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The Haunted #2020

The Haunted The Perry family s new house is perfect except for the weird behavior of the neighbors and that odd smell coming from a dark corner in the basement Pity no one warned the family about the house Now i

  • Title: The Haunted
  • Author: Bentley Little
  • ISBN: 9780451236371
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Haunted By Bentley Little, The Perry family s new house is perfect except for the weird behavior of the neighbors, and that odd smell coming from a dark corner in the basement Pity no one warned the family about the house Now it s too late Because the darkness at the bottom of the basement stairs is rising.

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      Bentley Little

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    1. Despite its bleakness, Bentley Little s newest, The Haunted, was a lot of fun to read Although Little is known for his sense of humor, I warn you to not look for that here This is a book that is dark, bleak, and full of despair as the Perry family loses control of their average, every day lives.The story is about an innocent family haunted by their new house, but it reminded me of self abuse spinning out of control, the unknown anger and angst of adolescence, the fear and desperation of a child [...]

    2. The next morning, he found a bobcat skeleton in the dirt.I ve been meaning to start reading Bentley Little for some time now.I wasn t quite sure what to expect from The Haunted not only is it one of Little s newest novels, it also received some fairly polarised reviews She stopped, stared, her heart pounding.I m fairly sure that this isn t the best place to begin reading Little, but it was the only one I had close at hand Haunted house mysteries are nothing new, and taking the evolution of ficti [...]

    3. THE HAUNTED, by Bentley Little, really started out well for me After the initial introduction to the main characters, we quickly find our way to the house The Perry family are moving due to the corruption of their original neighborhood, and of course, the house they find seems almost too good to be true at the time In horror, always the giveaway that something is horribly wrong.The tension in this one is really done masterfully Several isolated incidents among the individual family members were [...]

    4. Legitimate scares in this beast I had given up on BL after a few books that were too formulaic for my tastes but he earned his Stoker nomination with this one.Just when I thought the haunted house story was no longer a formidable venue for the horror genre

    5. This was a great haunted house story It was filled with tension and literally gave me goosebumps at times The last part of the book was a little bit scattered and didn t hold up to the rest of the book.I had never read this author before, but would definitely check out some of his other works A recommended read for anyone who loves a scary haunted house.

    6. This book started out a little slow, then picked up speed to where it became a little spooky It slowed down a little part way through the book but only because it gave past history about why the house was haunted The speed picked back up the last part of the book, but things started happening with the house One of the characters disappears completely but to me that is not a cliff hanger as with any horror story sometimes it could be that the house ate them Basically in this story the house mani [...]

    7. I must have read a different book than anyone who gave this book anything than two stars Even that rating is being extremely generous because this book was shit I wish I could give it zero stars It wasn t scary or have any kind of suspense Haunted was an awful attempt at a novel After about 200 pages I started skimming and even skipping some passages Trust me, you won t miss anything important The writing was so bleak and uninteresting The author added flashbacks of the town, but even that didn [...]

    8. This is the most release of Little s books that I have read As is typical with his work, there is the unmistakeable imprint of the author s voice on every page, and the writing is easy to digest, the pages turn almost with a will of their own The Haunted really flew by, though I finished it in three sittings, over one weekend, which is a rare feat for me these days.Everything was here, for fans of the author, all the trademark characteristics he fuses into his narratives that keep us coming back [...]

    9. Julian and Claire Perry, along with their young son and teenage daughter, move to a better neighborhood in New Mexico They love the new house, although each one begins to have issues with it, stemming from similar nightmares they share as well as sightings of a creepy old man in the basement.Each family members then becomes haunted in different ways daughter Megan begins receiving perverted and then deadly messages on her cell phone with no return number son James partakes in a game of Old Maid [...]

    10. Phwah I finished.I m glad.It s October and, as so many of us have, I found myself with a hankering for scary stories I wanted a ghost story and I wanted to try someone I d never read Bentley Little has a decent reputation so I gave this book a shot It wasn t to my taste.To me, this seemed like a remade, updated version of Poltergeist with some themes coming scarily close family moves into new house view spoiler There were even three kids and the two parents only, in this case, instead of the you [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsAt times, this book felt like a contemporary, focusing on the mundane details of family life, real estate and politics However, this book also contained some very explicit sex scenes, which were quite unexpected in this seemingly quiet haunted house story The psychological sexual effects were easily the most disturbing aspects of this novel Although I enjoyed this psychosomatic effect, these scenes could be too graphic for sensitive readers Also, trigger warnings for cutting Despite t [...]

    12. My first encounter with Bentley Little was in reading The Association It was good, quirky but decent When I came across The Haunted on Audible, I thought I may as well give it a try, and as an avid reader of all things horror I mostly came away satisfied.The neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse with the economy Eventually the Perry family decides to pick up and move to a house closer to downtown, and while it may have seemed like the perfect property, there are secrets about the house tha [...]

    13. I know, I knowI probably should wait to do this post let the story sink in but I d rather do it when emotions run high.The story started out well enough scary, a bit perplexing, even a trifle bit of humor The family is at the house and at first little things happen a record player plays itself and a laundry basket seems to enjoy wandering around the house There is an eeriness that keeps you on seat s edge but doesn t go so far as to seem horrifying It is easy to like the children and even the p [...]

    14. Well, this book had moments of brilliance and moments of cliched tropes as well It was all over the place by the end, and left too many things unanswered for me to be satisfied completely What happened to Roger What happened to all the cases the mom a lawyer was working on What happened to ALL the secondary characters, such as Robbie and Zoe and Cole Also, the book was puttering along, with a few good scares here and there when BAM sudden y we are getting flashbacks of the town from 1538, 1820, [...]

    15. If you are looking for a good haunted house book, look no further The Perry family is in search of that perfect house in that perfect neighborhood, sadly they chose poorly With a haunted history that goes back hundreds of years, the Perry family immediately finds that their new house is far less than what they had hoped Bentley Little walks the line well here in keeping the family in the house and yet not letting them be stupid and staying in the house This is the tough line in a haunted house s [...]

    16. Run of the mill horror story about an evil place throughout the centuries, and a house is built over the spot in present day It was a tedious, predictable read and I m really disappointed because I like most of Little s books I didn t care at all for the characters and it seemed that their troubles were just repeated with every chapter I mean, at some point you have to yell, For God s sake Get out White people shakes head

    17. Excellent ghost story Found one that made me lay in bed, having to pee, because I was too scared to get up and deal with the bathroom mirror, or shower curtain

    18. Since my last encounter with Bentley Little s work was about two years ago, and since that occasion was plagued with unoriginality, disappointment, and sadness, I was overjoyed to see that Little had another novel coming out with a simplistic title This one is called The Haunted, not to be confused with The House, and it shows that if you have the tenacity to beat a dead horse, you can sometimes reanimate the damn thing and make it interesting again No, there are no zombie horses in Little s lat [...]

    19. The historic district of Jardine, New Mexico seems like the perfect place to live for the Perry family Julian and Claire Perry and their two children, Megan and James, have just recently moved into a beautiful Victorian house which is bigger and much, much nicer than their old house They are ecstatic to be living in the house, but something isn t rightSomething is definitely odd.The neighbors seem reluctant to visit They seem so strange and somewhat standoffish towards the Perry family, although [...]

    20. 3.75 stars.The premise of The Haunted is hardly original and the story doesn t particularly stand out, but it is an entertaining read nonetheless The plot is well constructed and fast paced, and there are some really creepy moments though it might be because I listened to the audiobook at night I didn t much like the chapters set in the past it is true they gave some insights about the evil presence, but I was just impatient to get back to the present to see what would happen However, there were [...]

    21. Creepy Disturbing A Classic Haunted House Tale 4 Stars The Haunted by Bentley Little is a story about a family who moves into a new house that unbeknownst to them that it is the epicenter of evil Dark messages, evil faces in the steam, and dirty tricks occur to whoever enters the home Within the story the characters are fighting for their sanity and their lives I would have to say that this is probably one of the most enjoyable reads by the author as it centers around an evil haunted house Littl [...]

    22. I have only recently taken an interest in contemporary horror novels, and I have been impressed by the originality of much that I have found Poppy Z Brite, Kathe Koja, Tom Piccirilli, Graham Joyce and others I picked this up because it has been nominated for the Stoker award and I am sucker for haunted houses I made it to about page 200 The next chapter was going to be a flashback to the late 16th century, and I could not imagine that this device was going to add depth or interest to what struck [...]

    23. Bentley Little is in my top 3 favorite horror authors This book reinforced my ranking of him This book is excellent and while it does still contain Little s wit and humor, it is much bleak and depressing than his other works This book is very dark and I found myself feeling sadness over the potential demise of the Perry family I did really enjoy Little s references to his previous works The Store, The Return in here and found myself chuckling and enjoying some of the dialogue between the charac [...]

    24. Not the best, but I enjoyed it enough that I will definition read from this author The ominous and creepy feel to the way it was written was superb, I just had some issues with the story itself 3.5 stars

    25. Bentley Little ist ein hochgelobter und mit Preisen ausgezeichneter Autor zahlreicher Horrorromane, was mir die Bewertung von THE HAUNTED nicht leichter macht Denn THE HAUNTED ist das erste Buch von Little, das ich gelesen habe, aber es rechtfertigt nach meiner Einsch tzung nicht das hohe Lob, das Little zugesprochen wirdE HAUNTED ist eine fast klassische Geschichte eines Hauses, in dem es spukt, aufgepeppt durch einige leider berfl ssige Sexszenen und einige Horrorelemente, die aus der Geister [...]

    26. The Haunted is a great spooky story Julian and his wife, Claire, have the perfect family with two kids, Megan and James With the decline in the economy, the bank has foreclosed on a number of homes in their neighbourhood and turned them into rentals As a result, the safety of the neighbourhood has deteriorated Julian and Claire decide to make a move to a better area while they still are still in a good financial position to do so Their new house is big and beautiful, but there is something unset [...]

    27. This gets three stars because I liked the beginning introducing the family before they actually move into the haunted house was a nice change of pace for what is a fairly standard haunted house story and the bits that worked like the journals , worked Additionally, the book is well written and this is clearly not just some piece of self published tripe However, there were two main failures here The first is that so much of the behavior of the characters and mysterious happenings went unexplained [...]

    28. Positive things about The Haunted 1 It was honestly scary I d be reading a certain part of the story and become so consumed by it that when I heard a noise out of the ordinary I would literally fall out of my chair or jump and my heart would be pounding like crazy.2 I enjoyed the characters I wish I had learned about them but from what I did learn, I grew fond of them That being said, here are a few of the negative things about The Haunted 1 I happened to find a sentence in the book that made m [...]

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