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The Covenant/The Betrayal/The Sacrifice/The Prodigal/The Revelation #2020

The Covenant The Betrayal The Sacrifice The Prodigal The Revelation ABRAM S DAUGHTERS introduces readers to an Old Order family a close knit community and a devout people whose way of life and faith in God is as timeless as their signature horse and buggy Set against

  • Title: The Covenant/The Betrayal/The Sacrifice/The Prodigal/The Revelation
  • Author: BeverlyLewis
  • ISBN: 9780764280719
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Covenant/The Betrayal/The Sacrifice/The Prodigal/The Revelation By BeverlyLewis, ABRAM S DAUGHTERS introduces readers to an Old Order family, a close knit community and a devout people whose way of life and faith in God is as timeless as their signature horse and buggy Set against the backdrop of post World War II, this compelling saga spans three generations of a Lancaster County Amish family Abram Ebersol and his devoted wife are raising four courtABRAM S DAUGHTERS introduces readers to an Old Order family, a close knit community and a devout people whose way of life and faith in God is as timeless as their signature horse and buggy Set against the backdrop of post World War II, this compelling saga spans three generations of a Lancaster County Amish family Abram Ebersol and his devoted wife are raising four courting age daughters on a firm foundation of Plain tradition, and they expect their girls to carry on that heritage by joining the church and making a covenant with God But the running around years known as rumschpringe are often a time of sowing wild oats Each of Abram s daughters, choosing her own path, must come to terms with the Old Ways of thinking and living And sometimes that path has detours and forks in the road with unknown destinationsBook Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 7 1 2005Pages 1744

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      161 BeverlyLewis
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    1 thought on “The Covenant/The Betrayal/The Sacrifice/The Prodigal/The Revelation

    1. I read all five of these one right after the other I couldn t put them down My sister in law let me borrow them and at first I thought that being about Amish life they might be a little boring, but they were not at all There was plenty of suspense combined with a good interesting insight into Amish culture.

    2. OK, this may seem like an odd reading choice, but my wife got me to read it, and I loved it Full of heart, emotion, mystery, love I m a grown man, and one part in this series had me shedding big crocodile tears.

    3. I have not found one of these books I did not enjoy,I love reading about the amish and this series was one of my favorite.

    4. Got these from mom except not last one in series called The Revelation, which may tie it all together Light reading and perhaps somewhat predictable, or, is it just that the foreshadowing is not that subtle The series kept me mostly interested, but with the caveats to follow It had a somewhat stretched out feeling to say, let s make this story into a series aspect, which had me wishing for a little momentum in plotting In fairness, this could have something to do with the fact that I read them [...]

    5. My Mom recommended this book series to me and my daughter gave me the boxed set for Christmas I read them one after the other and enjoyed them very much It was one of those things where you wish there was just a little Set in Amish country in post WWII Lancaster County, PA, we follow the daughters of Abram as they come of age, go courting and make decisions for their future At times, fate intervenes and the choices are removed from their control I have been interested in Amish culture for many [...]

    6. Lewis s writing style is too slow paced for me She lacked description at certain pivotal points I had to Google to learn some important information about the Amish practies and the meaning of Ordnung, Ausbund, etc I could visualize many of the barn scenes as well other farm activies because I grew up doing farm chores Those scenes, the women frolics and others need descriptions Example, the difference between a pony cart and a carriage would have been interesting I think I know but I feel that [...]

    7. This series was the first of many I ve read about the Amish culture I ve since read , watched documentaries and fictional movies, and made a trip to an Amish community Such a different lifestyle, so hard to imagine how difficult it must be, as well as how fundamentally liberating To not be tied to our tv s, cell phones, iPods, and, ah hem, computers, must be very liberating Yes, I understand the inconveniences and difficulties of not having those things, but to put our trust and faith on God and [...]

    8. The whole series is amazing It has similar human struggles which you might find in any other drama teenage rebellion, unplanned pregnancy, family secrets, star crossed lovers, and personal sacrifices I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating, and there are strong moral themes woven throughout the book and a wide cast of characters, some of whom stick to the straight and narrow and others who decide to stray The characters are diverse and interesting they battle at times with the stringent boundarie [...]

    9. These books do hold your attention I found this one very sad as it was exactly what it said Betrayal and not just 1 person but several It continues on with Sadie Leah and their family There are 2 other younger sisters getting to dating age also Leah has been in love with Jonas, a 2nd cousin from childhood and he is in love with her too Her father Abram has wanted her to marry another person and has made it very clear I learned lots about the Amish culture from these books This book ended with yo [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this whole series since I am completely in awe of the Amish community I admire them as a people, their beliefs, their structure in this world of un structuredness is that a word , their love of family God I love driving through the Lancaster countryside and seeing their horse buggies, the simple dresses kapps, etc The girls in this book drew me in even Sadie, Leah, Mary Ruth and Hannah And of course, Jonas I couldn t put this book down or the ones that followed it I chose ficti [...]

    11. Rather than reviewing all the books one by one, I will just review all five of them I really liked this series It was interesting to jump into an Amish community and learn about them But then you add in the story of a family, with a few problems, and how they deal with them How they protect each other and the ways their lives seperate and come together It was really good Couldn t read them fast enough My only advice is check out all five at once.

    12. I really enjoyed reading this series The books are really quick reads book candy I did like the story and the characters I found this series to be very clean and uplifting There were a couple of slow sections where I just skimmed, but overall I enjoyed them I loved the character Leah I have always been interested in and fascinated by the Amish culture, and I learned lots about it from reading these books.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this saga It gives a great look into the lives of the Amish characters It has a great ending, I wish the books would continue to 15 instead of stopping at 5 The only aspect I didn t like was at times Mrs Lewis was a bit too descriptive of the natural surroundings for my taste I found myself too excited about the upcoming revelation to actually read how beautiful the fall leaves were I highly recommend this series and I m looking forward to reading her again.

    14. These books are based on life in the Amish community It was an interesting glimpse into how they live and think, but I was never too captivated by the story line In fact, the 4th of the 5 books was not available at the library so I just skipped it but never felt like I missed too much The writing and characters are interesting though.

    15. I read this series on a recommendation It was very interesting reading about the Amish culture, customs and rules The story good, but it took a really long time to tell it I gave it only three stars because although I moderately enjoyed the series, I would not read it againwhich is saying something for me

    16. Good series A little hard to keep on reading till the end, mostly because I had to wait for them at the book store and or Library to keep going But it was very good Had a great twist in the plot and some MYSTERY Have you figured out that Beverly lewis is one of my favoirte authors yet D

    17. This is an AWSOME series It is about an Amish family, and the trials of their daughters I had a hard time getting into the book at first, but after the first few chapters, I couldn t put them down I finishes the 5 book series in a week and a half they really gave me insight to the Amish world, and was just fabulous

    18. My friend recommended this, or I d never have picked it up She told me to take all five books, but I was so sure she was nuts an Amish romance Give me a break that I refused She said I would regret it and she was right I couldn t put it down and couldn t wait to get the rest of the books They are wonderful

    19. I love all of Beverly Lewis s Books I have read almost all of them She writes so well about the Amish I learned the same from all her books and that is how the Amish live She writes just like you are there It has been a while since I read these books I usually buy them right when they come out and I read them right away.

    20. While reading this series I called it my Amish trashy stash It s a very quick read with a light and somewhat predictable storyline, but I REALLY REALLY liked reading it I even drove three towns away to get book 4 because I couldn t wait for it to come through inter library loan.

    21. I really enjoyed this refreshing series of books, they are quick reads and are best read in order They give a lot of insight into Amish life and the characters are believable, after finishing the series I was sad to say goodbye to the Ebersol family.

    22. i started reading this series in the begining of the year The author wrote these books in such a way that they pulled you in and by the end I truly felt as if I knew the characters on a personal level I will be reafing much from this author

    23. I really liked this series and even if it was a space in time between the books when they came out, it didnt take long to get back into the story They were an easy read and gave you an interesting look into family, God and hardships of the Amish community.

    24. I read all 5 of these books in succession It is a great look in to the life of an Amish family with a mystery interwined I really enjoyed these books although I picked up volume 1 not realizing how much I would like them.

    25. These books were recommended to me by a friend I liked them It as aptly described to me as an Amish soap opera and so it is We read them for a November book club Amish harvest November for me You can t stop at Book 1 Read to the end of 5 for the complete story.

    26. This was the first series I read by Lewis I was surprised at the element of scandal at first, but it really pointed out that anyone in any situation can sin and even importantly, that forgiveness can help to heal the hurt that the sin created.

    27. This whole series is really good I found it at the library and really enjoyed reading about the Amish community and how they live and why the believe certain things I have enjoyed all of Lewis books.

    28. I started reading this series in April and didn t finish until December because I was reading different books inbetween I thought they were very interesting and it was fun to learn about the Amish community.

    29. The first of this author that I read, nice and slow paced but tags you along, Gives a nice insight into Amish life through the medium of an interesting story

    30. Loved I am a tiny bit obsessed with reading about the Amish culture, and these books were so interesting Love Beverly Lewis as well.

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