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The Explosive Child #2020

The Explosive Child A groundbreaking approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviours from a distinguished clinician and pioneer in this fiel

  • Title: The Explosive Child
  • Author: Ross W. Greene
  • ISBN: 9780060779399
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Explosive Child By Ross W. Greene, A groundbreaking approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviours, from a distinguished clinician and pioneer in this field, now updated to include the most recent research Almost everyone knows an explosive child, one whose frequent, severe fits of temper leave his or her parents standing helplA groundbreaking approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviours, from a distinguished clinician and pioneer in this field, now updated to include the most recent research Almost everyone knows an explosive child, one whose frequent, severe fits of temper leave his or her parents standing helpless in their fear, frustration, and guilt Most of these parents have tried everything reasoning, behaviour modification, therapy, medication but to no avail They wonder if their child is deviant or just plain bad Dr Ross Greene has worked with thousands of explosive children, and he has good news these kids aren t bad, and neither are their parents Rather, explosive children suffer from a physiological deficiency in frustration tolerance and flexibility Throughout this compassionate book, Dr Greene demonstrates why traditional treatments don t work for these kids and offers a new conceptual framework for understanding their behaviour, along with new language to describe it He explains the latest neuroscience findings about the importance of flexibility, and, most important, he shows parents specific, practical ways they can recognize the signs of an impending explosion, defuse tension, and reduce frustration levels for the entire family For parents, psychologists, educators and ADHD groups In addition to the scientific foundation of the book, Greene addresses parents in practical ways that will help show results in difficult children and their effect on families.

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    1 thought on “The Explosive Child

    1. This book was very helpful to me, as I do have a child who is a tad on the explosive inflexible side However, I think this book may have helped me than him directly It helped me see that my expectations are too high, and that re focusing my priorities is helping him deal with life in a much healthier way It made me think in in terms of compromise instead of my way or the highway He is responding very well to this because he now feels like he has control over his decisions even though my goals [...]

    2. The book is billed as a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children I don t know if it s new it seemed logical and simple enough, but I think the author s presentation is so clear that you will benefit from the book even if you are already trying to solve problems with your child collaboratively A few reviewers seemed to feel that the author was negative, but I completely disagree I thought he was extraordinarily understanding toward children a [...]

    3. This book is a revelation for parents frustrated, frightened, confused by their child s unusually challenging behavior It presents a framework for dealing with their behavior and finding a way to teach children how to behave appropriately, and to stop believing they don t want to do well kids do well if they can The book rejects many popular diagnoses like oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, and the like as being beside the point.This book is not, however, a one stop solution for parents, and s [...]

    4. I want to give this book a bad review because it really goes against everything I hold to be reasonable But, I have been implementing it for 4 days now and getting some pretty amazing results Results that I am certain are directly related to following the plan set out by the authors I know what you re thinking Really Four whole days It s a Christmas miracle If I were there in front of you, I d reply, These are the first 4 days that have even teetered on the brink of replicating normal parent chi [...]

    5. Wouldn t it be nice if when our kids explode they explode with rainbows and sparkles It would be a mess to clean up but a vast improvement Lately it seems like our life is smack dab in the middle of a fault line It s a four year old one Sweet Pea has always been very sensitive and has had a few meltdowns But for the past six months, about the time she started preschool it s been an every day thing Sometimes it s little meltdowns and it s easy to get her out of it But too often it s a screaming f [...]

    6. I ended up really enjoying this book It was a big eye opener for me on how to deal with my child that is stubborn, smart, perfectionist, always needing to be right, and throws temper tantrums and has a really short fuse It was interesting idea on that your child just is missing some ways on how to process certain things that happen to them, which end up really frustrate them How giving them a punishment while they are frustrated is ineffective, and so are many other parenting practices for your [...]

    7. Someone asked why I chose this book over the many others out there on this subject 1 it deals directly with the brain and its pathways there is actually some scientific basis for the theories behind this book2 it treats the children and parents with a great deal of compassion and respect The solutions have to do with understand our child and coaching them to grow the missing pathways rather than manage, rewarding or punishing which I know from experience just do not work with my child 3 at a gla [...]

    8. If you have a child diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Syndrome, or as Dr Greene prefers to call them, inflexible explosive, you MUST read this book It completely changed the way I think about daughter It helped me to see that she s not a tough discipline case, nor am I a parenting failure She has a processing disorder, and instead of trying to bend her to our will, we have to teach her the skills she needs to reason through her frustration It isn t easy, and it s very slow going on most days, [...]

    9. I was very disappointed in this book There was never any clear discussion of what symptoms or characteristics one might use to classify their child as explosive other than one who throws a lot of violent fits But there is a big difference between a difficult kid and one who is emotionally incapable of controlling him or herself.Also, the book devolves quickly into doc speak, bandying terms like separation of affect, working memory and shifting cognitive set which had me seeing stars It s almost [...]

    10. Unfortunately, this book doesn t teach you what to do with your negative, explosive child during an episode.The book provides examples of kids with similar behaviors to my own kid, and it does explain why kids tend to explode, but it doesn t say what you can do during those explosions The solution provided is extremely unrealistic.In short, the solution is communication, but how do you communicate with a child who is having an episode The way communication goes in this book, the conversations se [...]

    11. Without the strong recommendation from a trusted friend I would have missed out in the insight offered by the Explosive Child I have a strong willed child, I have a challenging child, but I would never have categorized my child as explosive I m so grateful I took her advice this book is a fabulous resource.On the whole the book is very well written and presents information in multiple modes a case study type narrative, question and answer sections, summary points The explosive child label is qui [...]

    12. probably the most helpful and practical nonfiction book I ve ever read this gels with much of my intuition on parenting an explosive and inflexible child but helps me see where I m missing the boat and gives great instructions on how to keep working together.Dr Greene also gives me permission to try to let go of societal expectations and norms about kids behaving as expected and that typical consequences and incentives don t work for these kids This method doesn t put the kid in charge of the ad [...]

    13. Loved it Super different way if parenting and I have a hard time letting go if some basic normal parenting ideas but as he says how is that working for you And it s not This is about extreme kids and thats what we gave, and I didn t set out a year ago to find a diagnosis but Finally feel like we ve found one Here s hoping

    14. This book takes a different perspective to inflexible explosive children children who do not respond to behavioral modification programs like traditional rewards and punishments because they do not have the flexibility to change their behavior once they degrade or meltdown in the face of unexpected circumstances These children have great difficulties because they often cannot foresee a problem before it happens even if it has happened regularly before and their parents think it is plain as day.D [...]

    15. Clearly this book was written for parents who are so overwhelmed with their misbehaving children, they no longer want to be parents The author is continously trying to encourage the parents to ENDURE their children, he neglects to encourage us to ENJOY them As a parent of a high strung, tempermental child, this book was recommended to me While a lot of the information applied to my child, the author s approach was so negative that it was hard to apply the princliples I realize that this book was [...]

    16. I loved the philosophy of this author, that children do well if they can He helped me understand some of the challenging behaviors Robbie sometimes has and how to deal with them He said to first figure out what some of the things are that trigger an explosion For Robbie that might be a sibling taking a toy away from him, turning the TV off to do homework, etc Then he described plan A, C, and B for dealing with the explosion A is insisting on your way C is dropping the expectation entirely, and B [...]

    17. Another discipline book I almost finished reading I can tell I have an explosive child on my hands, but this book made me feel a lot better about my personal situation It could be a lot worse However, the solution proposed by the book a sort of negotiation with your child has not worked in our household I suppose we just can t get over the notion that we should be in charge Period.So the explosions continue I m hoping he grows out of it

    18. This book was very interesting I hope that it proves to be helpful As I read this book, I was prompted to think about some things differently than I have been and to consider different approaches to long standing issues I was also prompted to consider the reasons why I ve chosen past strategies and whether they have been effective they have not It s time to try something new.

    19. This was a good book for discussing ways to communicate in a proactive way with your child However, I disagreed with its philosophy that rewards and punishments for behavior were unnecessary because the child already knows what behaviors you want to see.

    20. This is a must read book for parents of hard to handle kids It outlines a practical solution to conflicts the three baskets and shows how to apply this method for peace and domestic tranquility.

    21. Jag har nyss l st boken och jag r helt salig Den f rklarar s mycket av det vi har g tt g r igenom Den ger bekr ftelse och handfast hj lp Perfekt vore det f r f r ldrar att f den tr ning som f r ldrar f r i boken avseende f rh llningss tt till sina barn Det som framf rallt hj lpt mig r f ljande Jag f r exempel beskrivna som inte helt st mmer med vad jag varit med om men d r tydliga paralleller kan dras Jag gillade f rst inte det f rsta kapitlet och slutade d rf r l sa, jag b rjade igen efter n gr [...]

    22. This book gave me a lot to think about The author takes on the task of dealing with children who explode who get unreasonably angry over seemingly minor things He says the usual advice is to follow strictly a system of consequences for bad behavior and rewards for good behavior He disagrees with that and says there are children for whom that just doesn t work He gives another way of talking children through their anger and coming to a mutually satisfying solution I learned a lot from his ideas [...]

    23. I think this is a great book other than the unrelenting sexist wording the kid with the problem is always referred to as he for which I took off a whole star I m still not convinced this is what s going on with my son his triggers seems to be hunger and tiredness But the techniques seem very child friendly, practical and promoting of teaching skills and building peace within a family.Thoughts from before I read the book I wonder if this book would be helpful for me in dealing with my son I feel [...]

    24. I read this book because it sounded like something that might help me with my daughter I think it will, but the really interesting thing was that I kept seeing myself as I read it So many incidents from my childhood and adolescence suddenly make so much sense I was always implosive than explosive, in the author s words, but the underlying issues are the same Not only that, but I now recognize the same difficulty with frustration in both my husband and one of my brothers I ve only just started [...]

    25. This had some good ideas about how to teach your child to be less explosive and stop freaking out so much over little things The answer Model patience and calmness and flexibility for them in the way you work things out.This is one approach that can help, but I don t think it is a good enough one might even say flexible enough technique to use in all situations That wouldn t be so bad, except that the author acts as though it is the only tool you ever need.This book can help you be compassionat [...]

    26. Crap theory Parents can use the basket method until they turn blue in the face Get an eval of your child and family system instead of reading this book It is a starting point, but not the solution.

    27. Good book Nothing new to me but great strategies for parents and teachers working with explosive children.

    28. love, love this book It is a great technique for any parent who gets frustrated with a kiddo who is having a rough patch.

    29. Summary The Explosive Child written by Dr Ross W Greene, explains in this text what makes a child explosive and how parents can prevent these explosions or better understand their child Throughout the text, Dr Greene talks about flexibility and frustration tolerance these two characteristics are what explosive children cannot do They cannot be flexible with their schedule and they do not know how to tolerate and keep their frustration inside, but the one thing he wants his readers to know is tha [...]

    30. I originally read this book because I had a toddler who had suffered since infancy with rage That child would NEVER cry himself to sleep He was a hitter and puncher etc etc I had read than a few books and tried all sorts of tactics to help him, and us, manage his emotions.This book was so encouraging to me In the middle of the battle s , it is very difficult to know if you, as a parent, are doing the right thing I found that the ways I had settled on managing would be the most helpful in the lo [...]

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