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The Tommyknockers #2020

The Tommyknockers Librarian s Note This is alternate cover edition ISBN ISBN See Original Record HereLate Last Night and the Night Before Tommyknockers tommyknockers knocking at the door

  • Title: The Tommyknockers
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Tommyknockers By Stephen King, Librarian s Note This is alternate cover edition 2ISBN 10 0451156609ISBN13 9780451156600 See Original Record HereLate Last Night and the Night Before Tommyknockers, tommyknockers, knocking at the door.Something was happening in Bobbi Anderson s idyllic small town of Haven, Maine Something that gave every man, woman, and child in town powers far beyond ordinarLibrarian s Note This is alternate cover edition 2ISBN 10 0451156609ISBN13 9780451156600See Original Record HereLate Last Night and the Night Before Tommyknockers, tommyknockers, knocking at the door.Something was happening in Bobbi Anderson s idyllic small town of Haven, Maine Something that gave every man, woman, and child in town powers far beyond ordinary mortals Something that turned the town into a death trap for all outsiders Something that came from a metal object, buried for millennia, that Bobbi accidentally stumbled across It wasn t that Bobbi and the other good folks of Haven had sold their souls to reap the rewards of the most deadly evil this side of hell It was like a diabolical takeover invasion of body and soul and mind.Note All information herein, such as number of pages, publisher, etc refer to this alternate cover edition and may or may not coincide with the main entry for this ISBN or any other alternate covers.

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    1 thought on “The Tommyknockers

    1. I mean, The Tommyknockers is an awful book That was the last one I wrote before I cleaned up my act And I ve thought about it a lot lately and said to myself, There s really a good book in here, underneath all the sort of spurious energy that cocaine provides, and I ought to go back The book is about 700 pages long, and I m thinking, There s probably a good 350 page novel in there Stephen King in a Rolling Stone interview.You got that right, Uncle Stevie.Bobbi Anderson is a writer living outside [...]

    2. This seems to be one of Stephen King s less known and less liked novels.I really liked it Not 5 blown away liked, but a good solid 4 really liked.I think my difference from the majority here is two fold Firstly, I ve discovered many people want all of a story to be good If the end lets it down, they feel the whole book is a waste of time Well the end did let it down, but the story itself is packed with good stuff There were so many scenes, characters, ideas and descriptions that all shone with t [...]

    3. Late last night and the night before, tommyknockers tommyknockers knocking at your doorI can make a couple of guesses to explain why this book only has a rating of 3.46, which it doesn t deserve I thought it was great Interesting and very different to Kings usual books That being said, all the elements of a King book are here, great characters, unusual story and great dialogue.I ve read a few reviews saying that the ending is rubbish I don t agree with this and there are definitely worse King en [...]

    4. 2.5Let me tell you a story Jason, Dustin you guys have probably heard me tell this enough times you re sick of it so you guys can skip ahead Many years ago I first read the Tommyknockers It was a huge brick of a book a hardcover version no less I was fascinated with it I was a new Stephen King fan and after picking up the first book of his I ever read, I had to grab another and another and another The Tommyknockers had this great build up, it was intense, there was so much going on There was an [...]

    5. Please allow me to preface this review I love to read I ve been escaping by burying my nose in books for as long as I can remember and this particular book has taken me back to where it all began Reading this book again after nearly 28 years has vividly reminded me of those early days when a 600 page book was such a huge part of my life, and the newest Stephen King hardcover was the BEST Christmas present ever I say all of this to make clear that I m probably unable to separate my sentimental at [...]

    6. Well, that was unexpected.First time I read this, I loved the first two thirds of the book and loathed the last third This time, it was the exact opposite I enjoyed the introductions to Bobbi and Gard all right, I guess, but the middle was boring I almost gave up In fact, I switched to the audio book so that I could play Minecraft while listening to it Then, an odd thing happened I became involved again This was after the vagina tentacles I started catching reference after reference, and the boo [...]

    7. Bobbie Anderson finds an object buried in the woods that happens to be the tip of an alien craft After she tampers with it sufficiently, the whole town gradually begins changing into aliens.A guy I used to work with kept urging me to read this one He read half of it during a week long stint in the brig while in the navy, then rescued the book from destruction while he was throwing the ship s trash in the ocean a week later Was it worth it Hell yes King novels don t usually affect me but I dreame [...]

    8. Prior to going into my second reading of The Tommyknockers, I wasn t sure that I even wanted to read it Needful Things, Lisey s Story, or The Talisman would have been preferable, as those three novels have been on my mind a lot lately The only reason I decided to go with The Tommyknockers is because it won the SK group read for September, and I d never participated in a group read, and wanted to be a part of it Having said that, I am so glad that I did I finished last night, and what can I say F [...]

    9. 4.5 stars rounded up GRwhy the F do you not have 1 2 stars available Jesus Wow awesome book And classic Stephen King At 747 pages, it was never boring There are MANY connections in this book to his other books The Dead Zone, It, The Talisman, The Shining, The Stand and Firestarter I also found out that King was inspired by Star Trek The Motion Picture for certain aspects of the story and in return, Gene Roddenberry was inspired by The Tommyknockers when coming up with the evil Borg for The Next [...]

    10. Late last night and the night before, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door I want to go out, don t know if I can, cause I m so afraid of the Tommyknocker manSo that s a little creepy Ever heard that childhood poem I had not Nor have I read much of H.P Lovecraft, the horror author who influenced King s writing of The Tommyknockers King has said that his idea for the novel was based from The Colour Out of Space , a short story by Lovecraft Tommyknockers is not the only novel written [...]

    11. This one will be the first book by King I gave up on I made it to the 50% mark before deciding that I just wasn t having any fun Instead I was forcing myself to finish it just so I could say that I did After all, I love King s work and this was an attempt to catch up on the ones I ve missed Butspite some terrific scenes, THE TOMMYKNOCKERS is a sprawling, disjointed, meandering mess of a book Worse, it s dull and not entirely well written, something I never thought I d say about King s work.It ki [...]

    12. Late last night and the night before,Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door.I want to go out, don t know if I can, Cause I m so afraid of the Tommyknocker man.By The way, that jingle is really creepy if it was sung by a kidSomething is creeping up in Haven, the atmosphere has rapidly changed after Bobbi Anderson stumbles upon something in the woods It will alter the normalcy of this small town in a very weird way.Before anything this book was another successful buddy read, shout out [...]

    13. Okay, so I may have read this when I was twelve, but I tell you, it fucked my shit up It s really really long and has violence and intrigue if you re twelve and you start it in December, you might not finish it until mid January The best part was that it was the first book that made reference to location that I had actually been IT took place in Maine, people, what could be creepier This is an underrated classic with possibly the best title of all time Just say it Tommyknockers Awesome.

    14. I should not like The Tommyknockers as much as I do It s a guilty pleasure of mine I can admit it And perhaps a rating of four stars is a mite generous But, despite rationale, I number this novel among my favorites by King Why Because reasons I ll explain in a moment The Tommyknockers is about Pandora s box, and what happens once it s open and it s also about failed missed unrequited love Our two main characters are Bobbi Anderson, a moderately successful writer of western novels, and Jim Garde [...]

    15. Well, I just finished The Tommyknockers, and to be rather bluntI m disappointed Really disappointed The beginning was good, entertaining, even hilarious at parts When I got to Book II, it really started to drag for me And when I mean drag.I just kept saying in my head as I read, GET ON WITH IT ALREADY But also, I felt like it was a little all over the place I consider myself to be one who at least has half a brain Hell, I have a Master s degree, I would I hope I have a brain , and consider mysel [...]

    16. I m an unabashed fan of this book Through and through In fact, I d say it s one of the best books of his that I ve ever read Yes, I m dead serious.The pace is deliciously slow, building tension in waves and layers, rather than spurts and fits The cosmic terror is enjoyably vague, yet the nature and logic of its machinations contains some truly eerie implications And the characters Don t even get me startedbut, since I have already, they re amazing Not one owner of a name is anything less than a [...]

    17. One thing is for sure I am never moving to a small town in Maine Strange things happen Picked this one up at Half Priced Books for 1 Working my way through King s older stuff Fun ride A word of advice, don t dig anything up in your backyard, leave it alone.

    18. Late last night and the night before,Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door.I want to go out, don t know if I can, Cause I m so afraid of the Tommyknocker man.When Bobbi Anderson goes for a walk in the woods and trips over a small piece of metal, she doesn t know that she has only seconds left to live Her life will not end, though it will change in a way that she, a writer of popular westerns, is not even able to imagine Determined to see what is in the earth, Bobbi starts digging an [...]

    19. Let s face it Stephen King can t write science fiction.I m not even sure why King even thought Tommyknockers needed to be written It s bad SF and not as all equal to his horror writings It doesn t dazzle and it doesn t shine The best thing I can say for it is that it doesn t feature a rabid Saint Bernard.Update I might have to change that first sentence King s 11 23 63 proved that he can write effective science fiction, at least in the speculative history sub genre But I still dislike The Tommyk [...]

    20. I feel terrible for giving this book such a low rating but I genuinely feel like I suffered through a large portion of it Some of it was SO good, and I flew through those portions But then it would be another 100 pages of horrible pacing and information that I found so inconsequential I didn t even retain any of it I read that King feels like this is his worst book, and he might be right I guess it was time for me to finally discover a book of his I didn t absolutely love.

    21. I was about 12 years old when this came out My friend s mother at the time was our personal expert consultant on all things Stephen King Her opinion of this book was something like meh That isn t verbatim but it s pretty close After that, I read some mediocre or even less flattering reviews in whatever rags I was reading back then TIME, NEWSWEEK, THE BERGEN RECORD, shit like that This book went on my permanent not to be read list I even skipped the mini series on TV because the almighty THEY sai [...]

    22. Awe shucks, such a missed opportunity by King here.The Tommyknockers was a solid concept, but poorly executed King himself has criticised this book as being one of, if not the, worst of his novels He said it was the last book he wrote before cleaning up his act In other words, it was written during a coke fuelled binge of sorts And it shows.For me, this novel is really a book of thirds 1 3 This section of the book was honestly some of the most engaging King writing I ve ever read Prior to starti [...]

    23. I really enjoyed reading this book It is long but I never got bored and I wanted to know what happens next.It is one of those novels from SK which one loves or dislikes for its length And it also is one of those novels where a small town in Maine, located next to Derry, together with all its citizens plays a huge role I see it this way We have three main characters in here Bobbi and her dog Peter of course , an author of western novels who stumbles and thus starts everything happening in this bo [...]

    24. Audiobook Narrated by Edward Herrmann Excellent narration Ebook Not quite 4 but than 3 So, 3 and a half stars.The Onion wrote an article claiming that King couldn t remember writing The Tommyknockers He King then admitted that it was actually true, as he couldn t remember writing many novels from the 80s due to his alcoholism, including Cujo.For me, Cujo was a winner whether King remembered writing it or not I can t say the same for The Tommyknockers Or so I thought.When I first read this book, [...]

    25. I was hesitant going into this one because I ve heard all the negativity around it, how King hates it, etc I kept waiting to be turned off as I read it, but I kept enjoying it all the way through I loved the look at how the town is going mad, and how all of the characters entwined without the story ever becoming overwhelmed with characters I also thought it was genuinely very creepy at points, like the reveal of Gardener going into the shed and seeing the bodies plugged into the computers But mo [...]

    26. I m in the ballpark of 3.5 5.0 stars, rounded up for this one It is long, and it can be drawn out at times, but it certainly has that Stephen King feel to it that I enjoy so much There were lots of good, suspenseful moments and lots of moments leaving you wondering why they were included, but overall, I was satisfied Loved all of the Easter eggs also.

    27. Well, I ve finally finished it To be honest I m not sure what to think of this one Did I not like it That s not it Did I think it was great Mmm, not really It wasn t outstanding but it was still a good read My favorite part of the whole book was the rhyme that kept showing up over and over The ending wasn t really what I was expecting either I thought it would have wowed me So I guess with this one I m in neutral territory.

    28. This book is the reason why I no longer give books a chance if they haven t grabbed me in the first couple of pages.This book is as thick as the bible and goes absolutely nowhere All I know is the main character bleeds constantly King s obsession with this woman s menstrual cycle was the most disturbing part of this book , she digs a hole constantly and the other guy character is a drunk yeah i didn t even bother to remember their names, trust me its not important Like all of King s novels, the [...]

    29. I ve always loved the Tommyknockers despite it being a less than fantastic book, so I m probably not the most reliable person to listen to when it comes to it But, I can try to tell you what I love with it and then tell you why it still doesn t deserve a full five stars in my opinion oh, I know I m in a minority putting four of them, but those I stand by Some spoilers may be ahead, so if you re sensitive, cover your eyes and or jump to the last line The book starts out really good, with the intr [...]

    30. This book is avoiding a single star merely because of the respect I have for the man and because he always manages to redeem himself with story But this out of the thirty or books I ve read by him is by far the most repulsive instance in terms of its writing I ve never been so heartless in my reading of him I religiously underlined phrases and sentences that made me cringe, were awkward, unnecessary, clunky He is in his own words the quintessential putter inner He seems to love putting in just [...]

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