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Moord kost tijd #2020

Moord kost tijd When Ernest Fletcher is found bludgeoned to death in his study everyone is shocked and mystified Ernest was well liked and respected so who would have a motive for killing him Enter Superintendent H

  • Title: Moord kost tijd
  • Author: Georgette Heyer Jan Louwen
  • ISBN: 9020520520
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Moord kost tijd By Georgette Heyer Jan Louwen, When Ernest Fletcher is found bludgeoned to death in his study, everyone is shocked and mystified Ernest was well liked and respected, so who would have a motive for killing him Enter Superintendent Hannasyde who, with consummate skill, begins to uncover the complexities of Fletcher s life It seems the real Fletcher was far from the gentleman he pretended to be There isWhen Ernest Fletcher is found bludgeoned to death in his study, everyone is shocked and mystified Ernest was well liked and respected, so who would have a motive for killing him Enter Superintendent Hannasyde who, with consummate skill, begins to uncover the complexities of Fletcher s life It seems the real Fletcher was far from the gentleman he pretended to be There is, in fact, no shortage of people who wanted him dead.Then, a second murder is committed, with striking similarities to the first, giving a grotesque twist to a very unusual case.

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    1. A weak 3 stars for this tedious Georgette Heyer mystery, set in England in the 1930s Ernest Fletcher, a wealthy, suave individual, has been bludgeoned to death in his study A policeman, PC Glass, sees his body at 10 05 pm Other individuals saw Fletcher alive at 10 pm Who killed Fletcher in that 5 minute period, and how The eponymous blunt instrument with which he was killed is nowhere to be found The suspects include Helen North, a lovely if rather hen witted married woman whose IOUs Fletcher ha [...]

    2. 3.5 to be preciseComparing to her other mysteries Why Shoot a Butler , They Found Him Dead, No Wind of Blame and Penhallow , this one was the least favorite It has a bit of a thrill and twist However, you can guess who is the culprit and the motive after finishing two thirds of the story I mean it was clear to the point that I doubted it and thought it was a narrative trick but it wasn t I don t know, maybe that was her way of misleading the reader, making the murderer too obvious to be true Oth [...]

    3. Normally I m all in favour of the retro paperback covers but this oneis hideous.While there is a lot to like about this book, it does have a few flaws Any time my favourite Watson Hemingway came on to the page the whole book sparkled with life energy GH gave him some of the books wittiest lines The remaining funny lines went to Neville I found his Hemingway s exchanges with the gloomily religious Corporal Glass hilarious.But Helen is one of the most selfish, shallow, stupid all round annoying ch [...]

    4. SPOILER ALERT What a lark A Blunt Instrument has to be one of the most droll and entertaining of Heyer s mysteries I loved it from beginning to end, and figured out whodunnit almost immediately Ordinarily, this would make me think less of Heyer s writing abilities, but in this case, her hiding the murderer in plain sight actually causes the reader to second guess themselves throughout the 309 hilarious pages.Entertaining, funny and filled with period charm and cant speak, A Blunt Instrument isn [...]

    5. Another Heyer Mystery completed In this one the police forces tackle the strange puzzle of the Perfect Gentleman who has been murdered in a most messy way possible, in less than five minutes Not only that, they cannot find the implement used So many people could have done it and yet, no one can picture any of them actually putting their hands to the task The case becomes further muddled by someone not telling the truth by just a few details leaving everyone involved on eggshells Everyone except [...]

    6. This book is classic Heyer madcap characters, clever plot and hilariously droll dialogue The problem with solving this murder is that, as Sergeant Hemingway remarks than once, if all the witnesses are telling the truth, then there can t have been a murder And yet there is the body of Ernest Fletcher with a bashed in head, so clearly there has been a murder.So obviously that means someone is lying And yet, all are, in fact, telling the truth Of course, the truth of the matter will dawn upon you, [...]

    7. P.C Ichabod Glass discovers the body of the wealthy Ernest Fletcher lying over his desk with his head bashed in with a blunt instrument Who did it, when, what where is the murder weapon are the questions Inspector Hannasyde must answer In order to do his job he has to put up with Ichabod s moralizing and a bunch of suspects who aren t telling the truth Was it the heir in need of money A lovely lady who wanted her IOU s back or her husband seeking revenge What about her sister, a crime novelist, [...]

    8. Reading this Heyer mystery was to be transported into one of those fun 30 s era mystery movies replete with a cast of quirky characters speaking rapid fire dialogue, with the shadow of guilt passing from one suspect to another Filled with some perceptive and funny lines, this is the best of the Inspector Hannasyde stories.In this mystery, the amateurs do not take over the investigation but serve as suspects who continue to generate red herrings They include Neville, the murdered man s nephew who [...]

    9. This book is one of those skip to the good bits stories The mystery itself drags a little, as every possible suspect is eliminated until we finally reach a nose on your face solution And the reader cannot help but share everyone else s exasperation with Helen and John, whose only value to the story is watching the other characters tell them just how idiotic they are.But Sally and Neville are 1000% gold.Sally is near unflappable, and splendid in so many ways Neville is hilarious I m sure I d want [...]

    10. after rereading in 2016 Maybe this is really only 3 stars I did enjoy Neville Fletcher Sally Drew and of course Constable Glass Unimportant but annoying is the fact that the picture on the cover of this 2006 Arrow edition not only had nothing to do with the murder but doesn t even represent the people in this book I recalled the solution to this one from the beginning of my reread and view spoiler while this mystery does violate the rules, I could admire how skillfully Heyer gave the reader clue [...]

    11. A bit too easy to solve and this is someone who hardly tries, especially with mysteries that hinge on tight timing , but fun and humorous Not so much of the underlying social nastiness that Heyer s contemporary novels often reflect.

    12. I have to say I really, really enjoyed this book I thought it went along smoothly and was an easy read I love the characters she created Hannasyde and Hemmingway were a great team They played off each other very well Glass was a pain alright when he kept on with his scriptures and I did get a bit tired of him and his spouting all the time About half way through I guessed it might be Glass but still wasn t sure until the end A lot of people didn t like Helen but to me she was a kind of nothing ch [...]

    13. Two good points The Neville character was amusing in an over the top British fop airhead kind of way, and it took some work or a photographic memory to get all those bits of Scripture into Constable Glass dialogue But the rest of it ugh The repetition of the facts of the case, the lack of character development, the scarcity of narrative ugh Most of the book is dialogue, but a lot of it is dialogue as if lifted straight from real life with all the boring, repetitive bits left in It was rather lik [...]

    14. 6 20 2010 4 stars I tried this Heyer last year and couldn t get into it, but after starting with her first mystery and reading them in order, I ve gotten a real taste for her style and am hooked I actually read this one a couple months ago, but I remember well her characters and the humorous dialogue her trademarks The mystery for me is often secondary with my favorite Golden Age mystery writers it s the atmosphere and characters I relish, and with Heyer especially, her sharp humor and witty dia [...]

    15. I got this for 1 in a Kindle sale because I d never read one of Heyer s mysteries and I like Golden Age mysteries And it was decent, although the detective has pretty much no personality at all.And the worst part was that I found the solution of the mystery completely obvious from the very beginning It is meant to be a mystery that is totally impossible to have been committed until the big reveal that makes everything possible, but I saw that possibility at once So it wasn t too much fun to read [...]

    16. A BLUNT INSTRUMENT 1938 Georgette HeyerThis was the first mystery by this author that I have read When I was a kid, I remember reading one or two of her Regency Novels, but never followed up on her work In her day, she was a popular writer, compared to Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey In today s world assuming that this work is typical of others in the series this police procedural is much too mechanistic The characters are all lifted out of the book of standard characters , including her serie [...]

    17. I did enjoy reading this one in spite of the fact that I saw the solution early on That s always a little frustrating You feel like yelling at the characters to get a clue Also, the cover of this edition has absolutely nothing imaginable to do with the book Still, lots of humor and likable characters, my favorite time period and setting so overall a good one.

    18. 3.5 stars view spoiler It s probably all the preaching that made me suspect who the killer is all along hide spoiler The John Helen combination reminds me of Heyer sThe Convenient Marriage H h one of my least favorites.

    19. Classic crime from the Golden Age I stumbled on Georgette Heyer crime novels, would never read her regency romances but I love the Hannasyde Hemingway novels They are witty, entertaining and even though I knew who committed the crime, she kept me reading.

    20. Darling Inspector Glass was and how the others reacted to him was a hootwell, untilNot all of Heyer s detective novels are great, but this one was super entertaining.

    21. A classic whodunit is the best description of this mystery and it is written in a very Agatha Christie esque style or perhaps Agatha writes in a very Georgette Heyer esque style.A murder takes place in a respected gentleman s study, nothing is stolen and there is no obvious sign of any weapon or of any break in How did it happen and who did it Two forthright questions to which the answers had to be provided by Superintendent not yet Inspector Hannasyde and Sergeant not yet Inspector Hemingway.Th [...]

    22. 4 and final book, Inspector Hannasyde series Police Procedural Murder Mystery3.5 starsJust OK The thing with Georgette Heyer is when she s at her best, the book is fantastic, as with The Masqueraders So I am reading as many of her 50 books so as not to miss the terrific reads.In this four book series, all four books are much the same a wealthy man is murdered, and the younger immediate family members and or their spouses have motives In each book, one or two stand out characters save the book fr [...]

    23. A rich man is found dead by a blow to the head, but the murder weapon can t be found and thanks to the testimony of number of witnesses, the time in which he could have been murdered is only a few minutes The investigation is pretty rambly, and is usual with Heyer s mysteries, I knew whodunnit and how before the detectives I had no patience with the Norths pretty but dramatic Helen and her stoic husband, each thinking the worst of each other , and even though none of the other characters did eit [...]

    24. Neville Fletcher is a great version of the highly intellectual types seen in Albert Campion and Lord Peter His humor is languid, wry and subtle so makes the perfect counterpoint to the heavy treading PC Glass Other miss matched pairs are the two sisters, Ms Sally Drew and Mrs Helen North Sally is keenly observant and a published crime author while her sister is a married wife estranged from her husband through foolishness and lack of communication Mr North is intelligent but so proper his wife d [...]

    25. I used to be tolerant of books that bored meThose days are now over I read the first 100 pages of A Blunt Instrument, skimmed the next 100, and then discarded the book, leaving the last 100 or so pages unread In fact, I didn t even bother to find out who the murderer was that s how much I cared.A while ago a week, even I would have forged my way through to the end But lately I ve realized that I ve chewed my way through enough dry books and I m weary of it Life is too short Undoubtedly, I will [...]

    26. I didn t like this book at all I like some story behind the story, and this was almost all dialogue with some long, rambling monologues thrown in I didn t like any of the characters, and the bible quoting constable got very old after about two pages God help us, there are 300 pages of this guy.The who of the whodunnit was pretty obvious fairly quickly that didn t help me when I was trying to find some incentive to get through this As much as I love British mysteries from the 30 s, these books do [...]

    27. Non ho dato il massimo delle stelle a questo giallo perch naturalmente non Agatha Cristie ,ma devo dire che mi ha sorpreso piacevolmente,personaggi ben delineati ed alcuni con tratti alquanto bizzarri hanno reso la trama non cupa ma gradevole , vivace ,come non citare Neville fletcher in questo caso ,Ahim purtroppo per ho capito chi era l assassino prima della fine e questo per un giallo non va,resta comunque una lettura piacevole ,che invoglia a continuare a leggere e perch no che diverte senza [...]

    28. Full of odd quotes from the bible, this book is fairly straightforward as far as the mystery goes Mainly Ms Heyer makes the reader second guess themselves all through the book, but the original answer to the mystery remains the correct one Lots of interesting characters make the book fun to read What Hannasyde has to put up with

    29. My least favorite of the Hannasyde books The solution is entirely glaringly obvious from the very beginning, and the policeman quoting the Bible is SO ANNOYING It s like when authors do very badly written out dialect I wanted to bash him over the head a million times And none of the other characters was interesting engaging enough to make up for him.

    30. It may be that I gave this 4 stars because I am such a Heyer fan After all, the mystery wasn t that engaging and I guessed the culprit very early in the piece But Neville s wicked tongue made up for other weaknesses A fun read.

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