    24. I really wanted to love this but it just was awful The heroine, Dawn, got on my nerves Tegan, her BFF, the typical I want to party all day got on my nerves even I have no idea what Victor liked about Dawn There is a treaty between the vampire and the humans for the past 30 years Since Dawn s parents have died, she had become the human s delegate Even though Dawn is only 17 years old, Lord Valentine the leader of the vampires wants only Dawn to delegate Tegan and Dawn leave the wall to go out an [...]

    25. EDIT Hmmm It was kind of too standard for me standard romance, lack of chemistry, no surprises, okay main character but I felt no connection and it took me longer than expected to finish Still, it was by no means a bad book Just not the greatest Review to come I just found out that part of J.A London is part Rachel Hawthorne, who wrote the Dark Guardian series Cool, right

    26. Oh my, this book was a bit of a catastrophe I saw the cover and thought Hmmm, another entertaining albiet generic paranormal romance Was it generic Yes Entertaining No I got about 40 pages in before realizing that the writing was too terrible to be enjoyed, it was horribly cheesy and frankly, a little bit annoying.

    27. When vampires and humans went to war there would only be one victor The vampires A treaty was enacted to keep the peace And as long as the voluntary blood donations continued, the humans within the walled cities would remain safe Protected.But with the passage of time, many people forgot their promises and refused to give their blood freely And as the human population began to dwindle, food supplies became limited and many vampires were left starving.Attacks on the cities increased Safety could [...]

    28. Rating 4 stars Genre YA Paranormal DystopianJ.A London s Darkness before Dawn is the first novel in a promising new series that features a world where vampires have won the 30 year war against humans and now live by an agreement called the Vamp Hu Treaty In accordance with the treaty, humans are required to provide blood to the vampires and in return, the vampires agreed not to attack any of the remaining US cities Not all humans are agreeable to the treaty which leads to complications The one p [...]

    29. As far as YA vampire books go, Darkness Before Dawn was fairly decent I don t really feel as though it was amazing, but it was an enjoyable read It mentions several vampire related series in the synopsis, all of which I haven t read yet, so I don t really know if it pulls many elements from them or not But of the Vampire books I have read, I easily spotted quite a few similarities I feel like the mother son duo did a good job making the story their own though, even though I didn t really pick up [...]

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