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A Touch of Minx #2020

A Touch of Minx Who says crime doesn t pay A year ago Samantha Jellicoe robbed from the rich and gave herself Now though she s using her larcenous skills for good as a private security consultant trying to walk t

  • Title: A Touch of Minx
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: 9780060875237
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Touch of Minx By Suzanne Enoch, Who says crime doesn t pay A year ago, Samantha Jellicoe robbed from the rich and gave herself Now, though, she s using her larcenous skills for good as a private security consultant, trying to walk the high road for her sexy billionaire boyfriend, Richard Addison, and asking herself if there s anything torturous than tracking down priceless artifacts only to gWho says crime doesn t pay A year ago, Samantha Jellicoe robbed from the rich and gave herself Now, though, she s using her larcenous skills for good as a private security consultant, trying to walk the high road for her sexy billionaire boyfriend, Richard Addison, and asking herself if there s anything torturous than tracking down priceless artifacts only to give them back.So when the Metropolitan Museum of Art asks for her help, she s only too happy to leap into the fray again If nothing else, this adventure will help her avoid that little not sparkly item Rick s been hiding in his pocket, and postpone another kind of walk down the aisle It s only when she s targeted by a deadly adversary after the same treasure that Sam starts to think that till death do you part is maybe the lesser of two evils

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      425 Suzanne Enoch
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    1 thought on “A Touch of Minx

    1. I loved how Sam and Rick s relationship progressed through all the five novels I liked reading about their ups and downs and fights it felt real And then this book comes the rings I was waiting so much to read the proposal and I have to say I am very disappointed Just half a page of nothing I wanted to see a romantic proposal, I wanted to know why and how Sam decided to marry him I wanted read about how Tom actually believes Sam I wanted to read so much If this was a book s end I probably could [...]

    2. Fun, fun, fun This series is just delectable romance mystery with a dash of humor In this installment, Sam begins a career retrieving stolen artifacts for museums exactly the opposite of what she did before, with all the excitement and danger but for the good guys this time She also struggles with her desire to set down roots against Ricks pressure to make a commitment Sam is still fun and impulsive, Rick is even yummy this time around if that is possible and the relationship is still just as s [...]

    3. This book took me longer than usual just because I already knew how it ended As always, Sam and Rick were a pleasure, and the assortment of secondary characters was marvelous.I am depressed that Enoch most likely will not be continuing this series There was an array of provocative plot threads she could have picked up, from Rick Sam s wedding to Sam s mother to Aubrey s actions to Interpol The possibilities feel virtually endless.Although I think the series ended prematurely, it was definitely w [...]

    4. this series has stayed an average 3 stars for me from beginning to end interesting enough that i kept reading on yet dull enough that i ve already forgotten 90% of the story recommended if you re looking for something different and fun, but not much else.

    5. While I m sad that there will be no adventures of Sam Jellicoe, the last instalment was a pretty great way to finish out the series The action picked up from the first page, and weaved through plot twists, unexpected and not, to a climax that my mind was over a little too fast Which lead into another one, which had me on the edge of my seat I would have a liked one scene for the epilogue, and readers of the series will likely know exactly which one I mean.

    6. The last in the series Say it ain t so I ve really enjoy this series and its perfect blend of mystery and romance I m disappointed that the author has turned her attention back to historical romances, because the market is flooded with them, while stories like this one are much farther between I mean, it s funny, it s cute, it s mysterious, and it s a little bit spicy on occasions What s not to like I m on the lookout for similar books romance mystery that feature the same couple throughout the [...]

    7. Even better than the first, this is the sequel to last year s Billionaires Prefer Blondes It was interesting seeing the relationship between Brit, Richard Addison and Yank, Samantha Jellicoe develop and watch Samantha in her new reformed job looking for stolen Japanese swords for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York I really like Samantha s relationship with Richard s best friend, Yale Tom Donner and his wife and kids.

    8. Just as with Don t Look Down I enjoyed the book enough to give it four stars despite it s lack of substance It s the kind of light, unchallenging reading I m after right now, so it fits my needs But, I m having some problems now with the relationship I skipped two books in between this one and Don t Look Down and I feel like they re in the same place they were And I don t think they should take their relationship any further until they are both certain they can trust each other And I do feel tha [...]

    9. I d read other historicals of Suzanne Enoch s before and enjoyed them , but hadn t read any others in the series before this Hadn t realized, going in, that it WAS part of a series This one stood alone surprisingly well The mystery was handily maintained throughout with a nice double twist and an amusing side job and I really liked the way she kept the uncertainty going in a relationship that five books into a series you d think would be settled and happily ever aftered by now A couple of things [...]

    10. Okay, I have finished this series I made it all the way through and I am glad I am done, because well it was dull and slightly annoying at times and nothing happened They fight all the time and then kiss all the time and then fight some And the fights are always about the same thing, so I didn t see any relationship growth there I can t decide who I liked less by the end Rick or Sam Seriously, stealing is wrong, it will always be wrong so accept that already If the author does write another one [...]

    11. i really liked this series glad they are getting married, creeped out by the creepy guy stalking sam and his japanese obsession like aubrey but there are soo many questions with him like is he gay or straight what are his motives for being so nice to sam did he set the creepy guys house on fire if so that was nice of him glad sam got the job as a museum art stealer backer etc.

    12. The fifth in the Jellicoe Addison series I didn t think it possible, but I have to admit I prefer Suzanne Enoch s contemporary romances to her historical ones Samantha and Rick are fantastic I would highly recommend this book and this series to contemporary romance and mystery lovers especially Janet Evanovich and Linda Howard fans.

    13. Very disappointed this is the last Sam Jellicoe book I ve read all five in a very quick time frame, and really enjoyed all of them Hopefully there will be

    14. Man, I loved it In the sword scene with the scare I cried it was like a shock, I m really happy I read this series 5 stars

    15. If you re in the mood for some romantic suspense then this is the book for you Samantha s an ex cat burglar now living with Richard her sexy aren t they always billionaire boyfriend think of JD Robb s Dallas Roarke s relationship you get the picture.The cover blurb says Samantha Rick are a team from romance, murder mayhem heaven think that about says it all If you re not already a fan of this style of romantic suspense this probably won t convert you but if you enjoy Linda Howard, Nora Roberts J [...]

    16. Amazing series At begning I thought that the series would be too long and repeating and therefore a bit boring but I was completely wrong Every book is so interesting that you can t put it down Loved the characters in the series Mostly though I loved the relationship between rick and Sam Loved how they respected eachother and gave space when needed and their independency and of curse their love

    17. I like Suzanne Enoch s writing I know several people who do not like this contemporary series as much as her historicals It does have ongoing main characters so the series is best read in order The female and male are both strong, independent people who are together because they want to be instead of what the other one can do for them.

    18. Stunning read Another great story I adore Rick and Sam They are a fun and interesting couple Need another installment please Awesome

    19. 3 5 C My first impressions Many have in the past compared this series with the In Death series Samantha and Rick are like Eve and Roarke in reverse Rick and Roarke are both incredibly handsome, rich and speak with an accent The difference is that Samantha is the one who has a criminal past instead Anyway, I have to say that between this series and the In Death one, the In Death is better See, the problem with this book was that Sam and Rick are still at the starting line basically, I thought thi [...]

    20. Samantha and Rick have been together almost a year and while no problems exist in the bedroom, they still struggle with urges Samantha to flee when pressured, or to commit a B E and boredom with her security business.Rick continues to attempt to control Sam out of fear she will hurt herself or get caught I liked book 5 because it didn t have the tension that the previous books had when Sam was confronted with her past In A touch of Minx,a museum curator hires Samantha to recover missing Japanese [...]

    21. Im Deutschen fehlt eigentlich der 4 Teil der Reihe, der nicht bersetzt wurde Mittlerweile haben Sam und Rick ihr Einj hriges und stellen berrascht fest, dass der Sex noch so aufregend ist am ersten Tag Zum erschienen Vor Band sind 6 Monate vergangen und Sam langweilt sich zunehmend mit ihrem legalen Job als Besitzerin einer Sicherheitsfirma Daher freut sie sich, als sie vom Metropolitan Museum aus New York einen Anruf erh lt und beauftragt wird, ber einen Raub von antiken japanischen R stungen u [...]

    22. Seeing as this last installment is 8 years old, I don t think I ll be seeing a 6th book Which really saddens me because like some other readers have mentioned, Sam s adventures could have continued and her relationship with Rick could have developed .I feel like Sam and Rick didn t really resolve the deeper issues of their relationship to the point that an engagement at the end was the answer Don t get me wrong, I think that they re amazing together, but I think they were really getting there.No [...]

    23. I didn t find this as engrossing as the previous books but I can t put my finger on why.Sam and Rick are back in Florida and she has three new legal assignments, a new security system for the wife of a bathroom fittings mogul, an investigation into the theft of antique Japanese armour for the Museum of Modern Art and retrieval of Anatomy Man for Tom Donner s daughter Olivia.Relationship wise Rick and Sam seem to be stuck in a loop where Rick keeps pushing for while Sam wants to maintain her fre [...]

    24. Deutsche Clubausgabe Hochzeitsglocken f r die Diebin W hrend ich die ersten zwei B cher der Serie wirklich gemocht habe, wird es langsam wirklich de Die Figuren haben immer noch keine Tiefe und Substanz Bei einem Einteiler ist das v llig in Ordnung aber bei einer Serie sollte schon mehr drinn sein als immer wieder die gleiche Geschichte zu er hlen auch bei Chick lit.Gl cklicherweise habe ich das Buch bei Tauschticket f r 1 Ticket erworben, so dass ich mich im Nachhinein nicht rgern muss.Frau Eno [...]

    25. Aun estoy en negaci n de que este sea el ultimo libro, simplemente no quiero cr elo.Mantuvo la frescura que ha tenido en toda la serie, pero en mi opini n fue un final muy abierto, me hubiera gustado saber mas, ya que dejaron algunos cabos sueltos, mas aun con ese final entre Sam y Rick Quiero otro libro, la autora deja al aire el matrimonio y otras cosas algo que deseo leer, es sobre Sam y Rick en vida matrimonial, si ya son una locura de novios, no me quiero imaginar a la Jellicoe casada.

    26. It had been awhile since I d read the last one, but I got sucked right back in Sam is a fun character, but Aubrey might be my new favorite What I enjoyed Aubrey He is just fun Sam She s slowly realizing being the good guy can be fun as well The reason Clark was stolen.What could have been better Rick He was kind of a jerk Every other thought in his head was about how he always got everything he wants, so why is Sam making things hard The end was a bit out there My cover is coming off needed bett [...]

    27. Enjoyed this Kind of funnier, gentler In Death type of book, but where the female character is the thiefill a rich billionaire love hero, though.Didn t realize, and I read the last of the series first Samantha is trying to go straight so she deserves Rick s love and life But she still craves the adrenalin rush of being a cat burglar, so takes on the job of finding a set of Samurai armor that was stolen from a museum Was a fun read, sex scenes were hot, and it was quite funny.

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