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Battle of the Fang #2020

Battle of the Fang It is M a thousand years after the Horus Heresy The Scouring is over and the Imperium at the height of its post Crusade power When Magnus the Red is tracked down to Gangava Prime the Space Wolves

  • Title: Battle of the Fang
  • Author: Chris Wraight
  • ISBN: 9781849700474
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Battle of the Fang By Chris Wraight, It is M32, a thousand years after the Horus Heresy The Scouring is over and the Imperium at the height of its post Crusade power When Magnus the Red is tracked down to Gangava Prime, the Space Wolves hasten to engage the daemon primarch Even as Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm closes on his ancient enemy, the Fang on the Space Wolves home world is besieged by a massive force oIt is M32, a thousand years after the Horus Heresy The Scouring is over and the Imperium at the height of its post Crusade power When Magnus the Red is tracked down to Gangava Prime, the Space Wolves hasten to engage the daemon primarch Even as Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm closes on his ancient enemy, the Fang on the Space Wolves home world is besieged by a massive force of Thousand Sons A desperate battle ensues as the skeleton forces of Wolf Lord Asvald Greylock attempt to hold back the attacking hosts before the last of his meagre defences gives in Though a single Scout ship survives to summon Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm back to Fenris, none of the defenders truly realise the full scale the horror that awaits them nor what the Battle for the Fang will cost them all.

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      420 Chris Wraight
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    1 thought on “Battle of the Fang

    1. This was the first Space Marine Battle book that I ve read I am a huge Thousand Sons fan and I expected a fair bit out of this story I was happy to see that Wraight tied into a couple things that occured in the H.H books that center on the original conflict between these two chapters There was a proper epic feel to this book, one that I really enjoyed That being said, three months later I struggle to recall any specific part of the story Nothing in it stuck in my mind except for a few points in [...]

    2. FinallyFINALLYa book that has redeemed the Space Marines Battle series For six books I have trudged on through these stories.g beholden to them because of their AMAZING cover art for five of them Now, that is not to say they are bad, they are not Fall of Damnos was a lot of fun with some awesomely famous characters for fans of the Ultramarines series by McNeill But man, one after another, they never seemed to be as fulfilling or as excellent as they could beESPECIALLY considering the authors Bat [...]

    3. For Russ thundered Bjorn, the words amplified by his war vox relays, drowning out all other sounds, rocking the walls of the chamber and cracking the stone under which he trod The Vlka Fenryka The Sons of Russ Easily my favorite of the loyalists, followed closely by the Dark Angels and Black Templars With unparalleled ferocity, the Wolves of Fenris wage their wars Wraight has created an epic of epics, with every man woman a hero in his her own right It takes some serious skill to write a 400 pag [...]

    4. Entertaining continuation of the ret conned serious version of the Space Wolves It handles one of the iconic moments in their history and is all the better for it.It is the 32nd Millenium and Magnus the Red is planning revenge for the razing of Prospero during the Horus Heresy Typically, his plan is quite convoluted and the fighting is brutal and well described Chris Wraight has established himself as one of the better 40K writers though perhaps not a on a level with Abnett and Dembski Bowden H [...]

    5. As a massive fan of both the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves I adored re reading this book recently It s still everything that I remember from years ago Fast paced, epic clashes, and some brilliant cinematic sequences that blew my socks off Get in people Get in now 5 out of 5 stars.

    6. I enjoy everything from wh40k, but in this particular book, I feel one side of the conflict had a bit too much plot armor Other than that, it s a fine book.

    7. I d like to start this off by saying that I really enjoyed this book That being said its not the greatest bit of writing I ve ever read either I have an affection for the source material, both Warhammer 40k as well as the Space Wolves This is definitely not literature, and I don t think it ever thinks of its self that way What it is, is a fun read of a heroic battle by guys who are admiral and some what good by comparison to the almost completely evil but some what sympathetic invaders This is a [...]

    8. Space Wolves versus Thousand Sons, only 10K years after the Horus Heresy.In my case, Space Wolves is my favorite goody goody Space Marine chapter, while the Thousand Sons are easily my favorite baddy baddy chapter And the I get to know about the Horus Heresy and after era, the better.Also, the book is written _with_ the knowledge from the books A Thousand Sons Warhammer 40,00 and Prospero Burns Warhammer 40,00 , so new revelations are actually possible and made The downside well, downside is th [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book until the final few chapters It was different from other space marine novels I ve read in that it portrayed them as flawed and capable of poor decision making Unfortunately it was all thrown out the window during the final conflict with Magnus Up until then, Magnus was a calm, calculating genius who had planned the attack on the Fang for hundreds of years He succeeded in his goal of destroying the Tempering By all accounts he won, definitively However, when facing Bjor [...]

    10. Not much to say that hasn t already been said about this one so I ll keep my comments lite.An excellent book, easily the best in the SMB series I ve read so far though I ve only read three of them Wraight has a firm grasp of the culture of the VI Legion as well as Fenris and it was really nice to see the interplay between the Astartes and the mortals who serve alongside them the Kaerls I thought the portrayal of Magnus was excellent and the Thousand Sons were portrayed very well in general The D [...]

    11. As a fan of A Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns, this novel is a fitting comeback like sequel and an ending for the saga, for the time being.The plot is a straight forward all out battle from beginning to the end, which I did occasionally find a bit tiring I does however has its still moments when lore is widened and characters think of the situation as a whole, which parts are my favorites.Don t get me wrong The straight forwardness of battle isn t boring It is written in short approx 1 to 6 pag [...]

    12. In the Warhammer 40k universe there are few enmities that run deeper or burn hotter than the one between the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons Thousands of years after the Wolves razed the Sons homeworld of Prospero the hatred still burns.When the book begins a Space Wolves ship has found the greatest prize imaginable They have found Magnus, the Daemon Prince, Primarch and Progenitor of the Thousand Sons Immediately the Wolves muster their forces and send the full strength of their company agai [...]

    13. I read the Horus Heresy books as they come out and I can honestly say there isn t one that I haven t enjoyed When the Space Wolf Chapter landed on Prospero, home of the Thousand Sons Chapter, any reader knew the ending of this tail Primarch versus Primarch, and one falls But Magnus the Red fell and yet didn t die, but became something else, that exists in the warp and in reality This book is the revenge of the Thousand Sons, as they stage an assault when the Space Wolves are drawn away, leaving [...]

    14. There will be blood spilt among the snow as bolter fire erupts and chain swords hum and slice Through out the book Battle of the Fang there is a great amount of action that still supports the story Unlike the majority of authors Chris Write can create a story through action, though there is alot of action you can still get a good story and deep characters, each with their own personality He is able to get your blood pumping and have just enough suspense to keep you from puting the book down, yet [...]

    15. Well written book that left me gripped to the end Not knowing anything about the universe I had to look up a lot of things to understand what they were e.g Cataphract Robots, but it did not detract from the story The only reason I did not give the book 4 stars was because the end is predictable and certain factors to do with the end make a great deal of the actions taken in the book seem pointless as the author is confined in what he can do because of the rules that must be followed because of t [...]

    16. This book utterly floored me I can t stand Space Wolves, and I know little of the Thousand Sons SW history I m 4 books into the Horus Heresy, so I know it s there, but But I m doing a reading group with a friend, so this was on the list Holy hell was this book good There was one subplot I thought could ve been excised, but the rest of it was incredible Really enjoyable, humanizes the Chaos Space Marines in a way I ve rarely seen done before and so incredibly British Oh, bother, what s this, a fe [...]

    17. Warhammer 40k s Battle of the fang is a overwelming battle story of an ever lasting feud of the space wolves and the thousand sons, you follow the battles from wolf scouts, blood claws, and human warriors, as well as traitor marines thousand sons , as the thousand sons invade the space wolves home world, to destroy it and them, as they did to the thousand sons world.As a space wolves collector in warhammer 40k, i was pleased to have this book, first time i read it, i could not put it down, the s [...]

    18. Finally BL got back on track with a book I enjoyed cover to cover notice it s not by one of their main authors Taking place a mere 1000 years after the Horus Heresy only decades to those dwelling in the Eye of Terror , the early traditions established in the Space Wolf chapter are solidifying Some tantalizing secrets are revealed, and the depth of Magnus bitterness and machinations are portrayed quite well The constant dangers facing the Thousands Sons are also brought to the fore, and the hatre [...]

    19. This one is good.I mean, the Thousand Sons have used deceit to lay siege to THE FANG The defenders have to awaken BJORN HE S ON THE DAMN COVER The tension builds It flows really well You feel the stress and fear of the main characters I dislike the handling of the Space Wolves en masse, and how stupid they were, and how boorish and lame they come across Remember these guys were savvy and cunning and brilliant 10,000 years ago Prospero Burns.But other than that, this book truly delivers.

    20. Chris Wraight has really done the wolves proud in this novel I d only read a handful of Battle Novels previous to this, I will be looking at .The only negative I will say is that I believe its necessary to have backgroud knowledge of the chapter before reading this Otherwise you just won t be able to appreciate the gravitas when Bjorn enters the story.As with all of the Space Marine Battle novels so far the action is fantastic, this one in particular has a real tension making you question will t [...]

    21. Defiance to the cold bitter end This is the over arching theme I gathered from the novel During the course of the book we take the perspective of the commanders on both sides of the battle and a few other warriors on both sides caught up in the bloody, from a hot shot Blood claw warrior to a magnanimous sorcerer boreding an interceptor there are many interesting characters in this book even if you hate the space wolf legion you can probably find something in here to hold your attention.

    22. This book is amazing Always been a fan of the space wolves and this book just added to my admiration It was the first book that I have read in which I have had goosebumps reading through the speech given just before the Thousand Sons attack I love the characters and the story and Chris Wraight has done a fantastic job of turning the Space wolves into, possibly, the space marine chapter with the greatest heritage and history An absolute must read.

    23. This book is superbly written and held me captivated right till the end It ranks right up there with the Horus Heresy novels, as it provides some previously unknown insights into the relationship between the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons On a side note, the only aspect of the book that I did not like, without giving anything away, was the forgetfullness of Magnus which made the final battle somewhat anti climatic for me But still a great book and a definite must read.

    24. Never have I read such an engrossing book The sheer weight of honour, revenge, blood hatred and brotherhood in the underlying story is immense.The Vlyka Fenryka space wolves are based on Viking warriors possessed by an inner demon The wolf, that both keeps them strong but close to the edge of being lost The thousand sons are dark sorcerers concerned with vengeance against the wolves than any loyalty to chaos itself but they damn themselves further and further to their own disgust.

    25. I didn t expect a science fiction book about space marines to have so many poignant moments I am exceedingly impressed with the warhammer universe and writing they ve found ways to make everyone morally complex and allow you to empathize with even the most terrible characters The writing is excellent and the characters are exceedingly compelling.

    26. surprisingly good book Space Wolves were fierce and noble ,Thousand Sons were devious and cunning The climatic battle between a demonic primarch and the dreadnaught ,Bjorn the Fell Handed is a must read.

    27. This is a good 40k novel It has the proper epic feel of the setting and contrasts the space marines vs their mortal vassals very well It does not fall into the trap of depending on the setting to make the story interesting, as many of the 40k novels do.

    28. Let me just say that I often don t give books a second read but this one I ve gone over twice The story is as brutal as you would expect from a 40k novel with some great character development and interactions.

    29. Kind of a conclussion to the Horus Heresy novels Thousand Sons and Prospero burns, taking place a thousand years after those events I think that Ahriman Exile should be read before this since there are Rubric Marines.Left wanting from Thousand Sons though.

    30. I really liked this book but was really disappointed with the last couple chapters It just seemed to fizzle outotherwise it would have been 4 stars for me.Overall it was enjoyable and I would still recommend it.

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