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Seduzida #2020

Seduzida Num mundo igual ao nosso mas onde os vampyros n o s existem como s o tolerados A Casa da Noite uma escola de refer ncia Um local cheio de perigos e segredos onde os jovens marcados t m dois destinos

  • Title: Seduzida
  • Author: P.C. Cast Kristin Cast
  • ISBN: 9789896373078
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seduzida By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast, Num mundo igual ao nosso mas onde os vampyros n o s existem como s o tolerados, A Casa da Noite uma escola de refer ncia Um local cheio de perigos e segredos onde os jovens marcados t m dois destinos ou se transformam em vampyros ou morrem destro ados Zoey Redbird uma das melhores alunas e foi escolhida pela deusa Nyx para um grande destino Mas como se n o bastassNum mundo igual ao nosso mas onde os vampyros n o s existem como s o tolerados, A Casa da Noite uma escola de refer ncia Um local cheio de perigos e segredos onde os jovens marcados t m dois destinos ou se transformam em vampyros ou morrem destro ados Zoey Redbird uma das melhores alunas e foi escolhida pela deusa Nyx para um grande destino Mas como se n o bastassem todas as invejas de que alvo, agora enfrnta desafios cada vez mais dif ceis para al m de ter de lidar com tr s rapazes que disputam os seus afectos, sendo um deles um Guerreiro destinado a proteger Zoey e a sentir as suas emo es , tamb m ter de enfrentar as for as negras que despertam nos t neis sob Tulsa Estranhas vis es avisam Zoey de que dever resistir aos encantos de Kalona, e tamb m mostram que apenas ela ter o poder de travar esse imortal mal fico Cedo se torna claro que Zoey n o tem escolha se n o se render a Kalona ele vingar se sobre os seus amigos mais pr ximos e a fam lia Ter Zoey Redbird a coragem para arriscar perder a sua vida, o seu cora o e a sua alma

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      P.C. Cast Kristin Cast

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    1. Have you ever read a book that s so irritating you can t help but think, It would be great if most of the characters died right now, especially the main character because she sucks Possibly even go so far as consider writing and posting your own ending to said book on fanfiction An ending in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows up and kills everyone in a hilarious yet incredibly violent fashion If your answer is YES then you ve probably been reading this series XDSeriously though, Tempted killed [...]

    2. Like, a lot of people like me and all, I m important and shit, this god also does Oh yeah, I have, like, three hawt guys after me I seriously can t believe he insert one of three guys name would do that It s his fault Enough loving me already Oh wait, I forgot, this sick thing happened, insert spoiler Oh my gawd Well, that s my perspective on Miss so effing beautiful high and mighty mary sue Zoey this book Cue head banging.I was thinking that since the last book wasn t very impressive, this woul [...]

    3. I put it down after 190 pages of nothing I m tempted to burn it It s that terrible When I say nothing, I almost literally mean NOTHING happened The word u we tsi a ge ya or whatever the hell her grandmother calls her in EVERY sentence was used probably 756 times Listen, grams I know you re trying to be affectionate, but Zoey s actual name is only 2 syllables s got to be a lot easier just saying the two as opposed to the six Hell, why not just Z, if you want to really take a shortcut As a reader, [...]

    4. TEMPTED TO DO A BOOK BURNING,ONLY FOR THIS BOOK So after I gave birth to my son, lazing around the house, cus come on my newborn slept around the clock So I thought heck I am gonna give this series a try Well I am not going to front, I was in love with the first five books of this series, blame it on the hormones or trying to re live some form of my youth, I was addicted and gobbled up all the books in less than a week.The sixth book happened and I am now questioning my sanity, I will say this W [...]

    5. I just have to continue this series to see what happens to Kalona I hope Zoey dies in this one.UPDATE So I ve made my disdain for Zoey quite clear So why do I keep reading this Simple the plot is actually really good I really enjoy the Kalona and Neferet story arc, and I REALLY liked that we finally got some chapters from other character s perspectives The beginning of this book was hard for me to get through, though I m sorry, but the Zoey going out of her way not to cuss thing is getting RIDIC [...]

    6. OMFG Okay, The End For Now Who ends a book like that And I was just starting to like Heath I was totally Blissed out that she finally dumped that asshat Eric, But I was just starting to like Heath He wasn t a Stark, but he did get really sweet Random thought Zoey beat one of Aphrodites latest death visions I really don t think there is any way for her to fall for Kolana now Butadummmme only altered another one She didn t drown on the island with Stark just out of her reach Her soul shattered wit [...]

    7. I tried I really did But this book blew it really hard I literally skimmed over pages and pages of useless and boring things This is the first book of the series that wasn t interesting to me I almost gave up on it And I think I should have Instead I wasted 2 bucks in late fees trying to finish it And all the characters seemed so OUT of character that I just couldn t really focus or really care about it And you know what was really annoying All the I heart me some__ shit Really annoying I mean, [...]

    8. Okay, I might spoil a few things here, so be warned.There are so many things I hate about these books I hate Zoey, for starters She is a terrible MC I mean, you have books like Twilight getting all that crap about the MC being a bad influence, but come on Zoey does next to nothing except walk around and let boys drool over her I don t even understand why so many guys are obsessed with her, when she s such an annoying idiot Sure she has all the magic power thingies, but even that s not all so imp [...]

    9. The sixth book in The House of Night series It s been 3 years since I read and like Stephanie Meyer s Twilight the book, not the movie People always wonder why I liked that book Well, aside from the fact that it was one of my first reads when I joined GR, it turned me into who I am now a voracious reader I guess it had something to do with its simple, readable language and the buzz it created I became popular in the office by being the first one to read it and my books, all the 4 of them, passed [...]

    10. About the start of August both Untamed and Hunted were FINALLY released in Australia so I m really hoping that means we ll get Tempted the same time its released in America but my mum isn t apparently I should be studying instead of reading Logically Zoey will get with Stark, because he s the only one who hasnt gotten or caused a broken heart yet Also, because he s gorgeous, whereas Heath is obsessive and Erik is possessive It s the best way.

    11. I can t even begin to think how to start this review I just now finished the book so I m trying my hardest to process everything The reason I give this book 5 stars is because for one, I loved the overall story Not once did I get bored reading it, or have to set it down because things weren t going smoothly I truly adored ituntil of course the ending I m glad I read some of the review with nonspoilers so I was expecting something dramatic to happen I read people throwing the book, screaming, all [...]

    12. When I first started to read House of Night, I thought oh, well, this is good stuff The authors have a nice material to work on, and I m sure it is going to be a hit series except I was wrong They had a nice material, indeed but from the second book on, the authors started to loose it, and the story started to suck And the main character, Zoey I mean, talk about getting lost Her personality is a piece of shit, and she doesn t seem to think that one man is enough not even two Also, there are some [...]

    13. Contrary to what others say about this series, I think they re quite good Ok I will admit the first few books were a little slow and perhaps could have been condensed a bit, but this series is getting better I gotta say I like the informal vibe of these books and the fact that they stand out in their own way I m liking this world and as I read along

    14. Zoey Redbird is back in her full Mary Sue glory She s beautiful, she s unique, she s almighty and powerful she s basically a giant pain in the ass and annoying as hell.Despite that, the series is beginning to unfold in a most interesting way as the stakes get higher Apocalyptic prophecies and ancient vampire councils make for satisfying twists and turns And the occasional switch to third person gives fresh new perspectives and a welcome break from our beloved Zo.Stevie Rae s story specifically h [...]

    15. Garbage que libro de mierda SPOILER Alert Im sooooo upset about this book is the worst so far I just dont get it WTF happen to the authors when they become such a crappy writers I mean the last book was boring, but this one was unbearable NOTHING happen in 250 pages and suddenly in the last 15 pages they kill Heath and then is overjust like that And is pretty obvius that the writter decided to make the book kid and teen like because suddenly Zoey is acting like a even naive, litle girl I can t [...]

    16. To see full review click here.Note the following scenario is fiction and is used to illustrate my absolute hatred for the House of Night series Note, I am not actually a teacher and have not actually substituted for PC Cast I am merely using the classroom setting to illustrate my disdain for this piece of shit.Somewhere in OklahomaMJ Good morning class You re teacher Mrs Cast isn t available so I ll be teaching you guys today It says you were talking about Tempted Brown Noser Yes, Tempted Its Ms [...]

    17. This book was crap, just like the rest of the series It was a watery filler unworthy of my time I ll break down some of my biggest problems with the series as of now.Damien and Jack they aren t a real gay couple The Cast s have twisted them so outside of real people that it makes me cringe whenever I read them Instead of being a real couple, they ve become a cute puppy sideshow It seems like they re constantly patting themselves on the back for having a gay couple without having to add things li [...]

    18. On the last episode of The Worst Thing Ever, we hit rock bottom when Zoey did a whole lot of nothing for dozens of pages, then allowed a serial rapist into her inner circle, and banished Kalona and Neferet with the power of love Tempted picks up moments after the end of Hunted, with Zoey and her party scrambling to tie up loose ends in the aftermath of the fightNTENT WARNING FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT RAPEWhile Zoey rushes Stark to the infirmary to get his stupidly shaped burn looked at, Stevie Rae is l [...]

    19. It s time for another House of Night book, yes my epic suffering continuesHere we have an evil plot to take over all vampire society and doubtlessly do bad evil things but far importantly we have to spend an age battling with Zoey s endless love dodecahedron This eclipses doing any actual plot line Oh and Stevie Rae decides to lose her ever loving mind and find yet another irredeemable evil to redeem Of course she does.The desperate, awful, contrived theme of this book is choice and making the [...]

    20. At this point in the series Zoey is confused then ever She s done what s expected of her and still the world demands You d think after almost dying, somehow banishing a creepy immortal and seriously flawed high priestess, saving a new red vamps life, dealing with friend s lies, and then the wonderful possessive boyfriend problems would totally be enough Guess not After everything that s happened she and the cast head back to the lovely House of Night to try to regroup and check up on things Sa [...]

    21. Ok, first of all, I need to get this off my chest.Dear PC Kristin Cast,Congratulations You have successfully managed to learn the word reconnoitering and use it properly in a sentence That is quite an accomplishment, if of course you are capable of also learning how to use other words I can lend you my dictionary if you want It is chop full of all kinds of words so you don t have to use reconnoitering as the only extension of your vocabulary Seriously, after seeing that word at least two dozen t [...]

    22. TCL Call YA Cast POk So this is the 6th in the House of Night series and while I ve been recommending these as light tweener early teen reading I can t any It s like the authors know they have a series going If they just spend the first part of the book rehashing how the last one ended, fill the middle with useless and frankly inane teen hand wringing, they can end with one plot advancement that will make their readers pick up the next in the series.I felt like I was reading a Dan Brown novel fo [...]

    23. The book starts off with Zoey and her many many men Come on All these men are starting to get annoying Everyone is in love with this 17 year old and bowing to the high Priestess It s well above and beyond ridiculous What happened to Zoey I used to like her She isn t growing as a character, in fact, I think she is going the opposite direction.Poor Erik He is struggling to deal with all the men that Zoey is freaking in love with and he is made out to be the sshat Zoey is constantly cheating on him [...]

    24. I loved this book Oh I m going to miss Heath soooooooooo much I absolutly loooooooooooooooooooooove Stark And seriously it s about time she dumped Erik I love Aphridite and Darius, they re prefect for each other I understand Zoey s delema, but her loving Kalona is really upseting Stark which I m not okay with so she really needs to snap out of it Stevie Rae is getting old, I don t really like her character any But this is currently my favorite series I m not sure how I feel about all the third p [...]

    25. Unfortunately I saw a pretty big spoiler before I finished reading this, so I already knew which contestant got eliminated on this episode of The Bachelorette Sadly, it was the only one I liked.First and foremost, the cover of this book is ugly to me It s my least favorite Is that supposed to be Zoey hugging Stark, with Heath in the background They should have made the cover one of those holographic images where if you tilt it to the side, it also shows Zoey hugging Heath, with Stark in the back [...]

    26. Breathless That s what I m currently feeling right now I can t barely breathe literally just how amazing and major cliffhanger y this book ended Just give me a minute to catch a breath takes a deep breath starts to relax Ok, so may the review starts What I Love The plot of the story The idea of Kalona, a sexy fallen angel who is currently the antagonist, once being Nyx s Warrior and Zoey being the reincarnation of A aya I hope I spelled it right totally spiced up the story The characters I reall [...]

    27. When I first started reading the House of Night series, I held high hopes for it it was funny and modern, and didn t take itself too seriously Also, Zoey had yet to become the self obsessed, prattling nitwit she has become in Tempted, an unnecessarily dragged out filler for this series.Alas, Zoey has become one of the most irritating characters in YA, and this series seems to be stuck in a rut The narration has now split between characters, Stevie Rae taking on a much bigger role And I have to s [...]

    28. I had been so excited for this book to come out, but I find I m slightly let down with the lack of action It s not that I m looking for mega fights and battles I just feel like much didn t really happen it was of a transition book Just when it was getting to something interesting that would move the plot along the book was coming to an end And I absolutely hate where it left off than any of the other books I guess I understand that this book was about her being tempted and all and that s why [...]

    29. Tempted me throwing the book after I was done reading This particular book is a filler, dragged on to produce sensational books within the series Last book left us in chaos and in the depths of Zoey s Bermuda love triangle The story is lacking closure and leaving me saying WTF after 300 pages of teen soap with a splatter of teen slang.Drama with a capital D 1 We see Aphrodite s soft emotional side 2 Good riddance Erik 3 Stevie Rae with all her hidden secrets, but still a good person deep down [...]

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