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The Hangman in the Mirror #2020

The Hangman in the Mirror A strong willed year old girl fights for survival in th century North America Francoise Laurent has never had an easy life The only surviving child of a destitute washerwoman and wayward soldier

  • Title: The Hangman in the Mirror
  • Author: Kate Cayley
  • ISBN: 9781554513567
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hangman in the Mirror By Kate Cayley, A strong willed 16 year old girl fights for survival in 18th century North America Francoise Laurent has never had an easy life The only surviving child of a destitute washerwoman and wayward soldier, she must rely only on herself to get by When her parents die suddenly from the smallpox ravishing New France, Francoise sees it as a chance to escape the life she though A strong willed 16 year old girl fights for survival in 18th century North America Francoise Laurent has never had an easy life The only surviving child of a destitute washerwoman and wayward soldier, she must rely only on herself to get by When her parents die suddenly from the smallpox ravishing New France, Francoise sees it as a chance to escape the life she thought she was trapped in.Seizing her newfound opportunity, Francoise takes a job as an aide to the wife of a wealthy fur trader The poverty ridden world she knew transforms into a strange new world full of privilege and fine things and of never having to beg for food But Francoise s relationships with the other servants in Madame Pommereau s house are tenuous, and Madame Pommereau isn t an easy woman to work for When Francoise is caught stealing a pair of her mistress s beautiful gloves, she faces a future even worse than she could have imagined thrown in jail, she is sentenced to death by hanging Once again, Francoise is left to her own devices to survive Is she cunning enough to convince the prisoner in the cell beside her to become the hangman and marry her, which, by law, is the only thing that could save her life Based on an actual story and filled with illuminating historical detail, The Hangman in the Mirror transports readers to the harsh landscape of a new land that is filled with even harsher class divisions and injustices.

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      486 Kate Cayley
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    1 thought on “The Hangman in the Mirror

    1. First off a big thank you to NetGalley and Annick Press for the oppurtunity to indulge me in my reading addiction.The Hangman in the Mirror is a wonderful historical fiction I liked how in the end we were given a as true as can be told account of the hangman and his coy bride Francoise s early years in life were very hard yet she aspired to be so much better She really moved me with her dreams, though I had a hard time liking her due to her attitude towards those around her She seemed truly hear [...]

    2. love historical fiction and this sounded like a very interesting story in the genre The author s portrayal of 18th century Montreal was stark and dirty with wonderful descriptions The characters were well written and very believable, but I never really clicked with them Fran oise is determined and intelligent, but she is also abrasive and manipulative I never liked her quite as much as I wanted to.Jean, the young man imprisoned next to her, complimented her personality very well He had a mixture [...]

    3. Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I lucked out with this one True to form I saw a vaguely interesting cover and filed it away in the recesses of my mental archive as to read without reading the description For once, my inattention worked in the author s favor for if I had read the blurb there would have been no reason to read the book Ninety five percent of the content is spelled out for the reader in that simple passage Rather disappointing really In ad [...]

    4. I read this book courtesy of Netgalley I found it an enjoyable and fast paced read, nice and atmospheric and all the enjoyable for being based on true facts However it has some flaws too.It would probably appeal to young adult readers as our heroine is feisty 15 year old Francoise, who lives in poverty in the mid 18th century in Montreal where French settlers struggle to make an honest living.Francoise in the only surviving child of feckless parents, her ex soldier father with a love for gambli [...]

    5. Read reviews at Yearning to Read The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate CayleyPages 248Release Date July 7th, 2011Date Read 2011, November 22nd 30th Received NetGalleyRating 5 5 starsRecommended to 13 SUMMARY Francoise has never known wealth or even a good life Her mother came to New France a whore and married her father, a drunken soldier Together, they barely scrapped a living relying on Francoise for much Francoise herself, however, has never given up her dreams of a fine life When tragedy befall [...]

    6. Let me just start out by saying that I love the cover, and the synopsis sounded interesting I love historical fiction, and it s obvious that Cayley did her research However, none of the characters were likable, and I down right hated Francoise She is manipulative and brash, not to mention delusional She wanted to become a lady, so once she was a servant, she began to act like one That blew my mind In that time period, that just did not happen She should know that since she lived in that period S [...]

    7. The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley is the story of a 15 year old girl in New France, Francoise Laurent, who dreams of rising above the poverty she was born into and that her parents died in For a while it looks like this might be possible, but then she makes a terrible mistake and is sentenced to hang Her only hope is an odd law she can be freed if she marries the hangman This sounds far fetched, but since the story is based on a true incident, the reader has to accept it.I enjoyed this bo [...]

    8. The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley tells the story of a girl named Francoise as she struggles through life in New France Her parents are poor and there is no hope for her rising beyond the situation that she was born into Ever since she was small, it s been her greatest desire to be like the ladies that stroll around the desirable parts of New France She wants the pretty dresses, the air of importance, and she definitely already has enough pride for the part It is a tale of her rise and f [...]

    9. Synopsis A strong willed 16 year old girl fights for survival in 18th century North America Francoise Laurent has never had an easy life The only surviving child of a destitute washerwoman and wayward soldier, she must rely only on herself to get by When her parents die suddenly from the smallpox ravishing New France, Francoise sees it as a chance to escape the life she thought she was trapped in.Seizing her newfound opportunity, Francoise takes a job as an aide to the wife of a wealthy fur trad [...]

    10. I absolutely loved it that this book was based on true facts, and it was the reason why I requested it from NetGalley It didn t really reach my expectations, or my expectations were wrong in the first place, but oh wellThis book is beautifully written The beauty and smoothness of the prose captured me from the very beginning Kate Cayley s writing feels like liquid misery and heartache It s so easy to get lost in her words, and in the bottom line, that s what this book is about the power of words [...]

    11. The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley portrays the life of people in New France, in the difficult times of the 18th century When everyday people strive to get food, to have a home and get a living But the few lucky ones, like Madame Pommereau with her wealthy husband are living in good conditions Monsieur Pommereau employs men, and works in the boiling fur trade Meanwhile, Francoise Laurent a poor 15 year old seeks for a new life Her parents have died from the deadly smallpox, and so she is l [...]

    12. Well, the back cover copy pretty much gives away every single detail of the plot, so I won t rehash it I ll just tell you what I liked and didn t like about The Hangman in the Mirror.I loved the setting, the historical detail, and the writing style Montreal, New France, 1751 My favorite time period to read about, which is why I was so drawn to this book The author does a fantastic job of bringing Montreal to life the sights, the sounds, the smells the hardships the working class faced it s all v [...]

    13. Review copied from original post at Imaginary Reads Before I start my review on the actual book, I have to say that I found the synopsis misleading After reading it, I thought that the story would take place mostly in the prisons In reality, the story is mostly about Fran oise trying to better her life and consistently finding herself unsatisfied with what she has.Nevertheless, I love historical fiction, and The Hangman in the Mirror is a satisfying novel It the detail and imagery to back the hi [...]

    14. much thanks from Netgalley, Annick Press and Kate Cayley for allowing me to have a chance to read this book This book was a hard one for me to describe purely because there were a lot of things I liked about this book in the same token there were a lot of things I didn t like I shall start with the bad to get it out of the way For me the book description gave far to much away , it pretty much tells you the whole book , and leaves very little to mystery I also found the ending fell a bit flat for [...]

    15. I love historical fiction, and I love books based on true stories, but I had trouble finding anything to love about this novel First off, the majority of the story is told in the synopsis, so there were no surprises while reading I knew what was going to happen at each juncture of Fran oise s life Just because it was based on a true story doesn t mean the readers know about the events, so a little mystery should have been left An even bigger problem I had was that Fran oise was not a very likeab [...]

    16. I love historical fiction I don t read much of it, but when I do, I really enjoy it.The summary for The Hangman in the Mirror sounded really promising, but the summary was part of the issue I had with this book.The summary told EVERYTHING that happened in the book, all except the ending, which was rather predictable So, there was almost no point in reading the book So, if you re going to read this, don t read the summary first Francoise was an okay main character I didn t particularly like her, [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book as a galley on NetGalley.Upon reading the first sentence of the synopsis I knew I wanted to read this book as I love historical fiction, and history in general The fact that this was a story based on true incidents in 18th century Montreal made it all the intriguing I d not read any books about Montreal and Kate Cayley was successful in describing the gritty and deplorable conditions of those within the lesser class.My heart went out to Francoise Laurent straight [...]

    18. This story was interesting to say the least, however it did not keep my attention as much as it should have The concept of the story is great, I just felt my attention would wander.Francoise Laurent, 15 year old daughter of a washer woman and a former soldier, has hard a very hard life After her parents die, she becomes a maid to a wealthy wife Her life becomes a lot better than before, having nice clothes and delicious meals However one rash decision changes her fates for the worse Sentenced to [...]

    19. Let me start off with, I really wanted to like this book It has a great historical setting and the opportunity for romance However, I didn t feel enough emotion throughout the book.This book felt like it jumped through the motions of life without really letting the reader feel how Francoise felt We go from living with her drunken parents to living as a maid to stealing from the maid to being thrown in jail Now why would stealing cause such a harsh sentence And why does she have to marry the hang [...]

    20. If you enjoy historical novels , then you will enjoy The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley , this novel is based on a true story that took place in 1751 when a french au pair by the name of Francoise Laurent was accused of stealing a pair of gloves from her Madame Pommerau and was sentenced to be hung , imagine being sixteen years old and thrown in a jail cell waiting for your death to arrive by hanging Francoise Laurent thought all was lost until she discovered that a law could prevent her f [...]

    21. Growing up in Canada, learning about New France is or less a corner stone of high school Social Studies and History courses The filles du roi, les voyageurs,the fur trade etc were all things I was already pretty familiar with and was eagerly looking forward to reading a novel that was set in Montreal during this time.The grit and the grime that this novel unflinchingly portrays felt very real and accurate to me The hardness of the life particularly for the women felt spot on too So what made th [...]

    22. Oh my Now, I wasn t expected to be blown away by The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley, yet I was still underwhelmed I liked the premis I really did The problem, though, was that I saw the ending coming so quickly that it didn t hold my interest I know it was based on a real event, but Ms Cayley could have made the reveal a little sneakier, don t you think It is hard to be invested in the middle fluff that is draggin the story to its obvious end My advice Cut the fluff and keep the story movi [...]

    23. I thought this was very good Although I understand why some other reviewers may have found Francoise an unsympathetic character, I thought she was as sympathetic as she could be under the circumstances I wouldn t be a nice person if I d had a life like that, why should she Otherwise, it seems like a realistic portrait of New France I am not qualified to judge, which is why I say seems , and it s very interesting I stayed up late to finish it, which is not something I do often these days I was so [...]

    24. Perhaps the backblurb tells you exactly what will happen, namely that 15 year old Francoise Lauren will be sentenced to hang for stealing her boss s gloves But the writing compels you anyway You find yourself wishing she would resist that temptation, that the judge would sentence her differently.You desperately hope she escapes her fate This book was recommended to me as book set in Montreal, as I am shuttling back and forth from Burlington to visit someone with a death sentence hanging over her [...]

    25. One thing that I adored about this book was how it brought to life every location where events took place I could not only picture all the details in the surroundings, but at times I felt like I could hear the noises of the market, the sounds of the streets and the stench in the prisons Thoroughly enjoyed this book as Francoise was such a believable heroine, totally worth rooting for The plot had plenty of twists and turns to make it suspenseful and thrilling to read One of the most commendable [...]

    26. This review is based on an egalley from NetGalley.I really enjoyed this Historical Fiction from Kate Cayley One of my favorite things about it is that it is based on true events Those are the best kind of Historical Fiction works I enjoyed the true fact section at the end It really made the story have a greater impact Much of the story was predictable, such as the identity of the hangman, but for readers who are looking for a pleasant easy to follow historical fiction this is a great choice

    27. Francoise Laurent is left homeless in 18th century New France when her parents die from the measles.She is helped by her Father s seargent in the army and Mathilde, the midwife, to get a position as maid to Madame Pommereau Her Father taught her how to read from the Bible so Madame is surprised that Francoise can read because she knows very little about life coming from such poverty.But Francoise is accused of stealing Madame s gloves and could hang.Based on a true story, The Hangman in the Mirr [...]

    28. This was a fascinating and highly enjoyable read Set in 1751 or so, it depicts what life was like for early settlers in New France, including those native to Quebec and those who immigrated from France The protaganist is a 15 year old girl born into a lower station, who manages to become a lady s maid, and then is caught stealing and sentenced to hang Based on a true story, the novel draws on an old law that stated if a woman was convicted of a crime and sentenced to hang, she could be absolved [...]

    29. What a wonderful book Francoise, the main character, is memorable, original, and spikey to the last The historical setting of New France is painted in a gritty, realistic way without ever overwhelming the extraordinary story The last 75 pages are rivetting Save the Historical Note for when you ve finished the novel This book has played in my mind for days since I finished it, and I m pretty sure I won t forget it for a very long time.

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