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In Search of Sasquatch #2020

In Search of Sasquatch What is Sasquatch Thousands of people believe in it Hundreds say they have seen it But themystery of Sasquatch has not been solved Sasquatch also known as Bigfoot is a cryptid a creature of cryptoz

  • Title: In Search of Sasquatch
  • Author: Kelly Milner Halls
  • ISBN: 9780547257617
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Search of Sasquatch By Kelly Milner Halls, What is Sasquatch Thousands of people believe in it Hundreds say they have seen it But themystery of Sasquatch has not been solved .Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is a cryptid a creature of cryptozoology Cryptozoology is the study of creatures not recognized by traditional science, and it is the quest to understand things that cannot be proven via ordinary channWhat is Sasquatch Thousands of people believe in it Hundreds say they have seen it But themystery of Sasquatch has not been solved .Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is a cryptid a creature of cryptozoology Cryptozoology is the study of creatures not recognized by traditional science, and it is the quest to understand things that cannot be proven via ordinary channels Kelly Milner Halls interviews cryptozoologists, linguistics experts, anthropologists, biologists, and regular people like us who have seen, heard, or maybe stumbled across evidence leading them to believe that Sasquatch is real Serious Sasquatch seekers are as skeptical as unbelievers They are not out to collect great stories They are out to put together facts The difference is, they are willing to keep an open mind Do you believe in Sasquatch

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      500 Kelly Milner Halls
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    1 thought on “In Search of Sasquatch

    1. Of course I ll give my own book five starswhether you agree or not, that is the question I loved writing this book because I was so intrigued by the concept that Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot might be real I sought out credible witnesses and scientists to support the theory And while I didn t prove it was real, I did prove serious people are willing to ask the right questions to find out Remarkable research experience I hope translates to the text Let me know what you think.

    2. When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was BIGFOOT MAN, MONSTER, OR MYTH by Carrie Carmichael Raintree, 1977 I ve always been an animal lover, and I loved the possibility that there was one or out there clever enough to remain a mystery to us I lived in rural northern Wisconsin and spent a lot of time in the woods, but, sadly, never saw any Sasquatch signs.When my son told me he thought it d be cool to be a cryptozoologist nice , I knew I had to get him this book It didn t disappoint He s r [...]

    3. I have paged through this beautifully illustrated and facinating NF children s title at least once a day since it arrived I read tidbits here and there as that s the way I read NF, which I think is how many kids do as well Eventually I ve read all of most NF books that intrigue me in this manner and Kelly s books fall are ones in this category She knows how to approach subjects that kids want to read about and shakes the fascination tree in each of us to find out This book on Sasquatch is not o [...]

    4. Interesting and engaging non fiction This book examines evidence scientific and anecdotal ove rthe years and compiles it into this one slick volume A glossary and a healthy Learn More About It section Made me want to add plaster of paris to my grocery list Kids are going to eat it up

    5. Could Sasquatch be real Halls explores the history and theories behind the belief in a species of giant primates which haunt a variety of terrains all over the world She describes many recent sightings and provides a window into the world of Sasquatch tracking This topic will seize the attention of many children and adults and the information is presented clearly, openly, and attractively Photos and illustrations pepper the pages, demonstrating the elements Halls discusses Halls gets much of her [...]

    6. A non fiction book which examines the history and science behind sightings of Sasquatch, also known in the Americas as Big Foot The author uses a conversational tone to inform kids about Sasquatch and current theories about this cryptid She deftly includes definitions for example, biped on page one within the text which will help a young reader keep going Another attractive aspect of the book are the large number of photographs, drawings, and illustrations which closely mirror the text I think t [...]

    7. Kelly Milner Halls knows how to write engaging nonfiction that will appeal to middle grade readers In this book, she focuses on Sasquatch, relying on quotes from experts in this particular field and evidence including film, sound, photos, and footprints She touched lightly on Sasquatch in her earlier book on cryptids By the time readers finish the book, they may have changed their mind about whether Sasquatch actually exists Whether she convinces readers of the existence of Big Foot, they will s [...]

    8. I ve never really thought that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it s sometimes called, is anything than a myth fueled by a series of clever or not so clever hoaxes And so I was than a little skeptical when I began reading Kelly Milner Halls latest book, In Search of Sasquatch Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011 I knew Halls to be a terrifically talented and prolific writer of nonfiction books for young people Saving the Baghdad Zoo, Mysteries of the Mummy Kids, and Tales of the Cryptids are some of her be [...]

    9. I ve pretty much been a skeptic since I first heard about Sasquatch But I have to admit this book really made me think about all the different pieces of evidence that suggest that maybe the creature does exist I personally really don t know but I appreciate how the author presents the evidence and convictions of those who have spent so much time investigating the possibility The author also shares some of the hoaxes that have been presented She leaves it to the reader to decide what to believe w [...]

    10. One of Kelly s strengths as a non fiction writer is her ability to lay out the evidence and let readers come to their own consclusions She does this masterfully in this book Sasquatch is one of the most well known and hotly debated cryptids in cryptozoology Kelly really does her research here, talking to scientists on both sides of the issue, laying out possible explanations about disputed evidence, and even giving readers a chapter about why people don t believe in Sasquatch This is a book that [...]

    11. This is definitely a book for true believers, which is not a bad thing exactly I have a soft spot for Bigfoot legends myself but it will leave children with the idea that most scientists believe evidence supports the existence of Sasquatch and that is not true The book is really nicely laid out with great photography and illustrations but it would be improved by being a little impartial.

    12. This book was good I enjoyed its viewpoints Kelly Milner Halls does very well to write an attempted nonfiction book about a mythological creature that s never been confirmed to walk To me, it kind of read like I was reading the pamphlet for a cult but that s alright, it made the claims in the book that had no proof seem a bit less surreal 4 5 stars.

    13. Grades 4 6 High interest book for students who love unexplained mysteries This book examines the evidence that has been collected by Sasquatch scientists Pointing to beasts like the giant squid and cealocanth the author argues it is only a matter of time before the truth is discovered.

    14. The only thing I thought while reading this book is that I don t really need to know whether or not Sasquatch exists People are dedicating their lives to discovering Bigfoot and I don t care Is that bad

    15. Having never thought much about Bigfoot, this book was quite interesting I especially enjoyed the information of how a bigfoot type creature exists in lore in almost every Native American tribe, as well as all around the world Fast and easy to read, this book is a good one to read for fun.

    16. I searched for any book about or including the word Sasquatch I was very fascinated with the idea of Sasquatch after watching Animal Planet TV Series Finding Bigfoot Although I found this book in the Juvenile section, it was very helpful and informative.

    17. Informational Picture Book I love the mixed media in this book It is a collage of newspaper clippings, photographs, sketches etc that the author has collected about Sasquatch It is very intriguing and I really enjoyed it

    18. I think the author did a good job of presenting both sides of the Sasquatch mystery This is a well organized, clear presentation It has a nice bibligraphy, glossary and index and an ample Learn about it section.

    19. The pages are big and filled with so much interesting information A must have for any elementary school The kids were fascinated by her interviews, sketchings and photos Plus she visited our school

    20. Nice expansion on the Bigfoot section of Milner Halls Tales of the Cryptids Really great discussion I may be a believer now

    21. An interesting look at scientific evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch It would be great for a lesson on text features, or one on research drawing conclusions.

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