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A Sudden Silence #2020

A Sudden Silence Jesse Harmon is tortured by guilt because he survived the hit and run accident that killed his brother Bry His guilt is compounded when he finds he is attracted to Bry s girlfriend Chloe Together Je

  • Title: A Sudden Silence
  • Author: Eve Bunting
  • ISBN: 9780152058685
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Sudden Silence By Eve Bunting, Jesse Harmon is tortured by guilt because he survived the hit and run accident that killed his brother, Bry His guilt is compounded when he finds he is attracted to Bry s girlfriend, Chloe Together Jesse and Chloe try to track down the drunk driver who killed Bry but discovering the driver s identity leads to other disturbing truths.

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      173 Eve Bunting
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    1 thought on “A Sudden Silence

    1. Jesse and bry were on there way home walking along the side on the highway and right next to the beach on their right bry was hit by a car He was deaf Jesse was trying to get his attention but he was to far up.Will they find out who this driver was I liked how it started off with something bad happing already making it interesting I don t like how this man bry was deaf but I guest the adds a little unique story.I recommend people who like mysteries or suspenseful books because it s starts off f [...]

    2. I had to read this book for English class, and I must say, I stopped reading at page 24 When I read the back of the book, I already knew it wasn t my genre When I started chapter one, I was thinking Oh my god, can t my teacher come up with something better than this , and at the end of chapter two I already knew what would happen the rest of the story Every English teacher who reads this, please let your students choose their own books to read, because this way you don t let them see how much fu [...]

    3. Jesse and Brian Harmon are not only brothers, but best friends Brian is deaf, and he has learned to read lips easily and has learned signing well, from his tutor, and girlfriend, Chloe When walking home from a party, Jesse and Brian are crossing the street As Brian crosses the street, he gets hit by a speeding car and goes flying Jesse feels as if it s his fault Then, the silence begins.Chloe is helping Jesse out finding the mystery killer of their best friend But do they fall for each other on [...]

    4. A Sudden Silence by Eve Bunting was overall a decent story because of the characters and how close Jesse and Bry were as brothers Bry was deaf and Jesse was close with him and was his best friend When you have a def brother you should not just let him walk by himself when he can t here anything coming It then turns into a mystery that urges you as a reader to find out what actions take place after the first chapter Overall the book was decent, I really liked the mystery part and how Jesse and Ch [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo What If Bry and Jesse had taken the proper way home after the party What If they d only have stayed on the correct side of the road until they reached the underpass Instead, Bry sees a clearing in the traffic near their development and runs across the road Shortly after that, a speeding car comes from behind, catching them unawares Jesse yells out to Bry to get out the way But Bry is deaf and never heard the warning, nor probably ever knew the car hit him Unti [...]

    6. A Sudden Silence by Eve Bunting is a well written story describing the murder of Bry Harmon Told through the perspective of his older brother Jesse Harmon, we read the story of a young 16 year old boy getting hit by a drunk driver while walking home from a party His older brother is now on the lookout for any clues or signs of who the killer might be as he teams up with Bry s crush, Chloe to put up posters asking for anyone with details to call and report them Even though it was only an accident [...]

    7. The book A Sudden Silence by Eve Bunting is a thrilling book about a boy named Jesse who is trying to find out who ran over his deaf brother one night while walking back home from a party Jesse feels this awful guilt inside him of why he let that happen to his own brother As he never gives up trying to find out who caused all of this, the clues he finds uncover a shocking idea of who might have killed Bry What i really thought was fascinating about this book was that the author made it very easy [...]

    8. The original pub date of A Sudden Silence is 1988 just 25 years ago, but the characters seem much innocent, less jaded than characters in contemporary realistic fiction.Yes, a teenager has to come to grips with the violent death of his brother And does seem to be falling for his brother s crush, but he feels appropriately ambivalent about it But even solving the mystery of which drunk driver killed his brother doesn t seem to change Jesse s world view that much His parents, though, are full of [...]

    9. Sudden Silence by Eve Bunting is a good mystery It is the story of two brothers leaving a party One boy, Bry, is killed and the brother must try to remember details of the car that killed him The living brother, Jesse, is determined to catch his brother s killer and is helped by Chloe, the girl his Bry liked While dealing with the guilt of his brother s death and his attraction to his brother s girlfriend, he manages to find clues to the identity of the hit and run driver This is a nicely writte [...]

    10. I like this book, because it started out with a suspence part Bryan was killed by a car while walking back to there trailer park Bryan was deaf so he could not hear Jesse,his brother, saying stop Bryan s family are investigating the crime scene Then the word came out it was a drunk driver that killed Bryan Jesse is always looking at licence plates to see if any of them are familiar Then Chloe, Bryan s girl, was riding with Jesse and then they got in a crash Chloe went in the hospital with a bloo [...]

    11. Jesse and his deaf brother Bryan are walking home from a party one night, when a driver swerves onto the shoulder of the road striking and killing Bryan Jesse is consumed with finding the driver that killed his brother and then just drove away Chloe, Bryan s girl, helps Jesse as he suffers with a double edged guilt Why didn t he try harder to save Bryan and Why is he so attracted tot he girl Bryan liked I don t know if this book would be good to teach to a whole class, but it s a great one to re [...]

    12. The book a sudden silence was an ok book Its is about a teenage boy how trys to find out the person that killed his brother during a hit and run The brother sruggles to understand the world of his brother , becaues he is deafth This book draged on a little bite, and was boring at times but had a great and ending to the book.

    13. Jesse is the main character in this book and in the beginning of the story his deaf brother Bry is killed by a hit and run driver The story follows Jesse as he hunts for clues to find the killer I had high hopes for this book but alas I found the ending anti climatic rather disappointing.

    14. AMAZINGI think this is the perfect book for anyone who wants to read a book in a short amount of time

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