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Seeds of Discovery #2020

Seeds of Discovery An alternate cover edition can be found here William Rose was an enigma at Bristlecone High School never talking to anyone his nose always buried in a book Quinn Robbins had never paid attention to

  • Title: Seeds of Discovery
  • Author: Breeana Puttroff
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seeds of Discovery By Breeana Puttroff, An alternate cover edition can be found here.William Rose was an enigma at Bristlecone High School, never talking to anyone, his nose always buried in a book Quinn Robbins had never paid attention to him Until the night she almost hit him with her car on an isolated road where he shouldn t have been, and then she watched him disappear.Consumed by curiosity, Quinn embarksAn alternate cover edition can be found here.William Rose was an enigma at Bristlecone High School, never talking to anyone, his nose always buried in a book Quinn Robbins had never paid attention to him Until the night she almost hit him with her car on an isolated road where he shouldn t have been, and then she watched him disappear.Consumed by curiosity, Quinn embarks on a quest for answers and winds up on an incredible journey to discover the truth about this mysterious boy.What she finds is beyond her wildest expectations, and just may change her life forever.Discover the story that made readers everywhere fall in love with the Dusk Gate Chronicles Follow Quinn into the magical world of Eirentheos and uncover William s secret for yourself.Fully feeling the weight of her stupidity, she climbed the four crumbling stone steps toward the end of the broken off bridge This time, she did not hold back or hesitate She closed her eyes and stepped forward Expecting only a loss of balance and the resulting short drop into the cold water below, she was surprised when it didn t come There was solid stone underneath her right foot Maybe she had missed When a second attempt with her left foot also failed to produce an icy cold plunge into the stream, she opened her eyes.

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    1. A 4.5 Review There comes a moment in everyones life so I assume when you realize you have officially lost your marbles I actually thought that moment came last month when I openly admitted to a friend that I was in love with a mute bright blue alien don t ask but apparently I was wrong This weekend, like most weekends or every freaking day if I m being honest I decided all I wanted to do was read I had a list of things on my TBR that needed to be knocked out before next month, and naturally I wa [...]

    2. What I liked about it the book starts off like a typical YA novel high school, popular guys, not so popular girl but then it surprises you sensible the female lead was was the perfect length.ended at just the right place.What I didn t like about it lack of details I never thought I d been the way to notice that The flora fauna unique to the kingdom were not described in too much detail A good book to curl up with and spend some hours of relaxed reading.

    3. I really wanted to love this book because I liked the writing style and the characters but the story itself just kind of left me wantingwanting excitement or conflict or action or something As I read, I just kept waiting for something to happen to suck me in, to make me excited to keep reading The story started off intriguing, but once Quinn solved the mystery of what happened to William, it became a little too low key for me I was intrigued by the world Quinn finds herself in and the people t [...]

    4. 11 24 2011 Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff is a fun book Quinn is a teenage girl that finds a bridge to an alternate world named Eirentheos, a beautiful medieval world that seems to have no crime or pollution The first half of the book, I was beginning to think that characters were to unbelievably nice perfect to be plausible, but then in steps the villain Tolliver, and from there the story really took off for me.I finished this book in a day, and really enjoyed the plot Quinn has a love [...]

    5. This one is hard for me to review Mostly because I liked the idea and the writing style was nice and easy to get into but there was just something off I am not really sure how to explain it The plot seemed very light for lack of better word I was always waiting for something Like I was waiting for the emotional attachment for the characters to kick in They were likable but didn t really draw me in Or I was waiting for the meat of the plot to kick in but the end of the story happened with some o [...]

    6. An enjoyable fast flowing young adult novel with interesting characters, intriguing situations, and a fascinating fantasy world, Breeana Puttroff s The Seeds of Discovery is a good opening novel to the author s intended trilogy The story has a good mix of completeness and mystery by its end, leaving this reader both satisfied and ready for .The heroine is suitably ordinary no super powers, nor super wisdom or strength She makes very real mistakes in her actions and her relationships, making her [...]

    7. Breeana Puttroff is off to a flying start with her first book, Seeds of Discovery , Book 1 of the Dusk Gate Chronicles It s pretty rare when a book catches my attention from the very beginning, however Seeds of Discovery did From the preface, I was hooked Wonderful, unique story, likeable characters, nice narration Ms Puttroff is a great storyteller, and skillfully weaves a tale that will keep you entertained for hours I definitely want to read the next books in this series, and I hope there are [...]

    8. Quinn is a normal teenage girl One day she is driving and she sees a car crash She pulls over to help and sees a boy from her school already helping She calls the police but before the police get there the boy runs away from the scene After it happened she started paying attention to him alot at school to see what he was up to One day while she was following him he led her to a secret passage to another world In the new world she has many adventures like being part of special ceromonies and hel [...]

    9. I really liked this book It had kind of a slow take off but got much interesting when Quinn finally crossed over I felt it took too long at the beginning by focusing on following a boy she barely knew The drama in the new world had some intriguing aspects that certainly lays the groundwork for stories in future books I especially appreciated the fact that the author didn t answer all the questions or solve all the problems presented before the end of the book It leaves the reader with somethin [...]

    10. What a remarkable start to a series I didn t even read the description of this book going into reading it, just went off of a recommendation by a friend.I am SO glad that I took a step of faith and read this It s a great Young Adult Fantasy book It is well worth the 5 stars I gave it It may have a flaw here or there, but, I found it to be a perfect read for me.This book was great if you re looking for a fast paced read with wonderful characters and a great plot It s fantasy based, but doesn t ha [...]

    11. I can t BELIEVE I wasted my time reading the entire book I was bored out of my mind around 25percent of the way through but I saw so many good reviews I thought there must be something worth reading, right I am so glad I didn t pay a dime for this book and disappointed I wasted valuable reading time on this book.I would rather read a telephone book.

    12. This book was another one of those that grabbed a hold of me at the beginning and would not let go Quinn Robbins is your typical teenage girl a little on the shy side, but she has friends and one of them, Zander a boy who has been her friend since she was little , has taken an interest in her Her life is pretty darn good until she nearly hits a boy crossing the road one night with her car After that, everything changes.As much as I loved this book and trust me, I did there were some things that [...]

    13. Originally posted at The Solitary BookwormIn a freak accident, Quinn tries to understand some mystery surrounding William, a schoolmate, and some freaky things happening after the accident Baffled by what is happening in her life, Quinn manages to follow William walking through a broken bridge A bridge that connect to a world that Quinn never thought would have existed.I love Quinn She s sweet, down to earth, caring and just plain adorable You can definitely feel the love she has for her family [...]

    14. Seeds of Discovery is the first novel in the Dusk Gate Chronicles It is a charming and sweet fantasy series about a young girl who crosses over into another world Filled with adventure, danger, mystery and a touch of romance this tale is sure to delight.The tale begins when we meet Quinn Robbins She is a sweet kid who has reoccurring dreams about flowers and a choice Life is good and just got better because Zander Cunningham has asked her out Things change when she almost hits a boy as he darts [...]

    15. Going in to Seeds of Discovery was like walking in to a blank room I hadn t read the synopsis I only knew that the book cover was gorgeous and it was Fantasy, so of course I d read it That was the best possible choice I went in knowing nothing, and fell in love all the for it Let me start out by saying one simple word immersive This is the type of book that will grab you, pull you in, and lock you in the world that it builds around you.Quinn Robbins is such a great character She s sweet, just p [...]

    16. Review originally posted on The Oaken Bookcase on October 2, 2012.Quinn is driving home after picking up her little sister from the babysitter when she nearly runs over a boy in the street, who then disappears She later recognises him as William Rose, a shy, reclusive boy in the year above her at school She starts following him around to see what he s up to, and eventually accidentally follows him through a gate to a whole other world and the Kingdom of Eirentheos As it turns out, William is not [...]

    17. This was such a sweet story Quinn is your typical teenager, kind of shy, but still social enough She almost ran over William Rose one day, and suddenly became very curious about the boy, so started to stalk him Seriously, what she did was stalker behavior, but she really didn t have any ulterior motives, other than curiosity Quinn is a very likable character Different from the a lot YA heroine these days, she has no super powers, nothing special, but she s a very sweet girl and cries easily, but [...]

    18. Seeds of Discovery is the first book in Breanna Puttroffs Dusk Gate Chronicles series It s not a long book, only about 160 pages, but it may have just become one of my favorite book series EVER I was approached by the author Breanna Puttroff to read and review her books, and when I read the synopsis I was interested, but it s really different from the books that I generally read so I honestly wasn t in too much of a rush to read them So when they were next on my TBR pile I really didn t know wha [...]

    19. This indie author is currently offering a free copy of this book right here on You should absolutely sign up Go NOW I ll wait Sooo, now that you re back I ve posted the summary my impressions summary Quinn Robbins is about to discover a secret that will change her life forever On a winter evening, sixteen year old Quinn is driving home with her little sister when she almost hits a boy crossing the highway in an odd location When she learns the identity of the boy, she also finds that his crossin [...]

    20. Seeds of Discovery was a good read with an interesting story Quinn is not really your average teenager, she doesn t really hangout with people her own age instead she studies hard, have a part time job at a library and helps her mom out a lot with her little brother and sister Quinn is kind, smart, responsible and thoughtful and her world is about to change forever when she discovers another world Quinn adapts really well to this new world and the royal family has seem to taken a liking to her T [...]

    21. In Seeds of Discovery, Quinn Robbins attention is drawn to her mysterious classmate William Rose Once she starts paying attention to him, she only has and questions about who he is and where he comes from So she decides to follow him and find out Little does she expect him to be from a fairytale kingdom on the other side of a magic gate that connects her little Colorado town to the kingdom of Eirentheos Once there, she finds herself caught up in inter kingdom politics and a mysterious epidemic [...]

    22. I ve been in a mood where I don t really feel like reading much lately, like I just don t want to sit down and actually read a book However, I knew I had this coming up for a blog tour so I sat down and forced myself to read a chapter Funnily enough, I took a break from the book and noticed that I was on page 50 already It was so easy to just fly through this book that I finished it in one sitting no troubles.The story itself is really entertaining It s slightly different to your run of the mill [...]

    23. I have to say I loved this book When I first got it I was a little weary and was not in any rush to start reading it Shame on me Once I started I could not put it down I absolutely love the three main characters Thomas being my favorite but William a close second I liked how Quinn was so excepting to the new world she discovered and did not majorly freak out every other paragraph like some other books I have read She is smart and funny yet independent and strong I love how the the author didn t [...]

    24. Thank you to Breeana for a free ebook of Seeds of Discovery I have to say that I feel no obligation to give this book a good review I m giving it a good review because it was a great book I don t like to give spoilers in my reviews, but let me say that this book was not what I thought it would be When I first started reading it, for a page or two I thought it was reminding me of Twilight not in the writing style or even in the story line, but there was a scene in the lunchroom with a guywell, yo [...]

    25. It s not a dream, Quinn It s real This is what I am my big secret Quinn, Thomas William I love all three of them Quinn stumbles into William s unexpected secret world ande feels right at home As they both adjust back to life without some of the comforts, Quinn is quickly reminded that bad people live on both sides of the broken bridge.The story may take a chapter or two to get into, but once you do the world sucks you in It s easy to love Quinn she s very real and very sweet William and Thomas h [...]

    26. What a find I m always looking to add titles to my Kindle app and I stumbled into this series I found myself enjoying this book immensely and was pleasantly surprised I remember reading Stephen R Donaldson s Mirror of her Dreams series when I was in middle school That story also involved a story of an our world girl who crosses to another realm and meets up with a boy and his interesting family I also remember that that particular series was a bit mature for me but I loved the premise and I wis [...]

    27. Breeana Puttroff first came to my attention right here on GoodReads I had read the first three chapters of her Seeds of Discovery, Dusk Gate Chronicles,just loved it, and felt very privileged that she allowed me to continue reading it, as she finished each chapter I was also quite relieved as I didn t want to have to wait until the book was released to find out what happened.Let me just say that as a grown woman, I just love Seeds of Discovery It s a magical journey through a veritable Eden, wit [...]

    28. A friend recommended this to me, and so I decided to give it a try I was instantly hooked I felt like the book did a great job of keeping me engaged I was really invested in this story I really enjoyed that the family cared about their people I felt like the characters were really genuine If you are looking for a ton of action this is probably not the book for you, but I really enjoyed the day to day story line I can definitely see there is drama building for the next books in the series, and I [...]

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