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Bone Mountain #2020

Bone Mountain Deep in the heart of Tibet Shan Tao Yun an exiled Chinese national and a former Beijing government Inspector is caught between the brutal Chinese army and a Western oil company Shan has agreed to l

  • Title: Bone Mountain
  • Author: Eliot Pattison
  • ISBN: 9780312277604
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bone Mountain By Eliot Pattison, Deep in the heart of Tibet, Shan Tao Yun, an exiled Chinese national and a former Beijing government Inspector, is caught between the brutal Chinese army and a Western oil company Shan has agreed to lead an expedition to return the eye of an idol, stolen almost a century ago and recently, clandestinely recovered, to a distant valley, an act that will fulfill an importantDeep in the heart of Tibet, Shan Tao Yun, an exiled Chinese national and a former Beijing government Inspector, is caught between the brutal Chinese army and a Western oil company Shan has agreed to lead an expedition to return the eye of an idol, stolen almost a century ago and recently, clandestinely recovered, to a distant valley, an act that will fulfill an important Tibetan prophecy But the pilgrimage turns into a desperate flight when the monk who is to lead them is murdered Shan also discovers that the stone was stolen back from a brigade of the Chinese army that is now in hot pursuit.Still possessing an investigator s love of truth, Shan faces a perplexing tangle of mysteries Why are the Chinese so desperate to retrieve the stone eye, why has an American geologist abandoned the oil company s drilling project and fled into the mountains, and why are rumors sweeping the countryside that an ancient lama is returning to liberate this country As he digs into these questions, Shan realizes that there is at stake than mere justice the spiritual survival of his people is in danger as well Complex and compelling, Bone Mountain is a spectacular achievement from a major voice in crime fiction.

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    1 thought on “Bone Mountain

    1. This is the third novel in a series about Shan, a Chinese Han former Beijing Inspector sent to a forced labor camp in Tibet, a camp from which he was ultimately unofficially released Subsequently he worked with Tibetans struggling to preserve their culture from destruction by the Chinese government Pattison, an international lawyer and frequent visitor to China, has obvious affection for the Tibetan people and uses his novels to portray their plight to the world This particular volume is as exci [...]

    2. If I had to name the one thing I love most about these books, it s Lokesh He is one of the most likable and inspiring characters I have ever met in a book It s good I don t have to limit myself to just one thing, however, because that way I can also talk about Pattison s uncanny ability to describe a country and its traditions and people so well it truly feels like you are there, and you can feel the wind and sense the beauty And I can talk about how powerful his descriptions of the crimes again [...]

    3. Too long, too depressing The first book was amazing, the second book had the added interesting element of the Uighur struggle, but here was just have the same tropes the Tibetans have had a miserable past, are miserable now, and have nothing to look forward to in the future If anything, they re delusional, holding mantra sessions against tanks and oil rigs coming to destroy the remnants of their culture.In this book it s one bad thing after another Sadly, Shan, who usually holds the book togethe [...]

    4. Another stunner by Pattison in his Inspector Shan series A long book 626 pages in the pb version I read and a slow pace could be the recipe for boring, but Shan and Pattison s other characters are so engaging and the obvious feelings that the author has for Tibet and Tibetans in their struggle against China means that interest does not wane As with all the Shan books so far it is this struggle both within Shan as he continues to discover his inner deity and of the Tibetans to retain everything t [...]

    5. Absolutely the best book yet by Eliot Pattison I had a little trouble getting into it, but I think that was because of other things in my life, not the book I couldn t put it down the last 100 pages, and it was just wonderful Not technically a mystery, but it s story starts with a murder, and the guilty party is identified in the end In between, so many things happen I love reading about Tibet, about the mountains, the animals, the traditions and the people with which Pattison fills his world.

    6. I found this book extremely moving as ever with this series It was a little long and convoluted at times, but beautiful and its a story that needs to be told.

    7. Bone Mountain is the third in Eliot Pattison s interesting series of thriller mysteries about Shan, a former police inspector in Beijing who spent years in a Chinese prison because he refused to turn a blind eye to corruption in high places He was exiled to a work camp in Tibet which was otherwise peopled by Tibetan monks and lamas He learned much from his fellow inmates and when a Chinese official arranged for his unofficial release from prison, he made his way to those monks and lamas on the o [...]

    8. This is the third novel in Pattison s Shan series Shan is a former government inspector, an ethnic Han Chinese from Beijing, exiled to Tibet for having the misfortune of being slightly too successful in fighting public corruption Pattison s Shan series quickly became one of my favorites last year, along with the superficially similar Qiu Xiaolong s Inspector Chen series Both series are English language mysteries which involve Han Chinese, and both are really good, but there the similarities pret [...]

    9. As with every book in this series, Tibet is the main character When I go into these books, I live under their spell for days after and I ve found my worldview being re evaluated in terms of how the people of Tibet live and believe.Trying to summarize the plot of Bone Mountain or of any of the Inspector Shan series is something I ll leave to others because for me, there is no summary possible let s just say it involves elderly lamas an outlaw ex Bejing party official who found himself in a Tibeta [...]

    10. When disgraced former inspector, Shan Tao Yun joins a group of reverent Tibetans returning a sacred artefact to its home, it seems he has at last found the peace he has struggled for since leaving prison What starts as a spiritual pilgrimage, however, quickly turns into a desperate flight through the Tibetan wilderness as the outlawed monk who guides them is murdered and Sham discovers that the artefact has recently been stolen from the Chinese army But why is the army so desperate to find the a [...]

    11. When I first came across Eliot Pattison s mysteries set in Tibet, I was thrilled Tibetan culture is something I ve been interested in for years, in fact ever since I first read Tintin in Tibet My love for Tibet only increased when I discovered Tibetan dogs but that s another story Like the two earlier books in the series, Bone Mountain was fascinating, but sad Parts of it read like a fantasy because of the incredibly interesting and unique culture and lifestyle of some of the Tibetans Pattison s [...]

    12. I love the Inspector Shan mysteries and seem to be addicted to them right now There is like any mystery a bit of a formula and some suspension of belief, but the characters, scenery and Buddhist attitude draw me in.Generally Shan the ex Beijing Police Inspector who has spent time in a prison and been unofficially released is given a task which is set before him by the Buddhist monks Gedun or Lokesh whom he lives with.In Bone Mountain, Shan is sent to return the eye of a deity to a faraway mounta [...]

    13. Pattison still does the extensive research, and I still love and care about the Shan, the Chinese Investigator who is sent to the gulag in Tibet after being too honest But the plotting is turgid, and it is hard to care as Shan and Lokesh, his Tibetan monk side kick, travel and travel, find strange people suffering and secret caves, Americans helping the Chinese to mine Tibet, but then turning when they are captured by the Tibetan Buddhist simplicity and lovingkindness.In this one, Gendun, Shan s [...]

    14. All of Eliot Pattison s mysteries are like the best mysteries about so much than a puzzle They are about people and places of which most of us know next to nothing, but are very much worth knowing about Pattison s research is exemplary and astonishingly deep his compassion for complicated people and situations is strong and intense Four books in and I ve found nothing but extraordinary work Fair warning Pattison s subjects are always involved in serious and painful circumstances, and he stints [...]

    15. Eliot Pattison s books about Shan, a former investigator who after going after the wrong party official was sent to labor camp in Tibet and became involved in Tibetan Buddhism Now released from labor camp he is journeying with his friend the monk Lokesh carrying the eye of a deity back to the valley it came from Very interesting interaction between the traditions of the Tibetans and the attempts by the Chinese to obliterate them This is the 3rd book in the series which began with The Skull Mantr [...]

    16. I love all inspector Chan mysteries, they go beyond what one would expect I am always so grateful that the traditions of Buddhism are part of the story line and some of the hidden mysteries are revealed The problems that Chan faces as a hidden Buddhist ex Chinese investigator, are filled with tragedy and moral challenges that hopefully I will never have to face In writing these expose s on what China is doing to the Tibetans Pattison supports the efforts of everyone who is trying to help this si [...]

    17. In this very well written adventure story, Pattison does an amazing job of showing how the beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism permeated the Tibetan culture He articulates this unique animist cosmology so thoroughly that the reader can see how it functions as a coherent alternative to traditional Western spiritual beliefs At the same time, the story lays bare China s destructive incursion into Tibet as it joins with global corporations to extract resources from a so called backward country In sum, an en [...]

    18. Bone Mountain, by Eliot Pattison, b plus, Recorded by National Library Service for the Blind,Chan Tao Yun is a Chinese bureaucrat who got on the wrong side of the Chinese government when he started defending and supporting Tibetan monks who were being abused and killed, and whose culture was being deliberately destroyed by the Chinese government He spent time in a labor camp and then dedicated himself to helping Tibetan monks save their culture This is the third book in the series and continues [...]

    19. I really enjoy Pattison s Inspector Shan series novels because they work on several levels First, they educate the reader about Tibetan culture Second, they are intriguing mysteries And, third, they are a damning indictment of the Chinese oppression of Tibet In all cases, Tibetan culture forms the backbone of the mystery In order to accomplish this, Pattison displays a masterful understanding of Tibetan culture and Buddhism which are one and the same.

    20. So many characters in this one and intertwined plot threads, I didn t quite manage to keep track of them all The cultural conflicts between the Communist Chinese and the many indigenous cultures of Tibet particularly the diverse traditions which meet in Tibetan Buddhism were well and truly developed Pattison somehow manages to raise profound spiritual questions through the familiar genre of detective fiction.

    21. BrilliantThis is my new favorite series Not only are they wonderful stories, but also a thorough introduction to and exploration of Tibetan culture and Buddhist practice I have a Harvard degree in Asian Studies and a fairly extensive intellectual understanding of Tibetan Buddhism These books give me an emotional and tactile experience of the practice I love seeing Tibet through Shan s eyes.

    22. Another incredible intellectual, spiritual and mysterious journey in a series that I have grown terribly fond of A former Chinese investigator living a twisted life training as a Buddhist Monk who is forced by fate, kharma and personality to rub up against some of the ugliests atrocities of our age Pattison knows China, Tibet and Buddhism at a depth and force that makes the books truly believable, engrossing and moving.

    23. I continue to love this series of books Although the mystery part is always good lots of twists and turns, to me, it s all about the Tibetan Buddhism and how it shapes the people of Tibet At the same time, I feel they re teaching me so much about the reality of Tibet after the Chinese invasion I continue to look forward to the next one

    24. This is the third in an amazing series about Shan Tao Yun, a disgraced ex Beijing police inspector on the run from the brutal Chinese army The book is filled with the spiritual and geographical landscapes of the oppressed land of modern Tibet Centuries of wisdom facing systematic destruction.Wonderful book, wonderful series.

    25. I just finished reading this book I felt like it was a bit slow, although still a good story There were a lot of Tibetan words used that made it difficult to understand and follow at times Mainly I m just too lazy to look up the meaning of the words in the back of the book Overall it wasn t bad, but it didn t keep me up at night such that I had to finish it.

    26. I cannot get enough of the books in this series Pattison s obvious affection for both the Tibetans and for Chinese culture as embodied in Shan and others such as the archeology professor Ma comes through clearly His writing evokes the same feelings in the readers as in the characters I always walk away from an Inspector Shan novel feeling like I ve just returned from a visit to Tibet.

    27. This is the second book by this author I have read, and he is quickly becoming one of my favorites This series, featuring a truly good man in terrible circumstances China controlled Tibet , has reminded me of what it means to be compassionate and to serve selflessly I thoroughly recommend it

    28. Perhaps the best in what is a great series of mysteries set in Tibet Calling it a mystery story is too simplistic is brilliant and tragic as one also understands Tibet itself to be In this book specifically Pattison explores aloneness and atonement in a touching manner.

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