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By His Majesty's Grace #2020

By His Majesty s Grace Much to her chagrin Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights an expe

  • Title: By His Majesty's Grace
  • Author: Jennifer Blake
  • ISBN: 9780778312437
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • By His Majesty's Grace By Jennifer Blake, Much to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride s infamous curse Accused of a heinous crime with implications thaMuch to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride s infamous curse Accused of a heinous crime with implications that reach all the way to King Henry himself, Braesford is imprisoned in the Tower, and Isabel is offered her salvation but for a price She has the power to seal his fate, have him sent to the executioner and be freed from her marriage bonds Yet the Isabel learns of Rand, the less convinced she is of his guilt, and she commits to discover the truth about the enigmatic husband she never expected to love Her hand may be bestowed by others, but her heart is hers alone to give.

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      Jennifer Blake

    1 thought on “By His Majesty's Grace

    1. As much as I adore Jennifer Blake s southern romances, this Tudor era book just isn t grabbing me Returning to the library and moving on.

    2. Wow Just wow.I d never read this author before, which actually surprises me She s been around since the mid seventies and has been pretty prolific throughout I ve been reading HR and bodice rippers since the late 70s but for some reason I never picked one up.I am so glad I finally did and thanks to my GR friend Ruth, for writing a stellar review that had me immediately downloading the book from.I haven t read a historical romance with so much actual historical detail in it since the early 80s Ev [...]

    3. You know I would hate to be a woman during this time period Depending on your class if you were poor, or a servant, nobody cared about your future marriage partner , you had no say regarding who you wed Basically, you are your future husband s property So why do I like reading books where woman are about as valuable as a head of cattle Because somehow, someway, a magical, beautiful romance can evolve from these horrible arrangements.That was the case with Isabel and Rand Isabel is in an uproar a [...]

    4. What an amazing book The love between the hero and heroine was so real and tender This hero is definitely on the top of my favourite heroes list.

    5. It s not my style to DNF something but I m not in the mood for reading something like this I could take approximately 30% of it but then I had to give up I won t be mean and criticize the book I ll just mention the things that bothered me 1 HR arranged marriage meh2 The dude is too set out to bed her It s making me feel like he s a pervert or something3 The chick is a stuck up brat4 zZzZzZzZzConclusion Not my cup of tea.

    6. This book sucks I read 1 4 of it and it was enough I hate it when I have to agree with Anzu, but this was a fiasco Isabel was thinking of how could she escape marrying beneath her and Randal of how fast could he bed her 8 Besides that little problem we have the language so damn flowery What I ve read I mostly skimmed because it was too annoying And all that descriptions of food and clothes left me bleary eyed Everyone who knows me is aware that I hate not finishing a book, but I couldn t take it [...]

    7. I can t believe I didn t post this sooner My badIf you want a nicely paced romance, with credible heroine, and full on warrior hero, with a great plot and convincing early Tudor setting, all with a nice splash of sex thrown in, then this is the book for you I have to admit that this is the first book by this author for me, and how did I miss her This book has everything that I really like in a historical romance, not least the great lengths the author has gone to to make it feel right Too often, [...]

    8. Worthy Medieval ReadSet in 1486 when Henry Tudor was king of England, Lady Isabel Milton is commanded to wed Sir Randall of Braesford, as reward for his loyalty to his king Isabel would be wed by now but it seems all the suitors for her and her two sisters have been dying off Isabel, wanting to allow them to stay single, perpetuates the myth of the Graydon curse, that only a man who loves them can claim them without mishap All potential suitors are put off and the girls stay free until Sir Randa [...]

    9. The curse of The Three Graces falls upon men who become involved with any of the three Milton sisters Only a man who truly loves one of the sisters will escape the effects of the curse Lady Isabel Milton is forced into marrying a knight from King Henry VII s court, Rand Braesford, a loyal and trusted friend of the king She has no desire to marry, and has even less desire to consummate the wedding Secretly, she hopes that the faithful curse of The Three Graces will kick end and help rid her of he [...]

    10. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 19, 2011Publisher HarlequinImprint MiraAuthor s Website My Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes, Book 1, The Three GracesSeries Best Read In Order N ASteam Level HotThis is my first Tudor historical that I ve ever read, and I have to say, it was a nice change of pace.Lady Isabel Milton has lived a life of relative security in a time where women are treated as both pawns and posse [...]

    11. If Lady Isabel had her way, she d never marry She is so opposed to the idea that she constructed a so called curse to dissuade potential suitors Any man who tried to force a loveless marriage with Isabel or one of her two sisters would face disaster But Braesford doesn t fear the curse He relishes the idea of marrying Isabel and his friend King Henry has helped him, by giving him the lady in a royal decree.At first, it seems that Isabel will be spared the marriage she hopes to avoid Just before [...]

    12. It s been a very long time since I enjoyed a medieval set romance It s difficult for an author to create a world that doesn t ring completely false, while still writing characters that are sympathetic and enjoyable to the modern eye By His Majesty s Grace is a great blending of characters, history, and intrigue and while I was initially leaning a little closer to 3 stars, I ve found that I miss being immersed in its world It s a rare book indeed that can make me feel that way, so up goeth the st [...]

    13. OH GODKill me now Don t make me read this book any Too much description The dialogue is so bad it makes me want to cut every part of my body And it s slow and without any humourI think I read the least, comparing to the rest of our group read, but I couldn t make myself read

    14. Set during the reign of Henry VII, the story follows Isabel of Graydon She is the oldest of three sisters, all whom are feared by the noblemen of England Anyone who tries to marry them is cursed And so the women enjoy a luxury not many in their time period have they avoid unwanted marriages Until Henry VII becomes their protector and arranges a marriage between Isabel and Randall Braesford, Henry s faithful friend This happens prior to the start of the story, which begins with Isabel s arrival a [...]

    15. Notes I got to read the ARC Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Lady Isabella Milton is one of The Three Graces Any man who seeks to marry her or one of her two sisters risks his life if he doesn t first love the one he weds, or so the rumor goes Isabella has just been betrothed to Randall Braesford She s not happy, for she knows not who the man is and has been trying to avoid a match for years After several of her former fiances died before she could wed them, she successfully spread the rumor th [...]

    16. It s been a while since I read a medieval historical romance However, I love stories of princes and knights and damsels in distress, so this book seemed an appropriate choice when I was looking for something new to read on NetGalley Jennifer Blake weaves a luscious tale of treason, passion, betrayal, and honor in this tale of Lady Isabel Milton and Earl Rand Braesford.Isabel and her sisters have woven the tale of the curse of the Three Graces of Graydon to protect themselves from being wed to me [...]

    17. Majestenin Emriyle Jennifep BlakeTipik bir Tudor d nemi roman ydi hikaye ba larda cok duragandiortalarina kadar b yle gitti Sonradan sayfalarda ilerledikce ac lmayaba ladi Hikaye bence daha canl olabilirdi bu ya yazardan ya daceviriden kaynaklaniyor olabilir diye d n yorumYinede begenerek ama ikinci kez okumayi d s nd g m romanlardan olmad n s ylemeliyim Hikayedeki kurgu,tarihi mekanda asla bir VirginiaHenley,Anya Seton tad n bulamasamda zevk alarak okudum c kitaplik bir seri olan bu ilk kitap b [...]

    18. Ordered to marry Sir Randall Braesford by both Henry VII and her hated stepbrother, Isabel Milton travels to Braesford to marry him only to have her betrothed arrested the same night and on her way back to the king The King s mistress and love child has disappeared Instead of immediately sending Braesford to the tower, he insists the two marry while he investigates Isabel finds Braesford to be not at all what she had expected Even though her stepbrother also forced the marriage, she suspects he [...]

    19. By His Majesty s Grace by Jennifer Blake is a charming well researched historical romance, which will be released on July 26 2011 The story revolved around Lady Isabel Milton and Earl Rand Braesford Isabel has spent years spreading talk of a curse that has thus far protected herself and her two younger sisters from unwanted marriage Rand was enchanted by the sight of Isabel at a social event, and was thankful to receive the bounty of her hand and marriage via his favor with the king Isabel is no [...]

    20. I m reviewing this book for Net Galley.Jennifer Blake pens another great historical romance with By His Majesty s Grace, the first book in a new trilogy set in 15th century England The series is about three sisters who have spun a tale about the curse of The Three Graces of Graydon Isabel Milton, the eldest sister, is the heroine in this first book has been ordered by King Henry VII to marry Sir Rand Braesford The fast paced adventure has you quickly turning the pages to see what happens next as [...]

    21. Reviewed at Library of LightsDate reviewed 4 June 2011Review link mykindaland p 327I thought I wouldn t enjoy By His Majesty s Grace by Jennifer Blake i thought it s another one of those boring historical romance where things are unbearably slow But I was very wrong This book is quite a naughty and lusty read with palace intrigue and suspense There s a dose of dark mystery lurking in the background to be discovered too.Overall, this book is a wonderful read, and I definitely wouldn t mind readin [...]

    22. I don t know why I didn t like this one Many of my favorite books are by Jennifer Blake Like all of her books, it was well researched and she includes lots of historical facts I really thought I should like this one which is why I kept reading It just never redeemed itself in my eyes

    23. 3.5 Stars Little Too Heavy on the HistoryLady Isabel Milton was not pleased when the Tudor king Henry VII gave her hand to Earl Randall Braesford for his loyalty to the crown The notorious curse of the Three Graces of Graydon has finally failed to keep her free of the odious shackles of marriage, and to make matters worse, Braesford has no social standing He s little than a farmer and is, to put it mildly, beneath her.The fact that he is put together rather well a true warrior in form yet seems [...]

    24. Majestenin EmriyleThe Three Graces Serisi 1Jennifer Blake nce ba lar nda acaip s k c geldi kilinin olay de il ama di er yan karekterler nas l kar k anlat lm anlayamad m ama ba karekterleri sevdim zelikle lanet olarak kendilerini korumay se en isabel O nas l bir karekterdi yleSevdim Se ici ak ll d r st istedi ini bilenVe rand onun sahneye girdi i an sevdimVe heyecanland mSu lanmas kar s nda ki tuttumu ve zelikle Isabele kar davran lar Kitab sevdim ben bo de ildi en az ndan kolayca ge ilen sayfala [...]

    25. Good plotAnother enjoyable story with rich historical background in which the political turmoil of the times adds to the romance and adventure.

    26. This review is also published at thebookaholiccat Lady Isabel Milton has been betrothed four times and her four betrotheds have died from various causes before their wedding day Lady Isabel has used these events to create a cursing tale widely known as The Curse of the Three Graces This curse says Lady Isabel and her sisters are cursed and any man who would want to join them in a loveless marriage will die victim of the curse.The last thing Isabel wants is to marry She saw how her mother s spiri [...]

    27. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cIn fifteenth century England, Isabel Milton s patience and God given wits had been her only weapons to keep her two younger sisters and herself safe after the death of their father Her fabrication of The Curse of the Three Graces of Graydon had served them well for a long time, especially after Leon, the court entertainer, had romanticized it in song However, as a ward of the king, Isabel s curse seems to have finally failed By decree of the king, she is [...]

    28. Isabel Milton r ve d tre libre d agir comme elle le souhaite Oui mais voil , elle vit au 15 me si cle et est sous l autorit du fils de son beau p re, du bon vouloir du roi Henri VII et tr s bient t, de la volont de Randall Braesford, son futur mari Pour les prot ger, ses s urs et elle, de la cupidit de son beau fr re qui les auraient mari es avec le premier venu pour peu qu il soit int ressant pour ses affaires, Isabel a invent une mal diction qui pr dit que tout homme qui souhaite les pouser sa [...]

    29. This was my second time reading this book first was in 2011 , and I actually enjoyed it a little the second time around than the first The first time I read it, I knew very little about the War of the Roses and the early reign of Henry VII this book takes place in a few weeks months just before the birth of Prince Arthur in 1486 and I was caught off guard by what I felt like was too much dry retelling of history on page.This time, I read it with a much greater knowledge of that era of history w [...]

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